In 1971 Andrija Puharich met a talented young Israeli named Uri Geller, whose psychic abilities had already made him well known in his homeland. The next year Uri came to America, where millions of people have since watched him bend keys, stop watches, and break metal rings, with no apparent physical pressure. So far no one has been able to explain successfully how he does these things.

But these remarkable talents are only the beginning of the story told in this book. Out of the friendship between Dr. Puharich and Uri Geller grew one of the most extraordinary adventures of a lifetime. Not long after their first meeting, according to Puharich, they were contacted by "Spectra," a voice they believed to represent an extraterrestrial intelligence called "Hoova." This is Dr. Puharich's account of how he and Uri thus became the first individuals in modern history believed to have made extended contact with non-earthly beings; how "Hoova" explained the source of Uri's psychic powers; and what they learned about the relationship between this intelligence and the inhabitants of earth.

Andrija Puharich is a medical doctor. After completing his studies at Northwestem University Medical School, he set up his own laboratory in Maine for the study of extrasensory perception. He has studied some of the most noteworthy examples of paranormal activity that have occurred in modern times, many of which are detailed in his earlier books, Beyond Telepathy and The Sacred Mushroom.

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In late 1970 I read a report written by an Israeli army officer about a young man in Israel named Uri Geller. The letter described Geller's telepathic powers and his ability to make clock hands move without touching the clock. These alleged powers were so extraordinary that I could not believe the report. However, when this officer subsequently sent samples of metal broken by Geller's mental powers, and when the laboratory reports stated that this kind of metal fracture had not been seen before, my interest grew. I went to Tel Aviv, Israel, on August 17, 1971, to meet Uri Geller. My research with him convinced me that he was one of the most unusual men in the world. Why I think he is so unusual is the subject of this book.
I had suspected for a long time from my researches that  man has been in communication with beings not of this earth for thousands of years. This personal opinion comes from a close reading of the record of ancient religions and from my own observations and data. What is not clear is why such communication has been kept secret for so long.
With the publication of this book, however, many of the cosmic secrets are now declassified. But the release of this knowledge in fact raises more questions than it answers.
One of the first of these new questions is an important one: Why was Uri Geller selected to be the ambassador for an advanced civilisation? why did I become the principal witness to this ambassadorship and the chief scribe of its gradually unfolding revelations? These interrelated questions will be developed throughout this book.

My story involves three principal agents. The primary agent is not a single being, but a collegium of voices reaching man on earth. We have, in the beginning, the words of the Nine, who are directly related to man's concept of God. I shall develop the concept of the Nine in the Introduction. The controllers of the universe operate under the direction of the Nine. Between the controllers and the untold numbers of planetary civilizations in the universe are the messengers. It is the messengers who help to fulfill the destiny of creation by gentle accentuation where and when they are needed. Some of these messengers take the form of spacecraft, which in modem parlance are called unidentified flying objects, or UFOs. Uri and I have been reached mostly by the latter type of messenger, whose names and functions are varied. The intermediary between these messengers and earth people is Uri Geller. The function of chief witness to these interactions has fallen upon me.

If I am to get an attentive hearing, the reader should know that I have had many years of professional preparation and research experience in medicine, parapsychology, and laboratory and field investigations. I have only one interest in writing this book. That is to bring to people all over the world the facts about the existence of superior beings and what they want to say to man today. What follows is true, but it is not the whole truth. There are many things that my "editor in the sky" will not yet permit me to reveal. My editor on earth has advised me to delete material that could be considered too controversial or libelous. Events have been omitted for political reasons where governments have been involved. There are delicate questions concerning the relations between religions which have been avoided. In order to get the basic message in print, and out to the people, many diplomatic gestures have had to be made. Perhaps someday, depending on the response of the public, my editors will allow the whole truth to be revealed.

Many people are mentioned in this book for the roles they played in the reported events. I have been in touch with these principals in order to compare my text with their recollections. The text that follows represents the agreement reached between each principal (whom I could reach) and myself. However, I want to make it clear that this does not mean that these individuals have necessarily endorsed the content or conclusions of this book. I stand alone with respect to the reporting of all events, interpretations, and conclusions.

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