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on 2.may-89:

"..we offer no promises to descend from the heavens in a multitude of ships to save mankind from their own errors and undoing".

And …"our task here is not go gather a select few to be evacuated out of danger, but rather to work in your society to eliminate the problems that might cause such a catastrophe".



In communication in may-89 they touch the religious theme and say they deliberately avoided this in the initial contacts in the early 60ths. But when the new-age came in the 70ths this was "opened up".

On Korendor they have not formalised religions, and no churches – no different sects as here on earth. But they gather to focus on God in joyfilled gatherings with praying songs and fellowing rel. ecstasy. Their beliefs is close the "the new-age philosophy" and they know that life reincarnates.

On God and the spiritual levels and laws:

  • God a all-encompassing being=sum of all existing.
  • Envision "him" as an eternal spiritual being: "the infinite one" – without specific form and substance.
  • That "he" provides for those who seek help and guidance. Say they have no other rational explanation for the joy of life they feel inside when they contemplate and pray to "Him". But regarding prayer; "we prefer solitude and quiet in our daily communion with Him. In all Korendian homes there is a small room away from the traffic areas that is for the specific purpose of prayer". AND LATER: "..when we communicate with God, we open our hearts and speak to Him intimately and with deep emotion, much as one might talk with a cherished companion".


  • They had not had any Jesus, Mohammed or Buddha –like persons in their history – because they had not drifted away from God in their known history.
  • "it is our belief that God in His infinite wisdom will not force Himself on anyone. Free will elevates humans above the lower life forms. To maintain free will, we cannot have irrefutable proof of the existence of God…" (or proof of the "spiritual nature of all" for that matter. (R.Ø.remark).
  • "our faith is alive within us, a beautiful and reassuring part of our beings" - and "we do not parade our faith for all to see and approve". No Korendian will make a grand show of his or her faith "
  • "our way is a deep, soul-felt intensely personal relationship with God and an ingrained commitment to live by His eternal laws".
  • "…we know from the ASCENDED MASTERS that there are in fact a number of spiritual levels or planes leading, so these Masters have taught us, to the highest level wherein one finds a true unison with God, indeed becoming a part of "Him".
  • Regarding the question of heaven: "the etheric realm is where a persons spiritual soul resides after physical death. It is the lowest of the several levels, and is seen by people who have undergone "near-death" or "out-of-body" experiences. Knowing that the incredible beauty related by these people is just first plane, it is beyond imagining to envision the higher levels, and impossible to contemplate that ultimate Heaven". (this has been extensive covered by all the spiritual books that has emerged since this contact happend soon nearly 20y ago. rø-rem)
  • "we know that life of evil receives punishment in the spiritual planes in the form of denial of the right to elevate to the higher levels. ….being barred from progressing upward be as close to Hell as I care to conceive."
  • "if that individual knowing that he or she will be eternally refused access to higher planes, desires with sincere repentance to be reborn to make amends, such a thing is permitted. This in no way refutes my earlier statement. The return in NOT A PENALTY. Rather, it is a second chance, an opportunity for redemption, and is freely chosen by the person.
  • "The location of this rebirth and the circumstances are selected by the Ascended Masters to be appropriate as an object lesson to the person, usually involving a life adversely affected by his or her evil history, and the need to rectify those wrongs in order to attain the forgiveness that will remove the barriers to advancement in the etheric, realms.
  • "I point out again that this is a purely voluntary action. None of them, no matter how malevolent they may have been in life, are required to go back against their will. If they elect not to do so, they are removed to a place in the first plane, away from the rest, and this is their home for as long as they remain un-contrite, even unto the end of eternity. A true hell indeed ".
  • "for as long as people are foolish enough to delude themselves that their self-serving, Godless society is the destiny of humankind, then God will be content to stand aside and allow them to discover from painful experience how utterly wrong they are.


  • "it is height of ignorance to assert that mankind will evolve beyond the universal tenets that govern all that exists. God’s laws are a part of His nature. They are not arbitrary. They are because He is, and what they are is because of what He is."
  • "…unfortunately for the race that thinks itself beyond those laws, they cannot be disobeyed or ignored without consequence. God’s way is order, and the antithesis of order is chaos. When a race decides to abandon the order of the universal laws, it inevitably feels the onset of disorder, degeneration and in the end, self-destruction. These are what you call "the wages of sin".


  • "Your race is at a critical stage of its existence, my Terran friends. In your quest to become the masters of your own destinies without the guidance or help of God, you have invited the forces of chaos into your lives and your society. God does not impose upon the free will of humans. Our failures are ours alone. Our successes are ours with God’s presence in our lives.



  • their planet "began" 1,51x e9 k-years ago=6,84x e9earthyears ago (6,8milliarder/billion)- then their sun condensed. As the proto-planet cooled, the vast quantities of hydrogen and oxygen in the atm.reacted to form water vapour, which over several mill.years condensed to form oceans and lakes.
  • First traces of life came ca 20mill.years ago in the tropical oceans as monocellular organisms – both plant and animal.
  • Within a mill.years had plant life developed to allow it to spread into land areas. The high radiation from their sun gave mutations and many new plants of that.
  • The early amoebic life came, that rapid changed – so within 2mill.years the seas were full of sealife – from fish to primitive human types. (whether those was developed "naturally" or "planted" is not mentioned. -R.Ø.remark)
  • Half a mill.years ago a division occured when the human branch divided into a land line and a sealine – to a form of waterman.
  • "first man" appeared on K. 400.000y ago.
  • There were never large landanimals on K.-all are smaller than humans- because of the higher gravity they say. As for the early humans here they fought for territory and partner – lived in families up to 8-10children. They could communicate on primitive telepathy, as also animals can as "instinct".
  • After centuries living in local caves, they began making own dwellings as nomads. Gathering of a number of tribes made them to settle down – often then with thousands of people. Those with more intelligence began ruling the villages under certain laws that the others accepted to escape the confusion of anarchy.
  • After some time different sciences came as they began to understand – ex. Astronomy. Chemistry and physics developed a few millenia later – making metals possible.
  • So came after some time the mechanical era. As there were no big animals on K.-all heavy work had to be done with manpower.
  • They then discovered the use of the wheel, and so came the mechanical era which lasted to ca 1500 k-years ago (ca7000earthyears). So they could travel over longer distances and found other tribes that they shared their discoveries with, and soon primitive roads were built and then a kind of mail service to transport written messages.
  • Manual labor was replaced by power from wind, water and combustion.
  • With a creation of planetary community, it was found advisable to unite every city under one central body of law. The first K-world gov.was then made, and leaders elected by popular vote.
  • Then science discovered electrical energy. The whole planet was electrified in ca20k-years/90e-years. Soon later came electronics.
  • They here claim that every planets course of cultural and technological evolution is the same - as there is little room for variation.
  • on Korendor, radio/tv stations are publicly owned, and so they have no soap-operas and sportprograms as we are dulled on here. They have accordingly no advertising on radio/tv


more on history of Korendor: THE COSMIC DUST CLOUD

This had their astronomers warned about, but in vain. But it came and the days became as nights, and temperature fell extreme- freezing all. Civilisation was destroyed. 30 m of ice and snow buried their world, and Korendor died.

For 17 k-years (ca70earth-years!!) some few stayed underground, and so survived in deep natural caves where core-heat was making it possible to survive. But then suddenly the dust was gone, and the light and warmth came back and melted the ice. But on the surface there were "death" everywhere. Of 2 billion(2xe9-ie; milliarder) only 40000 survived. Of the water-man-race only 800 survived. It took 400k-years (1700 e-y) to rebuild Korendor.

FIRST SPACE AGE – came 1000 k-years ago (x4,3earth-years). For 2900 earth-years ago the first k-skip left their world for going into space. "Korenhal" is nearest planet there – #4 and when coming there they discovered it was already populated!! (They apparently had a honest leadership telling the truth, and not as here on earth where "they" tell us what is appropriate to maintain their power and what to fit into the religious doctrines to maintain power over money and religion/"faith".(R.Ø.remark).

They on "Korenhal" had also been through the cold dust-dead, but had managed it better as they were more used to coldness, being a colder planet. The Korendors learned much from them – their nighbours, and was beyond in technology/space-travel. This other neighbour planet had been trough a worldwar ca 20years after the dust period. That decimated their population, and paralyzed their civilisation.

Now trade was established between the sister-planets.

picture not from book

Ca 1500earth-years ago some 500 from the Korendor –planet set out for deeper space-exploration – but with no much hope to return. They were "lost regarding communication with them" when they were ca ¼ lightyear out into space. This ship could travel at speeds near the lightspeed, and had set out to reach out a planet from where they had got radiosignals through many far past  years. It is written as this was earth and the pre- high- civilisations Lemuria and Atlantis which existed here in the far past had apparantly leaked signals .

He also touches this in one of the last communications – from –89. Here are told that the ship from Korendor that was on a far journey into cosmos came here after having used 500years in spacetravel with their then primitive 3Dtech!!

They claim that they brought with them the universal language "galingua" here: "…the infusion of Galingua into Terran languages was one of their influences on early cultures ".

On just that language they say that unlike english, it is a very structured and unambiguous language. Every letter has one sound only. Verbs are delined by a single set of rules without variation. Nouns fellow a similar precise pattern and plurals have but one format. Grammar is thus simple and direct. The purpose of Galingua is a language common to every world.

The book claim that when the Korendor people now (again) came to earth in the late 50ths, they say they had found long-buried records in tibet of the far, far visitors from their own people to Earth! 

More on their early-and further spacetrips

They say that when the Korendors went into interstellar trips, they found civilisations on all stages of development; from stone-age to super hightech ones. For ca 300 earthyears ago(it is easy to mix k-years with our earth-years in the txt) they formed a relationship with 30civilisations "near them". And soon they discovered it was possible to travel in "subspace" as they call it here – where the earlier trips over years could now be done in seconds!

Beyond their wildest dreams! But tell they lost ships when learning this - they admit. They claim to have experimented for ca 15years (probably their years – more than 60 earth-years) with this technique.

And so at last they could set out for more far spacejourneys – making contact to new kind of people – but also discovering that not all of their cohabitants in the universe shared their views and ways.

Fx.he tells they were met with weapons when they were coming into a planet in the ORION-region, and were attacked with thermal weapons - but the Korendors didn’t loose any ships. After that they avoided that region of space.

After 50years of this spacetravel their contactweb were of thousands of planets.



With this new tech they could explore a radius of many K-LY(=thousands of light-years) and so comprehending the infinity-and –number of life-variations. All magnificence.

The universal eco-system was introduced in that era – and within a decade most of the planets in their "trade-routes" had introduced it. But this new regions of their exchange-activity with so many other planets was a heavy load on K’s nature-resources he admit, so he warn against this when we in the future get so many "new cosmic/galactic markets".

Quotation: "our probes into the heart of our galaxy continued, and we tended to focus in a rather narrow "beam" of travel toward the core. As we neared that awesome place, we quickly discovered the sparsity of new worlds and civilisations, we fanned outward from our established paths and literally found thousands of worlds… with new races of beings of a diversity that truly left us in awe of gods ability to adapt life…"



– about this was also mentioned in the first radio-messages from this contact-group from Korendor:

  • formed 655 y-ago (1334 AC) from a meeting on Vrell city on Korendor.
  • They worked to do/be:
  • A light in the darkness
  • Guide for the lost
  • Shelter for the homeless
  • Friend for the friendless
  • Doctor for the ill
  • Father to the young
  • Companion for the aged
  • An aid to the strong
  • A guardian for the weak

After one of the Korendor –people in –89 had seen NEW-YORK from the street-levels – and all the malice there - he commented that "the human race has perhaps thirty years (>2019) of life left before perishing in orgy of amoral self-destruction".



This was one of the last communications to ArKay from Korendor – and here he said that first k-mission here in newer time was from the year 462 AD till the year 970 AD - when landing in the Tibetan mountains. He say they had developed well in radioastronomy in 456 AD, and had got in signals in their past that seemingly was from earlier high-tech civilisations on earth.

They had selected 500 volunteers for the supposedly oneway trip.

The ship was buildt with drives of ramjet hydrogen engines – taking in the interstellar hydrogen and other materials, ionizing it in nuclear chambers – using it as reaction mass for thrust. It rotated making artificial gravity.

Yes he tells they came to our far earth after centuries in space, but when they at last arrived they found no high-tech –and knew they had to be loyal to the law of non-interference, as a new developing culture was to begin again on this blue planet earth/Terra.

In the text it is also claimed that when they entered our sunsystem they were observed by unmanned probe-crafts, that they later found belonging to (another) Federation-base on the asteroid we today call Ceres.

June 18-in year 970AD they landed in the highmountains of Tibet, after orbiting and mapping most of earth. The region had natural caverns as a good basecamp.

Then they converted the largest of the caverns to main headquarter. But the low airpressure compared to homeworld was the mainproblem, so after sealing the caverns, they made airlocks to them with much higher pressure inside.

They claim that in a 5-year period they had constructed a very comfortable facility inside, and they made new, artificial tunnels. They claim to have been observed by other cosmic visitors under this first years on earth – but those took no further contact. Later they found that they were of the "Confederation" - the other group of united planets in a league with  more strinct laws of absolute no interference on other planets - except  for naturaldisasters.

During the next 100years the settlement underground in Tibet grew to 15000people, and spread from the original site.

Some local earth-people discovered them, and some also remained with "the gods". By the year 1150 it was really a earth colony, and ca 1000people of each sex traveled out on earth in the task to learn all about the people.

In the underground there were later 80000people who had also constructed a fleet of crafts to begin the exploration of the outside world.(*remember those were far ahead of the tech-level we still have here in the "known"/prevailing society here.)

  Those made detailed maps of the outside earth, in the time of the middle age – the dark age! They were shaken to see the ruling class terrorise the lower, being less worth than animals.

"Our dreams for your people were rapidly being dashed".

Then they established communities in Peru, Siberia, Sahara and what is now called Wyoming - and waited for the dark age to end. By the 14th century all of the origianl Korendors had passed over - but the successors was now 3millions in number! But then came the "Black death", which spread quick also among the earth-Korendors. The ability to carry oxygen in the blood was damaged. And he say that within 2days nearly all were dead. Only the children of mixed races fared better.

All this was found in the holy mountain in Tibet, where in a sanctuary there ancient records were written about this. Also maps leading to other places in the world where more was found about this.

"little remains now of our presence on Earth".

Remark this case is not channeled info as so much is today of such stuff

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Tibet has obviously been visited from many cosmic races  according to old Tibetan scriptures and the newer material from Tibet via LOBSANG RAMPA

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