From the true book

by Alec Newald - part 2

(From chapter 10- HOME AWAY FROM HOME)

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A short city tour was next in store for me. This involved the use of the 'vibe station', the device I described earlier, which allows the traveller, upon entering the destination coordinates, to achieve almost instantaneous travel. Every home was fitted with one of these devices. The previous tour by "Dan Dare" car was just to give me a 'feel' for the place. The cars were legacies from the past and only used to access the more out-of-the-way areas which the vibe stations did not reach-or "just in case", as Zeena said without elaboration. I suppose even alien high-tech devices can break down. We would use this car on our outing to the desert, but for now it was the city that occupied our minds.

These city centres were open continuously but there were no shops as such, even though there was much on display. Nothing was bought or sold over the counter, and cold, hard cash did not exist. Their society is more closely allied to what we would call Communism on Earth, but seemingly without all the drawbacks that appear to be rife with terrestrial forms of this style of government. If I have it right, from what Zeena told me, there is a credit allotment of some kind for time spent on community projects, which could encompass almost anything including space travel. However, there is a maximum level to which these credits can accrue. In other words, if you're a workaholic, most of your extra hours on the job will be unpaid.

(THIS is exactly similar to what another contactperson told from a (apparant pleiadian?/just humanlike) civilization. The contactperson from Sweden ANTE JONSSON -  has told about his trip to a far planet in his book FANTASTISKA RESOR MED UFO (swedish text - but here some translated into english from that contact) . And typical enough - he was some time later visited in his home by a man - reminding  a socalled MAN IN BLACK, who tried to persuade him to stop telling/writing about his adventures on other - moneyfree - planets. This MIB- after having tried persuading for half an hour -  disappered later, leaving no trace - from inside of his  locked toilet!! And that room had no window and was locked from inside, so Ante had to screw out the lock from outside - and found nobody inside! This he told me on a visit to him in the summer of 2001 - rune. 


Also the IARGAns had a world entirely free of this slavemedium - money. See the page on moneyfree society of the stars here and on norwegian HERE)


"If we used this system on Earth, it could solve at least two of our problems concerning money. Firstly, no one person could ever be overendowed with credits or wealth, as we may call it, so power conflicts could be addressed before they developed. Secondly, because any one person could only accrue  so many credits, eventually one would have to contribute to community projects once again. So this sort of system would keep the community revolving. Of course, I can see this going down like a lead balloon with certain factions on Earth. While I have a neutral opinion on this idea, I guess you would have to try it to know if it worked for you or not.

Anyway, goods would be ordered, and when available they would be delivered, but nothing was ever sold over the counter. The exact reasons for this I do not know. They don't seem to be materialistic people anyway, and they appear to have no great desire to own things. This would apparently place them on a different plane of thought from ours.

I marvelled at their buildings. They looked as if they belonged there. They were nowhere near as tall as ours. Mind you, ours are products of high-priced terrestrial real estate. That was not a factor on Haven.

Almost five million people live in the city of Nepalesa and its outlying areas-the biggest single concentration of populace upon their planet.

End extract from this chapter/theme



Short extract from chapter 12:

Amazing Escapes


"As I no longer appeared in need of any sleep, and the morning of my only full day on Haven had dawned, we decided this was as good a time as any for our planned desert trip. It was going to be very hot out there, so the earlier we left the better.

Zeena and I were to use the 'car' and, more interestingly, I was going to have the chance to drive it - although, to be more accurate, what this really meant was that I would be allowed to control its guidance system. I shall now attempt to describe one in some detail.

Like most other items that were not made from natural products or grown, the car appeared to be made from a plastic-like material. Even here, there is room for doubt in my mind as to whether this plastic was indeed a synthetic product or some natural substance, the like of which we do not have here on Earth. The reason for this doubt shall soon become known to you.

The top half was transparent but heavily tinted; thc bottom, opaque and greyish-brown. I guess you could say it was even vaguely pyramidal in shape, but it had a squashed and stretched-out look compared to a conventional pyramid. There were no wheels, and it sat a few inches above the ground, even though it was not yet in motion. If you could imagine a stealth fighter cockpit without wings, you would not be far off the mark. (Now isn't that a coincidence!)

"How does this thing work?" I asked.

"Part mind-power, part magnetic repulsion," was Zeena's reply.

I decided perhaps I wouldn't ask too much more about its internal parts.

"Well, how can I drive it then?" was going to be my next question, but before I could even ask, she responded.

"You guide, I'll provide the power," she said, sliding back the top section. "Like this." She was reaching over and moving a slider from side to side. "That is the manual way of doing it. I don't think you're quite up to doing that by pure thought yet, Alec."

"I doubt it," I was thinking to myself, without sending the thought to her. Yes, I had at last learnt to keep some thoughts to myself.

"Looks easy enough," I said confidently as I got into the car.

"Just set the slider...that's right. Straight ahead is in the middle, sliding it to the right side will turn us right at the next available intersection. Don't worry," she emphasised, "it won't turn until the road guides let it. Then it will reset to the middle, awaiting the next instruction. I'll navigate," she said.

I was hesitant.

"Come on, let's go," she added impatiently, "and do not forget your extra eye protection."

These glasses or goggles were an event in themselves. The only way to describe how they were attached is to say they simply stuck to your face or suit-covering material without any other support. There was some sort of interaction of materials, as far as I could tell.

As we made to leave, Zeena's other parent arrived home and I was introduced to him. His name was Theurus, but don't hold me to this name or any other name as it is an approximate interpretation only.

Zeena gave him a quick rundown on what we were about to do and then excused us, saying we would be back for mind-links later that day. We headed off in the direction Zeena indicated.

artpicture of the car and Zeena and Alec in their protection-suits. picture made of Rune in sept2003

The car's guidance system had me puzzled. As the vehicle did not actually touch the ground, how did it know when to turn? It was suspended above the road by a form of magnetic repulsion, the details of which I did not get into but which didn't seem all that complex. I'm sure it could be reproduced here on Earth without too much trouble - remembering, of course, that gravity on Haven is but a small proportion of Earth's. Obviously, some form of magnetic reaction substance must have been embedded in this cork-type road surface.


In some way, the vehicle would have to set up an electromagnetic field, or charge some particles and not others, in order to find its way around corners and so on without being instructed to do so. There may be another explanation, for there appeared to be some sort of coordinate readout on the dashboard. Anyway, I'm sure it knew where it was on the road. Perhaps it used a form of satellite navig ation, or GPS (global positioning system) as it is sometimes known here on Earth -if they still had something as primitive as that on Haven! Unfortunately, I could not interpret the symbols that I saw on the dashboard as the suits were only good for interpreting the thought language…..


so from chapter 17 named THE RETURN:


About their explanations of TIME/ MATTER and TIMETRAVELS:

"What is time anyway?" I asked. "Do you have the same unit of time as used on Earth?"

"We measure it in a similar way. There is a small unit of time that we use because it is a natural rhythm that can be found throughout this universe. Crystals can be made to vibrate at a rhythm, which makes it easy to measure time in this small unit. This measure of time was given to your people by friends of ours tens of thousands of your years ago. Your people used it back then, so it is not strange to you, but it was lost for some reason. You have recently rediscovered this unit of measure and, much to our amusement, you now call it your own! It is known by you as a 'second' of time," he explained.

"A friend of mine, Zeena, who is one of your people, told me that you had to change your density level before you could time-travel over great distances. That seems like a lot of trouble to go to just for time travel," I suggested.

"To understand the subjects of time travel and matter transfer through space, you must first understand that nothing in this universe is solid. Therefore there is very little difference between the two forms of travel. Perhaps the best way for you to understand what I am saying is to imagine the universe as being constructed only of wave-forms-microscopic vibrations or small waves of energy that are too small to be seen. If you can imagine these waves travelling in many different directions at the same time, then you must realise that sooner or later they will meet and cross each other. When this happens, they become denser at the point of crossover. If enough waves cross each other, you will soon have what you understand as matter or a collection of microwaves dense enough to be seen.

"Matter attracts matter, or, in reality, these small waves are a form of electromagnetic energy that appears to travel in thread-like lines or ribbons of force. They are attracted to each other and make up a force you call gravity. As matter is formed, some parts of it become more compressed than others - so you have the different elements, as you may know them, in the universe. However, if you stop and pull all these elements apart, you will find they are nothing but small energy-waves once again and have no real, solid form.

"Now comes the part that may surprise you, for our studies have shown that these waves at their inception are nothing more than a very intelligent and powerful thought. That is why your thoughts are important: they all become one with the universe and make it what it is. For, in essence, the universe is just one great intelligent thought, and as conscious thought grows and expands in this universe so does the universe expand. We sometimes refer to this large assemblage of outgoing energy as 'The All That Is', the one great universal thought. Your people would rather call it 'God', I believe.

"So you see, it 'is true when they say that all things start with a thought. When you travel through time or space you are no more than travelling through a thought. To do this, well, it is best to have as little substance to your physical body as possible, to become one with that thought. If you really want to know where you are and what this universe is, perhaps you should imagine you are in someone's head and are just part of that someone's ideas or thoughts. Perhaps this someone is your God! That is all I can really expect you to understand at this point in your knowledge quest." Yarvitie continued, but with a slightly different theme.

"Time travel also made space travel instantaneous for us, and we now no longer use the old methods of gravity manipulation. It is not a good thing to play with antimatter in this way. It would be a good idea if your own people stopped playing around with it, also! We have lost many craft and personnel in the past by using it, and if you heard some of our ancient legends while you were on Haven, you might have guessed there is every possibility our parent planet Khyber was destroyed by some overzealous experiments with this substance. The only ones to survive that disaster were those wise enough to see what would become of these experiments long before they took place! That is one of the main reasons we have tried so hard to achieve space travel outside of gravitational manipulation.

"If you think about it for a moment, if you started a long trip through space and then projected yourself forward in time to the point where the trip would end, no matter how long it should have taken, you could arrive there almost instantaneously if you wished it so. On the return journey you could set yourself to arrive back at your home base at whatever time you wished it to be. We like to keep in synchronisation with time spent outside this time-space travel. For instance, if this expedition that we are on now to planet Earth took thirty of our days to complete in real time, excluding the time travel aspect, we would prefer to arrive back after those thirty days have gone by on Haven. That keeps us in synchronisation with our life cycle at home - that is, we do not age at a different rate to those who remain behind on Haven. So, you see, we can travel anywhere in no time at all, or in only as much time as we choose to take.

"The catch," he added, "is to make sure you do not arrive back before you personally have left. There are two reasons for this. There will be two of you in almost the same place at the same time, and much confusion. We have since found that one of those two people or items, if it is items that have been sent though time, will be catapulted into the past and will occupy that vortex or space that was created back there by these overlaps in future displaced time. Please do not ask me to elaborate on that; this journey is not long enough. But I can add that some visitors to your plane have ended up there without really wanting to, because of the above fact and have had to stay there!"

"Why was it necessary to become dimensionally variant to time travel?" I asked.

"If you remain in a lower order of vibration, such as you would normally be in [he was referring to me personally], you would only find it possible to time-travel within your own lifetime - your third-dimensional lifetime that is, which will be the only one you can perceive at this time, as I understand it. Beyond that, there are many complications associated with timetravel for your kind. For one, you could not interact with or physically touch anything that you saw. It would be an unreal world for you - perhaps similar to the way you perceive a dream, which is one way that you can access the future even now," he explained.

"Do you mean, then, that we could time-travel right now on Earth if WE had the technology?" I enquired once more.

"Yes, why not, but what do you mean if you had the technology? For you surely do," Yarvitie suggested.

"What do you mean?" I enquired. "No one on Earth can time-travel. We fantasise about it a lot, but no one that I know of has done it yet," I replied, slightly puzzled.

"Well, then - how is it you say?- someone is pulling the wool over your eyes," was his answer, but he would go no further on the subject.

"Do you communicate with other alien races?" I asked, trying to find some other subject that he felt comfortable in discussing with me.

"Yes, when we feel it may be appropriate, which is not often," was his reply.

"Like who, then?" I asked, pushing while my luck was still holding.

"Well, you have some close neighbours. I believe they are interacting with you more frequently than we are," he commented.

"What do they look like and where do they come from?" I asked eagerly.

"Well, from your mind's eye you already know what they look like. [Zetas or Greys - the aliens I had read about in the magazines.] They come from, well, shall we say, not too far away - at least the ones that are presently interacting with your people."

He would not give much away.

"How close? The Moon?" I pushed on.

I surprised myself, for I don't know why I should say "Moon". I had not consciously thought for one moment that there were aliens on our Moon.

Was I starting to access parts of his mind that he was trying to keep closed to me?

"Something like that, but no, not that Moon!" He backed off the subject, almost startled.

Did he sense I was getting more information than he intended to give? It was like pulling hen's teeth, anyway. He would not elaborate, no matter how hard I tried to get him to open up.

"Well, then, why do they come to Earth?" I asked.

"Much the same as us. They perhaps need your understanding as well as help. They have been around for a long time. They are mostly a very gentle race, but they do not really understand you at all. You have changed since they were last there in numbers. In spite of that, there is every chance they may be among you openly, sooner than we will be!" was Yarvitie's most unexpected reply.

"May I ask if there are other reasons for your most frequent visits to Earth, other than for breeding purposes?" I enquired hopefully.

"Yes, you may. We are at the present time preparing for a major repair / and correction that is to take place in your year 1993. It will change a few things - all for the better, you should know. It is of our doing, long ago, that some of these repairs are necessary; it is a payback, if you like. It is for our own good, too, should we be lucky enough ever to share your planet with you," he replied.

I didn't have a clue what the repairs might be about, and he would not elaborate yet again.

A little voice inside me kept wondering why I had not asked these questions of Zeena. I was only just beginning to realise how strong her influence had been over me, now that I was free of it! Somehow I was starting to get the feeling that I was only able to ask the questions she was prepared to answer. There were some strange emotions at work here. To say I was confused would not tell half the story!

"What are the others [aliens] doing, then, apart from genetics?" I asked, trying to keep my mind on the present.

"Some are also assisting with the repairs; some are doing things with your governments. There is much distrust, mostly from your side," he said.

"How do you feel about all this?" I asked.

"We try to stay distant. We do not like some of what is going on, but we must not judge." He would say no more on the subject.

"What if I were to tell my people back home of all this?" I suggested.

"You may tell whom you like. Those who believe, already know. Those who do not, will not."

There was no arguing with that logic.

"What is important to us," Yarvitie continued, "is that you know we are here and who we are. When we call on you to help us, you will know who we are and what we are trying to do. That may just make the difference in the end."

I thought that now would be a good time to ask about a tour of the control room.

"Would it be too much to ask if I could see how you steer this thing? The transporter, I mean."

"Control centre...hmm..." He thought about it. "I will get back to you on that," he added.

Well, a 'maybe' was better than a straight 'no'! Yarvitie excused himself. Later, the 'maybe' did turn into a 'no'!

I rested, rehydrated, and then searched for more people to cross-examine - not very successfully, I might add.

I had some long talks with Millie who had been told this would be her last opportunity to see Earth for quite a number of years, so she was going to make the most of it. More likely, I think, she was asked along to keep me company - possibly Zeena's idea. We got along very well for two people who were more than a generation apart.

Time passed and eventually I was informed that preparations were underway for my transmutation back to a lower density. I would undergo a similar course of events as had happened on my way in nine days before, but, of course, in reverse order. It was a process that would speed up or slow down my metabolism; I'm not sure which. Just before this took place, I had to consume quite an amount of a very salty liquid - not the best experience of the trip.

The total time for this transmutation process was approximately twenty-four hours. The sequence of events was explained to me beforehand, as it would not be possible to communicate with me once the suit had been removed. What this meant, in fact, was that for just over twenty-four hours I was to become a golden ghost again!

From this point on, things are a little sketchy. I did arrive in Auckland eventually, as you already know from the sequence of events at the beginning of my narration. However, little did I know that my adventure was not yet over; in fact, it was just beginning to warm up! What I had been through was the prelude to, and the reason for, an equally bizarre series of events which were to occur right here on home ground.



extract from chapter 21-

A New Understanding of Space-Time

Lightships on the natural interdimensional highways and "The macro-cosmic molecules and cells and their uniting" (runes headline to the fellowing):

From what I have been able to decipher, galaxies are not scattered willy-nilly all over the universe as you might imagine. They seem to be linked by threads of energy and arranged in rows which run in many directions. Moreover, not all galaxies are linked together by the same threads of energy.

Deep space can be likened to a many-ribboned highway, where these 'ribbons' of energy can be used to navigate the heavens. Some space travellers 'fire' their craft down these highways at fantastic speeds using the natural energy of the universe. The technique is akin to using an optical fibre filament. Indeed, the spaceship becomes no more than a pulse of electricity or light as it utilises these filaments of pure energy.

On this planet I have heard these types of ships referred to as "lightships". I'm not sure whether the people who use these descriptions really know how close they are to a true description of these fantastic vessels!

A lightship is a marvel of technology and Nature combined. It is an exercise in cybernetics well beyond our understanding. As with their houses, these ships are partially living entities. A few people on this planet have suggested that some types of alien craft are powered by giant crystals. This may be correct for some, but the craft or transporter I was privileged to board was a living crystal-based entity in its own right! Apparently, this is essential for dimensional-type travel, as everything that passes through the 'gate' (a black hole?) must have natural regenerative abilities.

In other words, the body - and whatever else accompanies it - must carry a natural blueprint within it so it may reassemble itself in the proper form after the event or transformation. A crude example of this would be in the way a crystal dissolved in water can always reconstruct itself perfectly once it has dried out of the solution. The human body has regenerative capabilities similar to this and far beyond our imaginings. Perhaps one day we will learn to tap into this phenomenon, but this is an altogether different subject which I won't go into here.

It must suffice for us to understand that, as with the ship, the human body must also reassemble itself after one of these transmutations. It just so happens that the pyramidal shape is custom-made to accomplish this task. The primary function of a pyramid, whether it be on or off this planet, is to reconstitute matter to a preset form, or, in turn, to transmit it to another pyramidal formation at some other location for reconstitution. The matter transmitted need not be solid-state matter, as might be expected, but may be in the form of sound waves, pictures (as in our own TV transmitters), or in some other as-yet-unidentified form such as fourth-dimensional travel or mind travel. We have only to study the effects of a pyramid on a blunt razor-blade (as covered elsewhere in this book) to see that we already have the proof, right before our very eyes. It is not sci-fi: this is real!

Because the lightship is a living thing, it has many benefits we can hardly imagine. It can divide itself on demand more than once and then reabsorb those divisions into itself. It can change its shape if need be, and probably its size, too. When this freakish device is used in an atmosphere like our own, I was told it could be made all but invisible as it could bend the Sun's rays or any light around it so as not to cast any shadow on the ground or leave any silhouette in the sky!

For all that I say, I have not seen a lightship, or any other UFO for that matter, in the sky either by day or night, so what one might look like in flight is anyone's guess. Earth science is far behind what I have witnessed, but it may not be as far behind as you may think. What we are told we can do scientifically and technically is one thing, but what goes on behind closed doors is a different matter altogether. Today's science fiction is tomorrow's reality, but what you see today has been played with for years behind those very same closed doors.

The way light and other base elements interact with one great variable in the universe is what helps 'make' what appears to be a 'solid' object. That variable is known to us as magnetism. For all our scientific knowledge today, it is curious that the force of magnetism is one of the least understood. How fitting, perhaps, that this force is the very one that needs to be fully understood before mankind can truly come of age in the cosmos. It is almost as if this last realm of science has been denied us because we are not yet ready for the responsibility that this conquest may bring. For sure, if magnetism is misused it could have devastating effects on us all - as could well have happened at some earlier period of our history!

Light is an excellent conductor. A conductor passed through a magnetic field can, or should, create an electrical field. Now we have three major 'players' working towards the construction of planets, suns, and all that is out there in the sky at night. Magnetic energy can be found in the universe as eddies or swirls in time and space, just as whirlpools or eddies can be found in water. In fact, space is much more like water than we have been led to believe by the 'experts', for water in its natural, flowing state is also full of energy streams or filaments. Just ask a fish!

End extract from this fantastic book that can be bought through webshops - search on ALLTHEWEB

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