Different lectures about alien cultures

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Topic related to the planet ERRA

Lectures by Randolph Winters.

1.The early years. About Billy Meyers early years (februar 1975).

2. About the beamships and the Earth history. About Erranian beamships and the early history of Earth.

3. The great spacer. Billy Meyer tells about his experience aboard the Erranian mothership (Das Risenraumer).

4. Other life forms.  About other life forms in cosmos.

5. Time travels with Asket. Billy Meier tells about a timetravel more than 2000 years back in time with Asket.

6. The Bermuda triangle and the pyramids.  About the Bermuda triangle and the pyramides.

7. The great Atlantis. About the Atlantis period.

8. The Figu. About the FIGU society in Switzerland.

9. Talmud Jmmanuel. About the story of Jesus Christ from an Erranian Viewpoint.

10. Creation and the development of man.  The Erranian cosmology and the laws of creation. The development of man physically and spiritual.

Sounbooks about planet Erra related topics

Topic related to the planet Thiaoouba

Lecture by Michel Desmarquet.

Michel Desmarquet experiences on the planet Thiaoouba 

Soundbooks about planet Thiaoouba

Soundbooks about the planet Akart Read by Rune Øverby

Soundbooks about the planet Koldas

Soundbook about the planet Janos

Soundbooks about the planet Iarga

Soundbooks about the planet Ummo

Soundbooks about contact from Andromeda

Soundbook about the planet Arien

Soundbooks about the planet Meton in the Alpha-Centauri system

Soundbooks about the planet Norca


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