Chapter 31

(In English)

from Semjase

Semjase is telling about all the things Earth have missed because of not choosing another path from about 1920. And she is telling about galactic imperialism. And more. Channelled by Tore Alfstad.

Chapter 43

(In English)

The Gate of Antichrist

This chapter is written for the present situation of Earth. Proposing solutions in Iraq. About USA being a very dark force on Earth, leading the crocks to the world. About Israel. And More.

Chapter 44

(Most in Norwegian. Some in English)

Time of Transition

This chapter includes some proposals for a positive path for Earth.

Chapter 23

(In Norwegian)

Atomic Weapons,
Frequency weapons and Consciousness

Frequency weapons has already been used in Kosovo, resulting to the many cases of cancer, not really created by impoverished uranium. The Americans wants to play the Hero and test out their new weapons in a new big war. For that they need a lot of manipulation of Earth. Frequencies may be used for manipulation into our brains, leading to cancer. But frequency weapons have a very wide range of use, and may be far more dangerous than nuclear weapons. The Zionist-American unity needs the big war to be able to transform Earthly economics to the new paraphysical technology, on their terms, continuing being the superpower, as a part of their security thinking. That kind of security thinking may cause millions and millions and millions of deaths.

Chapter 29

(In Norwegian)

The Parliament on tour

A small fantasy story about the Norwegian Parliament visiting a planet in the universe that have passed the era of terrorism, and have introduced paraphysical technology in positive ways. The planet had turned more positive, and had reduced the possibilities for going in negative directions.

Chapter 32

(In Norwegian)

Planet Nibiru

"They are very sly when it comes to manipulation, and it is all given a frame of positive energies to fool people. Only when one goes deeper into the materiel can such groups be disclosed. The goal of the Annuakies when it comes to Earth, is that the planet shall be a state of slaves that looks on the Annuakies as gods and do exactly what they says." Channelled by Tore Alfstad.

Chapter 18

(In English)

Status of Physics

Philosophy of physics is in a fussy state where a lot of ad hocs is used to save the old views. The new views will allow superluminal speeds and teleportation.

Chapter 14

(In English.)


This is an old chapter that I did not find the right contexts for. For a long time mixed together with chapter "Time of Transition" planned to be called "Strategy in time of transition". The chapter may be erased or modified in the book, to not repeat myself to much, and I do not now enough about the illiminatus, and others knows it better than me. Interesting to see what I wrote about Saddam Hussain in 1999, in context with the Americans / Illiminatu. Illiminatu may be a top source of secret societies, very strategic on whom to become the enemies for the changing times. Some say Illiminati and Agharta-forces was opponents on Atlantis

Chapter 34

(In English.)

Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism

Chapter 35

(In Norwegian.)

A possible future scenario

Chapter 36

(In English.)

Economic war against USA

Chapter 37

(In English.)

Letter to the Americans

Chapter 42

(In Norwegian)

Ondskapens assistenter

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Chapter 31

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Channelling from Semjase



    1. From the galactic confederation Erran section
    2. A survey over a possible future situation on Earth and a retrospect on the past situation.

      As known, Earth has been subject for attention from several cosmic civilisations through history. This has also imprinted civilisations that live on Earth today. Earth form a part of important plans certain negative civilisations have concerning their wish of future dominance in the galaxy. These use several methods to influence Earth for their purposes. The philosophy of life in these civilisations is often strong atheistic, deterministic and materialistic. The negative civilisations are using scientific prestige combined with a special direction within economical thinking to influence the collective consciousness on Earth. Their purpose is a strong hierarchical built form of society with a strong materialistic ground attitude philosophy of life, and an expansionistic out-turned politic that presuppose continuous "economic" growth based on exploitation of natural recourses on Earth and else in the universe. To be able to maintain such a civilisation on long term it is compelled to expand outwards in the galaxy and take recourses on other planets. In older times it did exist such an imperium in the galaxy based on these ground ideas. However, this was stroked back by a confederation of different other civilisations in cosmos. As said; the ground thought to such a civilisation is strong materialistic, and do often have the focus that everything is matter. They have a one-life perspective based on this way of thinking. In consequence they brush aside higher spiritual truths and everything that has connection to these. Therefore, their one-dimensional world picture defines itself the border that their technology will butt against. Unfortunately for the people of earth your science have been inspired and steered by this view. These negative elements try to control the population of earth by means of economic tools in combination with chemical medical science. It has been, and is continuing, very much research on chemicals and gene manipulated organisms that can influence peoples attitudes and feelings. All out from a pure materialistic world understanding. Inside more secret environments of science they are also doing research on electromagnetic mind-control. To make a far-reaching positive change to happen in your civilisation, the foundation of the world picture of your science have to be changed away from the materialistic mal to a form that includes the higher spiritual principles and the multidimensionality of the universe. The "professional" environment in your scientific institutions is often everything else than democratic, and founds themselves nearly on a fascistic foundation of ideas. This was expressed, among other thing, as ideas among doctors in the 1930’s about that one should "exterminate" persons with "genetic" weaknesses (so called eugenics / racial hygiene). These were ideas that Hitler, among others, made use of in his idea foundation, and the world know how that went. Unfortunately is not the ground attitude in several of your scientific environment changed essential since then. The science you call psychology is permeated, among other things, by these ideas, and act as an inquisition tool for the materialistic model of thinking as your science is ruled along. Your future thematic scientists uses this way of thinking as their bases when they try to see what kind of technology you will get in the future. Things as anti gravitation and teleportation are therefore not included in their visions. The negative forces are among other things inspiring people to develop strong violent and war focused computer games which among other thing is simulating use of advanced weapon systems onboard in spaceships. The scenario in such games is often that one shall fight against certain extraterrestrial civilisations that in one or another way are threatening earth. This is completely deliberate inculcated into your civilisation from other negative galactic civilisations that wishes influential power by weapons in the galaxy. The truth is that a person that have trained on such simulation games, can be put directly into a war spaceship and will be able to master it fully after about one weak of training. This because of all his basic reflexes to operate the weapon system of a spaceship of war in a battle situation already is drilled. The negative civilisations have plans to use these persons in a future galactic conflict. Because of things that are mentioned here, your civilisation has been unnecessary retarded both technically and spiritually. Several inventions that really could help your civilisation have thus been suppressed. We have also stopped some inventions, because misuse of these could have gotten to huge negative consequences, both for your civilisation and for other civilisations in the universe. This has as a rule been things and systems that originally was meant used in connection to weapons and tools for general suppression of the population. We have also inspired to development of new technology. This is primarily with information technology and data. We have not stopped all inventions that base upon utilization of free energy, or utilization of anti-gravitation. Negative forces in your own scientific environment and military force have done that. What development would have found place in your civilisation if your science did not have a suppressing attitude? Around 1920 you would probably have anti gravitation. In consequence your aeroplane technology that is dominating in your world today would not have been developed. The automobile (car) would gotten minimal spreading and would be historic around 1950 by then everybody would have cheap anti gravitation vehicles that was driven by free energy. Asphalt would not have been used, and your roads would have been limited for walks and bicycling. Around 1930 you would have had electrical power stations based on free energy. Oil, coal and nuclear power based energy production would not have been developed. It had just been a few oil companies that produced oil for use in plastic that would have been developed. Around 1948 every home would have their own electricity aggregates, so that long power lines in nature would have been avoided. It is not fore sure that nuclear power systems would have been developed on your planet at all. That is if Tesla had obtained full through-punch for his ideas, when you in that case would have energy enough. On that point of time you sat the foot on the moon 1969 you would probably have developed space travel advanced enough to reach my home planet Erra. That would mean you would have had interstellar space travel already in 1967. Around 1973 you would have developed electronic and other components that was advanced enough that you could take use of teleportation as transport form internally on your planet. Around 1980 your space travel would have developed so much that you could reach other galaxies. Your world would have been clean and without those climate, atmosphere and ozone problems you are facing now. All this you failed to obtain because you let yourself be ruled by power sick and materialistic scientists and militaries. Those who really should be sent to your court in Haag charged for criminal acts against humanity is exactly those individuals within science and military which is responsible for the present way of thinking and suppressions in connection to this. We will not accept that the cultures you have created until now without control are spread into the galaxy, possibly in cooperation with other civilisations with a negative imperialistic agenda. We will therefore intervene before that happens. We from the erran side supports fully Steven Greer’s disclosure project. This is because this project has the potential to change the course your civilisation is heading against, which we would like to be different. If the project meets total ignorance in media we are tempted to use our technology to influence the right persons in media so the message gets to the public.


      Channelling received by Tore Alfstad 6. August 2001 from Semjase.

      Translated from Norwegian by Tor Opdahl 24.november 2002. I’m sorry if some sentences are norw-english.

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      Chapter 43

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      Proposals for a peaceful solution in Iraq


      This chapter is especially written for the present situation on Earth. It is sent to many politicians, newspaper and TV-stations around the world. I hope the reader like it, and will send it further to people on your email-list, who perhaps might be interested in it.

      Tor Opdahl

      March 11th 2003


    3. Worst case scenario
    4. During this chapter I have investigated the worst case path of Earth from its present situation. I have built in key element scenarios from the Bible and Nostradamus. They seam all to fit in introduced by the Hawk-era of Americans politics, the USA-Israel coalition and Ariel Sharon as a great Asian leader with enormous power, through Zionism and secret societies.

      This is not a chapter for sceptics. I have tried to draw the big picture, from ancient history to a galactig future, from the Atlantis-tradgedy, via a third world war and towards galactic imperialsm. I have investigated human consciousness, also capable of sending and receiving darkness, a kind of telepathy, a kind of channelling, of other negative beings and their agendas. By that, everything seams to fall into place, for the worst case scenarios to happen.

      With the Hawk/Sharon era, there seams to be more production of enemies rather than reducing them. It also seams like certain forces, on both sides, wants to create enemies on purpose.

      A lot of the American acts, proposals and attitude seams to channel: "preserving and creating enemies", from dark forces inside their own country, which may lead to the worst case scenarios.

      Worst case scenarios depends on fallen souls of possible white forces. Colin Powell have argued hawks and those who speaks about the "the evil axis" into position, forces he will not be able to control himself. He is still a man with better balanced views than the rest of the USA-gang, but he represents a splittet toung, their white alibi, and the rest of the world do therefore have to take charge themselves.

      March 7th George W. Bush did once again say he will throw away the UN path, and go to war alone. Ref.

      World security may depend on people being observable and expose the beings capable to draw Earth in negative directions. That could in many cases depend on key individuals being disloyal, which in this matter is to be loyal to Earth and the forces of light.


    5. Proposing some
    6. During this chapter am I also proposing some solutions / attitudes that may avoid the worst case scenarios. I am proposing all from the most simple (and effective), as walking out on the streets, to already existing ways of looking on the Iraq question, and what to put / what not to put in possible new UN resolution.

      The world fluctuates between to great scenarios: A great Muslim Western war and an Economic war against the USA. One can be chosen. Both can be chosen. Both can be avoided. For the moment seams a great Western-Muslim war to be the most probable, even if Europe/Russia/China are taking position against the American / Great Britain solutions and possible acting on their own.

      The USA has run a though and manipulative game outside decistions in the UN, and are present with strong forces in Iraq, still capable of getting it as their hawk-forces wants, which gradually could lead to the worst case scenarios. Worst case of the worst case scenarios is that USA acts on their own by democratic permission, which would make it more difficult to stop the wild horse, now, in years, even in decades, because of a massive rise of opposing the Israel/USA evil would be more difficult to direct.

      But that is up for us today to decide.

      If the great war starts, people may only see evil against evil, and could perhaps not be so focused on the Americans starting the war. People will be focused on the great terrorist act starting the war, perhaps done by Antichrist himself, without the world knowing it.

      Even with such a scenario, it would be fare more dangerous to let the Americans loose, than to fight down evil strategically, by bulding bridges between the positive forces in each country of the world.

      The world must not be foreign to go into an economic war against the USA, because they are now giving rise to the most dangerous forces of Earth, and denies Earth from introducing more positive thinking and paths.

      Going into the galaxtic era positively means that Earth are capable to expose the negative forces capable of manipulating us.


    7. Third world war
    8. It was a so called channelling laid out on the Internet (late 1998 or early 1999), claimed to be from Jesus, as one of first tipped my that certain forces wishes a great war in the Middle East. It plays no role if I believe in that or not, because I have found it very probable. Strong forces wants that; a war, a great war, in the Middle East, perhaps also other places.


    9. Personal
    10. In the same period, I think, late 1998 – early 1999, I saw an American movie or series on television, where the issue in a section of the movie was white Americans planting nuclear bomb(s) in another country, tro create an enemy. I did then get a strong beep in my left ear.

      I do have personal "intelligence services", not telling me things by voices, but beeps me when certain metafors in my outer world and/or thinking in my inner world are in certain contexts. Most of what I write is independent philosophy, spiced with some speculations now and then. That do the reader have to judge from.

      The beepings startet late 1992, and I have concluded them to be from own individuals, that I am not capable to see. The beepings do never come in situations where there is nothing to learn from them, but it may happen sometimes that I do not understand what the beep wanted to tell me. It may also happen that I misunderstand the beep, and draws it towards not entirely correct conclusions. Somethimes, when I do not understand, I get som correcting beeps, turns me into the path, something they regards very important.


    11. Loyal disloyal
    12. I stay loyal to my inner helpers, as my highest loyal source of beings. This chapter is of a very difficult balance, and I have secured to not send it out before allowed and well balanced, even if itching to send something of it out earlier.

      They advised me that I had more to write. But I had to take the final decition, did I not? This is not an alien or beyond agenda. I wrote this chapter. I had to take the final decition. I am the one to blaim. I am responsible for it. They gave me advises according to my own will. But my will is a voice of Earth. I am to be regarded as a participator of the many voices of Earth. But I am also a voice that looks down to Earth observing the present situation, from that point of view. I am both voices. I am responsible.

      I am sceptical about telling about this source of mine, because someone could se it as me getting directions directly from God and that God are not speaking to the rest of you. That is not true. I think God speaks to and through everybody, no matter what view you have on God/Nature.


    13. Necessary with solutions from seeing beyond sceptisim
    14. I am not claiming to be all correct.

      But out from my heart I say: I want to tell the reader about the great news that we are not alone. I want to tell the reader that this chapter is not written from unnecessary scepticism. I want to tell the reader that I draws pictures from knowing about the beyond, and from that knowledge I draw a wider perspective for the present situation than the sceptics wants me to.

      Such pictures may even be necessary to be able to see solutions for our time. But sadly enough, the Sirians, some of our galactic friends observing Earth, do not seam to see it that way.

      This chapter is not for sceptics. The sceptics may instead read chapter 18.

      I regard religion as dangerous too. But I also regard it necessary to see above truths of today’s sceptism.


    15. Chapter for you
    16. I do not think this chapter is ment to persuade key persons in this key time of history, even if my hope, emailing it out, is that key perons shall read it. That will probably not be the case during these stressed times. This chapter may probably work as an alternative way to look at things in the long run, and that is what I mostly wants to track my writings into, setting a general print of history, present and possible future.

      My beepers have never tracked me into criticing specific individuals. That is my own choice.

      They have neither tracked me into criticising those who are named "the Sirians". That is my own choice.

      This entiry chapter is my own choice, even if I am tracked into it. I am the one to be blaimed, if some relative views are limited and incorrect. This chapter is fully my responsibility.


    17. Producing enemies and planting nuclear weapon programmes
    18. My beep when waching television that day was in the context of Americans planting nuclear bombs / nuclear weapon programs. I do not know if my helpers wanted my attesion to a general happenings, including many types of weapons. But I have stikked to the angle that Americans are doing such things. I knew that hidden forces in the USA have kept UFO’s and belonging technology secret for decades, probably not all because of making the big advantage for the next huge war, playing the Heros. My opinion is that those heros have kept us away from something that throught the decades all together have crated far more cruelty than the second world war.

      I think, that if a nuclear bomb explodes in the near future, for example in the USA, then it could this just as much have been caused by western white skinned dark forces as eastern dark forces, pure manipulative produced.

      Nothing is yet given for how Earth manages to handle its dark forces, which exists just as much in the USA and Israel as in other countries. A possible scenario, perhaps the most probable today (2003), could just as probably become that the back stage forces for the Israel-USA-coalition blows a nuclear bomb, or just the Zionist behind stage forces, perhaps in the USA, blame it on others, and gags therefore the world with "what did we say" – "hereafter you have to listen to us", and power-takes therefore a strengthened and worsified world dominion.


    19. Judging on factors
    20. I cannot prove my inner direction giving helpers. Neither can the reader. We will not be heard, like the conspiracy theorists will neither, if we claim the Americans are planting weapons on purpose to create enemies. Therefore we have to judge on the factor, like collecting stamps. Earth have to evaluate seriously if creating enemies on purpose is going on, not just because of Isreali and American stupidity.

      To be able to judge correctly, I think we have to understand there exists both positive and negative forces in the USA. The acts and statements from the USA are mixed, sometimes resulting to positivity and sometimes to negativity. But I also think we have to understand that dark forces have had an enormous dangerous hidden power on the USA, as in every country, which have directed Earth, with USA in chief position, with hidden communication lines, in negative directions.

      I think the reader will understand, that my heart belongs to the Americans as well, but that I now have to confront USA as a totality.

      It could be even more difficult to stop the Americans if not collecting negative factors, like collecting stamps, and use it against them, perhaps later in an UN court or resolution.

      If not collecting the factors, the Americans will go on and on and on, because the world will not be able to use strength and arguments enough against them.

      We have seen how USA is using collected factors in the UN, but not good enough to convince the world to go into the path they wants. I think world security may depend on Earths capability to collect factors against USA. If the Earth not is willing to do that, I think USA is more than willing to collect factors against others, probably most against their evil axis. Supervising Earth is good, but not in the way the Americans are doing it. Earth needs also the supervising of the USA.

      I appreciate that the positive part of USA wants to supervise positively, but not that dark synthesis in many ways seams to control much of this.


    21. Some collected factors on possibly creating enemies on purpose

We may ask

  1. Lack of diplomacy in Afganistan: Did they want Osama Bin Laden to go free, as a needed enemy, and observe which country he went into?
  2. Two of Osamas sons caught March 6/7th 2003. Denied by the Americans. Was that denial a lie? (There could of course be many reasons for such a denial).
  3. Did they tell Saddam Hussain to leave the country, within 72 hours, just to keep him as a free enemy, and to observe what country he goes into? Would the Americans go to war anyway, because of still present danger and a nation giving rise to Saddam? Did they want Saddam to leave the country because of wanting an easy catch of the first step?
  4. Do they want to go to war in Iraq, no matter what, because they wants to increase the possibilities that Saddam digs up more weapons, creating him to a far greater danger than he is under the UN control today?
  5. Are the Americans planning to make this to establish themselves in the area?
  6. Is it about oil? Is it about economics? Is it about power? Is it a combination? Ref. for instance
  7. Do the Americans create enemies because of all the things above?
  8. Are the Americans very strategically making their acts and statements just to be alone / the chief of taking and ruling Iraq?
  9. Have the Americans provoked the North Koreans on purpose, or are the Americans just very stupid?


    1. Directions?
    2. (March 8th 2003)

      Are these factors just speculations? – I think a lot of the American acts and statements point in such directions; creating enemies. Statements from the Hawks shows that the next country could become North Korea. The Americans are provoking in that area too. Other belives Iran could be the next country. (ref. Nils Jordet, Dagbladet March 9th 2003)

      North Korea is of course a problem, but I think that easier would be solved if removing the Bush-administration, replacing it with a bunch of hippies, and asking the hippies / North Koreans over for a drink. The hippies should of course dress well and act representative, and perhaps not to much either.

      I think we should realise that some politicians would do better by doing nothing.

      Making hard demands, from limited hierarchical thinkers like some Americans, against sentriflatical thinkers as the North Koreans, do I not think is the wisest thing to do. I saw Colin Powell did send over a hippy-like person to North Korea, but I do not think that will help enough, since the Bush-administration is using its sables too much.

      I think the collected factors and paths of creating enemies are not totally conscious for many of those who are dragging in such directions. But many of them seams to be conscious on creating enemies, but perhaps not all of them are bearing in mind biblical and Nostradamian scenarios. If they do, they probably see it from the angle of necessary Heroism of our time.

      An even higher level may be galactic imperialism, "helpers" or influencers of a darker purpose than I regard those inner helpers of mine.

      Galactic imperialism and inner influencers are debated more later in this chapter.


    3. Building the world
      into a funnel
    4. Primitivity is equal in size both in East and Vest. Confrontations of the negative have to be done. Confrontations in form of war should be avoided and may make bad worse, where evil just will multibly and reinforce.

      What seams clear is that while strong forces tries to forth-provoke enemy pictures; we and them,- the intencification of more positive forces’ attempt to build bridges is needed, integrating via communication and cooperation.

      Earth is in a cleaning up phase, putting demands for that these things, this and that, - do we not want to have. That regimes with Bush and Sharon as front figures for that do I not think will serve the best for Earth develloment. They are the provocators and the manipulators. Their regimes are building the world into a self justifying funnel, which ends into: "What did we say, hereafter you have to listen to us". - Then is a third world war close.

      The ages of the Hawks is established, from beyond stage to fully taking place on the stage, and will continue to grow, even without Sharon and Bush in power positions.


    5. Ariel Sharon
      as Antichrist
    6. Antichrist and the third world war is by many people predicted to come in that way; that darkness first plays the cowl of light. Thereafter his growth will be by creating enemies, play on fear, and on this way bring the world into the unthinkable. I have claimed that biblical and nostradamian scenarios are possible to avoid, because ot the countless possible parallell time tracks in the total existence, the eternal now, where linear time is successions of states of already exising consciousness, like creating paths and worlds by focusing back and forth on a picture, creating loops, time-sharing and time-splitting by X and Y’s, and more.

      But time can be a strong river. I have today strong doubts that we have managed to avoid the track leading to the third world war, status January 30th 2003 / March 8th 2003. It seam that the track of the third world war is reintroduced.

      Ariel Sharon has emerged as the best candidate as Antichrist ever, in my point of view, or as the top chief for what can be called the spirit Antichrist, like Christ also just is a titling on a spirit (not nessesarily individualised) that have taken residence in the individual, or opposite; the individual have taken residence in the spirit.

      Ariel Sharon is a person the consciously are doing provocations and terror, and gets away with it, because of, among other things, being protected by the big cowl of the USA. Ariel Sharon has a long history on building himself up on the enemy / fear relationchip, and it is probable that his cruelty around his martial provocation just will increase in extent, especially if a long war against Iraq, Bush’ "evil axis" and the Muslim world starts up. Then we can quickly get that he gets a chief role in the battle against the Muslim world, such he is already having conversations with Bush about when to start the war (ref. for instance English media late January 2003)

      Ariel Sharons great advantage to step forward as the king of evil, is that he today is well hidden between Gorge W. Bush and Saddam Hussain.

      I will not look away from that freemasons and equal religious people consider Saddam Hussain to be the potensial Antichrist, or was the potesial Antichrist. But the same freemasons should wisely not rule out Ariel Sharon possibly becoming the biggest figure for darkness on Earth, and in a general sphere where my proposal can be regarded as one of the many Day of Judgements prophets, I do not think many of the freemasons will rule out my proposal at once, like many other will.


    7. World security may depend on disloyalty
    8. If freemason and people in other hidden orders should see this potential threat, then they should understand that world security may depend on them being disloyal towards their own hierarchy structures, which on the top and in the periphery seams to be controlled by darker forces, and perhaps by Zionist forces themselves. Perhaps the control is not so conscious, but structures of mind interpheres.

      Time may depend on that profiled persons are allowed to step forward, even if they have another important job and another important role to take care of.

      If for instance freemasons, in their positions, fights against that (profiled) persons can burn for something privately, and at the same time do their job neutral, then this can be one of the many factors which builds under and allows a third world war. This is my advice to the chief of the Norwegian state television channel (NRK), Mr. Bernander. I choose to see your role as the freemason in many decitions, not as the chief., claims there is no hidden messages in Oslama Bin Ladens intervjues. I think a lot of those proclaims is projections of people doing such things themselves. Freemasons, and the level above, have their own codes (ref., temporarily off, ref. perhaps I think Bernander knows those codes, and that using them in democracy is against Norwegian laws.

      My helpers told me to investigate such things as secret codes more, but I have not had the time for it. Bernander may be dangerous if he denies to expose it. I guess they are using those codes for instance when the rates of interests are going to be changed, useful to rearrange ones disposals in time, if necessary, especially when the sentral bank chief do not notify it for the public on forehand. - I do not know. It is pure speculations.

      Secret language and codes among military personell I can understand very well. But if secret societies, ruling some of the security thinking, in negative paths, - then I think it is very dangerous. It is also very dangerous for world security it such people control paths of economic thinking.


    9. Confronting
      on both sides
    10. Time depends on that we are confronting negative forces on both sides. To start a war in Iraq could be to confront wrong. Everybody agrees on that Saddam Hussain must be disarmed. But not everybody is as hot tempered as USA to start a war no matter what, as the only possible way. I think that the pressure now is present anyway, February 5th 2003, and that this sphere must be made the most out of until the last minute, until it possibly shows up to not work anyway.


    11. About removing
      Saddam Hussain
    12. (February 5 + March 9th 2003)

      It does not seam that Saddam Hussain can be removed on democratic terms, by the Iraqis themselves, because the votes of the Iraqi people seams to be given from pure fear, and therefore 99% of the votes for Saddam.

      Saddam Hussein is probably a man that himself is imprinted with a lot of fear, behind all the people he stays behind, and behind his thick shells.

      George W, Bush is also just a boy with a lot of fear. Among the fears is not being liked, and he wants to be a big man, like his father. To become a big man, he will not like to loose the Iraq question.

      Leaders of fear will often lead astray this further to their own people.

      The Americans are thinking about Saddam Hussain: We will remove him, by taking his life, war!, which is the way to render harmless a very dangerous person. Is that right? – Perhaps. Perhaps not. – I do not think it will be a harmless situation, a dangerous man against another dangerous man, a hated nation for a while leading another nation, uncertainty, chaos. Perhaps Heroism for the public in that area just after the liberation, but thereafter it may be harder. The USA may decide to rule longer than planned, and be present with strong military forces for years (as planned), because of fearing mass destruction weapons still are digged into the ground. Figths may continue, USA becomes even more unpopular, and terrorist acts increases.

      I do not like to say it, but to remove Saddam, in the way of the hamburger nation, can be more dangerous than not doing it.


    13. Saddam Hussain,
      and revenge

    14. Spirits lives on, both in the physical, where the person comes from, and in the non-physical, the place where the person comes to. Life and consciousness is not a result from lifeless particles in combination. Particles/forces do not work over distances with empty space between. Eveything is one, and consciousness transfers to behind the quantum fluctuating level, which the quantum physists believes is particles jumping from nothingness.

      God is like the ocean. If one tries to remove a handful from it, the ocean immediately will cover the place. Negative individuals, or negativity in general, will no matter what have to be transform to positivity one or another place in the wholeness. "Dead" people in lower astral levels will be able to act negative influential on the physical Earth level. They will not have the same physical power, here and now. They will not have the same physical power, here and now, but will over a very long time rebuild again, but probably on a compleate other place and other individuals, if they still choses to be negative. They will now and then come back to the same place (Earth) if they are carrying on a revenge thought through "eternity", which I understand Earth have had negative experiences with before, but in other contexts and with other lengths of lives, infiltration, finally resulting to the Atlantis tradegy (ref. diverse literature).

      Earth today is a setting where before life memory is forgotten, but where individual can channel their basic negativity from previous lives. There exists time-sharing, for you and me, for clairvoyant people, but also for very negative individuals, channelling their own soul.

      I will not refer to any specific literature. Instead the reader may philosophise on the different possibillities we can have, provided that life after the physical death do in fact exist. Given that different kind of lives on "the other side" do exist, that the law on energy constancy is wrong in a physical perspective, but not in the perspective of the wholeness, - then the reader can philosophise over if there can exist influence, positive and negative, between the physical and world we cannot sense. Is there certain structures of mind negative influence can work through?


    15. Forces of light will have lesser to fear
    16. For that these negative individuals shall be able to come back, and continue being negative, depends on that there exists a darkness they can introduce themselves via. The pure light will never have anything from the forces of darkness. Besides, in surroundings of much light will not these negative energies reach through to just as well to the potencial more negative individuals, unless infiltrating over very long time, lowering the light. Opposite will the potential negative individuals join a rising in light.


    17. Bottle politics
    18. George W. Bush did not kill bad thoughts with the bottle. He did not kill a negative spirit of the USA by putting people in the electric chair. Will he be able to kill terrorism by bottle politics?


    19. Rendering harmless
      by removing fear
    20. To "remove" a person can also be done by removing the fear from that person. His security could be guarantied if he goes voluntarily from his power position, to save many human lives. UN-forces (not USA) could go into Iraq on peaceful terms, in curable cooperation / agreement with the Muslim world.

      But I do not think Saddam will let himself be persuaded to leave his position, or that western war agreesors will allow an attempt to do it in this way. We do not know if it will work before anybody tries. Every individual shall sooner or later walk tha path of light, then why not try from this very moment, also my redusing ones own hate, and ones own fear, Mr. Bush?

      The game seams to be about who is going to be the Hero and who is not. Then the good Americans should be psychologist and tell Mr. Bush what is real Heroism in these matters, if the Americans are capable of doing that.

      I do not even know if I believe in my own proposal; protecting Saddam, but I have great beliefs in that a gowing mature world will think more and more in that way, generally speaking, avoiding war, but of course judging from case to case. At the same time should of cource these individuals be left out from intercourse, manipulative power and infiltrative power.

      I have greater belief in my own proposal, protecting Saddam, or keeping him at power, if he continues to be cooperative, and even more cooperative.


    21. Making George W. Bush a Hero
    22. The Americans should tell Goerge W. Bush that the Americans have participated well, in making Saddam cooperative, and that this is Heroism enough. Tell the man that it is Heroism to follow the security counsel and Earth democracy. Tell the man that following the minds of the Hawks is not Heroism. Tell him listening to the Hawks could result to a third world war. Tell him that his acts of his own will result in USA not being the Heros, especially in the long run.

      Hollywood seam to see that. Gerge W. Bush, you should listen to those who knows about the game of Heroism. You should not listen to those who make all (space) aliens enemies, creating unnecessary fear in the human hearth, but generally speaking, you should listen to Hollywood, status March 9th 2003.

      I do not know the correct balance against George W. Bush. Making him a Hero to much could intoxicate his spiritual hierarchical heart too much, like also Colin Powell seams to be a cowboy these days, like he foresaw, being part of the Bush administration.

      I would not in any case look on Bush as a Hero, because I think Earth would have managed this better without USA, USA status Hawk and secrecy ruled.


    23. A possible solution
    24. (February 23-27th +?+ March 8-9th 2003)

      Saddam Hussain did not want to destroy some rockets, because claiming to need them for the protection against USA during the war. That is not good. We have seen how keen USA is on attacking country by country, and destabilise the area. That is far worse. Saddam Hussain canged his mind about the rockets. That is good.

      We should in each case stick to the demand of destroying the rockets. Of course, and we did. But that must also be followed up by a released and new politics by the UN, depending on Iraq being cooperative. Earth is a planet that runs a lot of its security thinking based on weapons. The synthesis could be a resolution that demands that Saddam destroys weapons, but also that UN guarantees the defence of Iraq, and also the opposite: defending the other countries against Iraq.

      I do not think Saddam should be left alone with his people once again. I see a solution could be an independent Iraq, but that military and non military forces are present, with persons capable of observing and giving demands on Saddam, if not behaving well.

      Keeping an elected man in that way, under observation, not dangerous, could become too difficult, keeping him away from suppressing his own people. But I think we should try it, closing us into him in that way, which could become the least dangerous, but also one of the most dangerous, if the Americans are too much present in those forces, with belonging agendas.

      Also the dark forces may see synthesis in such directions, and may hijack the path, like they already have acted on their own. Their new hijackings may result worse.

      Creating a new UN resolution, specific for Iraq, should perhaps include when a new election should be, with Saddam not for election. If a UN resolution are made general for removing all long sitting dictators on Earth, the the resolution should also include formulas that will not allow the Americans or other nations to act on their own. Earth have to judge case by case.


    25. New kind of security thinking on Earth
    26. This kind of pact and security; UN protecting a country from other contries, and opposite, will as a totality, and as times go on, lead to world security based on lesser weapons. In the Middle East area it seams that we have to start only with Iraq first, because I do not think the Israeli/American coalition will loosen on their kind of thinking yet, and the Israelis will not destroy or stop producing weapons in their own country.

      It is up to rest of the world to choose a track where we can base our economic thinking on lesser weapons.

      At the same time as guaranteeing the security of Iraq, the UN must loosen on some of the blockade. It is time to build up Iraq in positive ways, without destroying the country first.


    27. The best ways of
      making unity?
    28. World democracy must sometimes stand above democracy in one single country. But we have the situation that the people elected their leader. Saddam Hussain is not all to blame, because it is up to the people to create unity against evil and oppose negative leaders, no matter situation.

      If they are not capable to unite, they must look into themselves, their own thoughts, there own feelings, their own thougt systems. If they are not capable of making unities, debates and positions in positive way, then perhaps there is something wrong about their way of thinking.

      Therefore we seam to have to build up Iraq through those existing leaders, but were of course UN is the real leadership and the demanders. But Saddam Hussain will be given a great opportunity to act positive for his people.

      We must always look on the people as the real leadership, and making them participate as soon as possible, in different ways, increasing positivity, by own positive participation.

      We will fail some, and we will do some good stuff. It is also important to create positivity about the learning process.

      I think the UN will fail more if the people look on themselves as the passive part and the UN as the active part.


    29. The least dangerous experiment
    30. I do not know the extent of this proposal. It is an experiment, which Earth still has not tried properly. But it will give us valuable experience. Of all the possible solutions, it seams to me to be the least dangerous, perhaps unless Saddam is putting a bullet in his own head, which also could become dangeorus. A Saddam Hussain that is cooperating fully in destrying weapons seams to be no solution, because the world, especially the Americans, will have difficulties believing it, no matter what. The inspections seams they have to be followed up, by more inspections, by more people, more observers, permanently. And throwing them out once again would mean war. Saddam is a man that have done a lot of terrible things.

      We have experience from Afghanistan, where transforming to positivity with the existing leaders was a path not chosen. More diplomacy was not chosen, and now Afganistan may breaking up, separating to different groups, local war-lords, also resulting to American weapons against American weapons. Ref. Aftenposten March 6th 2003, referring to

      We might from the elected path get to fight down some bad people. We do not have experience from turning them more positive in other ways, by for instance keeping the existing leadership. I do not think the world have become lesser dangerous with that chosen path (Afganistan). The American and Israeli way, acting on their own from their kind of thinking, will not lead to a lesser dangerous world.


    31. A mulinational force
      is also an experiment
    32. What if we choose a multinational force, attacking Iraq? –That would be an experiment too. Taking the leaders is not always the same as reducing hate and extremism. The attacking multinational forces could also be unnecessary provocative, and it would be a war solution, killing a lot of innocent people.

      That do we have to take, if it shows up to be the final possible solution. We do not have to listen to the Americans to conclude when this is the final possible solution.


    33. Keeping Saddam
      with or without
      lasting forces
    34. Keeping Saddam as the leader seams to be a thought the world has to process a bit more. But being satisfied with the inspections, not getting more control-people into the country, permanently for years, is the same thing, probably worse.

      I would not have made that solution; Saddam still being leader, without conferring the Muslim countries in that Area. If they want it, the world will be united about it, and the danger about the experiment would be reduced to a minimum.

      Keeping Saddam without UN forces in Iraq could of course be evaluated, for a while, especially if USA, the most dangerous country, acts on their own. If they do that, and not willing to take directions from the UN, then I think the UN nations should start an eqonomic war against the USA/Israel-coalision. The UN nations have to define it own role, and find out what is extremely important for the future.

      If the UN manages to handle this, with the Americans behaving well, then I think the UN must get something back from reducing the blockade. Peace-keeping military and non-millitary non violent forces; many people from the UN, is needed in Iraq.


    35. Task for the
    36. If getting a force into Iraq peacefully, then the Americans would do best listening to communication and observe from space. But why should I trust the Americans? Why should I trust that the Americans not will reintroduce a negative path with false information and manipulations? Why should I trust that the Americans not will use frequency weapons? Why do I believe that the Israeli-American coalition is the most probable to try to assassinate Saddam, just to keep his mouth shut? – I am sorry dear Americans. I like you. I know there are a lot of positive forces inside your own country. But I do not trust certain forces inside your own country, those who are influencing your leadership, and now even are your leadership. I am trying, but I cannot, because of the Americans have fooled the world for decades. If I, a Norwegian, do not trust the Americans, then why should the Iraqis do?

      We know that Saddam Hussain is a calculating man. But that is into the calculations, and he will not succeed with more evil. If he succeeds being as evil as the Americans from this very point, then he in fact could be very evil. I agree with those American ambassadors in Europe and in other countries who claim George W. Bush is far more dangerous than Saddam Hussain.


    37. Saddams Opportunity
    38. If Saddam would not take such an opportunity; still being leader, and getting a released UN politics, then he is nothing worth. He will not help his own people, and the world will start to believe that he is hiding things, which might be true. It is also a big possibility that he will not accept such a proposal, because of fearing that he will lose control over those who are protecting him. Then there seams to be no other alternative than a multinational force taking Iraq by military force.

      Is the choice then between more people in or making war? – No there is not for certain that we need more people in, even if it is my opinion that such a demand could be the best, even getting non aggressive military forces into the country.

      The world must not accept the Americans ruling Iraq, because of being hated, being provocateurs and being of too much hamburgers between their ears. The Americans should be kept away, unless finding people that the UN accepts.

      If Saddam Hussain accepts the proposal, then a multinational force, also with a lot of non-military people, will just observe, and make some demands, but will not overthrow the leadership, unless the leadership is acting evil.

      But it seams to me that we have to set a time-limit for how long Saddam Hussain can rule. His best security for the future, after stepping down from leadership, will be to act well. I do not think he ever will be a totally free man.

      That we have to evaluate, for the best of the people of Iraq, what kind of process the UN wants to start. Their do still exist many contexts to be evaluated and debated. The Iraqis elected that man, and may have to take the future responsibility about that themselves.

      We have to put him a place where he can be observed, but where he also can feel secure, in other words; a kind of prison.

      Saddam will get the choice to create what kind of freedom he will create for himself. He can dream about the same freedom as past American evil leaders have managed to create for themselves, non confronted by the Americans, not put into prison.


    39. The Court and
      debate way
    40. The world would like to put him in court. The world will see with anger that UN protects him against all those people he has made suffer. Let us put him to court when that time comes. - But sadly enough, that is nearly impossible, because the Americans will not recognise that UN court / UN courts. They want to protect their own war-making. They want to protect Ariel Sharon, and they want to kill Saddam Hussain.

      Saddam Hussain is really a scared man, behind his mask, even if he wanted to meet Bush in a debate. The Americans wants to kill a lot of people, destroy the infrastructure, create a lot of suffering, just to kill one man. Perhaps they are even more scared? – The world has to deal with two very scared sides. The one side has a lot muscles, protecting what is between the ears, not just for world security. The other has not, but can have hidden poisen and more.

      The world must choose the court-way, even if the Americans are scared for what may come up. But in countries that are electing their evil leaders, and letting them participate in political parties, the situation is different. The world has to evaluate from time to time. Let us see when that time comes.

      Saddam Hussain will with the above solution have every opportunity to play the nice guy for the world and become a Hero for many people. That means nothing to me, because without weapons he is not dangerous. Even if going to court, he could become a Hero. That is not dangerous either, even if the Americans would say so and fear it very much.

      I think it would rather result to a give and take situation between the East and the West, where debates starts functioning, reducing extremism, inside USA, in Muslim countries, and in the rest of the world.

      If the extreme Muslims too much make Saddam Hussain a Hero, it will tell a lot against them, like it will tell a lot about the Americans making Bush a Hero, made Osama Bin Laden a war-ally, made Saddam Hussain a war-ally, and is allowing Ariel Sharon to rule American thinking.

      But if putting the diverse groups of Earth to observe the world court, I will trust debate and the increasing level of maturity inside every country.


    41. Oil and enemies?
    42. Now the world have become conscious on that there are underlying political goals behind the American Iraq war temper. Not in all of the Americans, but in dark forces of the Americans. Getting access to oil is one thing. Getting needed enemies is another thing, in their economical situation. The world have not yet become so conscious on the needed enemies.

      Both in the Joguslavian war and in the war against Osama Bin Laden and Al Quida, there seemed to be something about the effort factor, or lack of such one, which goal seemed to be to test out the war itself and new weapons. But first of all the effort factor seems to want to preserve enemies.

      Mr. USA Foreign Minister Colin Powell. I have to tell you: It could be very dangerous if such effort factors gets loose during the possible war in Iraq. I do not think that you are able to control all American / Isralian strategies away from it. I have also read the neither the Iraqis trust you to go directly for Saddam Hussain. I quess your plans for running an American government in Iraq may be to then make more focus on your "axis of evil".

      Saddam Hussain was probably not caught during the golf war because certain forces wanted to use him later as an useful enemy, if necessary, or just as a between factor. But stopping that war that moment was also an event where some forces of light and some forces of darkness were of the same thought. It was difficult to see what was the right thing to do. I was about 22 years old, and observed the debate after those events. Perhaps we now understand that a leader who have capabilities to take a nation to war against another country would be best to take at once?


    43. The present situation
    44. Now the situation about Iraq is a bit different. Or is it? March 2th 2003 Mr. Blix found biochemical weapons buried. Now we have a leader that everybody knows try to fool the world. There is no chance to explain it as a mistake of some militaries. It has to be the responsibility of the leader.

      What if USA goes to war from that situation, Saddam having a lot digged downunder the ground? Isn’t better to keep the pressure, and making him lesser dangeoru in that way?

      What about George W. Bush? Is he not the most dangeorus war-maker here? Mr. Colin Powell, have someone in your country evaluated to remove him non violently? – I am sorry, from all the kind of information I have, USA needs a war from eqonomic and imperialistic reasons. I cannot see the big difference between USA and Irac. He is a president who have turned his people to go into a very unwise war.

      Have you capabilities to create crises if you say that you will not be part of this any more? Would it be even worse if you goes away? Can the UN make a written statement for what kind of leadership we wish in the USA?

      Would you be offended by that?

      Mr. USA Foreign Minister Colin Powell. I have to tell you: These are the times where the world cannot afford that the forces of light becomes hijacked by the forces of darkness. I am warning you not to become the very gate for the forces of darkness to create the third world war. Saddam Hussain is not the only danger here. He is a real danger. But not the only one. We have to find the correct balance, not letting loose the dark forces on both sides.


    45. Mr. Colin Powell
    46. (February 7th 2003?)

      Mr. Colin Powell. You have your role to play. You are a clever demand putter, and works hard for the world to stand together for the demands.

      Your biggest problem is that you are standing among war-rhetorics, provokers and those who wish a war no matter what.

      Your country have stated that USA may act on its own if the UN are allowing Iraq to mislead and manipulate the inspectors. You see, we know that possibility. We have seen it. To show it for us, February 5th 2003, was your duty. And that is what we are acting from now. You Americans have played your role to show it to the world. That’s good. But the world have also found out that your angles and views are a bit wrong. The world have found out that old Bush was part of a big lie about the Iraqi’ act in Quwait (killing new-born or something like that). We simply know, that when it is about war, there is a lot of propaganda going on, from both sides (March 9th).

      Our duty is to disarm Saddam Hussain, not to make war no matter what. Your duty next time is to share intelligence services, Promptly! not just expect the world to give intelligence services to you, which you are bossing over, to keep yourselves as the world security leaders. Your intelligence services was a card that should be played earlier. But now there is a very short time period from your speech in the UN February fitht to the new report from the inspector February 14th, with very little time for the World to ajust opinions and acts. You are controlling the inspectioning process just as much as you are claiming the Iraqis to do. You are manipulating for your wished war. Do you not see that? Why are you part of this?

      Addition februay 27th 2003: Why is George W. Bush raising his voice against the occupation in Isreal and for the Palestinian state? Why say it now, and not before? Is it just to get lesser resistance before the war? Is it because of needing the voices for your created UN resolution in Iraq? Is it just to say it before Osama Bin Laden do it this time?

      Do you not see that it could be a very dangerous manipulation going on, from your side?


    47. The American World Manipulation, Mr. Colin Powell
    48. Sadly enough, the World also have to evaluate what kind of manipulation that comes from you Americans. First of all, you hijacked the weapon report made by the Iraqis, and censured it. Then we cannot control how much Western forces have participated in creating the needed enemy.

      You allow the Israeli terrorism.

      You are influating the rate of interests all over the world, to milk nations in the very best way as you can. You get economic thinkers all around the world to think in the same ways as you do, probably a lot through secret societies.

      Have your own CIA system tested out biological and chemical weapons on people on Earth, more than you ever can imagine? Is giving it to bad guys a way you use to test it out? Are your people so keen on DNA manipulated food just to create food and new microorganisms that our bodies and its microorganisms not are adapted to? – This last one could kill more people than Saddam Hussain ever are capable of, you know, even if he used mass destruction weapons all around the world.

      You direct and keep things a secret all over the world; UFO’s, paraphysical and clean energy sources. Your secrecy kind of security thinking slow down political idea-making, and slow down Eartly evolution by decades.


    49. 9/11
    50. You knew about the 9/11 disaster on forhand, and propably played with, creating enemies, and hired Henry Kissinger to put a cover on that information, a man well known for putting nations against another. I understand that Kissinger now have withdrawn from his investigation, after disclosures, showing deep throuth to be a very dangerous player. Who investigates now? Do you not see that knowing about who knew about 9/11 could be very vital for the present situation? Do you not see that there could be a very dangerous world manipulation and playing situation here? Are there similarities between those who knew and those who wants war in the Middle East no matter what? Could it be very dangerous to give such people a war in the Middle East?


    51. The white alibi
    52. Do you not see that this could be their key situation? Ariel Sharon have the power. They have 9/11. They have George W. Bush. They have Saddam Hussain. They have convinced the Americans about an evil axis. They must act before their secrecy and playing are exposed for ever. And they have you, participating on convincing the world. They have you, more balanced than the others. A lot will fall for your demanding voice, seemingly a better American voice. They need you until the war have taken place.

      You see, Mr. Colin Powell. My role is to tell the world the possibilities for that strong Kissinger types beyond stage have strong impact on American thinking and politics, creating enemies. Goerge W. Bush and his minister clan now seams to speak a lot of their power. They need You, Mr. Colin Powell, to be their very gate. They need you as an alibi.

      What thoughts is in your head? What loyalty lives in your heart? Will you find your inner loyalty in better ways?


    53. Darkest story ever?
    54. I could fill a book on the American danger and manipulation, you know. In fact this book is filled up with it. It would not have been necessary for me at all to formulate Paraphysics and the politics in this book if the well hidden evil individuals in your own country did not have such power. In the Chapter "Letter to the Americans" I warned you Americans not to lead the crocks to the World. It seams now to be exactly what your are doing.

      If using some of the material you showed in the UN, to make Saddam kneel, it could become a beautiful story, depending on Saddam to give what the UN wants, and the UN to disarm him peacefully. Then the USA-Israelian dark forces will more and more go lack of needed enemies. I do not think the Americans want to go lack of enemies too soon if the UN concludes it wise to disarm Saddam by war-making.

      The Americans wants war no matter what. Do you not see that, and the danger in it, Mr. Colin Powell? Why are you playing with them in that way?

      If playing the game to let loose the dark forces on both sides, it could become the darkest story of history. The guilt is more yours (the Americans) than the other side, even if we often can find more suppression on the other side.

      (February 6th ?)

    55. Where darkness
    56. Watching religiosity and suppression on both sides, the lower kind of spirit is equally amonted, just different. I would say the American-Israelian lower spirit is the most dangerous one. The darkness of The Eastern side is more obvious to us, perhaps because of being different religious. From the Eastern side the Western form of darkness becomes very obvious.

      (February 27th)

      Birgit Klein in "I am the way, the truth, and life", page 45, writes: "It is in the outer manifestation of the religious life that darkness kan infiltrate. Anybody can sacrifice an animal, whoever can go to a religious feast and look holy. But Gods will lies in the in the ordinary secular life, as a demand for pretty usual humanity, love and helpfulness."

      On the western side have the manipulation forces understood they will achieve more by hiding and playing the white forces. Lack of detecting that manipulation is the most dangerous. It is even more difficult to detect it when chief structures of it is existing in secret societies.

      Why are the Sirians a part of this darkest game? nearly seaming to be one of its cause? – I will tell you. But first I ask: Is Colin Powell a Sirian?


    57. Colin Powell;
      – a Sirian project?
    58. Some days before sending you - Mr. Colin Powell - the chapter-trio "Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism", "Economic war against the USA" and "Letter to the Americans", I had this strange dream. It was you stepping into my dream, strictly demanding me to hurry up and send you what I was writing on. I did not take it seriously, but worked hard anyway, because the times needed it. I sent you the merchandise some days later, late on april 7. 2002, Norwegian time, to your State Department Email address, and also to other addresses in the world. It failed to come to George W. Bush’ email (his staff).

      I do not know if anybody takes of their time to read my stuff though, but I am participating in the best way as I know and can.

      I do not know what that dream was, if it was something from my own consciousness, if it was a vawe-packet I was picking up in the ether or if someone was sending me the stuff. But it gradually got me the idea that you might be a Sirian project, as Jesus probably was as well. Someone from a New Age environment claimed you in year 1999 or 2000 to be an alien project, probably after reading some stuff. I have observed your acts, your behaviour, and it seams to me that you are a soul from the spiritual hierarchical political tradition, where the ways to put the demands and how to unite seams to be a common structure of the thought system itself. I have not placed you to that position before pretty resently, and my dream was to great help for that. I do of course not know if I am correct about it.

      You are probably a Sirian project, but are probably mostly left on your own, judging for yourself. You are not constantly taking "orders", but have to feel on, use logics, evaluate and improve, as normal growing individuals.


    59. Frequency weapons
      as Mind Control
    60. As I stated in the chapter "Atomic weapons, frequency weapons and consciousness", the Americans made use of frequency weapons in Kosovo, resulting to the many canser instances. The canser was not made of impoverished uranium. Now the Americans have stated they may use frequency weapons in Iraq, to ruin electronic circuits. And more I guess.

      Using frequency weapons in Kosovo, in that "light" form, was I given a inner beep on. I am not telling you to belive me, but I believe it myself. I suspected it, but did not dare to believe in it. I suspected it again, and got a beep on it, as a beep to my thinking. (Ref. chapter "Atomic weapons, frequency weapons and consciousness"). The beep on "planting nuclear boms" was something I did not suspect on forehand.

      I do not know if I ruin for myself by telling about my inner friends. I just want to be honest, not use it as a power-statement, where I cannot find other references. If some readers gets lesser beliefs in me because of telling about that source, that is good, because I do not want to convince you, especially not in wrong terms. That is for your own judgment. I am presenting my truths, naked for you.


    61. American-Zionst
      -Gate of Antichrist
    62. Even if keeping UFO’s and paraphysical technology a secret for 50-80 years. Even if by that making the environment crises. Even if the Americans by their secrecy and economic thinking have created more cruelty than the second world war. Even all this, the hidden American backplayers / Zionists will now play the Hero role, continuing to be the world boss.

      Ref. chapter "Zionist-Annuaki Imperialsm" for seeing what seems to be the real agenda and imperialism behind the dark forces on Earth. I have continued these views in this chapter, but you may be read them independently of that chapter.

      Americans, Zionists and Annuakis are speaking about enemies, where the Annuakies, from planet Niburu, seems to be the top structure, which other determined dark forces in the Universe of the same negativity also could channelling there agendas through. It would be natural to try to hijack the chief structure of a planet.

      Other claim the Illiminatus to be the top structure. They have I lesser knowledge about.

      But different negative agendas may be runned in different ways, not all throught the chief structure, but through factors that may become a chief structure.

      If their comes a dark leader, it seams to me he will come throught the existing chief structure. Not throught other terrorists. The galactic imperialist could of course run a lot of their agendas through terrorists, but they will be seated in the chief structures. They will never run their agendas fully throught terrorist, that even not are capable to unite in hierarchical structures, even if they are bearing hierarchical religious minds, which is very anti-hierarchical to other hierarchies.

      They will run their agendas throught those with weapons, technology, and chief minds of world security, hijacking them, telling about space alien dangers, to come as protectors, to a planet of fallen soul. To do that they simply have to infiltrate and be seated where the real power is. And they have to lower the spiritual rising of the planet, because that is their only way to not be exposed.


    63. The Americans and the Zionists are themselves channelling the Alien danger
    64. Dear reader, I am arguing from speculations here, what I feel. But when the Americans are speaking of the alien danger, I ask you to read their words inwords, and read the hearts of the individuals the words are coming from. Nearly all their words seams to me to be projections of themselves.

      Read also the hearts of the spokespersons. From what (common) heart do their voices come from?

      Who are the Annuakies? How can they influence? How can some of the hearts of people of Earth be the hearts of Annuakies? – By incarnations and channelling negativity.

      (Ref. for instance chapter "Nibiru, the twelwth planet" to learn more about the Annuakies / Nibiruans.)

      There is a lot of quotations from top politicians, American politics, telling about Alien danger. (ref. for instance div. presidents. The presidents are not of the most informed, but some were necessarily convinced). Space-aliens seams to be the next needed enemies after Bush’ evil axis, an axis that might need a third world war through decades if ones goal is to fight evil down in that way (which rather is to create evil). If starting with Iraq, successfully, then American aggression and manipulation will be hard to stop, taking country by country, not rising the hearts of Earthlings, not getting rid of limited politics, but war-ifying it, with belonging emotions.

      The real Alien danger needs Earth to look on the Universe with the eyes of Alien danger. That is the path those Aliens need to be able to infiltrate, operating as infiltrators, acting protectors. World Security is religion, and when expressing it, it becomes a battle about truths, infiltrating world security thinking.

      American world security religion is gradually served to the public. The religion needs a state of lower emotions on Earth, and a great war, to win the hearts of Earthlings, focusing on the Universe with the eyes of enemyship.

      If exposing their religion too early, it would from the raised human heart have been exposed as dangerous religion.

      The Annuakies and their equal low thinkers in the universe would not choose Saddam Hussain or someone like him to conquer Earth. To conquer Earth, gradually, and use it as a war planet base (ref. chaper "Channeling from Semjase"), one have to play all around the planet, but be seated where the real power is. A lot could be caused by hamburgers between the ears of the Americans. But a lot could also be caused by hidden influence. From where? How?


    65. Hearts
    66. For introducing that path of Earth, we seam to have a long history about it: Incarnations. Souls with memory in feelings from before Earth-life.

      Some people, sitting in powerful positions in USA and in most countries, could bear the Annuaki/Niberian hearts, or bear hearts just easy to influence. Other people have found more of their immanent love. But they could be part of a negative agenda without knowing it, and they could not.

      There could be many people bearing different hearts, from other places in the universe. I have observed what is thought to be a Sirian heart, other than that of Colin Powell. Colin Powells heart have I not observed closely. It is just a guess.

      I have observed the hearts of more limited spiritual hierarchists. I have observed structures, paths, and possibilities. I have observed the Zionists from distance. I do not think Ariel Sharon is representative for all of them, but he represents a path. Most Jews are of good hearts, but can be hijacked. I have not been close enough to a Jew to make conlusions for myself, for the common.

      I saw a TV-program on NRK March 8th 2003. It was about purification of Jewish women. I do now see that the male dominant ribbi religion, and elder of Zion Zionism, is not at all better than the religious regime in Iran. I see that Zionist Imperialism may be even more dangerous, with great power in many countries, capable of creating eyes of enemyship on others.

      Dear Jews, plese help me so that the future somehow will regard Hitler to be wrong. I know you can. You have showed that to the world. But did you show it in correct ways.

      I see more and more equality between the Annuaki agenda and the jewish heart.

      Please help me to see I am not correct. Confront. But confront also yourselves. I know you can. I saw the hearts of those women was hurted. Your religion was created for the man to make it easy for him. Your religion was created for hierarchy and dangerous loyality.

      Your new religion should be your own heart, where Earth is a free place for everybody, not just for serving the man.

      I see that jewish women can be easy to love for a man. But for youself; it is more love in your own freedom. That freedom you can create more of, when being single or in marriage.

      Some of the Norwegian women are on the other side too demanding, too hierarchical, and the Norwegian man have to realise that a lot of feminism are channelled through the male heart. We are going to discover male feminism, not being feminine, but discover male feminism. The Norwegian man is going to free himself. He will find the strength in his own heart, as the highest freedom, see that in the women too, and joyful agree with women chosing from their own will, from joy of their hearts.

      Anger and violence belongs to the more limited hearts, not bearing the inner strength, which needs to suppress women to feel a false strength.

      The man needing to free himself from women is not the case for most of Earth, where women have to free themselves, and participate, in home, in the society and in politics, as equal participators, in number of individuals and ways of thinking. Sometimes there is needed more women than men. Sometimes that results to masculine (spiritual) hierarchies too, which also the matriarchate may turn to. But first of all, freeing the women means the rise of feminism on Earth.

      All Judes are different, as everybody else. But I have observed religion. I have observed dereligionising of Jewism. I have observed there exists many religious directions of Jewism, but it all turns up in the same picture; Ariel Sharon. It is the picture of looking down to Earth from a space-shuttle, with a big slash on the wing. He was speaking to Ariel Sharon.

      I am a provoker.

      We can all be hijacked in some way. Some spiritual hierarchist are of pretty equal hearts as the Zionists, I can tell from observing religion. But they are opponents, or is running the same race, in some sence, from the structure of their consciousness. Some non-Zionists seams also to be of a Nibiruan or Annuaki-like heart.

      There is no need to hate. I just want the reader to observe. Earth need your observation for positive paths.

      My observations might be wrong. All is relative. If everyone turned to my observations, it would be dangerous. Listen only to yourself. Your innermost heart is the highest authorithy. Do not listen to my speculations. The choice for how to focus is yours. Observation is a common purpose. But you are the closest being to yourself.


    67. The Zionist-Annuakies needs the antichristing of the USA
    68. How will the Americans react if the 4th largest weapon-power on Earth starts to act evil on its own? – The Annuakis needs the antichristing of the USA, to play the World Game, but may sooner or later somehow put the USA out, perhaps to make USA loyal.

      Terrorist are for the Annuakies, the Zionists and the Americans a welcome thing, for those negative individuals among them that controls the game. But the bomb may have been blown by the Zionists. The Americans are manipulators and manipulated.


    69. The Zionists wan the second world war
    70. Hitler lost his war, which is good. The world would have turned more evil, even after Hitlers death, because of the hierarchical structure, which always leads to power-sickness and manipulation. Especially in the lower hierarchies.

      But do not forget that the Zionist was among the winning countries as well, and had every opportunity to increase their world manipulation. They did.

      That is my view. I am not hating. I am just observing. I am observing, but I tell it also to provoke, to see if there will come necessary anti-reactions. Perhaps most anti-reactions are best without turning them back towards me?


    71. Who startet
    72. Hitler was not the one that started antisemittism. Wide forces of the people themselves felt the oppressing power beyond the Jews, and a provocative thought structure that collectively may lead to world manipulation and evil. Was it more than just the pople of Hitler needing someone to focus all their negativity on? Was it more than just Cristians wanting the Jews to convert to Jesus? Was it more than Jews looking down on others? Was it Jehova-faith and the Jews believing they were the chosen people of God? Is the thing about "the chosen people" and Hitlers "Aryan race" one and the same thing? Could the Jewish attitude to being the chose people be provocative? Did you create Hitler, the opposite, your mirror?

      I do not know. I Just know you have elected Ariel Sharon, who looks down on and hate others. Was Judaism and Jews unnecessary provocative before Hitler also?

      Am I provocative against you Jews in a way that is needed? Shall I separate Jewism and Zionism in my criticism? Is Israel-lobby another word for the same, or is that something different?

      Because of Hitler, we now knows how to not fight down the world manipulators and oppressors, if there is Zionists among them. The people of Earth exaggerated, mostly the Germains, but may now, February 8th 2003 do the very opposite. The pointing finger against anti-Semitism, claiming all to be anti-Semitism, is used to gain power, very manipulative power.


    73. Freeing themselves from critism
    74. Zionists claim everything unwanted to be anti-semitism, and made themselves free from critism. As soon as someone criticise, they comes with hard accusations back. They made people afraid to criticise. It became a too heavy stuff for people, afraid to be compared to something they did not want to.

      Is that good? Did we make a country, a people, free from critism too much? Could it be dangerous to fear to much to go into that heavy stuff?


    75. An advice to
      the Israelis and
      to the World
    76. I may be wrong about the innermost Zionists. But that depends on the Americans and Ariel Sharon playing nice guys, not manipulative "nice-guys", which is a disguise. But if playing the nice guys, and a bomb are blown off, for example in the USA, my first guess would be the Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism, not a Muslim terrorist. If a Muslim do it, it could be the same as killing millions of his own people. If a Zionist do it, it is agenda, but which may lead to the last battle of the third world war in Israel.

      No matter what happens, I do not think it is wise to start a hate campaign against the every day Jew or those who look positively on an Israeli state. I admit that the Israel state could become one of the most dangerous projects of history. But it does not have to.

      I have to admit the danger about the Israel-project. But I am not against it. I see no other alternative. The Israelis must themselves show that their self-deportations do not lead to more of the evil they now are creating.

      I want all those positive Jews and Israelis out on the streets, marching for peace, and telling Ariel Sharon to turn the other cheek on. Tell him that this is the only way of starting the stopping of terrorism. Tell the man he has to be humble. Be many and strong about that. If you are not strong enough, even more of your brothers and sisters will be killed. Be strong against him over long time, because he will try to be evil behind your backs. Be strong against him, and try to make him a Hero for Peace, positively created.

      You may turn him helpful for the people of Earth, but watch him even then, because in that sphere his power may grow bigger and more dangerous than ever.

      If not watching him, we can get biblical sceneries (Christians) which ends up killing most of the Israelis, where the chief Annuakies just seek other power-positions on Earth, where they already are seated. You are just a point on the map. Antichrist forces may just as well be among the socalled Rockefellers, Rothchilds or Illiminatus.

      You find information about those on the Internet. They do not belong to my area of competence. The most important is the positivity and love in the human heart, which will give negative agendas lesser power.


    77. Earn my trust
    78. I will be watching you. If creating peace in Israel and going for combinations of help and war in other countries in your area, or just help, I will still not trust you compleately. Overruling the Oslo-agreement showed that you are not to be trusted. You have to earn my trust.

      I will never tell you if you have earned my trust, nearly compleately, passing these times without the third world war. You have my trust, and you have not.


    79. Security by not separating the Palestines and the Israelis
    80. If continuing your war-making, then erasing Israel is what other negative forces in the Middle East may want to do, with a terrible terrorist act. This may probably cause against actions that kills a lot of terrorist’s own people, and actions just in the blind.

      Putting up that kind of game could in fact be done by the worst Zionists, Antrichrist and the Annuakies. Are they capable of going against themselves to get it as they want? Are they viewing things in number of lives against even more number of lifes, in their views, and therefore killing the fewer number of lives?

      For the Annuakies, you know, it is about preservation of a whole planet; planet Nibiru. They are capable of making terrorist acts in Israel, turning your hearts the way they want.

      The worst scenarios could be fulfilled by a bad leader. Therefore you have to make sure to not elect bad leaders. You did not elect Ariel Sharon directly. Therefore you have to evaluate your democratic system. The Norwegians do also have to evaluate that, electing the government more directly. But I do not think Norwegian politicians trust their own people enough for that. It seams that also the Norwegians have to wait a while for being able to elect more directly, for politicians and in cases, other than gallup measurements.

      Your best security is to not elect bad leaders in your own country. Security against a huge Muslim terrorist act, is to not separate the Israelis and the Palestines to much, but living in each other countries. A huge terrorist act from other Middle Eastern negative individuals will then be lesser probable, and the world will get a clearer watch directly on Antichrist, if he is playing the cruel game.


    81. Security by integration
    82. Security is integrating and loving each other.

      Security is getting rid of negativity on both sides. Do you then think that security is to get rid of individuals? – I would rather say that getting rid of negativity is development of hearts in each individual on both sides.

      But your leader do not want that. He is the one that creates the biggest danger for you.

      Security by integration will start to increase after Israel have turned the other cheek on, when Israel is more humble and thinks differently.

      Separate nations for the Palestines and the Israelis is good, but you have to find each other, no matter what.


    83. The World will see you
    84. If you as one of the jewish people are accepting stealing more land, you will very much participate in creating the gate of Antichrist spiritual forces, and the World will finally have to make a judgment about Zionism, and use you as a symbol of what World Zionism really is. You will be used as a symbol of what the Zionist attitude for the World and its inhabitants really is. It could be used as a symbol on what Jewism is. The world have to evaluate if too many Zionists in leading positions is good for the world. And the world will evaluate if a people that is closing its eyes for the suppression of the Palestines, and welcomes the stealing of land, is just as much guilty as Antichrist himself.

      My guess is that the Israelis themselves killed some of their own after the Isreali cruelty in Jenin, just to lead the angry eyes of the world away from yourself. I did never hear anything more about the Palestine man who was claimed to be dressed in Israeli military clothes, who went to several plases to just shoot down Israelis. I did not see any bodies either.

      Was that man an Israelian, in a key situation of time, where the pointing finger of Earth could have changed the negative path of Israel? Question: Do you think your leaders are capable of arranging such things, just to manipulate the world? – I do not think you should leave out such possibilities, generally speaking. I have no information about it myself, but will not leave out such possibilities, generally speaking. That up to the observation capabilities and judgement of Earth.

      The world will see you no matter what. The world is already seeing very clear that the terrorist acts of your leaders just creates more terrorism against you. The world already see very clear a people that partly of free will, partly manipulated, agrees to generate more cruelty.

      What will you do about that? Do you want to do anything about it? Is closing your eyes and doing nothing a way to agree with the path? Have you created religious hierarchy and hierarchy too much, so that you fear to to protest against your leader? A couple of years ago I saw in a newspaper an Israeli woman protesting. She was bearing a cloth before her face, scared to be recognised. Is that common? If it is, - how is this different than the fear Saddam Hussain is creating?


    85. Christ versus
    86. You are hungering to tell the world about your fear living under the threat of terrorism. You are hungering for the world to be on your side.

      You are hungering for the World to be on the side of antichristing forces. Christ is not a man, but a name of a spirit, or a title of those people channelling that spirit, that energy of love. Antichrist is the opposite spirit, a spirit of separation and warfare, a spirit of more distance between the dualistic poles, poles not integrated in the same individual. In the antichristing inner forces the individuals are taking position in one of the many poles, poles of positions, poles of relativities, not capable bearing many of them inside the mind at the same time. Therefore enemies are created.

      I am not saing that it is wrong to take position. But you see my point here.

      Christ is the spiritualising spirit, for unity inside and beyond the physical. The spirit of Christ is higher energies from beyond, which people of today may canalize down to their inner and outer bodies, down to physical Earth. Antichrist is the opposite spirit, but a lower spirit, that opposes to the spirit of Christ.

      The starting of the Christening of Earth was seated in one person. Somebody says several persons, which also may be correct. I believe that the Antichrist spirit may be "chiefed up" in one person as well, the very symbol, and I am guessing that man to be Ariel Sharon, if we allow him.

      I am not telling you to belive in Jesus or to become religious in one or another way of the Christian ways, as the Christian Jews. I am just telling you to not oppose a good spirit, no matter what name you put on it and no matter who it comes from.

      Good spirits do also come from your neighbours in the Middle East.


    87. Talking to a wall?
    88. I think I in some degree are talking to the wall here, not capable of making myself understood. Do I talk to a wall? Why are you talking to walls? – Do you just want to hear echoes of you own voices, and nothing else? Are you talking rabbish?

      I am having very fun by provoking, haven’t I?


    89. The Americans
    90. The Israelis will not identify with my views or accusations, in the same ways as the Americans will neither. I saw a Muslim on BBC February 7th 2003 who did put his position about the Americans quite well. He said the Americans are a hard working people, many with 2 and 3 jobs, trying the best that they can to survive, and do not understand why they are the most hatet people in the world.

      He putted it well. I am not hating Americans, but he putted it well, even if he had some fanatism inside himself also.

      They Americans are propably satisfied with working all days for their living, since they are not opposing their government because of having to work so much for their living. But why support warfare no matter what happens, supporting their leaders, seemingly just to feel the American greatness in their hearts. Does that belong in the great heart? Do the American manipulation of secret forces belong in their hearts? Do the false hierarchical unities and kind of loyalty belong in their hearts?

      The Americans do not want to go to war without the united world, status February 2003. That is good. I will kiss them for that. Then they only have some dangerous leaders left. Do they? What if not willing and capable of changing the path of the leaders?

      It can be difficult to see on the American acts and front men discussions that there have been a long plan for preserving the enemies, to soon play the Hero role, getting the chief introduction for paraphysical technologies during a big scale war, and therafter transforming the enemy picture into the universe.

      But if observing George W. Bush and some of his people, Earth has now the opportunity to observe the will of the behind stage people and strong forces. Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney speaks their retorics and necessity for enemies. Bush could have turned different without those two other guys. Perhaps that could be true? We saw Bush with one ear to Colin Powell and one ear to the Hawks, didn’t we? I do not know who others are in that lobby.

      Then the white forces on Earth have to avoid that the possible Iraq war becomes the very gate for the ultimate rise of Antikrist. It may not start at once, but the continued thought-structure of the American leaders these days generates greate possibilities for it. Unecessary provocations at war may also generate it. It may have the same effect as fireworks on stage.


    91. The beginning and the end of third world war
    92. A third world war starts up, with USA’s secret paraphysical technology, frequency weapons, and some "men in black" capabillities, among other things. Forces and against forces will then spread epidemic. The situation in Israel today may just a little miniature on what will develop further. The most probable end of this war, this epidemy, may be a final great battle over Israel. A nostradamic scenario may rise, with 200 million Chinese, Indians or/and Japanese marching west, perhaps a neutral people in this connection, that secures peace and the battling cocks away from each other.

      This would mean the end of Israel, and the Israel-USA coalistion that we knows today, but not enough if the white skinned dark suppressing forces not are exposed during the process of a third world war.

      Time will show if Earth gets a Bushian retorics in direction of an outer space alien enemy picture. Perhaps this manipulative retorics will be rised above the Bush-level, and therefore still dangerous direction-giving.

      Opposite will not naivism against the universe rule, but far more balanced angles of view and acts will rule.

      Some prediction claims there will be a lesser war after the third world war, some decades after, if I remember correctly. That could perhaps start because the views still not is enough balanced, more directed against the dark players, more exposed.

      We may avoid both these wars, but it does not seam so for the moment, status January + March 9th 2003.


    93. After the third
      world war
    94. After those wars, the Era that Hitler belived would start from him, will finally start fully, if we belive the predictions. I do. The choise is ours. We may start now, if we are able to rise spirit and confront more directly, not lowering our hearts when confronting.

      Love all.

      Love all. You do not have to confront if you do not want to. That choice of yours is necessary for integration. That may be necessary for learning. Learning could also be best for you being alone for a while. All is relative. Feel. Use logics. What is that feeling of mine? Can I choose it away? Can I throw away garbage in from my own mind?

      How can I create bridges between different parts of my mind?

      How can different kinds of thinking on different parts of Earth find each other, rather than that one shall win over all the rest?

      Even if people today in great parts of Earth do not not like communism, one will focus on the yellow Great Power in the East, and how it avoided the madness of a third world war, and not being influenced by the manipulations and forms of hierarchy in the West and the Middle East, even if one sees the manipulations and suppression among the Chineese too. But people will probably focus more on the sentrikuleian human and political ways of thinking, in rised variants, where differences between people are recognised, after capabilities and effort, more than communism do, but where noone shall suffer, and where noone shall be short of opportunities.

      People will probably also focus on the God picture itself, because common for the battlers of the third world war is the masquline personal God. The God has a common origin.


    95. The direction
      of Earth?
    96. The direction of Earth is decided these days, if it will be a third world war, which is a track that we can chose away or reintroduce in different ways in the years to come.

      The choices that is done will decide what kind of contacts our planet will get with outer space and parallel dimensions. Equals attracts equals. Opposites attracts opposites.

      Earth is a popular place. Earth is a place where many races in space have history.

      We may ourselves decide who we are going to have most contact with, for the development of Earth. We may decide from our own negativity or our own positivity.

      If it is the third world war we elects as a track, then there is still possibilities to positivise ourselves, the directions and the contacts.

      Higher devellopped races will not try to convince. That is the responsibility of the individual. Higher races will only provide for preparations, if they are sensing a wish for it, or finds it wise to make a higher coice opportunity available for the lower developed race.

      Other races have perhaps come a bit longer than us, in positive direction, which we probably will wish to have some contact with, for the cause of the contact and to develop further.

      Other planets are in evolutionary phases that needs observation and supervision, and hidden or open help, in phases that Earth until now have been in. I understand from diverse literature that there exists a galactic plan for Earth to take part in the development of such planets.


    97. Speculations on
      history after Atlantis
    98. A lot of races are claimed to have operated on Earth. Most people of today are probably also incarnated from diverse planets and dimensjons in the universe, regarded to be from many political traditions of souls. But most Earthlings are also regarded to be from the Earth-school, incarnated here many times.

      The Sirian tradition on Earth seams to be far older than Atlantis, or far older than the fall of Atlantis. (Ref. various litterature and archaeological findings.)

      Plato’s source on the history about Atlantis was from the ancient Egyptian tradition. Atlantis, first of all the name of a great continent in the Atlantic ocean, sank into the ocean about 12000 years ago.

      Sourses from litterature claims that after the great war resulting to a chatastrophe on Atlantis, it existed an atmosphere of eden and naivity on Earth. We are perhaps speaking about 2-4 thousends years later.

      Earth was in a new phase, where evolution of men and society had to start all over again.

      In such a phase Earth would be open for galactic imperialist to take over, probably by incarnations - if there was other galactic plans for the planet, and if the galactic imperialists wanted to use the individuals for their purposes on that planet. Ref. info about the Nibiruans in "The Pleiadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow. (Nibiru is not a Pleiadian planet, which the Nibiruans claims themselves in various internet sites, trying to gain power. But the Annuakies are the last remains of fallen souls from the Pleiads. On the Pleiads have "eternal peace" existed for over 50.000 years. About the Pleiads: ref. also Rune Øver Øverby’s book "Jordens fjernhistorie i et nytt lys", who refers to the Billy Meier – Semjase-contact.) My rembemering of these sources could be a bit mixed.

      In such a phase it would be natural to have the Sirians, spiritual hierachists, as guard dogs on Earth. They were probably seated in Egypt, perhaps also on other places on Earth, which leaded to the Egyptian religion, in a time where they in fact was gods, far more developped than the new phase of evolving humans on Earth.

      There may have been some remains of technology from Atlantis, or technology introduced from others, that humans on that evolutionary state was regarded not to be mature enough for. Earth had earlier failed combining spiritual maturness and technology, and was regarded to still not be mature for higher technologies for many thousands of years to come.


    99. Introducing
    100. It came to a certain phase, a time of transition, where the Eartlings had to be left for their own. The Sirians had failed some, but had done good work as well. But first of all, it came to a new state of evolution, a time of transition. Earthlings wanted to rule for their own. The Sirians had to leave the stage.

      Leaving the Earthlings for themself also ment to remove the religion, a removal not all agreed on in that time. Akhnaton may have been a Sirian project. Akhnaton introduced monotheism, the belief in just one personal God. The Earthlings was regarded to still not be mature enough to carry inner thruths and belonging responsibility, and needed a God that not existed an Earthly picture on, or personalised in some ways. The Sun became a great symbol.


    101. Hijacking monotheism
    102. After Akhnaton, and the Sirians leaving the stage, the stage became more open for the Nibiruans to gradually take more control. As being strong hierarchical themselves, but far lower developed, monotheism fitted into their system of thinking. They hijacked Akhnatons God, and did probably also decorate on history and historical events. The old testament, the Tora, may in some degree be incorrect about the description of the Jews travelling from Egypt.

      Today we find speculations that Akhnaton and Moses was close beings in time, and that Moses went to Akhnatons school.

      We even find the theory that Moses in fact was Akhnaton. That theory seems to me to come from an Nibiruan soul her on Earth. Making Akhnaton and Moses one and the same individual could make the Nibiruans increase their power on Earth, because now also claiming ownership of the wast Egyptian history.

      Today it seams to be a great battle around the history about Akhnaton. Some researches call it science, when presenting their ideas, but it seams to me that it is highly open for you and me as well to take part in the speculations.


    103. Giving God back
      to the Earthlings
    104. The Nibiruans had taken power over the personal God, and the God had become pretty judging, as it necessarily will develop to in strong masculine hierarchies.

      Jesus did incarnate in the time where the Nibiruans had plans to take total control over Earth, and would finally regard Earth as their property, which they in some sence already did and still do. (Ref. Barbara Hand Clow about wanting to take fully control over Earth in the times of Jesus.) (I cannot understand how they could conquer Earth that time. It had to be througth infiltrating the Romans, did it not? Like trought the Americans today, via Zionists and others?)

      Jesus transmuted wine into blood; crystalline codes of higher dimensions that made the Earthlings lesser capable to be manipulated. That made the Nibiruan imperialism on Earth to fail, preliminary, but may these times, 2000 years later, manage to increase their soul of Earth, in a decisice effort through human bodies, making their way open.

      Jesus was probably in some sence a Sirian coming back to Earth to do some repair of the Sirian earlier acts on Earth.

      For Jesus God is Love, and that have the monotheistic religions in some degree adopted. He probably replaced himself as a between stage to God, or did little to avoid that, because that could make it lesser probable for the dark forces to hijack the new introduced views.


    105. Hijacking Jesus
    106. It may also have been people after the incarnation of Jesus that placed Jesus as an between stage for God, and themselves as a between stage for both God, Jesus and forgiving of sins.

      In an Aramaic gospel found by G. J. Ouseley, Jesus names God for Abba Amma, which means Mother-Father or Father-Mother. That seams to have been removed from the religious traditions on Earth, in the same way as reincarnation was. That gospel includes reincarnation.

      Now we seams to have come to a point were we either have to choose between the spirit of Christ or the spirit of Antichrist. The Nibiruans wants Earth, first of all channelled through the Zionists and the Americans, but where some limited minds of some Muslims also are welcome.


    107. Hijacking the Sirian thought-system
    108. Since the Sirians are of the spiritual hierarchical tradition, they seems to me to very much focus on the ways to God going through higher developed individuals. That view can be exaggerated.

      Hierarchies of that sort may be systems of demands, which is common for the Sirians and the lesser developed Nibiruans. But it comes to a phase where the demands of the Nibiruans and the demands of the Sirians are difficult to see the difference of, even if their agendas can be quite different, and one of them is of a darker purpose.

      The Nibiruans are playing the light, and the Sirians thinks they are the light - putting the demands for the light. The mixing, fooling the Sirians and the World, is a necessary gate for the rice of Antichrist.

      Forces of light and forces of darkness are today pretty much mixed together in secret societys, a long strategy through ages by the dark forces, today able to manipulate and run the game. The voices of demands and the voices of seemingly light on Earth are not hiearchising to the highest God, but are diversions.


    109. Exaggerating Atlantis
    110. The Sirians are today exaggerating the story about Atlantis. The Sirians are exaggerating their own thought structure.

      Avoiding the failure of Atlantis to happen again, the Sirians have run a game in demand of non insight. Then the game became open for darker forces behind stage, also playing the game in the demand of non insight.

      At the end of chapter "Paraphysical Technology on Earth?" I was claiming that the forces of light and the forces of darkness was running the same run in the demand of non-insight. That was probably what leaded to the "Channeling from Semjase", channelled through Tore Alfstad.

      I will still keep my view on that, and direct it to the Sirians, telling them that the monkies already have dangerous weapons, provoking for a full scale war, now intendning to them use them in a full scale war, playing the Hero role, while the rest of Earth not have gained insight into UFO secrecy and more, and therefore neither on democracy.

      Are the Sirians kind of Heroers too? finding their ways upwards and look downwards in the spiritual hiercichal system, for others to see them?

      Then the Sirians may have played their role a bit dark here. Earth was supposed to expose the darkness and the dark forces.


    111. Questions to
      the Sirians
    112. I was admitting that the Earthlings should have exposed darkness, and was asking what was the situation on Earth when we yet have not done it?

      Now I am asking: What if a controlling force of light are part of controlling the game and denies us from insight helpful to expose darkness? Perhaps the insight even are necessary to expose darkness? Shall even the forces of light hijack the Sirians? to be able to remove dangerous demands of non-insight?

      You are talking about Earth to gain experience, growing to become a mature planet. Do we have to go through a third world war to get that insight? What if the Sirians are playing the game leading us to the third world war?

      Do you want us to go through a third world war just to ensure that the forces of darkness finally playes out their role, and becomes exposed quicker than they otherwise would have done? Do you want a thirld world war now, expressing itself, before the dark forces gets even more dangerous in a planetary and outer planetary scale? I t it so that you arew not thinking in that way, but that you thinking in that way anyway.

      If leading us to a third world war: -Are you planning to participate and repair your created damages if the war goes in the wrong direction and Earth seams to be in the hand of darker forces? Are the Earthlings all to be blaimed if we are not capable of avoiding galactic imperialists to take over?

      If you see your participating role, as a dangerous secret-keeper: -Why not expose and fight down the antichristing forces of darkness already now in stead of waiting for a Western-Muslim war? Do you want the West and the Muslims to cruch together, just to increase the possibility that limited consciousness on both sides in our time are exposed and defeated?

      Answers from the Sirians

      Received March 18 in 2003
      Message to Tor Opdahl from representative 37Zku95c Velnloch representing the Sirius Hierarchy.
      The Sirius Hierarchy consist of a multidimensional federation of several civilizations within the Sirius system. The Sirius alliance is ruled after a pyramided type of hierarchy with the person with greatest spiritual delvelopment at the top. In addition to this there also is a council consisting of 12 members who are unhierachic orginazed. The Sirius alliance has incarationfiltering who enables selection to the souls who want to incarante within the alliance. The Sirius alliance are an important part of the galactic confederation. The Pleiades is also members of this galactic confederation. The galactic council has in the past decided that unfinished planetary civilizations in the galactic sector who hosts Earth, are under main suvilliance by the Sirius hierarchy. The past history of Earth is so special that other galactic civilizations besides the Sirians shall have influence on Earth matters. The Sirius hierarchy must be consulted before any direct interfere is made to the present Earth civilization. The Sirius alliance consists of individuals who appearance differs among a broad scale. Some of this individual look like Earth humans and others do not. There are more stars within the Sirius system than the 2 who can be observed from your physical plane. This stars exists within another dimension of reality and are therfore invisible seen from your physical plane. We have been aware of the E-mail you has sent to som Earth politicians and have the following comments:
      1. The Sirius alliance has never been involved in programs which goal is to deliberate manipulate the Earth civilisation. The Sirius hierachy don´t wish the Earth civilisation to be deceived. The Sirius hierarchy are supporting a program that shall prove the existence of the extraterrestrials to the Earth population by massive demonstrations of fly by space ships in the Earth atmosphere followed by a mass landing. The galactic council has opposed this program so it has not been put to action. If the galactic council had supported this program, the dark forces working on the Earth would have been exposed in the mid 90s when it was planned to carry out this program.
      2. Colin Powel is not a Sirian, but a Pleiadian walk in (Not from planet Erra).
      3. The sirius hierarchy has never supported a third world war on the Earth, and we don´t support the Iraq policy carried out by George W Bush.
      4. It´s correct that the ancient Egypt culture was inspired by us. All the pharaoes with long sculls was of Sirian heritage with Sirian genetic structures. Aghnaton was a Sirian. The same was Nephretitewith others in the Egyptian culture. We can tell you tha the Danish pilosoph Matinus was incarnated from the Sirius system. By living people we can say that the English pop singer Kate Bush and the Norwegian UFO recearcer Knut Åsheim are incarnated from the Sirius system.
      5. After our opinion it´s influences from the remaining parts of the Orion empire in addition to influences from Pleiadian renegate groups with an old way of thinking ("negative annuakies") that supports dark forces on the Earth now. The biggest problem is of course among your own scientists and military societis.
      6. It´s probebly a factor of time before G.W Bush attacs Iraq. This can lead to a third world war. This is closly monitored by other galactic civilizations. If he tries to invade Egypt it´s a big possibility that we have to interfere in order to protect the galactic items hidden in the Giza aria. In this case he can meet resistance from landed galactic troops.
      7. The United Nations can ask for help directly from other galactic civilizations if the organisation is unable to control G.W Bush invasions an counkering of other countries.
      End of message.


    113. Playing Earth into a dangerous experiment
    114. If you look all from an future angle that a thirld world war finally would clean up Earth from infiltrating dark forces, then why did you prevent Earth the last decades (so very long time) from getting insight and better tools of consciousness to defeat the forces of darkness? Why in some degree letting the forces of darkness be in charge of negative paraphyscal technology and then dening rest of Earth from positive paraphysical technology? Were you afraid that the forces of darkness would start to multiply?

      Why allow a thirld world war to start the forces of darkness to multiply? Are you playing a dangerous experiment, on the behalf of Earth?


    115. Colin Powell
      – The very picture
      of the Sirian failure and manipulation
    116. I am guessing Colin Powell to be a Sirian project.

      The Sirians and the Pleiads have proclaimed that to increase spirit of Earth is part of their own rising of spirit into higher dimensions.

      I think Colin Powell can be used as the very picture of the status of the Sirians. Why wait to after the thirld world war to conclude when the picture is so clear right now?

      The picture says, independent of Colin Powell is a Sirian or not: He is among hierchical thinkers, and is choosing demands for limited hiearcical thinkers, away from God.

      The picture says: The demands can be manipulative on behalf of something limited, and not on the behalf of the shortest way to God. Spiritual hierarchies of demands and exact positions of the individuals are manipulative, no matter how high developed the spiritual hierchical system is.

      The picture says, if he is a Sirian: Colin Powells words and acts these days is a result of the Sirians acts, and therefore a picture on the Sirian thought structure, even if thinking on Sirian planets would have been a bit different and other conclusive than here on Earth.

      The picture says: It seams like the Sirians have to introduce some more sentrikuleian thought structures into their hiearchies, and de-hierarchise some, as a necessary act for them increasing their evolutionary states into higher dimensions. (I am using the word "kule" into the word sentrikuleian, since "ball" perhaps not is the best word to use.)

      If not using this picture now, the Sirians have to use the thirld world war as a picture on the Sirian failure.


    117. Donald Rumsfeld
    118. I am doing a lot of speculations here, not knowing the exactness of things, but do not think I am so far away from truth. I am responsible for what I write. But the reader is responsible for what he/she is adapting.

      Essensials, beyond speculations, is philosophy on spiritual hierachism and what it may lead to, in worst case, of manipulations and mixings of light and darkness.

      I am not saying that we easily can identify Colin Powell or Ariel Sharon as spiritual hierarcists. I am just looking on the continued thought structures, what they possibly may lead to.

      It could be easier to identify Donald Rumsfeld as a spiritual hierarchist, of a very black kind, as a continuing from his very hierarchical demanding attitude. Donald Rumsfeldt may be of those front figures the back stage negative forces neads to run ther agendas in black directions.


    119. Creating enemies
      on purpose
    120. Donald Rumsfeldt was the one that in 1983 promised Saddam Hussain dangerous chemical and biological weapons. That itself is a black act, of course, even if Iran was regarded as a bigger enemy in that time. Reading the heart of Donald Rumsfeldt may be to read the dark backstage forces, their thoughts and their net.

      It seams to me they are not just capable of doing mistakes. It seams that some of them do it on purpose, manipulating Earth. Probably often, but not always, planning who to become the needed enemy. Probably often planning directly main figures to become the enemy, but more often raising the possibility for it, in an area or in a country, to have the possible playground for later occasions, being more flexible during the different circumstances. I have described in chapter "Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism" that such things may be a deeper cause than the cause of economics itself, even if economics may be part of it.

      Donald Rumsfeld helping Saddam is not the only examble. Are American media capable of telling the world about those examples, without allowing themselves drown into war rethorics?

      Please attack me for my views. But if ruling out the possibility that enemies are created on purpose, with arguing them dangerous or create them even more dangerous with weapons, then it is not my choice for world security.


    121. Deaf world?
    122. Am I talking to a deaf world, when talking about on purpose planting the enemy picture, on purpose giving rise to an enemy, or on purpose play an evil game, even doing terrorist acts themselves, just to create the fronts strong agaist each other?

      I am not saying that there do not exist other negative and dangerous forces, giving rise to themselves. I see my soul is balanced on such observations.

      I am not asking you to believe me, because the kind of judgment is your own choice to take.

      I love the Americans. I love the Israelites. But I still regard the USA-Israel-Nibiruan unity as the most dangerous on Earth. Now even the Sirians seams to be caught.

      Am I talking to a deaf world on this matter? But it is my duty to try to tell the world about my views on this.


    123. You are my last hope
    124. Ever since my inner helpers beeped me when watching television where western people was planting atomic bombs / helping nuclear weapon programs in the East, I have been stuck to try to tell Earth about that, in diverse manners, without having any proofs, or the exact contects. Everything I have is all the indications that points in such a direction.

      I think that my indications collected (Ref. this complete book) is far better that those presented by Colin Powell in the UN in Feb. 2003 against Saddam Hussain. But who would believe that?

      I am still very pessimistic, February 19th 2003. The world seems locked to begin a third world war, not caused by Saddam, but by USA. The only thing I can participate in, is to hope for my words to participate in a later backslach for the war creating manipulators. That could take very many years, before the world realises what kind of regime USA-Israel really is.

      But in my last desperate hope, I will try to feed the reader with my type of insight, to the reader who still wants to lissen. Now I am the desperate soul, needing diciples. Not to myself, but for the world. I will show you my nakedness, telling about my kind of information, leading to my kind of views. I will try to be humble for you.

      I will tell you in a while.


    125. Who is the most
    126. Who is the most dangerous: The dangerous man (Saddam and more) or those who on purpose builts up the dangerous man? Aren’t those who builts up the dangerous fronts and times, just to create the needed enemy, or just to create the needed circumstances to exploit the whole world, far more dangerous?

      Do you believe in the bible? I do and do not. Do you believe in the Koran? – I have heard is says that an evil force will take country by country.

      I believe in cause and effect. In the present state of Earth, a possible Antichrist from Asia further East than Israel would not have the slightest possibillity to conqer country by country, even if on forehand making a well planned simultaneous terroris act all around the world.

      Taking country be country is more likely to be done by the American-Zionist unity, already speaking of the evil axis, already planning to rule Iraq for a while. A lot of souls will fall into darkness by the continued rumsfeldian agitation (propaganda).


    127. Negative alien rases have to infiltrate
    128. This is most probably a cause and effect of the Nibiruan (Annuaki) agenda, and an agenda described by Semjase in chapter "Channeling from Semjase". War-making imperialism against planets in evolutionary states such as Earth is impossible, because Earth is too much protected by white forces, which necessarily is of higher technologies, because the higher love states of mind is capable of reaching deeper mirror-frequencies (which is higher and more steering consciousness and energies), because God is Love; the eveythings connection beyond time and space.

      Negative races in the universe simply have to infiltrate, manipulate, and make the planet turn negative. If it turns negative, the gate is more open to travel back in forth to equal thinkers on an "occupied" planet. The Americans, who already for very many years have told about the alien danger, are the ones who are letting them in.

      If Earth not is overwhelmingly protected, and have not been for many thousands of years, then a sudden alien attack against Earth, especially before Earth growing into galactic maturity, will result in a war among planets, fighting the agressors down.

      If Earth finally turns negative, in galactic measurement, with the American-Zionist unity in a leading role, then the situation is different. Then Earth is just a war-planet against an other war-planet.


    129. Exposing
    130. The agendas of the Americans appers white. But these are the times where Earth have to expose manipulation more hidden and more dangerous than that of Hitler.

      Colin Powell was hot tempered and claimed in the UN that this was trickery and fooling, pointing against Saddam Hussain, and demandingly specified what the UN had to do.

      I agree on the Europeian way, followed by the Russians and the Chinese, because we have to find the balance between the possible trickery and fooling on both sides. Letting the Americans compleately loose could become the most dangerous of all.

      Now, February 28th 2003, I hope the Russians not have gotten into the hands of the Americans. Russia, with its leader, had promised to give a common statement with USA.

      Now, March 10th 2003, the Russians are on the good side again. Did I misunderstand February 28th.

      I saw February 22nd 2003 an American Russian internet newspaper site created by someone called Illiminatu. I do not now if those are of the secret society called Illiminatu, well known for some conspiracy theorists. I think it might, because of having to form minds, having to be in front discussions. If Illiminatu for centuries have ruled Earth by creating enemy ship as much as they are claimed to by the conspiracy therorist, then I guess USA and Russia found each other more easily these last years than they otherwise would have, because Illiminatu do not need the Russian-USA enemyship any more. The thirld world war could need a fallen Russia (by attitudes) on their side. That, I think, would fulfil the path of the predictions of biblical scenarios.

      Perhaps bringing Earth in a more positive direction is up to the smaller nations in the Security Counsel?

      (February X+28th 2003)

      Happily, the Russians are strong in their hearts for the moment.


    131. Freeing oneself from the American demands
    132. The American demands on Europe these days could be seen on as wanting to take charge, compleately, via other ways than the UN. It seams to me that the Americans wants Europe in positions where we have prepared ourselves, for war, where it is easier to go for a war and more difficult to say no.

      Since the UN and Europe have to tame two wild horses at the same time, we have to sit on one horse before getting better control on the other, not necessarily by making war. Better control over USA is the real issue.

      EU have to evaluate the situation on their own, to propose better solutions and do the acts, when and if necessary. There is no reason to hurry or do so and so, because Colin Powell demandingly says so and so.

      World security may depend on ripping the Americans down from their stake, turning them more humble. That do also mean for the Americans to share their information day by day, through a UN central, non manipulative, rather than sitting and controlling it from all others, demanding war. Then it is up to the other nations to judge from that.

      The Americans have lied and have been manipulative before, and might do it again. It is up to the Americans to change that path. Are they for instance willing to share what was in rest of the Iraq report? Have they allowed American companies to build up Iraq? Why not demand all that kind of information from USA first, because that could be essesial, to judge if or how dark forces have managed to turn USA dark, and now perhaps have turned most of the world dark.

      The world have to be more demanding to getting rid of the American secrecy and darkness, more than Colin Powell are capable of. The world do also have to dig inside the USA, to see if Colin Powell are formed by part information, are formed by part truths, that somehow are lies.


    133. Loyal conflict
    134. Is the attitude that "the Americans knows things", "the Americans nows best", enough to start something that could kill millions of lives? I am sorry to say to secret orders, and other "loyal" men, that this could be a very dangerous attitude.

      Big battles in Nato are considered as a crises. I will rather say that such a big crises, where Nato splits up, may later show up to be the best case. If the Americans runs black agendas through Nato, this could be the gate that allows the Americans go outside the UN, step by step.

      The Americans will become offended, and the Europeans have to judge if American demands to deliver weapons back is the best of world security, or if it would be better to declare them as UN property.

      Europe do also have to secure to not make provocations, easier causing terrorist acts, in a state of Earth where it is not decided wether or not going to war against Saddam is the final solution.


    135. A new UN resolution?
    136. The truth is that Nato means lesser for the Americans if they can act on their own. They wants to use a new resolution to do exactly what they want, even if the rest of the world disagrees on that going to war is still not the option.

      They have already claimed that they will act on their own. They have already argued that UN resolution 1441 opens for war. They argues for their kind of war. But they wants more support for their backs. A texture is enough for Americans arguing for their support, even if the world disagrees about the chosen path of the Americans. The Americans will claim it is democracy, which may not be correct, and by that the Americans are chosing the political path of Earth.

      They need a formulation to call it democracy. But it may not be. The Security Counsel, Earth representatives, decides what is democracy these days.

      USA may act from a formulation. USA may decide on behalf of Earth. First the hierarchical choice, which later will lead to the spiritual hierarchy, based on leadership by the highest developed spiritual individuals, and not by democracy.


    137. Spiritual Hierarchy
      the path for Earth?
    138. Spiritual hierarchy may become the path of Earth, and it may not. It depends on war-making and its fuzzyness. It depends on the states of mind and amounts of evil during the war. I depend on the mistakes or non-mistakes of the Security Counsel, speaking or not speaking the wishes of Earth. It depends on every individual and every country.

      During a third world war people minds may turn to hierarchy to avoid evil, to fight down evil. Further rising of consciousness may rise from the state peoples minds have turned to. It depends on Earth inhabitants looking on hierarchy as the only choise for unity.

      It is difficult to see, from the contects of Earth and its inhabitants, that Earth finally wil rise to follow the political path of spiritual hierarchism. I think it will not. There will be a strong hierchising during a third world war, before a big backslash will come.

      The spiritual hierarchies (of planets) will probably most often start from evil forces. Hitler did not succeed. Perhaps the Americans will? But then they will at first see themselves as the kind of undemocratic and evil forces who they are fighting against, but mostly they will be blind on just that.

      (February 21. + Mars 1-2. 2003)


    139. The new UN resolution
    140. The world have seen what kind of regime USA of today is, and must have that in mind, not giving the Americans formulations in resolutions too soon, or too free and lose.

      March 10th 2003. The Security Counsel saw that.

      A bad formulation in a new resolution will cause a massive American media cover, giving American media, byreaucracy and politicians strength, gradually leading to the fall of politician by politician, journalist by journalist, in other countries.

      This is a great battle about the Soul of Earth. We know that war might be necessary, but we do also know that letting the Americans be unchained may be the start of the most dangerous scenarios of them all.

      (February 21. + Mars 1-2. 2003)


    141. A great test for the UN
    142. These times is a great test for the UN.

      If there soon will be blowed a bomb somewhere, in the worst terrorists act the world have seen ever, it might just as well be from American or American-friendy terrorist as it could be from Muslim terrorists.

      The Muslim terrorists should know that such an terrorist act later could end up with killing millions of their own.

      The Americans have blown off atomic bombs before, and is used to spread around mass destruction weapons, and hiding the identity of those who are doing it. They are used to plant mass destruction weapons on purpose, as a kind of world political game, and some of them who is doing it are doing it just to create enemies.

      Now the Americans even are in a state where they have a fundamental belief in their own war aggression, and their darkest forces may do an very evil act to try to bring the rest of the world into their war-religious belief.

      A hidden joker is Ariel Sharon, ruling the Zionists, who rules USA, great demanders and hidden threat-makers, probably ruling most of the secret societies, via other equal players on Earth, hijacking the not enough shining white forces, very manipulative. Ariel Sharon is controlling huge amounts of very dangerous weapons, not just in his own country, but also via very powerful individuals in other countries. Ariel Sharon is a non-confronted terrorist, ruling all this! If the world chooses the Nostradamus and Bible – path, Ariel Sharon is the most probable to become Antichrist, or the most probably dangerous centre for antichrist forces, making the evil go on and on and on, even ordering terrorist acts himself, to put out nations that could be a threat to his Earth imperialism.

      Ariel Sharon have learned from Hitler, and did it different. He made an other nation go in the front for him. That nation may make the UN to go in the front for him.


    143. Noone will benefith from a third world war, unless galactic imperialism.
    144. Noone will at last benefith from the great Western-Muslim war, unless existing the kinds of galactic imperialism as Barbara Hand Clow and Semjase is describing.

      The Muslims will be occupied, being grilled, earthquaked and more, killed inn masses, by the Americans testing out their frequency weapons.

      The Americans are now in the top of their power, but will be humiliated by their own failures, like Hitler-germany, and the rest of the world will at last take charge.

      The hidden player, Isreal, will according to bible-readers (ref. the TV-program 60 minutes in 2001 or 2002) become the centre of the last battle of this big war, and kill millions of millions of Isrealites. The American Christians like that thought, at the same time as being their "friends", because that would finally make the Jews convert to Jesus.

      During a war, the USA will again take charge in world economics, almost totally, giving them the idea that war is necessary, continuing that path for Earth. But as time goes on, only galactic imperialism seams to benefith from a third world war, no matter who starts the war by blowing a bomb.

      But benefiting from it depends on how the world reacts on an introducing bomb, depends on that there is going to be a biblical war, and depends on how the outcome from a possible third world war becomes. Galactic imperialist will think the opponents - by blowing a bomb - will go against each other. Thereafter they seams to want the American-Zionist unity, or just Israel, to be the most successful (ruling the war), and the rest of the world to be deadly loyal fighting against the evil they see and claim, and thereafter transform the enemy picture into the universe (by using the Americans again). Then the successful galactic imperialists are free to go to and from Earth, the lost planet, welcomed, creating a pact with the Antichrist leader, against other war planets. Earth will then continue its materialistic path, expand that kind of thinking, in the galactic ages.


    145. Ruling the
    146. If we look into this, the battling forces in the thirld world war is pretty equal thinkers: Monotheism. Hierarchy. Loyalty. Laws. They are just opponents. Earth is in a fussy state, where also a lot of the conspiracy theorists do mistakes. For a lot of hijacked American conspiration theorists, Europe is the dark source that prevents the Americans from stopping evil. (I do not know the present situation. I think most serious conspiracy theorist all along have regarded USA to be the darkest force).

      Evil lies in the thought structure. For Antichrist to rule evil he must rule the thought structure, and rule in other ways.

      Monotheism, hierarchy and loyalty is not evil in itself. But those three combined could be. Combined with manipulation and cruelty, they are.

      Nietzhe was talking about Zarathustra.

      Achenaton was probably "the last Sirian", introducing monotheism before leaving the public ruling stage of Earth, thousands of years after Atlantis. I do not think Achenaton was evil. He was probably a Sirian opposing his own past, but still had a spiritual hierchical vanity, that somehow belongs to the Sirians, but may also have increased when mixing their kind of thinking with Earthly energies, or when mixing with the lower developed race, by soul and body, incarnated and evolutionising on Earth.

      Jesus wanted to clean up the Sirian mistakes, and wanted no icons for God. But did he somehow continue the Sirian vanity?

      Who was Jehovah / Yahweh?


    147. When did the
      turnover happen?
    148. I emailed a guy in chapter "Alien skulls and scientific judgment", mr. Erik Parker, the webmaster of Zecharia Sitchin. He had this version:

      "And according to my research, whoever Yahweh was... when he traveled his ship landed with dust, smoke and fumes. It also gave off radiation that lighted Moses skin. He also gave them a lunar calendar to follow, and killed thousands at a whim, when his word was not followed precisely. He demanded blood sacrifices and special meals in the desert. He was seemingly a taskmaster that allowed the killing of thousands of idol worshipers instead of making them converts. This evidence is from the Bible itself, a document edited and translated so many time I can't count that high.

      He sounds a lot like the Billy Meier story as opposed to the Biblical god of creation that I would assume would love all creatures and people equally if they were his creation. But you know what, in the Bible Yahweh never claimed to be the god of anybody but the Hebrews."

      This could somehow be correct, and that major manipulation started with Jehova / Moses. It is correct that Jahve gradually changed from being the God of the Jews to become the only universal God. (ref. for instance "Kunnskapsforlagets Religionleksikon", 1992. p. 162).

      When the Sirians was leaving stage, they could have forgotten a moment the supervising of Earth, which made such an alien player room. Then the Sirians discovered what was gfoing on.

      Erik Parkers version about the killings can be a bit exaggerated.

      Barabara Hand Clow claimed that Jehova was from Nibiru. Internet pages is also telling about the Jehovians, an own race in the universe. It is probably not the case that the alien Jehovians is followers of Jehova, like the Pythagoreans were followers of Pythagoras. But it could be that an Nibiruan Jehova took his name from a kind of model, or that it is a common name on Nibiru. It could be that Jehova is not the real name, but is used for a future cover, for the Earthlings to not discover who is behind the hidden agendas. It could also be that earlier history have mixed between Jehova and Yahweh (not just different interpretation of spellings), or that someone hijacked the religious power from someone other.

      It could be that the worst manipulations started after the times of Moses. Many lower spirits, both from the spiritual hierarcichal kind and the sentriflatical kind, is very keen on getting other peoples mind into their kind of thinking.


    149. Icon makers
    150. Muhammed seamed to be such a man, a warmaker, against Jews and against arabs. Different Islamic traditions have later created traditions that put the women behind black clothes. I have no history on it, but I do not think one can find such an idea from Muhammed.

      The Niberuans have all along had the opportunity to observe Earth, playing a big game. But also Nibiruans may disagree with each other, even if being of the same hierarchical thought structure. Creating religions seams to be a deep wish of their thought structure. Even if disagreeing, it turns to to nearly the same type of religion, because they are lower souls being very hierarchical.

      Some of the worst icon makers are among the sentriflatical thinkers. Communism is an example. They removed the religious hearth, and had to replace it with a political leader. It turned to a kind of materialism that they were fighting against, but different.

      Many socialists were a mix between the sentriflatical idea and a lower self-esteem, resulting to wanting to be looked up to, also kind of hierarchy battlers, which they observed on each other, and thought the people needed strong leaders against; pople icons.

      Saddam Hussain could be a dangerous mix from diverse kinds of lower structures, both the hierarchical and the sentriflatical. (He is a fan of Josef Stalin). He seams to just believe in power itself, mixing being looked up to (hierarchical) with love. Setting his belief in God for not being killed (ref. February 25-26th 2003), seams to me being resently introduced, perhaps playing on religious believers. My earlier learning thought me that Saddam was not a religious man.


    151. Ur
    152. It may be that both the Arabs and the Jews are survivers from the same race after Atlantis. It may also be that they are souls from different planets in the universe, when just speaking of souls, not human genes. It could be that the thruth in this lies somewhere in between.

      Barbara Hand Clow (if I remember correctly) claims that the Frenchmen have a lot of genes from the Atlantis survivors, from those in the Middle East: the place called Ur.

      The Frenchmen seams today to have turned into a positive direction, being equal participators to try to create positivity, except of blowing off some nuclear bombs some years ago, and except of the kinds of negativity which exists within every country.

      If used well, the kind of the integrity the Frenchmen have, could become very useful for making positive paths for Earth. That depends on being capable of wise cooperation, but standing on their position when darker forces damends lower kinds of unity. The have done very well until now, standing aginst USA.

      Barbara Hand Clow claims the Nibiruans started their mixing with Earthly genes on Earth some thousands years after Atlantis, about 7200 years BC, after discovering they had an old galacting treaty allowing them evolving on Earth.

      According to this, there may be some common genes from Ur, but also that new ones had come in, to easier make the Nibiruans (the humanoid lizard) capable of incarnating.

      According to the channelling by Tore Alfstad, chapter "Nibiru, the twelvth planet", Nibiruans are of many races, and among them humanoids of both lizards and of more like Eartly humans. B.H Clow focus a lot on the lizards, like I understand that David Icke also do. Others focus more on the Annunacies, originally more like Eartly humans.


    153. Accessing genes
    154. Z. Sitchin talks about 223 alien genes mixed into humans. But do not set that into the same time-frame as B.H.Clow do.

      The Case of Adam’s Alien Genes: (Contains information about the 223 genes that do not have the required predecessors on the genomic evolutionary tree.)

      Tore Alfstad is channelling in the chaper about Nibiru, that it is not correct that the humans are created by the Annuakies or the Lizards from Nibiru. That kind of thinking may manipulate Eartlings, suitable for Nibiruan imperialists.

      Both Barbara Hand Clow and Tore Alfstad claims the Lisard people to be 4D, more like (lower) astral creatures. They are capable of going in and out of their bodies in the 3D world. That could mean they are capable of doing kind of things told about in for instance in older Christian religions, called possession, which I understand that David Icke is writing about.

      I understand that the Frenchmen still have great traditions for investigating such things.

      If not possession, it could be just near possession, just for planting ideas, feelings, thought structures. Individuals with a lot of negativity in their souls are more open for it.

      The Annuakies may follow up by knowing something about the genes, and knowing about "good" waves for manipulatin. If the Annuakies also are capable of demanterialise beyond sight (meaning increasing the frequencies (field) above the viewable, then they would have nearly the same opportunities as the Niberuan Lizards.

      The Americans are claimed to have their men in black (suits), more than just on film. It could be a further developed technology from the denied Philadelpha experiment. They are claimed to have a lot of such technology we do not know about.


    155. UN’s only option
    156. We know that someone could make a terrible terroris act just to make Earth turn in their direction. That I think will be the greatest possibility for being done by the Americans or the Zionists, or the Zionists threatening the Americans, making them loyal. It could have been done by an illiminatu, bearing within an agenda, nearly a kind of remote control of mind, perhaps an planet imperialist structure above the Nibiruans / Zionists. If done by an Muslim, I think it world be based on some inside anger and fundamental religious thoughts, not so planned through ages. But those two – three sides are the same mirror, of each other.

      There is a far higher possibility that the Americans or the Zionists do it themselves if there is for sure that terrorist have atomic weapons. The Americans/Zionists may put themselves into such a situation, telling the world that they have, just to increase the possibility to act evil and manipulative, exact when needed.

      UN’s only option is to act positive, even if knowing that a turnover terrorist act could happen. It could happen, when the world seams to choose a more positive direction, and the real consprators see an ultimate terrorist act as the final solution to change the direction of Earth.

      Someone would like to do it, because hate is the only thing they know. Others would like to do it, because of bearing someones galactic imperialism. Both would like to do it, because of beliving they are the chosen ones of God.

      UN’s only option is to not give way for threats. If is a philosophical question that someone gave a threat to kill millions, if not going to war. What would we do? – I think that this war could through the years could kill far more millions than the fulfilment of the threat itself. The treathmaker(s) would even be hungry for more, because of his/their imperialistic and hateful soul(s).

      It would not turn to more positive if USA or UN gave way for such a threat.

      It would turn more positive if People all around Earth went into the streets, protesting against terrorist acts.


    157. Evaluate to
      move the UN
    158. Even if not being threatened directly, the UN have to evaluate to move its main seat to Europe. USA could in the times to come follow a dark path, which could lead to the most dangerous era on Earth that we know.

      Europe is a community that have shown a positive path, for instance by incorporationg poorer nations, raising their financial structure.

      USA have also participated well for Earth, relatively speaking. But new times have come. It depends on what path the USA follows.


    159. Europe
    160. I was earlier against Norwegian membership in EU, because EU and Gro Harlem Brundtland wanted to reduce me to an individual of competition. The times were testosteronical. I wanted to be more than just a tool for competition. I raised my soul by myself, but do also hope for the EU to help young individuals to not see themselves reduced to individuals of competition. We are more than that.

      A common valuta seams to be the best path for Earth. Europe have created a better defence against speculations, and by that a better defence against forces that are too much wanting valuta differences, too much manipulating the rates if interests ("renter" in Norwegian"), and by that too much manipulating the good and bad times for economics.

      If we also found better tools against too high prices, given from the state, or given by the profittmakers, then the overheating era of economics finally will be over. This increases also the possibility to raise economs in each country on Earth.

      The main goal for economics is to make the money flow. If not overheating, this means that more money can be into the system, giving better opportunities for everybody. Together with the increased efficiency, it raises the possibility for lesser hours at work, an that economics still will go around.

      Economics is made from creating products and services that people needs. Today we are creating needs. But it will also come times when products and services are even more automatically created, which do not have to be replaced with other basic needs. People will start to travel on vacations even more, discovering Earth, or make something more out of their free time, or work as much as one likes.

      We do also have to evaluate if so much competition is necessary, because very much work is being done just to win the contract, the sale, and that is a lot of work leading to nothing.

      A lot of the possible paths will have to wait, because some main brake-makers is seated in the USA. With a common valuta and other stuff, Europe have created a good platform to go to economic war against the USA, if that is the path to follow, depending on if USA wants to be a dark superpower or not. If USA follow a dark path, I expect the rest of the world to follow Europe on its economic war against the USA.


    161. The world fluctuates between two scenarios
    162. The world fluctuates between a great Western-Muslim war or an eqonomic war against the USA, an economic war because of USA’s shief position secrecy. Ref. chapter from Semjase, and ref your own ideas on how the world possibly will react with anger when things comes up to the surface; what Earth have been kept away from.

      Semjase is focusing on the people believing our scientists, and using scientists as authorities. She is probably bearing in mind the Atlantis tragedy, and that future positivity are to be based upon the warmth and the authoritiy the individuals finds inside their own hearts, and by that being able to direct the scientific path.

      I am focusing more on the secrecy itself, and focusing on false loyalty itself, two negative factors that easier are directing the minds and hearts of the inhabitants on Earth, fooling them, and among them are the scientists. But some scientist have turned in negative directions in the lesser scale, even if the contexts of a lower understanding should not lead to it. They could also follow a dark path with the higher understanding.

      What if a release on paraphysical technology had happened in an earlier state of Earth History, let us say about 50 years ago? – Then I think we had to confront the problems we soon have to do anyway, and would have evolutionised a lot quicker, away from limited religion, and away from use of very dangerous paraphysical weapons, created in the hidden anyway, soon going to be used by the Americans.

      Frequency weapons are mostly not to be regarded as paraphysical weapons, but when capable of twisting time and space, increasing their energies by that, they could in many ways be regarded as paraphysical.

      If happened from the 1920’s, both the second and the third world war may have been avoided, and a lot of other stuff, because of the differences of focus.


    163. What do the
      Sirians say?
    164. The Sirians will probably say that we now, via a big scale war, will see how dangerous those weapons really is. I think the Sirians wants a thirld world war, to be able to separate the Good individuals from the Bad individuals.

      This is a setup! Universe! Sirians, I do not like your chosen path for Earth! – Why are you choosing side for the Americans?

      If there is some correctness in what David Icke writes (ref. chaper "Letter to the Americans") that Earth needs to confront its negative paths, then why no say so?

      It is probably correct that 90% of the spacepeople activity on Earth is positive. You channelled: "90 present of the spacepeople activity on Earth is done to help the human kind develop a more advanced and spiritual related civilization. The goal for this activity is that the Earth shall merge with the galactic confederation as one of its members. We see that the teaching of David Icke oppose to this goal and are therefore not in the interest of the galactic confederation. We advice the readers to have this in mind when he comes in contact with this teaching".

      I have looked quicly on David Icke’s internet sites again. He has taken away the big picture of himself, at least the Internet site that I now found. It might be correct that people are getting too negative to almost anything by reading David Icke. But it may also be correct that we have to confront the behind stage forces and their thinking to be able to avoid negativity.


    165. Hidden manipulative
    166. I found your channelling to be a bit hidden manipulative, by saying too litte.

      I know. - Earth must discover their negative forces themselves, as a test raising to galacting cooperation, where more such test against lower races in the universe will come.

      But to defocus David Icke too much could not be correct either. That seams to me to come from a structure separating good from the bad based on the loyality to the spiritual hierchical. Is that the real structure in your views, Sirians?

      The Sirians knows that positivity stands above all, and that knowing about the conspirators could mean lesser if we turn negative when fighting against them. I thank you for that part of your participation. And Earth seams know to be in a position where we just have to choose between right and wrong, these days.

      But are you too much wanting the positivity to be focused on yourself? Are you hijacking positivity dangerously without knowing it? Is that the conclusion I can make from the short quote and from observing Colin Powell?

      If you want a third world war to separate good from bad, then how shall I trust your capability to separate good from bad yourselves? Do you want evil to happen, without knowing that you want it, just for the Earthlings to follow your path for separating good from evil?

      Are the Sirians among the negative players of Earth too? Are you chosing side for the Americans?

      I know, that if wanting us to read David Icke, telling that, it could be manipulative too. But is could be much better to focus in a direction telling that such manipulation David Icke is telling about, do in fact exist, to a planet that do not know that such kind of manipulation do exist? Why are you not willing to bring Earth into the galactic Era?

      Do it exist better methods than the ones of the Sirians, to be able to separate good from evil? Do you take too much care for the evolution of the Nibiruans in disadvantage of the evolution of the general Earthling? Do you not see that Earth really have chosen a positive path, but that you are part of defocusing that? Is hiding the forces of light sometimes equal to the dark forces hiding themselves? Why in the world shall I trust you capable of separeating good from bad, or make Earth rise commonly to the good, if you are not capable of separating good from bad yourself?

      I am trying to provoke you here, to give an answer. Hopefully a bit longer this time. I would also ask for an answer from someone that sees thing a bit different than the Sirians.

      Am I the worst manipulator here, calling you manipulators? If it is just about agreeing or disagreeing, and it is up to the individual itself to not make the conclusions to far? – Of course, the reader do also have to evaluate that I could be a manipulator, having my opinions about the Sirians. But I hope for the reader to judge for himself, like the Sirians also hope for.


    167. The Great War is
      the most probable.
    168. The two scenarios; Western-Muslim great war or Economic war against USA is the most probable. Both because USA is a wild Horse, not willing to free things voluntarily, and by that also not willing to expose their evil forces. USA is a country that now is leading the crooks to the world.

      Just now the Western – Muslim great war seams more likely to happen, perhaps going on for decades. The Americans have managed to focus away from themselves.

      If the world turns back to the Economic war against USA-scenario, the USA will focus away from themselves in diverse manners. Many countries have participated in world secrecy and evil.


    169. Confronting
      the Americans
    170. But when that focus comes back, as a backslash from the Americans, we have to focus on the chief secretor. We have to focus on those who still wants to keep things as a secret, because that is the darkest position. We have to focus on those who defends the past of their own country, because that is not to take distance from doble moral and evil.

      I have read that the Americans focus on the Frenchmen as weasels these days. I think the Frenchmen have been mature and have a lots of guts. The real chickens are the Americans, who are not dearing to confront their own hierarcichal systems and thought structures, stepping away from false and diverted kind of loyalty.

      To be able to confront the Americans stright and clear, even when their massive press strices back, we have to forgive our own countries, also knowing that most of the people on top political positions today were not those who started the mess. We have to give a hand to those who wants to release it all.

      From that attitude we can confront the Americans, non violently, without loosing our own strength, the kind of strength the world needs crucially, decisively, vitally and essentially.


    171. Avoiding Chaos
      – Creating Unity
    172. Most thinkers will say that confronting the Americans now would be dangerous, and will cause chaos and loss of strength against a needed enemy, where the world have to show unity and strength against the enemy.

      They are right about the unity showing strength, - if the unity not are created on dangerous American terms.

      The Americans have to understand that they are hated all around the world, even by non-terrorists, and the unity based on Americans as top chiefs, or the unity based on too much American thinking, or lack of thinking, - can be too dangerous for the complete unity to accept, and not for the best of Earth.

      The unity have to be focused away from the Americans. The Americans have to accept not directing the whole thing.

      Perhaps the transformed world unity sometimes will be too undetermined from doing necessary acts. We will find out about that. I expect the Americans to push on for acts, but I do not think it always will be wise to hold on the trigger too soon.


    173. Making Earth unity
    174. The focus and acts will under the UN now be different, more focused on creating the whole world as a unity. Sometimes hard demands and pressure is necessary, as the world now are doing against Saddam Hussain, even if Colin Powell and the Americans think the UN and the Europeans do not push hard enough.

      Somethimes we meet more sentriflatical thinkers, higher or lower kinds of such structures, as the North Koreans, where other kinds of psychology would propably be wiser to use. Often we do also have to make middleway strategies.

      I believe Colin Powell see that, when not bearing the rumsfeldian hearth.

      The world is in a cleaning up phase, getting rid of mass destruction weapons, and reduce the kind of thinking that make politicians believe that they need mass destruction weapons to feel secure. New kind of unities are to be created, where for instance the unity of Nato will become too limited.

      The Americans should start to know they are creating their own enemies. Being Hero’s neads loosers and bad guys. Bad guys grows in numbers and strices back.


    175. Muslim participation
    176. The unity seams best to be based on a fundamental Muslim participation and the Americans redused to agreeing observers. The UN have to evaluate if we shall use Muslims in UN military forces now, or if we shall do it later. The UN have to evaluate if it is best to let the Muslims just take part in the decisions for the moment. Perhaps Muslim nations wants to participate in UN military forces? The UN have to evaluate where weapons and military forces in the future shall be placed, in ways not increasing the amounts of weapons on Earth. UN must evaluate how to take over for USA. I trust the nations on Earth to together be able to chose better than USA.

      My opinion is that the Muslim participation must be based on agreements, perhaps by military participation, but not by giving them (dangerous) weapons, for possible later backslashes. Protecting the Muslim countries against Iraq is a collective UN task. But it could perhaps be best to have forces from another part of Earth to be the peace-keepers, rather than too close neighbours.

      My opinion is that the UN have to evaluate very seriously pretty soon to take UN forces into Israel, guaranteeing the safety of other Muslim countries, guaranteeing the safety of Israel and guaranteeing the safety of Palestine.

      My opinion is that the UN or EU must demand Israel away from making their economics from producing weapons. I think the nations of Earth must not put any money into the Israeli system, making them capable of maintaining their dangerous sabres.

      The Norwegians must stop buying weapons and warfare materials from Isreal, and weapons/warfare materials with parts having their origins from Israel. Lobbies may be strong, telling small nations that they will be runned over if doing private sanctions. Then nations have to evaluate to unite for such purposes, together playing their role in UN, EU and/or other unities.


    177. Osama Bin Laden turned the Americans from confronting their own evil
    178. The UN have to stop the American created path of Earth, and have to stop the many backslashes created by the Americans, which is the path we are fighting against today.

      Osama Bin Laden is one of the Backslashes. But Osame Bin Laden may also become a very dangerous backslash for the Muslims, in a great war, where backslashes follows backslashes; terrorism against a war-making superpower.

      Osama Bin Laden and Al Quida participated to the New York 9/11 tragedy, that some Americans knew about on forehand, and Henry Kissinger was going to put a lock on, until some of his past evil was exposed. Before 9/11 was in a time where UFO secrecy was going to be exposed, without that the Americans had the needed enemy to take fully control over the introduction of paraphysical technology. That was in a time when the world fluctuated more towards an economic war against the USA, a country not willing to stop the secrecy, not willing to put a light on its dark forces, not willing to stop the kind of economic thinking that is holding the world in check.


    179. Osama terrorism equals to killing
      millions of Muslims
    180. Osama bin Laden and the Americans have together turned the world towards the Muslim-Western great war, which also may cause that millions and millions of Muslims are getting killed.

      If the terrorist knew that, and knew that more terrible terroris acts nearly can be equal to killing millions of their own people; the Muslims, (because that could become the result of it) -then, if they knew it, and stopped doing it, then everything would be a lot easier.

      I am perhaps a dreamer. – But do not drag in that statement of mine, Mr. Colin Powell, for the USA agenda. You have to see it from the above. Earth is a planet where a nation uses money to persuade other nations to go to war, perhaps killing millions, where it still is other possibillities. I am not part of this. You are. Nations that lets themselves persuade, with money for going to war, may loose far more than the money they are given. This is a real test for their souls. USA hijackes souls into darkness. I am not part of this. You are.

      I you step into your own room for a while, I think you will able to see that. Then let us go together an help others see darkness in their own hearts, also in other ways than than your demaning ways.

      (March 10th 2003)

      If the Muslim terrorist will not see what cruelty they can generate, being part of starting the third world war, they would be equal to Antichrist themselves, and Antichrist would more have to be described as lower energy of consciousness, as Christ are to be described as a higher energy of consciousness, existing dependently and independently of Jesus, dependent of what kind of focus the individual likes to do.


    181. The Muslims do
      themselves fulfil
      the Koran
    182. If the world turns in a more positive direction, then also extreme Muslim forces wants to change that positive path, to keep their enemies, because that is the kind of state of consciousness they know.

      By that they will participate to fulfil the Koran and the evil force who takes country by country.

      Therfore do also the white forces in Muslim countries have to protest in the streets and show themselves against the extreme Muslim forces.

      Dear Muslims. I saw once a football goal-keeper from your area in the world. He let in a goal, nearly observing it in slow motion, nearly like he believed that Allah would help him. Allah did not.

      I do not think Allah is different from God. My God helps the one who helps themselves. I am afraid that without taking in nearly such a view, in a positive way, you will lead yourself to the danger time of the Koran scenarios.

      Allah / God will help those who helps themselves.

      Use your heart, for the best of all inhabitens on Earth. Do not twist it, for the sake of evil acts.

      Please help the world to confront the limited forces, both in the west and in your of country. Do it peacefully.

      In Desember 2001 I spoke to a lady here in Norway who had worked in the highest court in Pakistan. She said she was friend with God. God was her friend.

      To me that is a high understanding.

      God is friend to everybody, and live in every heart on Earth.

      We have to look deepest in the heart, where God exists, even if the outer hearts of some individuals are a bit twisted.

      Use Love as a rule for your acts. I know the Koran already have told you that.


    183. My ear beeps
    184. God speaks through the hearth of all individuals. Some individuals are non-physical to us.

      I told about my inner ear-beeps in the start of chapter "Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism". Since that time I did one day get some beeps in my right ear, which is the no ear. I didn’t understand anything about what they was trying to tell me. But because of the contects my thoughts where in, I got the understanding they wanted to tell me that I was responsible myself for every interpretation and philosophy that I am doing. I told in the chapter that the no’s could be easily understood, almost as them being directors. That is not true. Some no’s can be easily understood. But they are not directors. They are more like advisors. Most of the time am I being philosopher and writer, making my own judgments, and not being told what to write.

      How tell a human something in the physical from beyond if they cannot use words, or do not want to use words? – Since they are able to read all my thoughts, and able to see and hear (in their way) everything that is going on in my world, they can give me metaphors. I do most often also have to feel a lot around the beepings/metaphors, and get a kind of aha, that is it! That is what they want to tell me about. That is what I must develop on - left ear. That is wrong - right ear. A cople of times I have also had an opposite strong feeling when for instance the beeping was in my left ear, getting a no-feeling, which I have interpreted as; -Develop on it, but keep your distance/integrity. I think I also have gotten kinds of opposites in my right ear.

      The beepings started late in 1992, when I had finished engineering highschool, and started on the university studying philosophy. That study went to hell at the end of 1993, because of being too busy on developing my own philosophical ideas.

      I had found out what the beepings was, and had concluded them as own individuals, not observable for me. They did also beep me to tell me they were own individuals, by methaphores, or when reading something, that when beeping me I simply had to understand what they wanted to tell me.


    185. Example on a beep
    186. I will tell you about a funny beep in 1994, when I was trying to find out what to do.

      I could have tried once again the subject that counted as 18, but then the profession philosophers giving the marks would have continued to have the grip on me.

      I was planning to take the peoples highschool, which would not lead to a grade, but would give me the opportunity for self development and independency.

      Then you of course have the parents stuff, and people most knows how they can use convincing voices for the secure; for the job or job-related.

      I had no ground under my feeths, also because of changing and formulating my new inner paradigm.

      Then one day, when watching television, a long beep came in my left ear. I thought it was strange since it was coming now, because there was no contects in that livingroom, in my head or on television that very moment which I could get something out from. My father was swiching channels (I think), and about 10-20 seconds after the beep had started, he stopped on Norwegian television, where Espen Bredesen was intervjued. He was the worlds greatest ski flyer at that time, jumping above 210 metres (I think). He said on the intervju: "If I withdraw in the flight, the landing will be much harder."

      Of course I understood now what they wanted to tell me. I went to that school and continued the flight.

      Today I feel down to ground, the root of my soul, with the new understandings.


    187. The atomic
      bomb beep
    188. One very important beep for me came once also when wachting television. I do not remember when, but must have been later than late 1998 (Sept/okt), I think, because of focusing more on the paraphysical section in this book at that time. I do not remember if it came before or after the channelling I read on the Internet, claimed to be from Jesus, telling about that someone wanted a big war in the Middle East.

      The beep that came gradually changed my view - in the two coming years, from creating two separate books to just create one big book, where paraphysics and politics are united.

      The beep that came was during a section of a film where someone was planting a nuclear bomb(s) / or was participating to such a program, just to create needed enemies.

      That was such a vital information, that my effort factor turned more political than paraphysical.


    189. The contexts
      of the beep
    190. The contexts of that film / beep was western white skinned forces that was planting them in the East, or in the Middle East. I do not remember where, and have therefore just used the word "East" to describe it.

      The beep could mean other things than nuclear bombs. They could for instance want me to focus to the event in general terms. But I believed the contexts: Western people was planting the weapons. Now we even know that mass destructon weapons have been planted in that way, and those politicians doing it are not even removed. Why not remove them, even if we cannot get to deeper truths than just those people doing it from stupidity and naivity?

      We live in very dangerous times.

      What about planting nuclear weapons or programs on purpose? – That could be correct too. It could for instance be that they have so high belief on their frequency weapons and their space supervision that they do not fear it too much. They could need an enemy nuclear bomb to get Hero status and general permission to use frequency weapons.

      What are the contects today? Have they changed since my beep? – Do the terrorist have nuclear weapons, and may be regarded equal dangerous? - I do not know. I have heard claims from media, for instance about very small nuclear boms, propably smaller than the Russian suitcase bombs, claimed to be under control, claimed to not be under control.

      I do not know if such claims (terrorists having mini atomic bombs) are for real, if they just are speculation or if someone wants us to see enemies.

      But I know that if the Americans do not remove those people being of such kind of thinking, the world will be even more dangerous than today.


    191. To unite, supervise
      and clean up
    192. Some of the enemy builders have perhaps not calculated with mini-nuces, or other strategies from terrorists, and wants to create very dangerous chaos to clean up.

      We have to clean up, but united positive masses in each country have to participate together to clean up. By creating positive unities, dangerous unites will be more isolated, more easily exposed.

      If creating the possibility for chaos, as the Americans now are doing, they well have lesser capabilities to supervise it all, and they will blame other nations if those nations do not take part in that supervising. Then we will see who and how many takes part in the third world war. USA will drag nation after nation into the chaos they have created.

      At the end of the war, Earth will conclude that USA was not a good enough supervisor, even if USA had the best technical equipment in the world to supervise Earth. It was something about the structure of their thinking that made the chief superviser incomplete and dangerous. And since they wanted to keep their chief postion, and not wanted others to fully take part in that technology, with other necessary relative view to it, with more people being able to observe, share findings and opinions, - then the only superpower created their own collapse because of their own thinking.

      Earth should now demand to take part of the supervision of Earth, through a UN-sentral. But if the Americans agrees on it on their terms too much, it could become a hijacking, in direction of a third world war.

      Taking part in the supervising have to be on the terms of the UN. If the Americans agrees on that, giving their greated good-stuff the planet, they will take a small step in direction of avoiding and economic war against them, provided that Earth have avoided the third world war.

      March 10th 2003


    193. Beeps on this chapter
    194. The introduction to this chaper is first of all the times we are in. The introducing beeps to the form of this chapter, was first to want me to listen to the music-CD Nana, from 1997. I did not understand why. I did later get a beep in the contexts of wandering if a should play a classical CD, if I should play the Nana CD, at the same time as an information capsule from the Music-match program popped up. The information capsule said something about finding back to the key or keyword that I possibly had.

      This was a pretty fuzzy one, and I did not understand nothing about it. But I gradually felt that the keywords "Have choice", "Had key", "Nana" and what was on the CD’s could mean something.

      "Had key", and "Nana" turned me to the idea that I had important keys in chapter "Zionist Annuaki Imperialism". "Nana" I understood as Nibiruans, because of the internet site are claimed to be from those people, highly developed manipulators.

      The CD Nana included also a lot of "he is coming, he is coming, pleace have no fear, Darkman is back, Nana is here."

      What they are singing about on that CD could just be some negro-stuff, it seamed from a sentence. I have not lissened well enough to find out about that. But the above sentence was what caused my attesion.

      Getting my focus on Ariel Sharon is simply my own idea, using logics. They have not beeped me anything about the politicians. Criticising them is simply my own choice.

      "Choice" (between CD’s) could be part of the whole context. I understand it as that we have a choice, between the more noicy one (Nana), or the classical one.


    195. Sex-tourism
      in Bulgaria
    196. The Nana-CD did also have a song that was the great hit in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria in the summer of 1997. "I am lonely, lonely, lonely, I am lonely, lonely in my life" – was a great song for resent lovers. I did meet this beautiful girl from Grodno in Belarus. Her name was Ludmila, and the names of the friends was Tanya and Sveta (Svetlana?). I do not remember the name of the third friend.

      Another day they beeped me exactly when I was reading the word "sex-tourism" in a newspaper. I did not have the clue why they were doing that.

      I do still not have the compleate understanding of that "sex-tourism"-beep. The CD was bought in Bulgaria, that summer. Is it something about Bulgaria and Bulgaria being in the Security Counsel they wanted my attensien to? Was it because that there is a choice for what focus one can put ones hearth into?

      It could in fact be the choice we have for love. We have a choice for electing love.

      I do not know so much about leadership and politics in Belarus. The friend of my jubalong brother said they had a questionable leader in that country. Was it that they wanted my attension to? I provoked a conclusion in that direction, to see if I would get an answer. That is a method I have used lesser than 10 times, I think. – No, they beeped me very strong in my no-ear on that one.


    197. The girl from Grodno
    198. Since they seem to want my attension to that summer, and probably for the reader as well, I will tell you.

      On a restaurant we saw this beautiful girls, skinni, but beautiful, and beautiful dressed. They did not have so much on their plate. But they ate very slowly and with devotion. They were beautiful girls with pride.

      My jubalong brother, unlocker and contact-maker made some funny acts, which created introducing eye-contact, some laughter and communication. We agreed on a disco, and I met my girl, Ludmila.

      It was roses and heaven. It was dance, travel, sun-bathing and bathing. We was both in a country that we did not know. But is was sun. It was nature. It was her and me.

      The vacation ended. But we wrote to each other.


    199. After story
    200. I stopped writing without writing why. Her last letter was from October 1998.

      My economic situation was not the best, and I regarded the whole thing as pretty impossible. I did also worry about my writings, which I had to put as number 1.

      In late mai 1998 I was fired from may job because of claimed disloyalty. As the industri defence leader on that working place, I took responsibility for something I was of the opinion that the leadership did not. I notified the the labour supervision about the danger on my own, and got fired by my boss for that, when me soul told me that I had to stand up for that I did it on purpose.

      My point was: I knew something could happen, and without investigation the depth of it, from something that already had shown could end fatally, a big moral responsibility would lie on my shoulder, even if the juridic responsibility would have been on the leader.

      Loyal disloyalty was my choice, which brought my hearth whole out of the situation.

      The Labour office, a part of the state, condemned me disloyal, and I did not get 8 weeks unemployed salary.

      I am not a world champion on security in daily life, I have to admit. But I did the right thing, when it was my responsibility.

      I may now, 5 years later, bring this to court, from principles. But the main point is that my heart is whole.

      I went to Oslo, got married, got a child and got divorced. I do now have a wonderful little daughter living with her dad second each week, and I am happy with my life. I seams that I can say that on behalf of my daughter as well.


    201. Conclusion?
    202. Then you got the after store as well, because it belong to the before story.

      I was loyal disloyal. I will be it again. I know what I have to do now. This chapter is going out to the world, even if many powerful people would not like me to. This chaper is going naked out to the world.

      I am not famous, and do not want to either. I am not a dressed politician or journalist, serving you dressed words. I am a loyal disloyal serving you nudity, which perhaps catches your eyes, eyes that perhaps have missed the undressed words.

      The time could need many more loyal disloyals, undressing the times, individuals, groups, organisations and events.

      Media is participating well, could have done even better, but the times could need more loyal disloyal insiders.

      I am not an insider.

      (March 10th 2003 23:50)


    203. Agony of my soul
    204. If I earlier have criticied and confronted hard, I get only agony of the soul if an individual turns more positive. For instance have I regarded Torbjørn Jagland to be a great manipulator, in the contects of party politics and getting votes from the public. In such contects can many be regarded as being a part of conspiracies, without being it. They are in the structures of byreaucracy, where there are a lot of lobbyists, many bearing negativity in their hearts, which results wrong conclusive. Now, March 4th 2003 and before, has Torbjørn Jagland turned to one of the most positive lights, as foreign policy committee leader in the Norwegian parliament, in the contexts of peace and foreign policy.

      I will not rise anybody into the skies, because I know from experience and observation that the human heart can fall and rise and fall and rise. In the long run it will result to an encreasing rise for everybody, still with the curves up and down, but the average will be higher, the downs will not get to the bottom, and there will be lesser distance between the curve-bottom and the curve-top.


    205. Just about agreeing
      or disagreeing?
    206. I do of course evaluate if my views, when bossing in texture over what is regarded as light and what is regarded as darkness, especially in this chapter. I am evaluating if my views just is about disagreeing when claiming it darkness or manipulation.

      Something could come from disagreeing. I have of course made my conclusions when writing it, concluding it to either be light or darkness, almost like religion did in the dark ages, and forces of light will do in the future. The reader is the judge. I have tried to make this a naked chapter to judge from, but of course also angled out from me.

      From the agony of sould I will remove something written about Torbjøn Jagland, where neither my own writings came from the best positivity.


    207. Everything are to be forgiven and forgot
    208. From positivity in the future, everything are to be forgiven and forgot. Hitler will be forgiven. Bush will be forgiven. Saddam Hussain will be forgiven. Osama bin laden will be forgiven. Everything from more limited states of mind are to be forgiven and forgot about.

      This is your great chance Saddam Hussain, to start your way to positivity. You will get life after death, no matter what you belive in. Perhaps the world will put you to court, but that will be a great start for your soul going more and more into levels of heaven.

      This is your great chance George W. Bush. I guess you can turn your mind more towords Colin Powell, and Colin Powell more to his deeper heart, that I know exists.

      Do not rest in peace yet, Eartlings will confront you some more. But I think you should listen to it.


    209. The voice
      of Norway
    210. If Norway know unites about Torbjørn Jaglands proposal about untighten the UN sanctions on Iraq, if disarming, I would regarded it as a voice of light, worthy to be the voice of Norway.

      USA may act of their own, ruin everything, but we have to act from that not happening.

      I would guess the voice of Norway also is regarded as important seen from the perspective of the observers in the universe, and that some key persons could be influenced, to speak the positive voice of the nation, if that individual not is putting on the curtain. Channelling is about many things. A positive wish can result to transferred energies from outside and inside, and transferred energies may act as acupuncture on consciousness, leading to fealings, fealings leading to ideas, ideas coming from a positive structure, from outside and from inside the individual.

      Usual thinking says the mind is sentered around the I. Opposite is the mind a centering of I-thoughts. Thought are energies flowing in the ether, to be picked up, to the structure of the individual; that structrure of thoughts, making the individuals, as waves in the ocean.

      From love, telepathy starts functioning. They are your ideas, and they are no ones ideas. They are God, and have been there for eternity, for you, being God too.

      Tor Opdahl

      March 11th 2003

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      Chapter 44

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      Time of

    211. Overgangstid
    212. De revolusjonære forsøkene med å skape mer rettferdig fordeling og tilgang til muliheter resulterer i venstresidens materialistiske kollektivistiske undertrykkende form, og i den brune nasjonalistiske høyresidens rasehygieniske, undertrykkende form. En tredje jordens mørke erfaring; religiøs fundamentalisme, er ikke særlig åndelig, i og med at den representerer utelukkelse og undertrykkelse på sin måte.

      Millioner og milliarder av liv blir og har blitt undertrykt, millioner av liv har gått tapt, milliarder av liv har blitt redusert av de manglende muligheter og sosiale begrensninger, - som følge av hele den politiske skala, fra lengst til venstre til lengst til høyre.

      Derfor har hat, revolusjonært hat og vold ingen hensikt. Å lete etter uenighetsfaktorer fra den senere historie, eller flere tusen år tilbake, har ingen hensikt. Det bringer bare fra den ene ekstremisme til den andre.

      Tiden krever en strategisk transformasjon via åndelig og politisk sentrum. Åndelig og politisk sentrum kan befinne seg på steder uavhengig av tidens kategoriseringer. Glem ikke det.

      Elsk din neste, også den rike. Elsk den fattige og gi ham muligheter, hjelpen til større selvhjelp. Verden består av mange mennesker, slik at verden ville hjelpe seg i hjel med målsetningen om å hjelpe alle. Alle kan kun hjelpes ved å legge til rette for at man kan hjelpe seg selv. Dette er å hjelpe alle, fri fra den evige hjelps slaveri.

      Overgangstiden til en mer rettferdig verden og andre måter å løse problemene på krever at hjertene mer og mer flyter på tvers av alle båser.


    213. Framskrittes grense
    214. Overgangstiden reduseres av faktorer i tidens økonomiske paradigmer. Det er disse som er de største flaskehalsene for en mer rettferdig verden.

      I denne logistikktid kan man nesten si at Kortsiktig Tanke står versus Logistikk. Degenererte avvarter av Naturens egen Logistikk brukes som formål for den kortsikte tanke. Kortsiktig inntjening, og tilhørende hvor man vil ha folket, har i dag større paradigmatisk status enn Helhetens langt mer effektive logistikk.

      Verden styres etter maktens inntjening, selv om det fører til verdens kostbare bivirkninger.

      Det ligger så stor makt bak de kortsiktige interesser på verdensbasis, at kriger formes i den hensikt å verne om dem.

      Så finner man på å hjelpe på en strategisk måte, for å spille hjertets helt, men uten at dette leder mot en rettferdig verdenspolitikk. Kortsiktig tenkende makt manipulerer seg forbi enhver krise i verden.


    215. Verdenslogistikk
    216. Det mest kostnadseffektive ville være en forent verden med en verdensregjering og et verdensparlament, med representanter fra alle nasjoner. Forsvarsbudsjettene kunne kuttes betraktelig. Helse kunne sosialiseres mer i retning av forebygging. Mulighetene er i større grad tilstede for mer politisk kraft bak ren mat og lover mot helsefarlige produkter. Bedre arbeiderrettigheter, for å sikre en gjevnere kjøpekraft, og på denne måten sette fart i verdensøkonomien, ville være innen rekkevidde på global basis.

      Dette er hva som kan hevdes er hva Naturens Verdenslogistikk jobber for, med henblikk på dens guddommelige kjerne. Men som man har erfart; tingene må også jobbes hardt for innenfor UN-systemet. Det er jo helt klart tilstede det potensialet at mørkere krefter ønsker å bruke det samme systemet til sine agendaer. At mørkets krefter vil slippe for lettvindt til via UN-systemet i visse henseeder, synes i dag mindre sannsynlig, selv om uvitenhet og manglende visdom fortsatt vil råde en del på en så ung poilitisk planet som vår.

      UN baserte økonomimotorer, kanskje i mindre grad tilhørende produksjon, men i større grad av andre nødvendigher, - ville skape en sunnere økonomisk flyt. Mer rettferdig fordeling, frigjort skaperpotensiale, smarte praktiske løsninger, selvgenerering av åndelig innsikt. Regulert til jordens og menneskehetens beste, uten den frihetsberøvelse som kapitalistiske, kommunistiske og religiøst fundamentalistiske systemer har vist å lede til.

      Økonomien gjennomgår en frekvenshevning, på samme vis som mennesket og jorden. De store og dype bølgedalene vil erstattes av raskere svingninger.


    217. Menneskets
    218. Når det gjelder menneskets åndelige og teknologiens mulighter finnes ingen grenser.

      Mens pedagogikken opp til i dag kan hevdes å være det å putte på stadig mer informasjon; kunnskapssamfunnet, så vil prosesseringen bli mer og mer verdsatt etter hvert. En datamaskin kan brukes som analogi. Mennesket har puttet på mye kunnskap, og av dette så mye unødvendig søppel, at menneskets bevissthet via hjernen prosesserer meget sakte. Kun 10% av hjernens kapasitet, i dens nåværende utforming, blir brukt. Data overvurderes, og lavere data prosesserer lavere data.

      Det er helt klart et samspill mellom prosesseringen og data, men prosesseringens stadig økende dybde og hurtighet avhenger ikke av dataene. Prosesseringens dybde og hurtighet strekker seg helt til Absoluttets tid-romløse tilstand.

      For en stadig bedre prosessering av dataene avhenger dermed av de faktorer som kan styrke prosesseringen.

      Hjertet er en faktor, fordi Absoluttets umiddelbare sammenknytning til alt er allkjærlig. Den høyeste personlige Gud; de innerste personlighetsprinsippene, det ubegrensede og udelte livs kilde, er allkjærlig.

      Fjern en kubikk fra havet, og havet vil fylle tomrommet. – Du er elsket, uansett. Du er tilgitt, uansett. Du er den som skal til for å fylle Helheten, Absoluttet, Gud.

      Følelser i den lavere del av sjelen er en faktor for prosesseringen. Erfaring er en faktor for prosesseringen. Framtidens åndsbaserte skoler vil lede individene inn på åndsbaserte erfaringer, gjerne uten å gå via livets erfaringer, men via energibaner og til personlighetskjerner som strekker seg forbi individet selv, men som likevel er en del av individet, fordi vi er en del av hverandre.

      Åndsbaserte skoler vil lede individene inn på hurtigere og riktigere prosessering av dataene. Framtidens mennesker vil kjenne og kategorisere følelser som kjemikernes periodiske system. Og enda bedre. Skriftspråk vil skapes, basert på følelseskategoriseringene, sjelens runer. Enorme mengder direkte og assosiative informasjoner vil ligge bak de få tegn.


    219. Tegnenes utforming?
    220. Alt har en drift, en erotisk drift, mens noe er statisk innenfor en kontekst. Noe er avrundet, stabilt, mens annet er overstyrende retningsdannende. Noe er kantete og spisst, mens annet har en dus utveksling. Noe er enhetsskapende mens annet er splittende, dualitetsskapende. Noe er feminint innenfor en kontekst og maskulint innenfor en annen kontekst. Noe er maskulint innenfor en kontekst og feminint innenfor en annen kontekst.

      Punkter, vinkler, kurver og linjer vil bli satt sammen i skrifttegn etter hvordan man best assosiativt kan tilpasses denne kjernen av en følelse/følelser. Følelsen har utallige reaktive alkemistiske utganger i alle retninger.

      Fremtidens mennesker vil lett kunne innstille seg på følelsen som tegnet angir, overgangene til de omkringliggende tegn, og de omkringliggende tegn, og i tillegg assosiere i forhold til egen sjels enorme erfarings og hukommelsesbank, i mengder som langt overskrider et ettlivsperspektiv, med årvåkenhet som langt overskrider nåtidens smale fokus.


    221. Mennesket
    222. Bevissthet og teknologi vil i fremtiden bli mer og mer integrert, i den forstand at sensorikk tilpasses menneskets evne til å kategorisere følelser og dirigere en vilje, vitende om at mennesket både er en sender og en mottaker av frekvenser.

      Mennesket vil se seg som en del av teknologien, og se teknologien som en del av mennesket.

      Mennesket vil styrke sin erkjennelse av at alt er ett, og handle ovenfor sine omgivelser ut ifra en sterkere følt indre viten om at alt er ett. Mennesket blir mer og mer allkjærlig; gudelik.


    223. Utviklingskurven
    224. Kan hende utviklingskurven for det spesifikke, eksempelvis utviklingen av språket basert på sjelens runer, ikke går brått oppover til å begynne med. Men den kortsiktige forhastede kurve behøver ikke være det mest effektive, fordi en slakere kurve som går enda mer brått oppover etter hvert kan være langt mer effektivt.

      Ideen om den snorrett slakt oppadgående utviklingskurve gjelder for svært mye innenfor tidens økonomiske tenkning, men i svært liten grad å erkjenne dens svakhet. I kampen mellom det kortsiktige og det framsiktige vinner ofte det kortsiktige på bekostning av det framsiktige. Siden det er likt overalt hos tidens maktbaser, og man skjuler på hverandre, og samarbeider i maktens gutteklubber, så er det ingen som presser fram egentlig utvikling og fornyelse hurtigere enn de føler seg tjent til. Den kortsiktige økonomi og tilhørende makt tjener på å ikke igangsette utvikling som har en annen utviklingskurve, og som på sikt kan utkonkurrere nåtidens kortsiktige, og kanskje ødeleggende, interesser.

      Jorden undertrykker utvikling med andre kurver, fordi det ikke tjener nåtidens kortsiktige profitt.

      Hadde Norge som oljenasjon, mot formodning, vist solid evne til å satse sterkt på energikilder uavhengig av olje, eksempelvis parafysisk teknologi, fri energi, - så ville sannsynligvis sterke internasjonale interessenter forsøke å tvinge Norge i kne.

      Men også Norge er forpliktet til å forsøke, selv om en slik storartet evne ikke kan forventes av nåtidens Storting og Regjering (3.januar 2003).

      Dersom igangsetting: Ville Norge selge parafysisk teknologi til neddyssende krefter, og dermed forandret verden i sterkt negativ retning? Har Norge tidligere forandret verden i sterk negativ retning?


    225. Informasjons-
      og utdanning
    226. Internett er rask tilgang til informasjon. Teknologi og lagringskapasitet blir stadig hurtigere. Allerede nå slipper man å sitte på skolebenken for å lære, dersom man ser det formålstjenelig. Man kan effektivisere undervisning ved at studenten avspiller fag og klasser fra hvorsomhelst og nårsomhelst.

      Nødvendigheten av å komme sammen undervisningsøyemed vil fortsatt eksistere, men vil dreie mer i retning av sosiale og åndelige faktorer, og eventuelt andre samarbeids- og tilretteleggingsfaktorer. Ved ren kunnskapsbasert læring vil ikke behovet for komme sammen være like stort, selv om selve behovet for å komme sammen, og diskutere øye til øye, ofte vil overstyre de teknologiske muligheter.

      Livslengden vil øke, og mer tid brukes til utdanning, rekreasjon og glede framfor jobb og livberging. Men sjelens gnist, det å ville utvikle seg selv, det å bruke seg selv, vil ikke redusere mennesket vilje til å jobbe, til å utdanne seg.

      Kravet om dyktige lærere vil fortsatt eksistere. Men svært dyktige og spesialiserte lærere kan i nær fremtid bli effektivisert mer til internettfunksjonen, samtidig som skjermteknologi blir billigere og flatskjermer større. TV, video, internett, shopping, telefon, musikk, bankfunsjoner, postfunksjoner og data dirigeres via skjermen, hvor alt egenlig kan være oppe samtidig. Kanskje vil skjermer lange i lengden og ikke så høye i høyden, for veggoppheng, være det mest funksjonelle og estetiske i hjemmet. Andre vil i stedet velge å dele det i flere skjermer i mindre enheter, men trolig fortsatt innenfor den samme forente dataenhet.

      De mobile enhete inkluderer allerede funksjonene telefon, tastatur, radio og mp3-musikk med høretelefoner, skjerm, internettilgang, spill, kamera, datamaskin og mye mer. Utviklingen går mot mer og mer funksjoner integrert i de mobile og faste enheter, samt en større integrereing mellom disse. Siden man likevel bærer med seg mobilen rundt omkring, så kan den om kort tid også komme til å fungere som fjernkontroll, både på det ene og det andre.


    227. Neste steg
    228. Etter hvert kan mobiltelefonene vel så gjerne omdøpes til å kalle mobil kommunikator eller mobil kontrollenhet, fordi telefoni omfatter bare en liten del av det hele.

      De store flatskjermene eller projektorene vil trolig være den retning det utvikler seg for de faste kontrollenheter, hjemmets kontrollenhet, før 3D projektorer ikke lenger gjør store flatskjermer og 2D projektorer like sentralt for alt.

      Alle produkter kan komme til å få et felles merkingssystem, som blant annet kan benyttes til å registere alle sine ting i hjemmet, og at man derfor kan spørre den sentrale dataenhet dersom noe kommer bort, slik at man slipper å lete.

      Steget etter vil også være en stadig intergrering av menneskets bevissthet og teknologi, for alt er ett og i bunn og grunn en sammenhengende telepatisk bevissthet.

      Voksende krystaller, på godt beskyttede steder, kan komme til å bli menneskehetens felles hukommelse. Telepati kjenner ingen hastighetsgrense, og opererer på det kvantefysikken kaller for ikke-lokale plan.

      Kanskje vil man f.eks plassere følere på de mobile enhetene, som et bindeledd til felles hukommelse og andre telepati-teknologiske finesser.


    229. Implantater
    230. Å komme seg til en slik teknologi; integrering av bevissthet og teknologi, har ingen hast. Mennesket kan bli fristet av falske snarveier. Menneskeheten har best av å holde seg unna de falske snarveier, som det å operere ting inn i hjernen for å øke livslengde og øke såkalt åndelighet og åndelige evner. Teknologi innoperert i hjernen kan dessuten brukes til manipulasjonsformål og gjøre menneskene til slaver.

      Har man imidlertid fått innopperert noe i kroppen av en vennligsinnet utenomjordisk rase, så kan de ha en funksjon for deg som individet i denne tid. Det kan være en høyerestående rase som hjelper en laverestående, som individet i andre bevissthetsnivåer kan ha gått med på, men uten at man behøver å ta dette for gitt. Der hvor implatetet er innoperet av positive raser, så vil jeg formode at de har utstyrt seg med et mandat til å få gjøre det, deriblant individets egen godkjennelse, trolig på et annet plan en individets nåværende våkne fysiske jordeliv. Det vil imidlertid være naturlig å anse det slik at individets våkne fysiske jordeliv er det høyeste mandat, dersom det f.eks velger å fjerne implantatet.

      Derrel Sims (ref. kapittel "Alien skulls and scientific judgment") og andre av samme kaliber vil ikke komme med den formening at implantatet er fra en vennligsinnet utenomjordisk rase. Det er ikke sikkert at det er smartest å lytte til dem som vil fjerne implantet. Kan hende det har en positiv funksjon. Det kan individet med fordel gis tid til å føle på selv, negativitet og positivitet omkring det, fri for bør, skal, uvitende anbefalinger eller bevisst overtalelsesteknikk.

      At Derrel Sims ønsker å fjerne implantatene kan tyde mer på antidemokraters ønske om å stenge tilgangen på positiv innflytelse enn å forsvare oss mot negativ innflytelse. Det finnes også en meget stor iver i de kretser i å forske på utenjordisk teknologi.

      Implantetet kan også være innoperert av mennesker, med jordisk teknologi ukjent for de fleste. Det kan ikke utelukkes at disse har overvåknings og manipulasjonsformål. Enkelte mennesker hevder imidlertid at jorden ikke har det som de kaller for nano-teknologi, og at konspirasjonsteoretikere overdriver. Dersom så skulle være tilfelle, at antidemokrater ikke har nano-teknologi, så kan hende konsprasjonsteoretikerne er blitt lurt og løper antidemokratenes ærend.


    231. Om å unngå
      falske snarveier
    232. Jeg vil sitere Ramana Maharshi:

      "Legg ikke for meget vekt på psykiske fenemener og den slags: de er utallige, men så snart overbevisningen om sådanne ting har forankret seg i hjertet, har fenomenene gjort seg selv overflødige. Clairvoyance, clairaudience og alle sådanne ting er ikke verdt å eie, når en langt større opplysning og indre fred oppnås uten dem enn med dem. Mestrene tar kun disse evner på seg som en art selvoppofrelse!

      Den tanke, at en mester skulle være en som har ervervet disse evner i forskjellig okkult retning gjennom lang øvelse og bønn, er fullstendig feil. Ingen mester har noensinne interessert seg det grann for okkulte evner, for han har ingen bruk for dem i sitt daglige liv."


    233. Infomasjons-
      sosialpolitiske rolle
    234. Internet øker informasjonstilgangen. Utdanningspolitisk i verdensmålestokk vil informasjonstilgangen øke ytterligere ved raskere overføringer og større og hurtigere lagringskapasitet.

      I dag er vi for avhengig av nedgravde kabler. Bredbånd i kabler vil nok effektivisere enda mer mange steder på kloden. Men først når informasjonsmengden kan gjøres like enkelt via satellitter, eller tråløst på andre måter, vil de sosiale utjevninger på jorden ta til for fullt.

      Neste steg etter bredbånd, og etter det som eventuelt er enda raskere, er umiddelbar kommunikasjon; informasjonsteknologiens svar på telepati og teleportasjon.

      Nøkkelen i verdenslogistikken ligger i å gjøre dette billig, lett tilgjengelig for hele menneskeheten, og hurtigoverførende satellitter kan med stor fordel bli et UN-prosjekt, for å sikre bred utbygging og dekning for alle, og dermed en sosial profil. Man kan så anse utbyggingen og ivaretakelsen av nettet som en av UN’s mange økonomimotorer. Økonomimotor blir den fordi det blir en stabil enhet for inntekt og forbruk; pengerullering, som dermed genererer ringvirkninger.

      Dersom private profitører i for stor grad styrer denne utviklingen framfor at UN påtar seg rollen, så kan selve profitthiget dempe farten på generell omkringliggende utvikling.


    235. Positive og negative vesener fra rommet
    236. Ja visst eksisterer både gode og ikke fullt så gode raser i verdensrommet. Men planen for Jorden er ikke å bli angrepet av negative galaktiske vesener, selv om en viss usynlig infiltrasjon kan foregå, og trolig har foregått opp igjennom hele vår kjente historie, både av negative "døde" jordiske og av negative utenomjordiske. Det vil også forefinnes inkarnasjoner, at man i inkarnasjonen glemmer en noe negativ fortid, men at negativiteten gjenopptas i dette fysiske jordeliv.

      Planeten Jorden er i ferd med å stige opp i energi- og kjærlighetssfærer, verdig for galaktisk og intergalaktisk kommunikasjon, vennskap, samarbeid, fredsoperasjoner m/m. Planeten jorden er en utviklingsplanet under nøye oppsyn, hvor galaktiske organisasjoner ala UN inngår, som forhindrer negative utenomjordiske rasers eventuelle krigerske inntrengning. Likeledes ønsker ikke de galaktiske UN organisasjoner at jordens antidemokratiske krefter skal dra på turne med atomvåpen og frekvensvåpen ute i universet.


    237. Hvem er farligst?
    238. For antidemokratiet er det nok å argumentere for at en enkelt farlig utenomjordisk rase vil slippe igjennom, og "blant alle de hundrevis og tusenvis av år de kunne valgt å gjøre dette på, så vil de selvsagt være mest faretruende når kritikken mot antidemokratiet blir for stor og når antidemokratiet på egne premisser vil transformere økonomien med parafysisk teknologi", - er den holdning de vil beplante oss.

      Unngåelsen av farlig naivitet er de fleste enige om. Det spørs bare om man må bedrive antidemokrati for å unngå den? -Svaret er selvsagt nei.

      Med den overvåkning som blir gjort av farlige raser i universet, så vil infiltrasjon være deres beste redskap for negative raser for å overta nye planeter. Og infiltrerer gjør de. De infiltrerer blant andre våre antidemokrater, som har et hig etter ny teknologi og jordisk overherredømme, sikkerhetstenkning basert på hemmelighold og manipulasjon av folket, et folk de hevder å beskytte mot denne påståtte fryktsomme innsikt.

      Antidemokratiets frykt er todelt. Den ene er frykten for å miste (økonomisk) makt, i forhold til de agendaer de måtte påta seg. Den andre er infiltratørene. Syntesen av deres frykt er en ønsket storkrig i Midtøsten, hvor helterolle og egenrettferdiggjørelse kan utspilles, for deretter å transformere fiendebildet ut i universet. Syntesen er at antidemokratene selv er sterkt manipulert, medvirkende til å danne deres egne synteser.


    239. En bevisst plan?
    240. Finnes en bevisst plan på et utenomjordisk fiendebilde? – Ting kan tyde på det. Antinaivisme blant tidens indre sirkel, maktens syntesemennesker i sonderingene mellom økonomi og sikkerhet, kan tyde på at disse ideene er svært planmessig tilrettelagt, ideer man gradvis ønsker beplantet i tidens paradigmer.

      Men selv om denne bevisste planen ikke eksisterer hos de aller fleste, så vil de mange negative tankestrukturene på jorden i dag evolusjonere seg til å danne en traktform, med et utløp, for dannelsen av både den tredje verdenskrig og fiender i universet. Eksempelvis har den jordiske økonomiske og politiske tenkning alltid vært avhengig av fiender.

      Med Østlig terrorisme, Israelsk terrorisme og bevisste provokasjoner, med kommunikasjoner mellom Sharon og Bush, som det åpenlyse, det åpenlyse for den Sionistiske makt over Amerikansk tenkning og politikk (den såkalte Israel-lobbyen), -så er traktform med tredje verdenskrig som utløp under dannelse.

      Antinaivisme vil uansett eksistere på området for utenomjordiske også, planmessig eller ei. Det spørs bare hvor balansert man vil ha det. Det finnes kun to valg: Vil man ha fiendebildet som en del av et manipulasjonsapparat på jorden, eller vil man det ikke.

      Selv uten mennesker som vil beplante planmessige slike fiendebilder i paradigmene, så er tidsånden uansett slik i de mer antidemokratiske kretsene, at fiendebildet, manipulasjonene og styrkeoppbyggingen likevel planmessig føres i den retning. Og særlig dersom den potensielle retningen, det negative ved retningen, ikke avsløres av massene.

      Dette er rett og slett bare et spørsmål om årsak og virkning, noe man kan observere fra gutterommet, uten å ha snakket med et eneste menneske fra de kretser. Når man så i tillegg kan observere så mange faktorer og uttalelser som trekker i en slik retning, så er det god grunn til å advare.


    241. Antidemokrater
      – en definisjon
    242. Det er klart at begrepet antidemokrat kan brukes på det aller meste av det som ikke er så bra for den demokratiske utfoldelse. Terrorbruken mot The Twin Tower og Pentagon i USA 11.sept 2001 er helt klart av en slik art. Men det er klart at antidemokrati også finnes innenfor nasjonenes egne grenser.

      Man kan definere det som antidemokrati når det er en bevisst bruk av terror og det å manipulere andre inn på hat, ekstremisme og voldsbruk. Dette er imidlertid så åpenlyst (selv om de kan holde seg skjult), at fundamentalisme er et mer dekkende ord for dette.

      Antidemokrater holder seg som regel mer skjult i korridorene, flinkere skjult beplantende manipulatører av mennesker og via media. Noen kan være frontfigurer, men fremdeles sterkt manipulerende og formgivende i negativ retning.

      Her er begrepene antidemokrati og antidemokrater brukt mot de som bevisst fører mennesker bak lyset, av en særdeles alvorlig karakter.

      Mange som kan defineres som antidemokrater vil befinne seg i en periferi av mer bevisste antidemkratiske utøvere. Mange såkalte Illuminatier kan befinne seg innenfor kjernen av antidemokratene, noen kanskje uten å vite det selv. Frimurere og mennesker fra andre losjer er opptakskandidater til Illiminatu, noe frimurere av en edlere art stort sett ikke kjenner til, selv om en meningsbeplantning av en lavere art i slike frimurere kan foregå.


    243. Antidemokratiet
    244. Det er på tide at demokratiet får vite, at antidemokratiet, via hemmeligholdelse og bevisst undertrykkelse, har forhindret demokratisk og individuell evolusjon på naturlige og egentlige premisser, har forhindret et paradigmeskifte over til parafysisk teknologi, har derfor i større grad opprettholdt muligheten for religiøs og politisk uro - basert på gammelt tankegods og gamle spenninger. Antidemokratiet har oppretthold vold og kriminalitet – fordi de samfunnsmessige og individuelle mangler ved dets utfoldelse har blitt opprettholdt. Antidemokratiet har opprettholdt miljøkrisen - som lett kunne ha blitt unngått med parafysisk teknologi.

      Det finnes ikke den politisk debatt som er blitt gjort på egentlige premisser, på grunn av den antidemokratiske hemmeligholdelse. De aller fleste debatter ville hatt nye vinklinger, og andre konklusjoner. Uansett ville ordlyden ha vært annerledes, og graden av riktighet ville i de aller fleste tilfeller vært langt større.


    245. Anti antidemokratisk lovgivning
    246. Med utgangspunkt i hvilken undertrykkende effekt antidemokratiet har hatt på den politiske og individuelle evolusjonen, så skulle det i utgangspunktet klart ha kvalifisert til lovens strengeste straff. Men å ha det som utgangspunkt kan imidlertid ha motsatt virkning; at muligheten for innsyn i, og reduksjon av, de anti-demokratiske kreftene, vil bli ganske låst. Det må i stedet skapes en motsatt gulrot; Når mennesker blir kalt inn på teppet for å forklare seg, så bør løgnene straffes og åpenheten belønnes; belønnes i form av mindre straff, og full åpenhet burde i mange tilfeller gi straffefrigivelse. Dette kan være den metode som best kan nøste opp i hemmeligholdelsen og maktstrukturene bak. Dette er den primære oppgave, og vi er nødt til å se framover.

      Ved å gi anledning til å kople utsagnene mot hverandre, kan løgngraden / tilbakeholdelsen av info bli utmålt. Slik vil også straffeutmålingen kunne bli utmålt.

      For den demokratiske rettergang kan ikke demokratiet ta det hensyn, at anti-demokratene får mindre straffeutmåling, dersom de grunnet drapstrusler velger å holde sin munn lukket. Denne positive kynisme må føres, fordi fortsettelsen av antidemokratiet er langt farligere; leder til langt flere drap, gir større grobunn for kriger, og til syvende og sist dreier det seg om jorden og dens miljø som helhet. Den demokratiske klemmen; en anti antidemokratilovgiving, må ikke reduseres på grunn av falsk bløthjertethet.


    247. Den ensomme flamme mot antidemokratiet
    248. Problemet så langt har vært, at når demokrater har stukket sitt hode inn på anti-demokratiets område, så har dette vært en så ukjent tankeverden, at demokratene lett har blitt satt på plass. Antidemokratiets kjerne er sterk i sine falske og hemmelige sannheter, og demokratiet finner ingen motargumenter fra sine vante tankebaner. Det skal dessuten sterkt mot til for å diskutere offentlig som ensom flamme det som er et så ukjent paradigme for demokratiet.


    249. Antidemokratisk
    250. Den materialistiske skeptisisme ville idag ikke hatt samme styrke dersom den ikke hadde fått hjelp av et antidemokratisk skeptiseringsprogram. Og antidemokratiet ville ikke hatt samme styrke uten dette skeptiseringsprogrammet, i tillegg til alle offisielle benektelser. Skeptiseringsprogrammet får dessuten god hjelp og beskyttelse av alle skeptikerne. Men skeptikerne er ikke er skeptiske nok til å innse at det kan finnes et antidemokrati. Det skal ikke mye skeptisisme til på TV før sunn åpenhet og fundamentkritikk endrer seg drastisk i negativ retning hos mange. Det skal sterk rygg til for å stå imot øyeblikkets kollektive bevissthetsenergi.


    251. Strategi mot fotfestet
    252. Jeg har valgt motsatt strategi og kamp, nemlig å ta fotfestet fra nåtidens materialistiske skeptisisme og antidemokrati (ref. kapitler om Parafysikk, "Det Absolutte bak Tid og Rom", "Alien Skulls and scientific judgment" og andre paradigme-kapitler). Benektelser og materialistisk skeptisisme kan vanskeligere forefinnes når det materialistiske paradigmet, inkludert kvantefysikken og relativitetsteorien, argumenteres og bevises som udugelig, i beste fall utilstrekkelige (som allerede er erkjent).

      En materialistisk skeptiker kan logisk umulig kalle seg intelligent, fordi i følge hans egne grunntanker består han på det atomære plan - som er hele ham - kun av bestanddeler som er uten liv og bevissthet. Hans egne tanker, som han tror seg meget intelligente, er ifølge ham selv kun naturens blinde lovmessigheter, av årsak og virkning; ubrutt årsak bak årsak - inkludert valget - i tidslineær fortid.

      Er skeptikeren litt mer inne på kvanteteorien, så er hans egne tanker, inkludert de mest intelligente, kun en tilblivelse av statistisk matematikk, og egentlig ikke av fri resonerende vilje. Partikler som slår seg på tilfeldig fra intet kan ikke på høyere plan endres fra å være tilfeldig til å være bevisst styrende. Skeptikeren er ikke logisk konsekvent når han hevder at liv og bevissthet oppstår på et høyere plan enn partikkelplanet.

      Det finnes ingen beviser for den materielle atomisme. Det finnes ingen beviser for at verden er materielle minstepartikler. Det teoretiseres fortsatt om minstepartikler, og om stadig mindre minstepartikler. At det teoretiseres at materien kan være både bølger og partikler, understreker bare det faktum, at våre fysisk baserte verdensbilder har sine fundamenter i teoriene, i sin teoretiske basisforståelse, og ikke i det empirisk beviste.


    253. Jeg, en viter
    254. Jeg er en viter om de utenjordiskes besøk på jorden. Jeg er en viter i at jorden er å betrakte som en utviklingsplanet, hvor blant annet menneskene får se resultatene av sine lavere og høyere valg. Jeg er en viter i at det finnes en plan for å heve jordens bevissthet. Jeg vet imidlertid ikke hva planene består i, eller hvilke endrede vurderinger som gjøres. Men jeg vet at det meste består i menneskenes egne valg. Jeg vet at 100% av ansvaret ligger hos jordmenneskenes egne valg, selv om utenomjordiske nå bidrar til at Jorden skal ha bedre forutsetninger for å foreta høyere valg, fordi valgfrihet består i å ha noe å velge mellom.

      Mye av denne bokens innhold vil av krefter på jorden betraktes som rene spekulasjoner og svada, uten beviser. – Som svar har jeg at boken ville vanskelig kunne blitt til uten å kanalisere den via det man kan kalle det filosofiske. Framtiden vil bedre kunne forstå hvorfor jeg har formulert denne broen slik jeg gjør. Mange på jorden i dag vil også kunne forstå det ganske umiddelbart.

      Jeg har formulert parafysikken på en filosofisk argumentativ måte mye mer rettet mot å tilfredstille skeptisk skeptisisme og sunn skeptisisme, uten de politiske påståeligheter som man kan finne i andre deler av boken.

      Mange vil lett kunne se, bortsett fra de skeptiske skeptikere, at slike ting som teleportasjon og overlyshastighet, for rask eller umiddelbar reise gjennom universets tilsynelatene enorme avstander, egentlig er en enkelt foreteelse.


    255. Logikk, følelser
      og hukommelse
    256. Jeg ville selv ikke ha akseptert de filosofiske/politiske spekulasjoner i deler av boken dersom de ikke var logisk oppbygd. Jeg ville selv ikke ha akseptert de politiske meningsytringer i boken uten at de i stor grad var logisk oppbygd. Jeg har i boken måtte bruke strukturen, logikken, som mitt aller viktigse rettesnor, for at både jeg og leseren skal se banene.

      Enkelte ganger om de utenomjordiske har jeg adoptert og gjengitt ting jeg har lest, gjengitt det fordi jeg føler det henger sammen i en totalkontekst.

      Det å føle på oppbyggelsen, for deretter å danne nye argumentative logiske broer, har imidlertid vært den viktigste rettesnoren, noe som gjøre at ting logisk kan formuleres uten for mye bruk av energi. Ideer dukker opp gratis, noe man kan føle og spinne mer på. Følelser, kodet med visse tankestrukturer, kan lagres gratis uten noe bruk av energi for å bevare tankestrukturene. Så kan man lagre følelsen, gjerne mer enn tankene rundt, fordi følelsene ofte er en bedre brobygger mellom forskjellige sannheter og tankestrukturer, dvs. dersom følelsene ikke er for kalde og egoistiske, selv om egenrådigheten, for å bevare sitt indre, også er viktig.

      Følelsen "frykt" er ofte det som splitter mennesket og menneskeheten aller mest, og som visse krefter, som gjerne selv er fryktsomme, spiller en del på. Antidemokrater vet meget godt hva de kan spille på, hos forskjellige kategoriserte mennesker.


    257. Skeptisismen er en form for religion
    258. Overdreven skeptisisme er også en form for religion. Dvs. tankestrukturer som man ikke ønsker å gi slipp på, grunnet den trygghet man ser seg å ha i dem. Overdreven skeptisk posisjon dannes ofte i en frykt for å miste sin sannhetsplattform.

      Jeg har strategisk valgt å kjempe mot denne form for religion, parallelt med det jeg har å formidle.

      Jeg skjønner da at motangrepet vil bestå i at jeg forsøker å erstatte det med min egen religion. Jeg erkjenner imidlertid ateisme, monoteisme og panteisme som likeverdiske sannheter. Personlig liker jeg ofte best å fokusere panteistisk, og kanskje noe sjeldnere ateistisk og monoteistisk, som forskjellige relative sannheter innenfor den totale eksistens.

      En viktig kjerne i min filosofi er at alt er ett. Dersom man ønsker å angripe meg, så kan man angripe meg på det, og ta motsatt posisjon; det at det finnes tomt rom (eksempelvis i universet eller mellom partikler i atomet).


    259. Handlingskraften mot antidemokratiet
    260. Med loven mot antidemokratisk virksomhet kan vi lettere få avgjort hva som er sunn skeptisisme og hva som inngår i et antidemokratisk skeptiseringsprogram. De deltagende individene i skeptiske TV-programmer, inkludert Erik Tandberg, må konfronteres med spørsmålet om de bevisst har bedrevet avledningsmanøvrer, og at å lyve på dette spørsmålet kan lede til mange års fengsel. Med manglende samarbeidsvilje i videre spørsmålsrunder bør den potensielle straffeutmålingen gis anledning til å bli øket. Uten strenge reaksjoner mot løgn og fortsatt avledning tror jeg demokratiet vil ha store vanskeligheter med å bekjempe antidemokratiet.

      Den rettergang som i USA har oppnådd å få frigjort tidligere hemmeligholdte dokumenter, har gitt visse framskritt, men har ikke gitt den helt store demokratiske effekten enda. Dessuten er særdeles viktige passasjer i kopiene av dokumentene sladdet over av svart tusj. For å unngå noe lignende i Norge må antidemokratilovgivningen utnyttes for alt hva den er verdt, og sterkt kriminalisere slike ting som sladding, brenning etc. av disse dokumentene. Dette må gjelde uansett om dette gjøres på ordre fra høyere hold. Loven mot antidemokratiet må klart fremlegge at den er den høyeste myndighet, og at ordrenekt på et lavere hierarkisk plan i slike tilfeller er både tillatt og påbudt.


    261. Loven for den
      høyere lojalitet
    262. I arbeidslivet kan mennesker befinne seg i en lojalitetsfengsel, for å si det på den måten. Det har sine, kommunikasjonslinjer, saksbaner og lojalitetslinjer. I et samvittighetsspørsmål, hvor illojalitet kan synes som den eneste riktige utvei, med hensyn til sikkerhet, demokrati eller annet, - vil individet bli straffet for både samvittigheten og illojaliteten, dersom det ikke makter å stå rettsløpet ut. Dette kan kreve at en ny høyere lov må stå mot lov i slike tilfeller, hvor nødvendigvis den gode samvittigheten må vinne.

      Lovlig illojalitet faller mange tungt for brystet, men kan omdefineres som å være lojalitet på et høyere plan, og derfor som lojal illojalitet. Og spesielt loven mot antidemokratiet vil trenge en slik overordnet lojalitetslov innbakt. Den vil være et nødvendig demokratisk maktgrep for å fravriste det lojalitetsgrep antidemokratiet har på veldig mange mennesker.

      For at loven for den høyere lojalitet skal kunne vise sin sanne makt, så må den kunne fungere på forhånd. Dersom det har kommet så langt som til en oppsigelse, og kanskje videre til en rettstvist, så er det i mange tilfeller for sent, for det er nettopp dette de(n) ansatte frykter, og er hvorfor mange nødvendige konfrontasjoner ikke oppstår.

      Det vil i mange tilfeller være nødvendig at loven for den høyere lojalitet garanterer den ansattes jobb og sikkerhet allerede før konfrontasjonen / undersøkelsen / intervjuet / instansvarslingen e.l. gjøres eller igangsettes, for å unngå mistenkeliggjøring, trusler, umiddelbar oppsigelse etc. En må således kunne ta kontakt med en instans hørende innunder loven for den høyere lojalitet, hvor personen blir vurdert om han skal inngå under et beskyttelsesprogram, hvor han således ikke kan bli oppsagt av sin arbeidsgiver, eller av krefter som er i stand til å påvirke arbeidsgiveren.

      Således kan to viktige effekter oppnås: Den ene er at antidemokratiet vil miste en stor del av sin makt. Den andre er at den demokratiske evolusjonen vil gå raskere.


    263. Strategi mot det råtne?
    264. Demokratiet er avhengig av individer som velger å stå fram. Men samtidig kan resultatet bli at antidemokratiet da får et sterkt behov får å markere seg enda mer. Antidemokratiets tråder til, og røtter fra, hemmeligheter som skal gi forsprang ved neste krig, nettverk med potensial til å framprovosere av neste krig, inkluderer også medisinsk forsprang og dertil råttenskap. Blant disse medisinske effekter er subtile lyder(frekvenser), som blant annet er en av metodene til å "implantere" kaos i cellestrukturen; kreft. (Ref. kapittel "Atomvåpen, frekvensvåpen og bevissthet".)

      De subtile frekvensene kan også gå rett inn på de motoriske viljesfrekvensene, slik at individet på denne måten blir "fryst" fra all handlingsevne. At utenomjordiske har brukt slik fryseteknikk i tilfeller de har følt seg truet, er et kjent fenomen blant ufologer. Noe nyere er det at denne teknologien også benyttes av antidemokrater, med sin mørke moral.

      Antidemokratiet kan fortsatt komme til å bruke sykdomsfremkallende teknikker, drapsteknikker, hukommelsesmanipulering og kollektiv bevissthetsprogrammering, av ukjent opprinnelse for vår tradisjonelle medisin og sosiologi.

      Jeg kan ikke se noen klar strategi imot dette, annet enn at demokratiet må forsøke å slå hardt tilbake, med blant annet massiv oppslutning fra media og politikere. Slik status er i dag skal det imidlertid veldig mye til før en politiker i det hele tør å nevne visse ord i sitt vokabular, og visse ord er ikke-eksisterende i den politiske debatt.


    265. Ufo-partiet
    266. Skulle en politiker imidlertid tørre å snakke om eksempelvis UFO, som utenomjordiske, i en seriøs vending, så kan hende hun/han blir en verdensnyhet, men mest sannsynlig dysset ned. Slik er det dessverre i dag, kjære fremtidige leser. Jeg lever i en mørk tidsalder, som mange i dag ikke er i stand til å se.

      Fritt fram for ærgjerrige politikere i Norge og andre land for å bli en verdensnyhet. Hvis ingen politikere står fram, så kan hende jeg forøker å danne et midlertidig politisk parti selv, som frivillig mobbeoffer, for å få igangsatt visse tankestrukturene og debatter i demokratiet. "Ufo-partiet" ville ikke kreve så mye reklame, mens "Politisk Sentrum" også ville være noe velgerne raskt kunne plassere.

      Det strategiske inntoget av partiet måtte være å danne enn lett identifisering uten behov for noe reklame, men kun være tilgjengelig i tiden blant velgernes misnøye med de eksisterende politiske partier.

      I begynnelsen ville nok partiet tiltrukket seg noen litt mer ekstreme krefter i tillegg, hvilket man kan velge å danne en tidlig motstrategi på, for å redusere ødeleggelseseffekten av det. Eller man kunne bare la det gå sin gang, for å få øket debattgraden.

      Det er ikke sikkert et Ufo-parti er best å forsøke å bevare som organisasjon for lenge. Igangsettelsen er det alle viktigste, og dersom man ville splitte seg for å bevare sine forskjellige interesseområder og ståsteder, så ville dette trolig være av det positive.

      Å få normalisert og igangsatt visse debatter og tenkeformer, deriblant hos våre eksisterende politiske partier, er det aller viktigste.


    267. Beklemt?
    268. Bløffer jeg angående oppstarten av et UFO-parti? –Sannsynligvis. Det finnes mange strategier for å få brakt ting inn til debatt. Jeg er ikke tilgjengelig for intervjuer før jeg eventuelt har dillet meg til å få 5000 underskrifter. Men før den tid har vel politikerne fått satt en stopper for flere politiske partier.

      Det journalistene kunne starte med, er å spørre eksisterende og forhenværende storheter i politikken om UFO spørsmålet og tilhørende temaer i Parlament og Regjering overhodet har vært diskutert seriøst. Noen vil kanskje føle seg beklemt, og vil ikke ha på seg at de muligens har støttet opp om det antidemokratiske hemmelighold.

      Dersom journalistene ønsker, og de eventuelle politikere ønsker, så kan det være anledning til å korrigere på dårlig samvittighet i disse tider. Vennligst ikke gå i graven med det du eventuelt måtte ha på hjertet.


    269. Frysing fra
    270. Noen debatter vil gå på det å forsøke å vende negativ teknologi og negative hensikter til mer positive formål.

      Tilbake til dette med frekvensvåpen: I følge Discovery Channel så har frysing av handlingsevne allerede blitt brukt av positive fredsbevarende styrker. Men dermed ligger også veien åpen for at skeptikere og skeptiseringsprogram kan ta tak i det på sin måte, og blant annet hevde at alle UFO-fenomener egentlig er av hemmelig jordisk forskning.

      Positivt i tiden er den ideologi å forme fredsbevarende styrker med forskjellige typer våpen som ikke skader motstanderen, men istede på en eller annen måte lammer ham, med fryselaser, limkanon, synsforstyrrende væsker, bedøvende gasser etc.


    271. Gode krefter
      blir mørke
    272. På lignende vis ønsker krefter, som i dag vil holde all parafysisk teknologi hemmelig, å rettferdiggjøre sitt hemmelighold, hvor krig, helterolle og andre godhetstilskrivelsesfaktorer kan inngå som en del av rettferdiggjørelsen.

      Hemmeligholdets godhetstilskrivelsesfaktorer kan resultere i ugunstige sammenblaninger av negative og positive krefter og tenkning, og at opprinnelige positive krefter avledes mer av de mørke bevisstheter enn at de mørke bevisstheter avledes av de lyse bevisstheter.


    273. Agerer fiende
    274. Andre ganger er mørkets avledningsmanøvre mer bevisst og direkte utført. Eksempelvis er det berettet om mennesker, som er blitt utsatt for viljesfrysing, i samme hendelse har blitt besøkt av mennesker utkledd som humanoider. Dette høyst sannsynlig for å innmanipulere et fiendebilde mot utenomjordiske, hos sentrale personer med potensiell spredningskraft, og som ellers i større grad ville være en trussel mot antidemokratiets agendaer.

      Det synes å være av antidemokratiets interesse å skape et skremselsbilde og fiendebilde av de utenomjordiske, for at dette fiendebildet gradvis skal etablere seg i "demokratiet".

      Til tross for viljesfrysing, så er det som et åndelig bevisst menneske likevel mulig å ta styring over kroppen, ved å "subtilisere" sin bevissthet og styrende viljeskraft, til bak vårt mer ytre fysiske bevissthetsplan.


    275. Area 51,
      Clinton og
    276. Area 51 i Nevada ørkenen er kjent som en hemmelig base hvor mye av utenomjordisk opprinnelse blir oppbevart, og tilsvarende teknologi forsket i og utprøvd. Basen har vært gjenstand for fokus i kampen mellom åpenhet eller fortsatt hemmelighold. Men beslutningen foreløpig er hemmelighold: ""Informasjonen angående aktiviteter ved de operative lokalitetene nær Groom Lake har blitt bestemt å holdes klassifiserte, og at avsløring vil være skadelig for nasjonens sikkerhet", skrev Clinton angående presidentbeslutningen han erklærte den 20 september 1999" (UFO-nytt nr. 1 2000 side 10). "The Presidental Determination on classified information conserning the Air Force's operating location near Groom Lake, Nevada was made available on 29 October..." (UFO-magazine January/February 2000 side 21).

      Samme blad skriver side 68: "President Clinton speaks of 'aliens' - again. On 28 October, 1999 the House of Representatives approved a series of budget cuts which President Clinton vowed to veto. The president disapproved on the measure because of the across-the-board cuts it would make in all agency budgets, (...) Clinton responded the news by saying: "If we were being attacked by space aliens we wouldn't be playing these kind of games. (...)""

      Med tanke på at Clinton i utgangspunktet var en president som visste svært lite angående UFO-fenomenet, og med tanke på de nære datoene mellom presidentbeslutningen og alien-utsagnet, - så kan jeg ikke annet enn å spekulere i at han var under svært negativ innflytelse forut for presidentbeslutningen, og har opparbeidet en holdning som ser ut til å ha vedvart i ettertid. Clinton fortsatte dermed den verdensmanipulasjon som har pågått i flere tiår.

      Area 51 har fått så mye oppmerksomhet, at basen nå ser ut til å bli forflyttet og delt.


    277. Sannhetsimperialismens fall
    278. La meg si det på denne måten: Clintons beslutning var ikke bare noe som bare angår USA. Beslutningen var noe som angår hele verden, og har et negativt signal som angår hele jorden og våre såkalte demokratier.

      Ja visst vil demokratiserende åpenhet angå rikets sikkerhet, ikke negativt på USA og verden som sådan, men vil slå negativt ut på det antidemokratiske sannhetsimperialistiske riket, i den grad antidemokratiet ikke har klart å forhøye sine manipulasjoner, eksempelvis med introduksjonen av det utenomjordiske fiendebildet.

      I blant det antidemokratiske riket er USA. - Særlig dersom USA identifiserer seg for meget med antidemokratene og deres agendaer, hemmeligholder fortidige ugjerninger, forsvarer aktuelle enkeltpersoner, forsvarer handlingenes art som tidens nødvendighet, fortsetter manipulasjonene og opprettholder uhensiktsmessige økonomiske strukturer, under fanen "rikets sikkerhet".

      Med sannhetsimperialismens fall står maktens ulver for fall, de som sier: Jeg er USA! Jeg er Verden! Jeg har verden i min hule hånd!

      - Men de mister sin verden. USA står ikke for fall. Det sannhetsimperialistiske USA står for fall. Antidemokratiet står for fall, det onde riket de ville verne med å ta ordene rikets sikkerhet i sin makt.

      Men det er mulig tingene må utspilles via en tredje verdenskrig, før det endelige fallet. Og utspilles tingene via en tredje verdenskrig, så kan manipulatorene ha vunnet overtaket, slik at sannhetsimperialismen likevel ikke står for fall.

      Da kan Tore Alfstad -scenariet slå til; utenjordiske i krig mot USA, som USA vil tape med glans (Ref. kapittel "A possible future scenario". Da vil den USA-sionistiske sannhetsimperialismen likevel stå for fall.


    279. Den jordiske setting
    280. Utenomjordiske har tilkjennegitt jorden som en utviklingsplanet, hvor jorden blant annet er en setting av mange forskjellige raser, som skal finne sammen. De skal finne sammen i den jordiske glemselens slør, uavhengig av tidligere inkarnasjoners roller, posisjoner og uoverensstemmelser. Jorden har delvis vært en planet som har mottatt deportasjoner av individer fra andre planeter, individer som ikke har klart å følge med på denne planetens positive utvikling, og ble derfor satt inn i en inkarnasjonssyklus på jorden. Nå er planen at jorden skal foreta en endelig oppstigning, og skal blant annet delta i utviklingen av andre laverestående planeter i universet.

      Det minst ønskelige scenariet, fra dagens situasjon, er at jorden som helhet utvikler seg til å bli en krigersk planet, og blir en del av agendaen til mer materialistiske og krigerske raser i universet, bruker jorden som base, og bruker jorden som en del av sitt krigsapparat (ref. kapittel "Kanalisering fra Semjase").


    281. Utenomjordiske i krig mot USA -scenariet
    282. Et annet scenario, som er et langt mer positivt scenario, er at resten av verden gjennomskuer den amerikansk-sionistiske agenda. (ref. kapittel "A possible future scenario", av Tore Alfstad, og "Economic war against the USA"). Dette kunne lede mot krigerske konfrontasjoner dersom resten av verden så klart at verden sto ovenfor valget mellom to retninger; en positiv og en negativ, og at noe måtte gjøres for å ikke følge den negative.

      Resten av verden ville ikke gå inn på et slikt konfrontativt krigsønske foruten å vite om de utenomjordiskes eksistens, at offisiell kommunikasjon med utenomjordiske var på trappene, at manipulative fiendebilder ble forsøkt innpodet med massiv retorikk og med skjult manipulasjon, og dermed at sannsynligheten for det ondes vekst og overtakelse av jorden ville være større, uunngåelig, uten en snarlig konfrontasjon.

      Scenariet kunne blitt at resten av verden ikke hadde så mye å stille opp med mot det som i dag er den største og den fjerde største krigsmakt, også grunnet frekvensvåpnene (ref. kapittel "Atomvåpen, Frekvensvåpen og Bevissthet"). Men at resten av verden sto imot USA-Israel-koalisjonen ville tale Jordens sak, og at utenomjordiske for første gang ville velge å trå til krigsmessig. Jorden ville ha bestått sin siste test, nemlig avslørt manipulasjonene og valgt side for det positive, hvilket ville være mandat nok for de utenomjordiske for å trå til krigsmessig. Jorden hadde valgt side, ville bli en del av positive universelle allianser og samarbeidsorganisasjoner, eller kanskje tapt en krig og dermed grunnbefestet en posisjon som en negativ planet. De utenomjordiske, som observerer og bevokter jorden, ville ikke stått å se på det, dersom jorden egentlig hadde valgt side.

      USA’s propaganda mot utenomjordiske som helhet, og den type krigstrussel, ville blitt en selvoppfyllende profeti. Men heltene ville være resten av verden og de utenomjordiske, i den grad man velger å se på dette som et hollywoodsk heltespill.


    283. Hvor manipulasjonskreftene er sterkest
    284. Dersom resten av verden unnlot å konfrontere USA-Israel-koalisjonen krigsmessig, så kunne dette ha blitt oppfattet som at jorden ikke hadde maktet det ufravikelige krav om å avsløre mørket og ta stilling mot manipulasjonene. De utenomjordiske ville sannsynligvis ikke trådt til krigsmessig, foruten det å unngå at jorden som en mørk planet drar på krigstokt ute i universet. Jorden ville være fortapt til de mørkere kreftene i universet, og de i flertall positive utenjordiske alliansene ville fått enda en negativ planet å overvåke.

      Rundt en slik setting, hvor manipulasjonskreftene tilsynelatende ser ut til å ha overtaket, så kan jeg ikke si sikkert hvordan de utenomjordiske "planetutviklere" vil tenke. Det vil forefinnes bedre redskaper for å måle en planets utviklingsnivå og mulige retninger enn det vi selv har, og hvilke vurderinger som gjøres ut ifra dette vil også hos dem finnes uenighet om.

      Jordens primære oppgave er å overvinne manipulasjonene. Dersom utenomgjordiske ser at avsløringene av manipulasjonene er gjort, men at Jorden unnlater krigføring mot videre spredningskraft, og i stedet erstatter det med visse aksjoner/handlinger, så vil de utenomjordiske antageligvis avvente resultatet. Dersom det ikke fungerer, så tror jeg ikke det er gitt hvordan de utenomjoriske tenker.

      Mulig de ville avvente for å se om en riktig eller feil krig ville dukke opp. Enkelte utenomjordiske, som ikke ser den fysiske død som den endelige død, kan i visse tilfeller komme til å se på en storkrig på jorden (uten deres deltagelse) med mer positive øyne enn at ting strekker seg over flere tiår, dersom krigen skulle ende i en samlet verdens positive stillingstagende og seier over manipulasjonskreftene.


    285. Deportasjoner
      i universet
    286. Som Hitler tenker mange av disse utenomjordiske ofte at en planets videreutvikling vanskelig kan foretas uten deportasjon av de mer negative kreftene. Deportasjoner kan lettest kan gjøres fra den andre siden av dødens terskel, uten inngripen i en planets offisielle politiske nivå, selvstendighet og selvvalgte evolusjon.

      Jorden vant over Hitler, som var positivt. Men nye manipulasjonskrefter tok over, eller fortsatte, skjulte krefter blant seierherrene, som i sum kan ha betydd langt mer lidelse og død enn den 2. verdenskrig. Dersom eksempelvis positiv parafysisk teknologi hadde blitt ført lenger enn til de konspirative hemmelige forskningssteder, og dersom sentrale deler av eksempelvis Teslas forskning ikke hadde blitt tatt bort fra jordens videre utvikling, av disse amerikanerne, så ville dette ha forenklet vesentlig vår hverdag, over hele kloden, og endret vesentlig vår økonomiske tenking og synene på oss selv. Mindre kriger, død og lidelse. (Mer om dette i andre kapitler.)

      Man vil ofte vente til det siste med å "deportere" eller forflytte individer fra en planet til en annen. Man vil i det lengste vente med å se hvordan det går; om disse individene til slutt er i stand til å stige opp, inntil det erkjennes at det vil de ikke vil klare i denne omgang, og at planetens videre utvikling/oppstigning vil være avhengig av å forflytte disse individene.


    287. Jordens ballast
    288. I gitte faser skal det meget få individer til for å holde en planets velbehavende nede. Det er ikke gitt at disse individene deporteres, for i historiens lavere faser er det nettopp disse individene som skal til for at resten av planeten skal lære effektene av en slik og slik retning, og hva naiviteten kan føre til. Det er et ufravikelig krav at en planet lærer hva det forskjellige kan føre til, dersom den på forhånd ikke ser det. Og for gjenoppstigningen er denne ballasten god å ha.

      Er ballasten tilstede, eller er oppnådd uten å gå via alle fysiske erfaringene, så kan de få lavere individene komme til å bli deportert, dersom jorden selv ikke har funnet frem til dem. Etter hvert vil det imidlertid bli et ufravikelig krav om at jorden selv finner fram til disse individene, via telepatien og denne formen for gjennomskuelse. Jorden har få forutsetninger for dette i dag, og de få individene som eventuelt kan gjøre forferdelige ting for å holde planeten nede, kan komme til å bli deportert.

      Men det er ikke sikkert disse individene blir forhindret fra å gjøre disse forferdelige tingene, dersom man ser det at jorden da best evner å gjøre mottiltak, på forskjellige måter, kanskje evner å finne individene, og kanskje evner å konfrontere pereferikrefter som delvis har vært forutsetninger for at disse individene har kunnet operere som de har gjort.

      Det finnes ingen Gud som løser problemene for oss. Jorden må bli herre over sitt eget utviklingsnivå. Dette kreves av en planet som skal stige opp til galaktiske operasjoner, og der møter nye utfordringer.


    289. Gud og Jesus
    290. Jesus inkarnerte en tid på Jorden hvor gudebildet var at Gud var meget dømmende. Gud er kjærlighet ble med Jesus Jordens nye budskap. I tillegg fikk Jorden et godt forbilde for Gud i Jesus.

      Men nye manipulasjoner og vrangforestillinger tilkom i ettertid. Med sin fortolkning av setningen "Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet" fikk presteskapet mye makt.

      Vitende sier jeg til meg selv: "Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet" og vet at leseren kan si akkurat det samme til seg selv. Grunnenergien er udelt, overalt, uten tid og rom. Det finnes ingen død, bare transformasjoner. Du og jeg er ett. Du er Gud. Jeg er Gud. Jeg sitter både ved Guds venstre og høyre hånd. Jeg sitter ved det ytre og det indre. Jeg sitter i alle verdenshjørner. Jeg sitter ved Guds høyre hånd når jeg sier at mennesket, menneskeheten må ta ansvaret for seg selv, og ikke overlate alt ansvaret til Staten, Autoritetene eller Gud. Jeg sitter ved Guds venstre side når jeg ser sosial urettferdighet, og når jeg ser at egansvaret begrenses av manglende muligheter, og med vilje undertrykkes av de som har har større muligheter, og lukker sine øyne. Jeg sitter ved Guds ytre når jeg lever i en verden og opptar dens kunnskaper. Jeg sitter ved Guds indre når jeg erkjenner at jeg er.

      Jeg er både undertrykkeren og den undertrykte. Jeg er kulden og varmen. Jeg er sort, hvit, fiolett, blå, grønn og rød. Jeg er det indre som sanser seg selv i det ytre. Jeg er Guds kjerne. Jeg er kjernens ubegrensede tilstand. Jeg er kjernens totalt begrensede tilstand, som er det i egenskap av å være overalt og alt på samme tid, og derfor ingen steder. Jeg er kjernens totale egenmotsetning. Jeg er null og uendelig energi. Jeg er kjernen, kreftenes opprinnelse og mål. Jeg er alle motsetninger samlet i ett punkt. Jeg er absolutt symmetrisk. Jeg er det absolutte speil. I relativitene innenfor det absolutte er jeg kreftenes årsak, og evig illusorisk bevegelse og væren. Jeg er summenens sum, kreftenes søken. Jeg er kreftenes søken, på grunn av loven om min uforandelighet. Jeg er kreftenes søken, som bak all illusorisk bevegelse allerede er i mål. Jeg er Helheten. Jeg er lovenes lov. Jeg er Alt. Jeg er uforanderlig. Derfor uten tid. Jeg er fullstendig utviklet. Jeg er fullkommen.

      Jeg er hevet over tiden, og derfor over bevegelsen, og derfor over avstanden. I meg har begrepene og forestillingen om Stor og Liten ingen relevans.


    291. Individet
    292. Jeg er alle tanker, alle følelser. Jeg er alle ideer utenfor tid og rom. Derfor er jeg, alle ideer, ett, ikke atskilt. Alle former bor i meg, sammenbundet, boende inni hverandre. Jeg er tanker og følelser som kodes sammen og identifiserer seg til hverandre, og danner individer. Jeg er alle fokus, som med relativitetens lov illusorisk forflytter seg, og danner alle verdener, alle perspektiver, deriblant den lineære tid. Jeg forflytter meg ikke fra A til B i rom. Jeg flytter fokus. Jeg er alle fremtider og fortider. Alle fokus forholder seg i meg som uforanderlige ideer, og jeg kan derfor reise i tid.

      Som Alt er jeg retardert, men også spolet forbi framtiden. Som individ kan jeg ikke retardere tiden, grunnet bevegelseslovene og bevisstheten jeg tar med meg. Parallell: jeg kan trykke angreknappen på datamaskin, men bærer med meg bevisstheten om at jeg hadde angret. Derfor er den tid jeg reiser tilbake til ikke samme kontekst, ikke samme tid. Jeg treffer meg selv som et annet individet. Det er utallige av meg i de forflyttede fokus.

      Jeg er alle parallelle muligheter. Jeg er alle valgene og deres retninger. Jeg er alle valgene, som er utallige ut ifra hvert enkelt punkt. Hver ide, hvert punkt i historien, har utallige varianter, slik det enkelte individs forskjellige positurer gjennom tiden er utallige. Jeg er alle kryssende energibaner bak det fokuset jeg velger. Bevissthetsmessig er jeg allerede i alle mulige fremtider. Bevissthetsmessig kan jeg tilknytte mulige tremtider til dette nuet, trekke erfaring av det, og velge en annen vei. Jeg er synsk, på forskjellige måter. Det jeg ser eller føler behøver ikke å skje. Det jeg sanser med synskhet eksisterer i en annen realitet, men som dette individet her behøver jeg ikke å gjøre til min ytre realitet.


    293. Jeg er også Veien, Sannheten og Livet
    294. Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet. Hvem er jeg det for? – Selvsagt ikke for andre enn meg selv. Individene som sier "Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet" ser det at Sjelen strekker seg helt inn til den aller høyeste Guddom, som ikke har en vei, har en sannhet og har et liv, men er veien, er sannhet og er liv.

      I mitt mer begrensede er jeg ikke veien, sannheten og livet like fullt. Men med å si at Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet, så tar jeg ansvar for meg selv, uten å la meg villede av falske autoriteter. Ingen høyere guddom kan automatisk overføre den høyere Vei, Sannhet og Liv til meg, og den veien jeg går, er den veien jeg velger til innsikt og erkjennelse. Alle veier som gås er Sannhet og Liv, veier for stadig høyere Sannhet og Liv. Veier som gås kan være en glede i seg selv, uten at man trenger å se på det som en vei mot noe annet.

      I mitt begrensede jeg, i denne inkarnasjonen, i denne menneskropp, blant disse tanker og følelser som identifiserer seg til hverandre, altså dette individet, - så kan jeg lære fantastisk mye fra andre individer. Jeg kan lære fantastisk mye fra individer som i individform sett fra et fysisk fokus er på en høyere guddommelig skala, er av en høyere guddommelig visdom

      Bak alt jeg opplever og lærer, så er jeg kjernen, Jeg er læreren og eleven. Jeg er Veien, Sannheten og Livet.

      Til syvende og sist ligger ansvaret hos meg. Til syvende og sist klandrer jeg ingen.

      Men Jesus ble en viktig veileder på Jorden, og en god kilde for mange til å finne Deres Vei, Sannhet og Liv.

      Personlig tar jeg inget ansvar for de ordene leseren får fra det jeg skriver, verken dersom det kommer til nytte eller dersom det trekkes i negative retninger. Ordene som leses er leserens egne. Jeg har tatt et ansvar for å gjøre ordene jeg skriver tilgjengelig. Men hele tiden vil relativitetene komme i utallige varianter, som er leserens eget ansvar å gjøre noe med, reføle relativitetene, rearrangere konklusjonene, etter hvert som tiden går.

      Jeg er et individ med både sterke og svake sider, som forsøker å få det aller beste ned på papiret.

      Jeg er Gud, det høyeste, og fra Gud, til det lavere, en blomst i Helheten. Blomsten mangler egenskaper, men er av Guds egenskaper, og er i seg selv en perfekt og absolutt nødvendig egenskap for å dekke Guds totale fylde.


    295. Dommer over den dømmende
      religionifiserte Gud
    296. Jesus reformerte. Men en viktig kjerne for Jordens Gud (sterkt forenklet) ligger fortsatt i Jødedommen. Jødedommen, med de 5 mosebøker (Toraen) er den historiske forutsetningen for kristendommen, og også i stor utstrekning for Islam. Det var nok ingen tilfeldighet at Jesus valgte nettopp dette området å inkarnere på. Opprinnelsen for mange av Jordens manipulasjoner har nettopp sitt utspring herifra.

      Ikke det at du eller jeg verken er noe bedre eller verre enn Jøder og Sionister generelt. Jeg er bare en som setter pekefingeren på noe jeg mener er begrenset, uten å ville mobbe, og uten å føle mindre varme for islamitter, jøder, sionister og kristne av den grunn.

      Samtidig må erkjennes vi er dyktigere og bedre enn andre. Eksempelvis Isreaelere og Amerikanere er flinke til å komme med motbeskyldninger og bringe andre i kne når de selv blir utsatt. Jeg har sett hvordan Norge bringer seg selv i selvgranskningens kne straks motbeskyldninger har kommet fra hold som ikke takler å ta til seg beskylninger. Dette er en tid hvor Europa, Norge, Scandinavia, Afrika, Søramerika og Asia ikke må bringe seg selv i selvkritikkens kne når ryggen skal være oppreist mot noe som er mer begrenset.

      Israelere har styrke. Men den jehovianske Gud er en gammel manipulasjon, en falsk styrke som store deler av verdens befolkning baserer sin ryggrad på. Ikke-religiøse baserer seg på den samme ryggrad, i og med at de baserer sin ryggrad på andre mennesker.

      Det er ikke så lurt å være dommer over religionen. Men det er heller ikke lurt å la sin ryggrad knekke av egen selvkritikk og av mennesker av falsk styrke og ryggrad, av mennesker med mørke agendaer. Verden trenger i disse tider, fra 2003, å danne en sterk pekefinger mot Isreal og USA, uten å trekke pekefingeren unnskyldende tilbake.


    297. Må spille den
      ydmyke rolle
    298. Det er tid for USA å spille den ydmyke rollen. USA’s sikkerhet - når verdens aggressjon vender seg i mot dem når sannhetene kommer for dagen – består i å skille det antidemokratiske USA fra det resterende USA, dersom USA makter det. USA må enten spille den ydmyke rollen, eller den harde pekefingergivende helterollen via en tredje verdenskrig, som foreløpig kun er krigen mot terror. Vinner ikke USA verden med manipulasjoner og et jordisk mørke, så kan fallet for USA bli langt større enn Hitlers.

      I stedet forsøker USA å påføre jorden dette fallet. USA, den sionistiske imperialisme og Israel vil ikke makte å spille den ydmyke rollen. Vi vet derfor at vi kan stå ovenfor en svært vanskelig tid på jorden.

      I beste fall vil USA-Israel gi etter delvis, litt etter litt. Men vi vet at USA ikke akter å spille et annet spill enn en helterolle, en sjefsrolle, med tilhørende godhetsidentifikasjoner. Men så lenge retorikken og handlingene går ut glorifisere seg selv og djevelbeskrive andre, og skape en dyp kløft i menneskeheten på denne måten, så er ikke dette å gi etter, men er å fortsette manipulasjonene. USA vil være Helt. Men vi vet at det å være Helt som regel krever at andre ikke er det. Et heltesugent folk har fanget seg selv under retorikken.

      Vi vet der finnes fundamentalister og terrorister på den andre siden. Men vi vet også at verdens opinioner kan handle mer kirurgisk enn USA-Israel-koalisjonen mot disse, uten at de yngler, yngler grunnet provokasjoner og forhastet krigføring.


    299. Jeg vet og tror
    300. Med et ydmykt USA måtte resten av verden ta over for USA’s positive konfrontasjonsevne, men langt mer balansert.

      Jeg har ikke svaret på hvordan dette skal gjøres. Men jeg vet tiden ikke er inne til å gå til krig mot USA-Israel-koalisjonen slik status er nå, og er ikke sikkert noen gang vil bli det heller. Jeg vet at verden må være ytterst varsom med å antyde noe, som leder til at østens terrorister føler sine terrorhandlinger legalisert. Jeg tror at en varmere verden, kommunikasjon og utveksling ville gjøre verdens ledere mindre sugne på masseødeleggelsesvåpen.

      Jeg vet at araberne lover fred og anerkjennelse av Israel dersom Israel trekker seg fra Golan-høyden. Jeg vet at Israelerne er et folkeslag som foran hele verden stjeler land og ikke holder fredsavtaler, deriblant Oslo-avtalen.

      Jeg har forstått det slik at det finnes et UN-resolusjon for å sende fredbevarende UN-styrker inn i Israel. Jeg tror det ville være det riktig å gjøre.

      Jeg utelukker ikke at Sionistene er i stand til å gjøre forferdelige ting, også i vesten, i forsøk på å manipulere verdens opinioner med seg. Jeg tror den beste veien for Israel for å vende verdens opinioner med seg, er å vende det andre kinnet til.

      Men jeg tror også at Israelerne og deres verdenskonspirerende kumphaner ville være i stand til både å vende det andre kinnet til og til å gjøre en forferdelig ting, eksempelvis å sprenge en atombombe og skylle på andre, for å bringe verden inn i en "hva var det vi sa, heretter må dere høre på oss" – psykose. Dette på et meget avgjørende punkt i historien, for å avlede, eller eksempelvis for selv å få herredømmet over introduksjonen av parafysisk teknologi, via krig.

      Jeg vet at Ariel Sharon er en terrorist, og at USA legaliserer terrorister så lenge det er av deres allierte. Jeg vet at USA vanskelig kan sette en riktig og nødvendig pekefinger mot Israel så lenge Israel-lobbyen i USA er så sterk, og velgermassen såpass avgjørende.


    301. Sionistene og
    302. Jeg vet at den sionistiske presse er meget sterk, og derfor er mange av de tilhørende agendaer også sterke. Jeg vet at sionistene er sterkt inne på verdens mest avgjørende finansmarkeder og institusjoner. Jeg vet at trådene og paradigmene derifra sprer seg ut i hele verden. Jeg vet at i Norge nylig var finanskreftene de eneste som ville bevare høy rente, og hadde folket, politikerne og næringslivet imot seg. Jeg vet at finanskreftene, med sentralbanksjefen i spissen, tok feil. Jeg vet resultetet ble en nedgang i økonomien som ikke hadde behøvd å skje, til tross for at man også kunne skylde på nedgang i verdensøkonomien. Da oppsigelsene allerede var i gang kom dominoeffekten.

      Jeg tror ikke det vil være riktig å utelate muligheten for at den norske økonomiske nedgangen var et ledd i en verdensomspennende konspirasjon, som skulle sikre det økonomiske paradigmet, bringe Norge i kne og politikerne og folket til lojalitet. Finanskreftene tjener på det allikevel, og ble meget sure da en rentenedsettelse før jul 2002 ikke var varslet (via frimurerkoder eller på andre måter). Finanskreftene tjener på valutaforskjellene, og tenker om småfolket at vi trenger å gå inn i en lærefase, uten for store krav.

      Jeg vet at neste gang norske politikere hører på finanskreftene, som kan føre til nedgang i økonomien, verdensøkonomien, så skal jeg sørge for å fortelle dem, at dersom de bringes i kne på enten den ene eller det andre måten, så går det aller hardest ut over verdens fattige.


    303. Fremskrittspartiets økonomiske integritet
    304. Fremskrittspartiet var det eneste partiet med høy grad av integritet i den økonomiske tenkningen i Norge i 2001og 2002, og fikk langt over 30% på meningsmålingene. Fremskrittspartiet ble i perioden i tillegg sterkt pro-Israelsk, var et opposisjonsparti i Stortinget uten særlig innflytelse. Dersom man skal tro på kreftene som påstår at det eksisterer en sionistisk konspirasjon, så ville dette være grunnen til at Fremskrittspartiet ikke ble brakt i kne, via eksempelvis falske beskyldninger om rasisme og høyreekstremisme, denne gangen.

      Fremskrittspartiet kan komme til makten neste gang. – Tiden går, Sionismen består. Men neste gang kan vi også komme til å møte annerledestenkende finansfolk, siden mange av dem er blitt oppsagt. Finansfolkene var de som var aller mest optimistiske, til det aller siste. I økonomien så henger jo alt i hop, og mange kan føle seg tvunget til ettertanke. Der Fremskrittspartiet mangler integritet, vil andre ta over.


    305. Tenk på hvordan USA-Israel-koalisjonen sannsynligvis tenker
    306. Når så Norge lytter til disse internasjonale økonomiske rådgiverinstitusjonene, så kan det være viktig å ha i bakhodet at mange gir råd ut ifra hvordan man ønsker andre å oppføre seg. Dette ønsket kan være ut ifra egeninteresse… vil ofte være ut ifra egeninteresse. Når USA f.eks ønsker dollaren svakere for å styrke konkurranseevnen, så ønsker de rentene høyere andre steder. De ønsker stabilitet og gevinst for egne finansinstitusjoner. Valutaforskjeller og renter har sine forklaringer, men kan også være skapt for å tappe andre markeder, tappe befolkningen, som menigmann må slite for, gjennom år og tiår.

      Delvis kan dette inngå som en del av en selvrettferdiggjørende sikkerhetstenkning, som krever USA som en dominerende økonomisk stormakt. Delvis kan det være for å forsvare egne næringer.

      Alle i den økonomiske verden vil nødvendigvis også måtte tenke på seg selv. Jorden er imidlertid i en situasjon som gjør at jeg delvis velger å se på det med konspirasjonteoretikernes øyne.

      Vi kan ha en tredje verden i dag, med mye fattigdom, mye fordi sentrale finanskrefter gjør seg avhengig av å melke massene, og mye fordi rike land adopterer tankegodset, fordi de hevder at dette er den økonomiske lov og at det er den som fungerer.


    307. Styrer massenes
      stemninger for å få valgt sine ledere
    308. Antidemokratene styrer massenes stemninger med økonomiske midler for å få valgt de ledere de vil ha. På slutten av Clinton-æraen hadde man en økonomisk situasjon som man nylig hadde i Norge. Landet som helhet opplevde oppgangstider, men folket var i stor grad misfornøyd. I stor grad kan dette skyldes høy rente, høye skatter og statlige og halvstatlige organer og firmaer som ble profitthungrige og tok seg godt betalt. Staten skulle med lave priser ha bidratt til å blåse lufta ut av prisnivået, men i sin profitthungrighet bidrog den aller mest til den forhatte overoppheteingen av økonomien.

      Renter er egentlig et middel for å melke befolkningen. Staten, med sentralbanken som middel, tar mest. Man har i Norge funnet på et system med en sentralbanksjef som styrer rentene for å ha noen å skylde på. Politikerne lukker øynene, og ser med blide øyne på at pengene strømmer inn i statskassen.

      Politikerne tror på nødvendigheten av det for at de på sikt skal bruke disse til sosiale fellesgoder. Men en melket befolkning opplever i stor grad ikke statens rikdom, og blir misfornøyde og kravstore, som regel av nødvendighet, både rent lønnsmessig og rent observatorisk på den politiske debatt. Prisene øker på faste områder, som av en eller annen grunn ikke synes å komme på prisvekststatistikken, slik heller ikke rentene gjør det.

      Men lønnsvekst må det nødvendigvis bli av tidens profitthungrighet. Staten makter ikke så mange oppgaver som dens rikdom skulle tilsi, og parallelt med nasjonens økende rikdom opplevde folket mye forfall, eksempelvis på skolene og egenandelene på sosiale oppgaver.

      Staten, med sin profitthungrighet, ved hjelp av renter, skatter, avgifter, egenandeler og annet, sparket bein for seg selv, fordi den gjorde alt så mye dyrere for seg selv.

      På samme vis var folket misfornøyd i USA på tampen av Clinton-æraen, på tampen av denne fasen av overopphetingsparadigmet. Hadde ikke overopphetingsparadigmet blitt overdrevet, blant annet med hjelp av renter, så tror jeg ikke George W. Bush ville ha blitt valgt. Dette, sammen med melkingen av verdens fattige, skulle tilsi at man burde begynne å se på rentene som en gedigen trussel for verdens sikkerhet, og at man på sikt burde fjerne rentene fra den økonomiske tenkning og virkelighet.

      Antidemokratene ville ha Georg W. Bush, og de fikk ham.


    309. Clinton sviktet
    310. Bill Clinton lot area 51 fortsatt være hemmelig. La meg også si det på denne måten: Jeg hadde stor tro på Bill Clinton, men han sviktet da det gjaldt aller mest. Han har sviktet vår alles framtid. Han manglet styrke da han trengte den aller mest; manglet styrke mot antidemokratiets misledninger, manglet styrke mot sine nærmeste veiledere. Han var grønnskollingen på området, som lot seg forlede. Men han var også en vitende som lot seg forlede.

      Dette var en mann som skulle stå fram, velvillig, fortelle om den utenomjordiske eksistens, og antidemokratiets eksistens, selv om han var truet på livet. Det var hans plikt. Men han var feig. I stedet kan det bli en president av mer tvilsom karakter som får den formende informasjonsrolle; George W. Bush, selv om dette i dag kan virke mindre sannsynlig. George W. Bush er en tvilsom fyr. Men han synes å være en type som er sterkt avhengig av de omkringliggende krefter, og er derfor formbar av både positive og negative krefter. Jorden har ofte måttet ta til takke med å forme sine fremskritt via mer tvilsomme personer.

      Som filmen "Gladiator" viser, så ligger makten hos massene, og lederne er ikke sterkere enn at de våger annet enn å lytte til massens krav.

      Den politiske vei viste seg udugelige. Lederne villedet. De veiledet ikke. Når massene selv marsjerer fram med sine nye sannheter, så vil de ledelsesfrelste våkne opp med et falskt selvbilde; De store lederne formet ikke verden. Verden formet seg selv, av en ukjent kraft, en ukjent ordenskraft, en kraft som opererer via menneskenes hjerter, og som gjør individet ansvarlig i den verden det lever i, individer som kun aksepterer de lederne som kanaliserer denne indre ordenskraft.

      Bill Clinton var en dyktig president, jeg synes da det. Men han var ikke sterk nok til å bekjempe antidemokratiet, slik Jimmy Carter heller ikke klarte det. Jimmy Carter hadde som mål å få frigjort informasjon. Kan hende økonomiske nedgangstider under hans presidenttid var antidemokratiets motsvar (ref. kapitlene "Kanalisering fra Semjase" og "Integriteten og utviklingsnivået til en planet" for bruk av økonomiske midler for å undertrykke en planet.


    311. Spesifiseringer
    312. Det må spesifiseres, at kampen mot antidemokratiet ikke er en kamp mot et sterkt forsvar, (som helst skulle ha utviklet seg i retning av en felles UN-styrke, uten amerikansk ledelse). Det må spesifisere at kampen mot antidemokratiet ikke er det samme som passifisme. Det må spesifiseres at kampen mot antidemokratiet ikke er å være illojal til forsvaret av nasjonen og verdens sikkerhet.

      Det må spesifiserer at å la flagget smellkysse jorden, deise i bakken, er å respektere både flagget, jorden, det nasjonale og det internasjonale mennesket. Det må spesifiseres at å la flagget smellkysse jorden, ikke er å være illojal mot nasjonen i en eventuell krigsituasjon. Kampen for det internasjonale hjerte og demokrati er å være lojal til forsvaret og til folket.

      Antidemokratiets løgner og type hemmelighold er ikke å være lojal til folket, og dessuten ikke særlig sikkerhetspolitisk fornuftig.

      Det må spesifisere at kampen mot antidemokratiet ikke er et frislipp av farlige våpen til massene. Kampen mot antidemokratiet er et frislipp av informasjon, nødvendig for den individuelle og politiske evolusjon, og nødvendig for det jordiske samfunns modenhet ved omveltninger, nye tider og ny teknologi.

      Selvfølgelig vil det fremdeles også finnes behov for etterretningstjenester, som kan overvåke det jordiske samfunns farlige tendenser. Men vi må bare sørge for at e-tjenestene ikke forholder seg lojale til antidemokratiske krefter.


    313. Utviklingskurven
      i det 21. århundre
    314. Det kan føles som et tap dersom demokratiet tar i besittelse antidemokratiets høye teknologi, fordi det på en måte ikke er frukter av den demokratiske prosess. På den annen side er noe av denne teknologien opprinnelig utsprunget fra smarte og egenrådige demokratiske individer, men som dessverre ble støvsuget bort / oppkjøpt fra den videre demokratiske utviklingsprosess av antidemokratiske krefter. Våre forskere har manglet integritet og hjerte for jorden. Men mange gamle og nye ukjente forskere og oppfinnere kan ha møtt motstanden på andre vis, og trenger å finne veien til massenes lære- og historiebøker.

      Det hevdes at antidemokratiet ligger flere tiår foran i teknologisk utvikling. Men siden de antidemokratiske vitenskapsmenn egentlig er mer skittenlojale enn glupe, så vil den demokratiske vitenskapelige utviklingsprosess ta igjen og forbigå dette stadiet ganske raskt, beroende på hvor raskt og effektivt demokratiet er i stand til å satse på de nye vitenskapene. Den demokratiske prosess vil også ha langt flere mennesker som bryner sitt hode borti dette, på utallige måter, slik at utviklingskurven vil krumme seg enda mer oppover enn den gjorde i det 20. århundre.


    315. Sannhetskrigens
    316. Vi står ovenfor den viktigste kampen for demokratiet siden dets oppstart og den 2. verdenskrig. Men en stor del av det konservative media og politikere vil komme til å anse det som sin oppgave å roe og kneble massene, dersom en sterk misnøye mot antidemokratiet vokser til store høyder. Media må være klar over at de dermed står farlig nær å applaudere antidemokratiet.

      Antidemokratiet har sine egne "stø kurs" varianter. Som Arbeiderpartiet forsøker antidemokratiet å skape en utrygghet i massene, som skal bringe massene til eget nett, og fange dem innunder egen sikkerhetstenkning, og derfor rettferdiggjøre egen tilstedeværelse. Antidemokratiets beste forutsetningene for dette, deres "stø kurs", er i siste instans å spille på folks frykt for det ukjente, deriblant hevde utenomjordiske raser som farlige og en trussel mot jorden.

      Dermed ligger det også klart at de gode demokratiske kreftene må bli dyktige på de riktige trygghetsargumentasjonene for overgangen til den nye tid, for å vinne sannhetskrigen og kampen for demokratiet.

      Minstekravet i denne situasjonen er at folket blir satt i en valgsituasjon om hva det skal tro på, og da leder det til at salgstallene avgjør medias holdning. Men dertil kan også forventes store oppslag av antidemokratilignende uttalelser, som i og for seg kan være positivt, slik at folk kan ta stilling til det. Jeg stoler på pressens vurderinger, og dens evne til å forbedre sine vurderinger.


    317. Oljealderens
    318. Med parafysisk teknologi vil oljealderen ganske raskt være over, bortsett fra plastproduksjonen og andre biprodukter. I løpet av en 20 års periode vil plastproduksjonen trolig være det eneste igjenværende, kanskje i tillegg til en viss nostalgisk produksjon.

      Den samme argumentasjonen brukes av antidemokratiet, men sørger for å ta med en skremselsvinkling på det. Det trues med gigantiske kursfall og voldsom nedgang i verdensøkonomien, hvilket også er et kolossalt sikkerhetsspørsmål. Demokrater som stikker sitt hode bort i antidemokratiet blir raskt satt på plass med denne argumentasjonen. Den parafysiske teknologi, og overgangen til den i en samfunnsmessig forstand, ønsker antidemokratiet selv å ha herredømme over.

      Jeg vil isteden komme med et annet skremselsbilde enn det antidemokratiet gjør: Nå som politikere og media er informert om antidemokratiets eksistens, så vil en bevisst utsettelse av kampen mot antidemokratiet ikke bli tatt nådig opp av framtidas historieskrivere. Et overdrevet hensyn til den energiteknologi og tilhørende næringsinteresser vi har per idag er et underdrevent hensyn til framtida og fremtidens individer. En bevisst utsettelse er en fortsettelse av antidemokratiets evolusjonære reduksjon av samfunn og demokrati, samt kan ha alvorlige følger for vårt miljø. Som oljenasjon vil vi dessuten ha en langt bedre samvittighet dersom vi igangsetter oljealderens avslutning enn om vi motvillig må følge andre nasjoners utvikling.


    319. Patentsystemet
    320. Den parafysiske teknologi ønsker antidemokratiet selv å ha herredømme over, i det skjulte. Foreløpig velger de altså å avlede alle antidemokratiske og opprinnelig demokratiske parafysiske oppfinnelser bort fra offentligheten. Det er mange som har kommet med parafysiske oppfinnelser, som har trodd de ville revolusjonere verden og omskrive historien, bare for å oppdage at fra og med patentkontorene så er det stopp, dersom de overhodet har kommet så langt. Patentsystemet synes å være ideelt for antidemokratiet for å overvåke det hele.


    321. Patenter som vil overrumple demokratiene
    322. Men antidemokratiet kan ikke klare å holde alt tilbake. Før eller senere vil tingene slå igjennom for fullt. For eksempel: "Det er i dag over 200 patenterte tekniske innretninger under utvikling som helt eller delvis benytter NPE som energikilde." (Teknisk ukeblad Teknikk 144. årg. nr. 46 11. desember 1997). Nullpunktsenergi vil nærmest si å utvinne energi direkte fra det tomme rom. Men det tomme rom er ikke tomt. Pr. kvantefysisk teori er det faktisk langt mer energi i det tomme rom enn i materien selv. Casimir-effekten hevdes faktisk å ha bevist dette. De innretninger som benytter nullpunktsenergi gir mer energi ut enn det som tilføres. Det låter som perpetuum mobile nå vi avgrenser oss til materien, men er ikke det når det kokende virtuelle i "det tomme rom" medtas. NPE-teknologi klarer i dag å utvinne mer energi enn det tilføres. Det som forskes på er "minimum energimengde tilført og maksimum energimengde ut". Artikkelen i Teknisk Ukeblad henviser til Jørn Erik Ommang som en frontfigur for NPE her i Norge.

      Med relativt små mengder grønn energi tilført vil vi ha rikelige mengder til å dekke hele jordens økende energibehov. For disse energikildene vil det imidlertid ikke være behov for å tilføre noe utenfra i det hele tatt, fordi de er selvtilførende. Det er snakk om gratis og forurensningsfri energi. Inntil den tid vil jeg anbefale demokratiets gode krefter til å forsøke å sparke de regjeringer som ikke vil satse på for fullt på ENØK-tiltak og grønne energikilder, i tillegg til NPE, fusjonsenergi, antigravitasjon og tilsvarende. I og med at også demokratisk innstilte forskere allerede har oppnådd gode resultater på NPE, så har jeg ingen problemer med å komme med en slik anbefaling.

      Jeg ser ikke bort ifra at det kan komme små billige bokser på markedet basert på NPE eller annen fri energi, før Norge har begynt å få overskudd på gasskraftutbyggingen. Et lite solcellepanel og en slik boks er alt som skal til.

      Jeg vil anse fri energi som noe forskjellig fra NPE, fordi energiene som nedtransformeres ved fri energi er ikke av en materieforstått kvantefluktuernde art, selv om visse tilnærmingsmetoder kan ligne.


    323. Forskere må tvinge fram endringene
    324. Muligheten for at det dermed spres teknologi som gjør at man kan produserer farlige våpen, uten bruk av støpegods eller sprengstoff, vil dermed også være der, uten at verken demokratiet eller antidemokratiet vil ha den fulle kontrollen over det. Den fulle kontrollen har vi forøvrig ikke idag heller, hvor vi til og med kan ha atomvåpen på avveie, antraksbakterier osv.

      Kombinasjonen mellom et antidemokrati og et blindt demokrati viser seg som en meget dårlig og farlig blanding, slik at jeg vil anse det langt mer sikkert og moralsk å få spredd NPE og annen parafysisk teknologi på markedet, av opprinnelig ufarlig karakter, dersom demokratiene ikke oppnår nok kraft til å debattere tingene på forhånd. Hva politikere og media ikke klarer må forskerne tvinge fram.

      For å ikke risikere utilsiktede scenarier er det selvsagt best at demokratiet tar del i det fra begynnelsen av. Men scenarioet kan da også bli at antidemokratiet får stoppet det hele. Slik det ser ut i dag så kan det kreves at en uavhengig og godhjertet forsker sprer en sikker oppfinnelse på en sikker måte på egen hånd, slik at spredningen ikke kan stoppes av antidemokratene. Slik det ser ut for øyeblikket må folket ta sikkerhetstenkningen i egne hender.

      Dessverre finnes forkvaklede mennesker med tilsvarende ideer, som ikke tar sterk avstand fra vold og terror.


    325. NPE, kald fusjon og fri energi på demokratiets premisser
    326. Jeg vet ikke hvorfor den effekt som er oppnådd på NPE ikke anses som tilstrekkelig til å igangsatte storstilt utbygging, like lite som jeg ikke vet hvorfor man ikke har forsøkt å overkomme de siste problemene med stirlingmotoren, som ble oppfunnet i 1819. Sterlingmotoren har en langt bedre energiutnyttelse, og forurenser derfor langt mindre. Ting kan tyde på at oljeimperiene også har deltatt i den antidemokratiske ledelse. Dersom de ikke har gjort det, så er det mest nærliggende å tro at mennesker tilknyttet våpenindustrien, og mennesker tilknyttet den eksisterende våpenmakt (våpnenes utnyttelsesgrad og deres verdi), som har hatt den største formgivningen på dempingen av den teknologiske utvikling. Men selvsagt finnes mye relatert industri og politikk i dette, som frykter omstillinger og det uforutsigbare i markedet.

      Individenes trygghetstanke i det politiske "stø kurs" har motarbeidet mange positive fremskritt, og alt kan derfor ikke skyldes på antidemokrater og politikere.

      Gjennombruddet for fri energi vil før eller siden komme. Men det er formingen av dette gjennombruddet demokratiet må få den fulle kontrollen over, for at det ikke skal skje på antidemokratiets premisser, eller på de premisser som den kaosskapende kriminalitet antidemokratiet i større grad muliggjør. Demokratiet må i større grad orientere seg, og bli informert, om hva som skjer på området hva angår NPE, kald fusjon og parafysikk.

      Jeg vet ikke hvor langt antidemokratisk forskning har kommet på området NPE og kald fusjon, men trolig har de kommet mye lenger enn det vi kjenner via patentkontorene. Det kan med stor sikkerhet hevdes at antidemokratiet har kommet langt hva angår antigravitasjon, teleportasjon og andre fenomener, som jeg velger å kalle parafysiske. Dette vil selvsagt bli benektet, inntil spesifisert lovgivning og straffeutmåling mot antidemokratiet og dets løgner kommer på trappene.


    327. Parafysikken er overordnet kvantefysikken
    328. Kvantefysikkens grunnliggende feil er hvilken grunnliggende filosofi den baserer sine kvantefluktuasjoner på, og derfor baserer NPE på. Parafysikkens fordel er dens immaterialisme, med filosofiske tankestrukturer som med ett kan gi et stort løft til både NPE, kald fusjon, antigravitasjon, teleportasjon, overlyshastighet, superlederegenskaper og annet.

      Mange forskjellige og lignende anretninger har har framkommet fra forskere, med varierende kvalitet. Nye suksessfaktorer vil komme med superlederegenskapene, microfeltenes orden, macrofeltets orden, rotasjon og motrotasjon.

      Kjære patentkontor, ingen kan egentlig eie hva som hører naturen til, og jeg vil isteden betrakte det som UN’s og jordens demokratiers eiendom.

      For et lite demokratisk innblikk i parafysisk atomær tenkning, beskriver jeg her på en kortest mulig måte hva jeg mener vil gjøre at vi kan ta et helhetlig skritt bort fra kvantefysikkens mangler og gåter, for at vi så kan ta steget fra kvantefysikken og til parafysikken.


    329. "Mirror frequencies"
      - conclusion beyond physical conclusions
    330. With the conclusions of paraphysics, it is not a question if aliens in flying saucers exists or not. Aliens with travelling machines from other planets do in fact exist. With coding of the frequencies (which results to increased energy - anti-energy frequencies and not to a heating that will burn up the material), can the machine with its energies reach to what quantum mechanics call a more non-local level. There doesn't exist a duality between the local and the non local.

      Such machines can surely also dematerialise beyond the level quantum mechanics call "the virtual particle level", a level that according to themselves has more energy than matter itself, but no potentials. But it does in fact exist potentials and realities of existences that we cannot measure.

      Even standard machines driven by gasoline, being able to rotate around an axis, will increase this "mirror-frequency effect". Very small though.

      By also combining what we know as the supra-leading effect into this, we can get a combined microscopic and macroscopic effect, which will work back to increase the highest temperature for superconductivity. This again will create an even stronger field around the object, which has to stabilise the object and the super conducting state, and must be based on rounded shapes for rotating energies and for avoiding linear effects. The paraphysical conclusion is that superconductivity in essence is increased energy - anti-energy (mirror) frequencies and minimised energy to energy (chaotic) frequencies. As explained in this book, energy to anti-energy frequencies does not lead to flashes; wipeouts, as partly wrongly explained by quantum physic. We have to do with deeper fields here, not just Bohrian "linear out for equator" atomic considerations.


    331. Paraphysical atomic considerations
    332. A paraphysical conclusions is that there is equivalency between the size of mirror frequencies and the size of speeds, because of the equality between the degree of non-locality and the size of superluminal speed. Mirror-frequencies do not lead to unlimited masses and black holes, but to a passing of the quantum mechanical statistical virtual level, to new kind of laws.

      Draw a vertical line and call it the mirror. Energy is on one side of the mirror and anti-energy is on the other side of the mirror. There are equal amounts of them. Because in the non-local time- and spaceless (which is a everywhere point) there is equal amounts of "directions" and "anti-directions".

      The absolute non-local is everywhere, which mean being all energies, which means being unlimited energy. But with the equal amounts of energy and anti-energy in the absolute non-local, the unlimited energy is also equalised to being zero energy.

      In practise we do not have to take this zero energy into consideration, but it is one of many ways to explain why higher energies does not need to be noticed physically.

      The mirror-frequencies exists across the mirror, and the mirror-frequencies are highest nearest the mirror, which is "nearest" the non-local. There exists mirror frequencies and there exists other kind of frequencies, some of chaos and some of structure and order. All frequencies are bounded to a lesser or higher degree of mirror-frequencies. The higher mirror-frequencies - the higher energy, philosophically absolute to the mirror (the vertical line analogy), but unmeasurable for worlds of a lower mirror degrees.


    333. Direction and Force
    334. A force have a direction. If concluding that the absolute non-local state is a all-directed state without time and space, we may also conclude that this state is without any force, because forces has to act in the local illusion, where it act localised from something and localised towards something. If the quantum mechanical idea "non locality" is of force, relatively localised from something and localised towards something, then it is not non locality. Absolute non-locality has therefore to be a all directional state without acting forces. Relative non-locality is not real non-locality, but may take shortcuts as a acting force beyond our system of time and space and beyond our physical energies.

      Absolute non-locality has to be everything at the same time, because if not - it has a relative direction to something else. This state can not be a neutral state localised to something, because this would not be non-locality. The localised can not be neutral, because everything localised is of some direction, and everything of direction has to be a force to fill the totality of the everything state without force.


    335. Creating Direction to create Force
    336. From this we may further conclude that direction is of essence for force, and that seemingly neutral states may be of acting forces in other energy levels. Because the deepest non-local is of no force, and other nearly non-local levels neither are acting forces physically, we may conclude that energies of direction and frequencies exists beyond our physical level, and therefore beyond the quantum mechanical virtual level, that will say beyond the theoretical level for Zero Point Energy of quantum mechanics.

      Zero Point Energy is to try to fool a united direction and a big potential out from a homogeneous state with nearly no potentials, where it just exists countless potentials of particles and antiparticles plumping up from nothingness, and back to nothingness again. Countless small forces pointing in every direction is a lot of energy, but it is not of physical force or of what we call physical energy.

      Paraphysically we may take a step further than quantum mechanics and its Zero Point Energy. We may take a bigger advantage of matter, while also taking bigger advantage of energies beyond our physical level, being able to transform those energies to physical energies. We do not need to fool the energies beyond our physical level to a united direction, because it already is of unified direction. The challenge here is tho transform a higher potensial of unified direction into a physical direction, which will say to transform the energies to a lower mirror degree, but directed in a lower mirror-degree.

      "Dead matter" is also of countless small forces pointing in every directions. Making the particles (which is small magnets) point in nearly the same direction, we will first have magnetism and electricity, creating big potensials from the small physical potensials. Next step is superconductivity, where all particles is pointing in the same direction, or more correctly; in second each, which is showing the mirror law of nature. Superconductivity is conductivity without friction. Friction is small particle forces not pointing in the same direction, which creates chaos, which increases the degree of "dead matter". Superconductivity increases the degree of "living matter", which gives direction in a circular cense


    337. The Technological Carrots
    338. Unlimited many parallel universes exists, some with a low mirror-degree and some with a higher mirror-degree. A certain ground structure is carrier for that worlds laws, and the laws of a higher world decides the laws for a lower world.

      Many new technologies can be created from paraphysical truths. And with new technologies comes new economics. Inner laws can be transformed to our outer world, which for instance means very fast communication, anti-gravitation and unlimited access to free energy.


    339. Overgangsøkonomi og økonomiske motorer
    340. En eventuell voldsom nedgang i verdensøkonomien vil ikke skyldes parafysisk teknologi, men våre evolusjonære demokratiske mangler. Parafysisk teknologi vil dessuten ikke kunne masseproduseres over natten, slik at det vil bli noenlunde god tid på å transformere økonomien. Det er også et politisk tilpasningsspørsmål, eksempelvis til antigravitasjonell kollektivtrafikk og massetrafikk. Det finnes mange treghetsfaktorer, som gjør at næringslivet vil kunne omstille seg, og samtidig kan ivareta sin verdi.

      Men huller i transformasjonsprosessen kan oppstå, som kan kreve demokratiske økonomiske motorer, i mange tilfeller høyere enn nasjonalstaten og blokk-internasjonalismen, for å igangsette og opprettholde de nødvendige ringvirkninger. De økonomiske motorer behøver ikke å være subsidiering, men kan være nødvendigheter som hører de større helheter til, f.eks. slik som infrastruktur, utdanning og forskning. Eksempelvis genforskning er noe mange ønsker et høyt moralsk hovedforskningssenter for, som er uavhengig av næringslivets interesser. Slike jordiske hovedsentra er ikke å spy ut penger, men er å produsere rettferdighet, moral, ringvirkninger kjøpekraft.

      Dessverre blir våpenproduksjon og forsvar delvis sett på som økonomiske motorer per idag. Men det viser jo at det som delvis kan være en total verdiløs innsats kan gi positive følger for økonomien. De nye økonomiske motorene skal ikke være verdiløs innsats i den forstand, men behøver heller ikke å produsere noe, bortsett fra kunnskap, informasjon og ringvirkninger.

      Det er klart at en verdensskatt ville behjelpe dannelsen av de nye økonomiske motorene, samt til en mer rettferdig fordeling på denne klode.

      Å ta kampen opp mot antidemokratiet og dets sannheter vil ikke resultere i økonomisk nedgang, men til utallige vekstmuligheter for en grønnere økonomi. Man kan delvis ta kampen opp hver fra sin bås, og fra grasroten, men effektualiseringen må nødvendigvis skje gjennom større internasjonale organisasjoner, som UN. EU innlemmer dessuten flere og flere fattige nasjoner, med formål å heve deres økonomi.


    341. Vår storkulturs energiteknologi
    342. Enhver planlegging av, og nyoppstarting av, storslagen energiproduksjon basert på olje og gass, kan betraktes som forsøk på en uhensiktsmessig fortsettelse av oljealderen de kommende tiår.

      Avfall fra atomkraftverk er farlig nok i seg selv. Ulykker med atomkraftverk er meget farlig i global sammenheng. Kjernespalting i stor skala er ikke skadelig bare for denne verden, men også for parallelle verdener, og for fjerne solsystemer, både i en lokal og ikke-lokal energisammenheng, på grunn av balansens og karmaets finurlige sammenhenger. Individer utsatt for en atomsprengning kan få det forferdelig også "på den andre siden", fordi dette kaotiske inferno jobber subtilt nok til å skade mange av individets ikke-fysiske energiforbindelser.

      Likeledes kan en tilsynelatende ren energikilde som vannkraft være meget farlig i global sammenheng, fordi jorden er et rotasjonslegeme blant universelle krefter. Dette vil si at det ikke behøver å være så bra at så store mengder vann forflyttes fra den sørlige til den nordlige halvkule, eller opp i høyden for den saks skyld.


    343. Storkulturers
    344. En jordakseendring kan skyldes flere forhold, som forøvrig ikke behøver å skje før en storkultur har ødelagt seg på andre måter. Vi må forsøke å se sammenheng i det enkelte forskere hevder; at jordaksen har endret seg før, og at svært høytstående storkulturer, som nå er glemte kulturer, har vært delaktig i jordakseendringen og disse storkulturenes undergang. Platon refererte til egypterne, hopi-indianerne refererer til sine utenomjordiske kontakter, og andre kilder referer til akkurat det samme; at storkulturer i svunne tider har utslettet seg selv, med ild, vann osv. Atlantis og Lemuria hevdes å være den aller siste storkulturen som utslettet seg selv, for ca. 12000 år siden.


    345. Storkulturens
      åndelige utvikling

Nedkjemp antidemokratiet og bli vis. Men husk at parapsykologiske evner og høyteknologisk kultur ikke er det samme som et høyt åndelig utviklet nivå. Slik vil selvsagt den aller blindeste materialist og skeptiker kunne bidra til forhøyelsen av jordens åndelige nivå, og kan i mange tilfeller være høyere åndelig utviklet enn en med parapsykologiske evner. Egoets fristelser tar mange former.

De parapsykologiske evnene og parafysiske teknologier egner seg godt som utvidede horisonter og nye innfallsvinkler, slik at muligheten for jordens åndelige vekst blir vesentlig høyere. Om fallet kan bli større eller kan skje raskere enn en storkultur med atomvåpen? - Enhver storkulturs teknologi må oppfølges av en høyere kollektiv moral og åndelig utvikling. Vesentlige mangler er å finne i vår storkultur, hvor vi i mange tilfeller også opplever en bevisst blindgjøring og forledelse av demokratier, for egen kortsiktige vinnings hensikt. Hva som produseres er umodne demokratier. Umodne demokratier er hva blindgjørere og forledere selv må kjempe imot. Men i dette er det de finner sin maktbase.

At demokratier feiler kan skyldes mange forhold, men her kan nevnes:

  1. Demokratiet blir bevisst og ubevisst forledet.
  2. Pga. manglende innsikt forleder demokratiet seg selv. Men egen forledelse er en evolusjonær vei til selvinnsikt og modenhet – for sent i noen tilfeller for å unngå de verste scenarier.
  3. Demokratiet drasser på gamle arvesynder som det ikke har klart å kvitte seg med. Arvesyndene er gamle tenkemåter med dertilliggende emosjoner, eller kollektive emosjoner med dertilliggende tenkemåter. Noe av dette kan være utløsende når demokratiet feiler og bevisst lar seg forlede.


    1. Erklæring
    2. Parafysikken anerkjenner de indre og ytre beviser som finnes på at Jorden er besøkt av utenomjordiske, og at de har hatt stor innflytelse på vår historie. Disse bevisene har lenge eksistert, men blir undertrykt av anti-demokratiske krefter på jorden. Det er derfor bare en politisk erklæring som skal til, for at vi kan ta til med nye selvbilder, endre vår vitenskapelige og økonomiske tankegang, og snu de negative trender dette har hatt på vårt miljø.

      Parafysikken erklæres som mulighetenes fysikk, hvor overlyshastighet, telepati, teleportasjon, tidsreiser, dematerialisering og reiser til paralellverdener er mulig.

      Denne erklæringen vil beskytte parafysikken mot negativ infiltrasjon, og henviser debatten om utenomjordiske er her eller ikke til de mer primitive vitenskaper; relativitetsteori og kvantemekanikk. Parafysikken stiller seg åpen for alle som er usikre, men dens offisielle politikk er klar; utenomjordiske opererer på jorden. Parafysikken henviser de som benekter utenomjordisk eksistens på jorden til å kalle sitt tankesystem noe annet enn parafysikk.

      Heretter forblir problemstillingen om utenomjordisk eksistens eller ikke på jorden et ikke-tema. Det anbefales at de som snakker på vegne av parafysikken ikke deltar i fordummende debatter. Spørsmålstillingene og debattene må forflyttes opp på et nytt nivå, hvor de hører hjemme.

      Dersom det oppnås at parafysikere er konsekvent på dette, vil man bli møtt av beskyldninger om arroganse og religiøs fanatisme. Beskyldningene må møtes av et varmt hjerte tilbake, uten forsøk på å overbevise. Overbevisning er individets eget ansvar.

      Men dersom det kommer til stadium hvor parafysikken infiltreres og trekkes mot en materialistisk skeptisisme, og mot det å ikke jobbe for menneskehetens beste, da vil jeg be de gode arvtagere om å reformulere det beste av det beste under et nytt navn, og dermed under et nytt tak.


    3. Avbøyingen av
    4. Selv om det meste blir holdt hemmelig ennå, så er visse toppolitikere blitt informert og styrt inn på samme falske sikkerhetstenkning som hos antidemokratene.

      Det forefinnes også en viss infiltrasjon i de alternative miljøer. Læregutter fra de antidemokratiske kreftene lærer seg alternativmiljøenes sannheter og tenkemåter, men er også informert via de hemmelige ordener. Sådan blir de anti-demokratiske kreftene i stand til å legge seg nært i argumentasjonsform, og avbøyer alternativikernes tekning på sentrale punkt, slik at de blir kontrollerbare og delvis kan akseptere den antidemokratiske virksomhet.

      Særlig de som har en overdreven tro på karmaloven, og at menneskeheten uavvendelig må igjennom de og de faser i sin evolusjon, synes lette å kontrollere.


    5. Menneskets
      genetiske utvikling
    6. Først og fremst er det klokt å vise tillit til seg selv, granske egne tankeprosesser, og ikke være fremmed for at det nå er jordens anti-demokratiske krefter som kjører fryktens løp, som man ikke behøver å delta i.

      De som kjører fryktens løp, er informert om, men er uforstående til, at menneskehetens gener er i ferd med å endre seg. De er sterke nok i sin falske tro, til å dempe menneskets genetiske utvikling, og til og med tillempe våre gener nye svakheter.

      Mr. alienhunter; Derrel Sims, ref. kapittel "Alien Skulls and Scientific Judgement", er ikke den korrekte mann å gå til undersøkelse hos. Hans nye proklamerte utforskningsområde har et superpotensiale, også for de med mørke hensikter, til å manipulere, til å holde ting skjult.

      Vi har sett at enkelte mennesker har trestrenget DNA. Forskerne har observert at vi spiser mindre nå enn før. Osv, osv. Et paradigmeskifte er på vei når det gjelder genetikk, som blant annet vil fortelle at vi ikke helt er slaver av våre kroppslige gener, og at vi til og med selv er i stand til å endre dem med tankeprosesser. Nyere forskning forsøker dessuten å sprøyte inn friske gener i kroppen, som "spiser opp" og tar plassen til de syke.

      Menneskets tankeprosesser og kjærlighetsevne er i stand til å gjøre det samme, slik at det er den økte multidimensjonalitet og kjærlighetsevne via hjertet som vil skape det egentlige supermennesket.


      Tor Opdahl

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      Chapter 23

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      Atomvåpen, Frekvensvåpen og Bevissthet


      Vesten bidrar til å skape atomvåpenmakter i Østen

      "Vestlige krefter har bidratt til atomvåpenprogrammer i Østen, for å opprettholde et fiendebilde, og opprettholde stabilitet og makt for den nåværende økonomi"

      Uten referanse kan dette betraktes som en påstand, men bør av sikkerhetsmessige årsaker ikke oversees. Min personlige indre motspionerende kontakt sier ikke i hvilke(t) land og i hvilket omfang. Men vi vet fra før at for eksempel Tyskland bidro til oppbyggelsen av Saddams våpenmakt, samt at våpenindustrien har hatt sterk påvirkningskraft på den tyske regjeringen.

      Tysk etterretning har nylig offentliggjort (2001) at Saddam muligens har atomvåpen innen 3 år. Er denne informasjonen planmessig frambrakt?

      Selvsagt ikke planmessig frembrakt ble det i et av TV-programmene 60 Minutes nevnt mange nye nasjoner som er i ferd med å etablere seg som atomvåpenmakter.

      Kjære leser:

      Det kan vise seg at hovedtrådene til oppbyggingen av atomvåpenmaktene i Østen går til USA. Har ditt land vilje og evne til å slå hardt imot USA og USA’s ikke-demokratiske sterke krefter dersom dette viser seg å være korrekt, at USA, med sine antidemokratiske krefter, er hovedfaktoren bak?

    7. Ikke-demokratiske sterke krefter ønsker å spille helterolle
    8. Ikke demokratiske sterke krefter i USA, som trolig ikke omfatter nok individer og er sterke nok denne gangen, har ønsket og ønsker seg en storkrig i Midtøsten. Dette for å spille helterollen og ha herredømmet over innføringen av parafysisk teknologi i verdenssamfunnet, samt opprettholde herredømmet over sikkerhetstenkningen, og ivareta økonomisk styrke, makt og en sjefsrolle. Økonomi og sjefsrolle er nøye sammenbundet med denne form for sikkerhetstenkning. I helterollen vil disse kreftene oppnå en større manipulasjonsevne og styrke til å kunne forsvare det anti-demokratiet som har pågått igjennom så mange tiår, og som har satt den politiske og individuelle åndelige evolusjonen så sterkt i lås, og som har redusert vår evne til problemløsning, f.eks med miljøvennlige energiforsyningssystemer.

      Men det er ingen tvil om at antidemokratiske krefter uansett i stor grad vil vinne fram med sine synspunkter, mye pga. svake skeptikere, journalister, kommentatorer og rikssynsere, og det paradigmet vi er så bundet av, og som antidemokratene vil forsvare hvorfor vi måtte bindes i. Når antidemokratiet agerer den gode samaritan, skrur på sjarmen, forteller om farene ved den nye teknologien (som det jo alltid vil være med ny teknologi, og som demokratiet må lære ansvar og ikke-naivitet i forhold til), som de heltemodig har forsvart oss mot, ikke kommet på hendene til verdens gale menn osv., ja da vil journalistene falle som fluer. Men selger våpen gjør de.

      Alle kjenner mikrobølgeovnen. Da kan vi spørre; hvorfor er ikke gatene overfylt av mikrobølgevåpen? som går spesifikt på vannmolekylet, som bare er forspillet til denne teknologien, med utallige frekvensvarianter. De vil nok komme. Men kommer de uten at demokratiet kjenner til dem og kan gjøre tiltak, så vil de være desto farligere.

      Kjære leser:
      Kan du bidra til at ditt land ikke er en nikkedukke, slik at de antidemokratiske synspunkter ikke får uhensiktsmessig og farlig fotfeste via dere?, verken i et uforbeholdent forsvar av historien eller i et forsvar av fortsettelsen av antidemokratisk hemmelighold og maktovergrep?

      Kjære leser, som du forstår så maner jeg ikke til vold og terror, men til tålmodig arbeid med fredelige midler.

    9. Presidentene har stort sett tilhørt demokratiets side
    10. Rats sto det i Bush’ politiske reklamesnutt, et lite flash, usynlig for dagsbevisstheten, men som skulle påvirke underbevisstheten og dermed opinionen.

      Presidentene har hatt liten innsikt i antidemokratiet, men antidemokratiet har hatt sine presidentkandidater, som gjorde det lettere for antidemokratiet å navigere på sin måte. Bush lå denne maktfaktoren nærmest under siste valg; pengemakten og våpenmakten, og det tilknyttede hierarki og spredte maktapparat, som ivaretar supermaktens herredømme og sikkerhetstenkning, uavhengig av de skiftende presidenter og andre folkevalgte. Ikke alle i denne skjulte makten er så demokratisk innstilt. Ikke alt de mener er sunn sikkerhetstenkning.

      Noen presidenter fikk et lite innblikk. F.eks forledet de Ronald Reagen til å si: "Kanskje trenger vi en felles fiende fra det ytre rom". Men han insinuerte og sa det for ofte….

      Kjære leser:
      Tror du, blant annet med Bush’ sine holdninger under stemmeopptellingen etter presidentvalget, at han er en mann av moral og en mann med evne til å redusere på antidemokratiet, med påfølgende politisk evolusjon, også i ditt land? Dersom han begynner med frigivelse av informasjon, tror du denne vil være fri for forsøk på manipulasjon av massene? Vil den være fri for manipulerende halvsannheter?

      Kjære leser:
      Dersom ditt land hadde forhold som det kunne ta tak i der hjemme, som kunne redusere antidemokratiet, og også skape dominoeffekter i USA, ville da ditt land gjøre dette?

    11. Bevissthetsmanipulasjon
    12. Når det gjelder forskning i bevissthet så har også dette hatt høyeste prioritet. Vi så i TV-programmet "Rikets tilstand" om operasjoner med elektroder i menneskehjernen og hvilken effekt dette hadde på de psykisk lidende. Forskningen ble støttet av CIA. Vi fikk se på "Globus 2" på TV 2 søndag 5/11-95 hvordan tankekrefter og telepati ble sett på som et mektig våpen under den kalde krigen, som kan kontrollere enkeltindivider og store folkemasser. Vi kjenner også til filmglimtet som skal manipulere underbevisstheten, og dermed dagsbevisstheten.

      Hva demokratiene kjenner mindre til er at bevisstheten er bølger / frekvenser, og at man dermed kan bruke teknologi til å gå motsatt vei, altså manipulere menneskehjernen fra et sted nært eller langt bortefra, altså uten å operere. Forskningen i Norge med operative inngrep, foretatt av Carl Wilhelm Sem-Jacobsen, skulle bare bekrefte deler av det den lyssky forskningen selv hadde kommet fram til.

      Hva kan de så gjøre med dette? – De kan skape depresjoner og frykt i individet, og aggresjoner. De kan skape en stemning i opinionen. De kan bevare samfunnet innenfor det rådende paradigmet. De kan skape kreft hos uønskede personer. De kan framprovosere hjerteattakk hos uønskede personer. De kan viljesfryse et individ, slik at all handlingsevne blir lammet, for eksempel mens det kjører bil. Egenfrekvensen til en mikroorganisme kan etterlignes, slik at individet er mer mottagelig for invasjon av denne organismen. De kan skape sinnsforvirrede drapsmaskiner for å kvitte seg med uønskede personer. Og så videre. Formålet er å kontrollere og manipulere, uten selv å bli oppdaget.

      Min personlige motspionerende etterretningskontakt hevder at disse frekvensvåpnene ble utprøvd i stor skala i krigen i Kosovo, som har ledet til så utrolig mange krefttilfeller, og at "utarmet uran" hele tiden har vært planlagt som et dekke.

      Kjære leser:

      Jeg kan ikke bevise denne kilden for deg. Det er delvis ukorrekt av meg å bruke en slik autoritetsargumentasjon i fortellerhensyn (jeg forøsker ikke å overbevise). Samtidig må det innrømmes at min kilde er diffus, i og med at min menneskelige bevissthet ikke kan motta det eksakt, og at jeg derfor i stedet må trå til med det filosofiske, mest mulig forsøkt logisk oppbygd. Med forsøk på gjengivelse av eksakte fakta fra kilden, som på sett og vis ikke kan regnes som en faktaopplysning, så blir det et relativt fokus på tingene, som gjenspeiler mine ideer, og derfor noe feilaktige. Men av mangel på fakta denne gangen, uten å kunne finne den noen steder, så har på dette området valgt å ikke sy informasjonen eller følelsen inn i kun sannsynliggjorte logiske argumentasjoner, men henviser i stedet til min indere kilde. Planting av atomvåpen eller atomvåpenprogrammer, og bruk av frekvensvåpen i Kosovo, er noe jeg ikke kan finne fra andre kilder. Men jeg sannsynliggjør det likevel med filosofisk argumantasjon, selv om det må aksepteres at store partier av teksten blir basert på påstander.

      Men bevissthetsmanipulasjon med teknologiske midler, er noe som finnes store mengder skrevet stoff om på generell basis.

      Samme frekvensvåpen som jeg påstår ble brukt i Kosovo, kanskje i en annen variant, ble sannsynligvis også brukt i Golfkrigen på begynnelsen av 90-tallet.

      Kjære leser:

      Hvilket ståsted tror du ditt land kommer til å innta når de antidemokratiske krefter høyst sannsynlig vil komme til å forsøke å spre den holdning, at dette våpenet var nødvendig for å vinne krigen(e) på en effektiv og barmhjertig måte?

      Kjære leser:
      Hva sier du til påstanden om at krigen på Balkan trakk så i langdrag fordi bakenforliggende krefter i Nato ønsket å opprettholde et tidvis fiendebilde og en rettferdiggjørelse av det økonomiske system, basert på våpenmakt? Var disse kreftene i tenkeboks for å vinne tid, kanskje også for å forske i nye våpen og strategier, i en tid da fiendene synes å forsvinne?

      I utelivets diskusjoner konfronterte jeg en del mennesker med ovenstående påstand. Den generelle tilbakemelding jeg fikk var: "Det verste er at jeg tror du faktisk har rett."

      Kjære leser:
      Noen går så langt som å hevde at frekvensvåpen finnes i satellitter, blant annet for å sløve ned menneskeheten innunder den grense som er definert som gagnbart for økonomi og sikkerhet. Har du noen tro på at noe slikt kan foregå?

    13. Antidemokratiets Backup

    14. Likeså vanskelig som journalistene kan ha for å tro at antidemokratisk virksomhet i vesten (tilknyttet sikkerhetstenkning og politikk) har medvirket til atomvåpenprogrammer i Østen / Midt-Østen, likeså umulig kan antidemokratene ha støttet hverandre i en slik akt uten en form for backup. Denne backupen kan nettopp være frekvensvåpen, og at de har kommet mye lenger med stjernevåpenprogrammet enn de selv vil innrømme. Hva slags backup? Skyte ned atomvåpen på vei over Atlanteren? - Nei, dette er nok mye mer omfattende enn som så.

      Skulle man risikere bommerter over Atlanteren eller ville man uskadeliggjøre faren på et tidligere stadium? - Både og. Man vil kunne eliminere faren på et så tidlig stadium som mulig, dersom det skulle oppstå et uønsket trusselbilde ved et ønsket nytt fiendebilde.

      Backupen må ha en spennvidde. Er satellitter det eneste de har å basere seg på? – Nei, det påstås jo for eksempel at amerikanerne har klart å etterligne UFO-teknologien en viss grad, at de nå har triangulære hyperraske flygende fartøy som er frekvensiert / dematerialisert til å befinne seg over det synlige spekteret, eller at gravitasjonsavbøyning avbøyer lys og andre frekvenser rundt selve fartøyet, teknologi fra det dementerte Philadelphia-eksperimentet, Einstein’s generelle feltteori, Tesla’s forskning osv. Disse fartøyene kan være ideelle for bruk av frekvensvåpen.

      Men backupen vil nødvendigvis ha en enda større spennvidde i selve bruken og for hva slags bruk, til hva slags formål og så videre. Det er ikke snakk om en laserstråle, selv om man sannsynligvis også kan fokusere frekvensstrålen, med en uant presisjon. Det er ikke umulig at man kan bruke dette fra satellitter, som kan se med en detaljrikdom og har en treffsikkerhet bedre enn de selv vil innrømme, ta livet av en uønsket person her og der, og det som verre er. Og det er jo ikke snakk om at slike stråler blir tatt av vinden, slik en kule. Men visse brytningseffekter kan i visse tilfeller oppstå.

      Hvordan forsvare seg best mot de atomvåpen i fiendeland som man selv er med å plassere ut? Det kan være at de bruker frekvenser mot selve "lydbinderen" i metallet i raketten, og som samtidig finnes sporadisk i menneskekroppen, som dermed skaper en rask nedsmeltning, uskadeliggjøring både av rakett og knapptrykkere. Det kan være seg at de skaper magnetiske forstyrrelser som går på selve styringssystemet. Og sannsynligvis vil de også sikre seg med å ha tradisjonell nedskytning som backup.

      Det kan være seg at en Tesla-variant av frekvensvåpen kan generere jordskjelv, som påstås fra visse hold, og at jordskjelv uten forhåndsamplituder gjerne kan være slike menneskeskapte jordskjelv. Det påstås i konspirasjonsteoretikernes kretser at Tesla-jordskjelv er blitt brukt mot visse områder for å danne økonomisk skade. Tesla jordskjelv vil derfor ha et annet bruksområde enn spesifikt mot atomvåpen.

      Det påstås at man kan bruke bakkebaserte stasjoner, stråler som reflekteres i atmosfæren. Det påstås at nettverk av bakkebaserte stasjoner kan skape negative interferensmønstre over ganske så stedbestemte steder på kloden., Tromsø - Svalbard, påstås å være linket opp i et slikt nettverk, for militære folkemanipulerende formål ved behov.

      I følge Wilhelm Schjelderup, i hans ennå høyaktuelle bok fra 1987; Elektromagnetismen og Livet, benevner Russerne den ikke termiske effekten av elektromagnetisk stråling for "vinduseffekten", det at selv stråling av meget lav intensitet kan virke spesifikt på spesifikke nivåer i hjernen/kroppen, og kan ha skadelige virkninger. Dette anerkjennes pr. i dag ikke av tradisjonelt kjemiske tenkere, som for eksempel også vanskelig kan akseptere den økte kreftfaren ved høyspentledninger, selv om dette pr. i dag regnes som bevist. Farene ved mobiltelefon er et annet eksempel, og kun en liten termisk varmeeffekt anerkjennes.


    15. Bevissthets-
      i Norge?
    16. Rauni-Leena Luukanen skal i følge UFO-interesserte i Norge ha påstått at frekvensbokser for folkemanipulasjon er plassert på Karl Johan (Norges største handlegate) og på Gardermoen(flyplass). Andre UFO-interesserte har liten tro på at noe slikt er utplassert på Karl Johan.

      Discovery Channel har hatt minst ett program som spesifikt omhandler temaet folkemanipulasjon med frekvenser, og som blant annet avslører (pr. påstand) en av frekvensene som brukes.

      En annen kvinne, fra Maura, mener å kjenne til utstrakt bruk av bevissthetsmanipulasjon med frekvenser i Norge, nok til å fylle et par bøker. Dette fremlegger hun sterkt, men samtidig ydmykt og jordnært. Men, som med så mange av oss, er hun i risikosonen for å bli latterliggjort dersom en journalist skulle fatte interesse for saken. Journalistene kan formulere seg i nedlatende vendinger, og i misforstått balanserte vendinger, kanskje i frykt for selv å bli latterliggjort. Vi må bare erkjenne at journalistene lider av et gigantisk kompetanseunderskudd i forhold til et metapolitisk og parafysisk paradigmeskifte. Vi må også akseptere, at forgrunnspersoner i denne overgangstiden i stor grad må påta seg en klovnerolle. Men man kan også med fordel holde seg unna de verste fallgruvene som offentligheten kan volde, for å bevare sin indre styrke, som store menneskemasser vil kalle for selvløgner og fantasier.

      Kvinnen fra Mauras store fordel er hennes bevissthets sammenknytning med denne type manipulasjonsteknologi.

      De aller fleste kjenner til våre evner til å bli smittet av humøret til andre mennesker og grupper av mennesker, eller at vi rent EQ-messig kan skanne humør og holdninger hos andre.

      Vi kjenner til at enkelte mennesker kan ha forstyrrende innvirkning på visse instrumenter. Det som kan gå en vei kan også gå den andre veien. Mennesket sender ut på samme vis som det mottar. Wenche Kaspersen hevder hun både med en tilstedeværelse og med en viljesakt er i stand til å sette frekvensbokser med manipulasjonsformål ut av funksjon.

      Hun hevder å vite om to slike bokser i Braathens bygninger på den militære delen av Gardermoen. Hun hevder at frekvensmanipulasjon var en del av det militære opplegget på Hauerseter militærleir ved Nordkisa.

      Åndsmakt eller

      Det finnes mange påstander om at antidemokratiet egentlig ikke vil mennesket og demokratiet det beste. Full kontroll over de mørke aspektene av sikkerhetstenkning, økonomi og makt krever undertrykkelse.

      Det finnes påstander om at aidsviruset og ebolaviruset er menneskeskapte. Vi har nylig fått en påstand i norsk media om at legemiddelindustrien egentlig ikke ønsker en vaksine mot aids, som vil være tilgjengelig om kort tid dersom tilstrekkelige ressurser settes inn på det. Industrien ville selvsagt ikke innrømme dette selv. Man kan også vanskelig påvise en sentralisert mørkemakt bak, selv om man kan påstå at negative underbevisste strømninger; selvløgner som ikke ville sees, har dannet negative tendenser i innsatsfaktoren.

      Da kan det være lettere å finne holdbarhet i påstanden om at kreft er en sykdom som av sterke krefter ikke har vært ønsket fjernet, særlig med tanke på manipulasjonsevnen i krig og fred, og at motstanderens sykdom kan være en velsignelse.

      Herredømmet over de omkringliggende sannheter vil man også beholde. Jeg hørte en gang et rykte om at en mann som fant egenfrekvensen til kreftceller, ble tatt av dage. Jeg har per i dag ingen navn eller kilde å henvise til angående dette.

      Men nå hevdes det fra flere tradisjonelle hold at også kreften kan bekjempes. Faren da er at antidemokratiet intensiverer psykisk krigføring og folkemanipulasjon med frekvensvåpen. Når muligheten for at færre stryker med øker muligheten for at flere ikke har sterke moralske motforestillinger mot frekvensvåpen. Slik mediefokuset på den politiske dekkoperasjonen; utbrent uran, har vært, så kan det i dag være av antidemokratiets interesse at konvensjonelle metoder for bekjempelse av kreft dukker opp. Mørkekreftene forflytter seg bare til et nytt plan.

      En annen kreftforsker, Dr. Ryke G Hamer, som har begynt å oppnå stor anerkjennelse, har opplevd både fengsling og ellers møtt mye motbør i sitt tidligere hjemland, Tyskland. Dr. Hamer har i over 20 år forsket i hvilke tankemønstre som ligger bak de forskjellige krefttyper, og ved å endre tankemønsteret så fjerner man kreften, gradvis over tid. Det hevdes at 98% av tilfellene resulterer i helbredelse, ved hans nye tilholdssted i Sveits, uten at jeg på det nåværende tidspunkt kan bekrefte det. Mer om Dr. Hamer kan man f.eks finne på:, og

      Forskningen viser at det er sammenheng mellom emosjonelle konflikter og kreft, og at det er sammenheng mellom forskjellige emosjonelle sentre i hjernen og forskjellige krefttyper. Utifra dette og vinduseffekten kan man konkludere at frekvensiell bevissthetsmanipulasjon kan danne kaosmønstre som bevisstheten transformerer til kroppslige resultater, kreft, uten at det er snakk om høye strålingsdoser som pr. tradisjonelle termodynamiske eller elektromagnetiske reaksjoner kan resultere i kreft.

      Paradigmet som tillater kreft med så lave og subtile strålingsdoserdoser, og som tillater en forbedring og regenerering dannet fra egen bevissthet, kan logisk mulig beskrives slik: Kvantefysikken, som hevder at det dypeste energiplanet er kaos og statistikk, og at orden oppstår på et høyere plan, avvises som falsk. Isteden hevdes Parafysikken som korrekt. Parafysikken hevder at de dypeste ordensstrukturene befinner seg bak kvantefysikkens såkalte virtuelle fluktuerende felt, og at ordensfaktoren sentrerer seg mot et punkt uten tid og rom, som nødvendigvis må være absolutt (ikke i rom, men overalt, og derfor alt på samme tid, og kan derfor ikke relativt sammenlignes med noe som helst) (forklart i eget kapittel). (Absoluttet; alt forent, kan umulig ha kaotiske egenskaper). Dermed forstås bevissthet som noe som strekker seg forbi det synlige og målbare fysiske. Sykdom forstås som kaos, bevissthetsmønstre som man har festet seg i og som samsvarer dårlig med de dypere ordensstrukturene. Helse forstås som at den fysiske bevissthet har åpne kanaler mot de dypere ordensstrukturene og disses transformasjonsevne.

      Men dermed betyr helse at man tidvis også må konfrontere de mer negative mønstrene, altså at man tidvis må gjennomgå sykdom.

      Dermed forstås også bevissthet som noe som er overordnet genetikken; at bevissthet kan transformere genene, og at gentransformasjon av sykdom ikke kan skje med full suksess uten en medfølgende tilhørende bevissthetsendring. Om sykdomskilden ikke fjernes helt, hvor tilhørende bevissthet ikke identifiseres, så vil man få et tilbakeslag, eller en forflytning til svært så resistente mikroorganismer; parasitter, bakterier og virus. Dette vil være et kollektivt problem, delvis rettet mot tidsånden, hvor menneskene med tilhørende bevissthetskoder stiller seg mest åpne for disse organismene og deres sykdomsart. Genteknologien vil derfor hele tiden ligge på etterskudd, selv om vi kan erkjenne den som en viktig del av vår utvikling.

      Vi lever i en tid hvor genteknologi og sterk åndelig oppvåkning vil gå hånd i hånd. Men vi vil få oss noen på trynet, som vi nødvendigvis tvinges til å lære av.

      Åndelig oppvåkning gjør oss mindre manipulerbare. Frekvensvåpnene vil ha mindre effekt; de eksisterer på et lavere plan enn bevissthet av en høyere orden. Bevisstheten av en høyere orden vil være bedre i stand til å beskytte de kroppslige funksjoner og helse mot de negative innvirkninger. I dag kan vi på ingen måte si vi har kommet åndelig langt nok til å ta slik beskyttelse for gitt.

      Bevissthet av en høyere orden betyr i bunn å grunn kjærlighetsevnen, fordi ordenssentralen bak tid og rom har umiddelbar ordenskontakt til alt eksisterende. Fra dette perspektivet eksisterer ikke noe kaos eller ondskap. Alt på de lavere relative plan som nærmer seg eller etterligner ordenssentralen vil merke mindre av kaoset, og være mindre påvirkelig av det.

      Sett ifra manipulasjonskreftenes side er derfor sykdom en velkommen ting. Åndelig oppvåkninger er ikke en velkommen ting. Den grå menneskemasse skal tjene de begrensede økonomiske og sikkerhetsmessige hensyn. Derfor ønskes ikke at menneskene skal kjenne til visse tenkemåter, som for eksempel de frekvensvåpnene innebærer. Det ønskes ikke at menneskeheten skal kjenne tilsvarende tenkemåter, som kan gi bedre rom for åndelig oppvåkning. UFO, frekvensvåpen og slike ting ligger for nært for positive individuelle og demokratiske konklusjoner.

      Men vi vet også at det antidemokratiske rollekrav trekker tilsvarende informasjon til negative konklusjoner. Unnskyldningen for å forlede demokratiene og menneskeheten bort ifra den potensielt helbredende tenkemåten vil ha en tilsynelatende edel karakter, på en planet som uansett har atomvåpen og nok andre våpen til å drepe hverandre utallige ganger.

      Når vi ikke kjenner til tenkemåtene til antidemokratene og de negative mulighetene de innebærer, så vil vi også ha mindre mulighet til å demokratisk beskytte oss mot dem. Man må forstå at antidemokratene lider av sammenblandinger av lys og mørke som forhindrer dem å nå de store åndelige dybder. Dertil også manglende teknologiske dybder, for åndskraft og teknologi vil i de stadig større dybder vare stadig mer sammenvevd. Større åndskraft er større kjærlighetsevne. Større kjærlighetsevne er klarere tenkeevne. Det er ikke mulig for antidemokratene å nå de aller største dybdene slik de er i dag. Disse dybdene har et eget naturlig innbygd selvforsvar mot slike krefter. Disse dybdene er naturens naturlige sikkerhetstenkning. De slipper ikke de lavere bevisstheter inn. De er mer telepatiske, slik at man i slike forhøyede samfunn lettere vil kunne avsløre negativitet.

      Men det finnes høytelepatiske vesener med manglende tilhørende emosjonell utvikling, som jo også er en del av den totale helhetlige bevissthet. De er lavere vesener av høye teknologiske og telepatiske evner, lavere enn oss på den universelle evolusjonsstige, men kan forstå langt mer enn oss. Disse vesenene kan til tider bære karakter av sterk negativitet, men behøver generelt ikke være det. Det er slike vesener de konspirasjonelle antidemokrater vil påprakke oss et ensidig fiendebilde på, rettferdiggjøre konspirasjonelt hemmelighold, rettferdiggjøre utviklingen av parafysiske våpen og rettferdiggjøre storskala utforskning av dem.

      Det er ikke slike konspirasjonelle krefter her på jorden galaktiske UN organisasjoner nå vil forsøke å ta kontakt med, når jorden nå passerer en viktig del av sin evolusjon. Men vi skal selvsagt ikke naivt basere oss helt og fullt på utenomjordisk hjelp, like lite som vi skal være naive til krefter utenifra. I dag ser det ut til at vi aller minst skal være naive til de konspirasjonelle antidemokratiske kreftene her på jorden, som holder nede jordens åndelige og teknologiske utvikling, og som blant annet ønsker påføre oss en ny form for kald krig tenkning, hvor våpenoppbygning er en viktig del av den økonomiske tekningen.

      Hva om det generelle demokratiet avslører dette og ikke vil akseptere dette fiendebildet i denne formen? – Da vil det ligge nye argumentasjoner på lur for å rettferdiggjøre det konspirasjonelle antidemokrati. De vil blant annet argumentere for at dette har forhindret at despoter og diktatorer i farlige småstater har kunnet utvikle og nyttiggjøre frekvensvåpen. De vil argumentere for at forhindringen av demokratisk utvikling av antigravitasjon har forhindret at folk har kunnet bevege seg fritt over grensene. Mange argumentasjoner vil komme. La oss lure dem til overflaten. La oss tvinge dem til overflate. La dem slippe til, så vet vi hvor vi har dem.

      Man må påberegne at kreftene bak deres sannheter vil være de sterkeste i en startfase. Men dette betinger offentlighetens lys. På det nåværende tidspunkt anser de seg som sterkest i det skjulte, mens offentligheten bedriver skyggeboksing.

      Journalistene og redaksjonene vil bli stilt ovenfor mange grelle påstander, hva frekvensvåpnene innebærer og i hvilket omfang de blir brukt. Noe kan nok være overivrige påstander, men man kan nok forvente seg at sannheten har langt verre karakter enn man i utgangspunktet trodde. Men man må også forvente seg bevisste avledningsmanøvrer fra negative krefter, for alle journalistene løper jo etter den ballen som blir sparket ut.

      Man vil ikke få bukt med antidemokratiet før man får opprettet en løgnlov, med særdeles streng strafferamme dersom løgn påvises, slik at en dominoeffekt kan begynne å fungere. Selv de som dekker for andre i et nettverk eller hierarki, eller har draptrusler hengende over seg ved avsløring, eller over nær familie, må straffes meget hardt ved løgn, eller ved tilbakeholdelse av informasjon. Bare på denne måten kan demokratiet komme videre.

      Tor Opdahl


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      Chapter 29

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      The Parliament on tour


      Parlamentet har fått i gave en UFO av en vennligsinnet humanoid rase, og nå vil gjengen ut på tur.

      De bestemmer seg for å besøke noen planeter i Andromeda-galaksen, som er i forskjellige stadier i sin utvikling. Noen må bare observeres utenifra, for å ikke influere i det utviklingsstadiet de er kommet til.

      De illusjonsdannende speilenergiene forøkes til et nivå som overskrider Einstein’s relativitetslover, og kodes til slutt inn på et spenningskompleks universelt tilhørende denne galaksen. Energiene sammenfalles og dermed foretas teleportasjonen.

      En venstremann er umåtelig interessert i selve farkosten og framdriftssystemene.

      Reisen pågår en stund og en senterpartimann får lyst på pizza. Behovene for sosiale relasjoner og beina godt plantet i jorda vil det også være i UFO-alderen, sier han over en kaffekopp til en FRP-kvinne, AP-mann og en SV-kvinne. De sier seg enige i det.

      De besøker en planet som nylig har passert stadiet med frykten for ny teknologi og konsekvensene på økonomien. Antigravitasjonbaserte farkoster hadde massene likevel måttet vente på i 7-20 år, for at veinett og systemer kunne tilpasses. De hadde først begynt med svevefartøyer like over bakken. Siden det var en treghet i den administrasjonsmessige tilpasning, så fikk økonomien god tid til å transformeres, uten det fryktede totalkaos. I det man hadde oppfunnet fri-energi, så ble økonomien og rettferdigheten mer likelig fordelt over hele planeten. Det var derfor ikke lenger noen frykt for å få for mange folk over grensene. De innrømmet at det var en frykt for å innføre parafysisk teknologi, blant annet grunnet terrorfrykten og enkel farlig spredning av den. Men de hadde funnet ut at det var langt farligere å ikke innføre parafysisk teknologi, grunnet miljøet, og grunnet det kollektive raseri og at dette i alt for stor grad var i ferd med å vende seg kollektivt imot de undertrykkende hemmeligholdene nasjoner, hvor bakenforliggende krefter ville beholde sin makt og herredømmet over den begrensede rådende økonomiske tenkning. Det begynte med sterkere brobygging mellom positive krefter på planeten først, og så kunne kommunikasjonen og de positive relasjoner forøkes i et stadig akselererende tempo. Reduksjonen av fundamentalismen foregikk parallelt. Nytenkning og løsninger vokste i et stadig akselererende tempo, etter hvert som potensielt positive krefter ble forløst.

      Parlamentet besøker mange planeter, men ingen var så nær jorden i evolusjonsstadium som denne.

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      Chapter 32

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      den 12te planet

      Kanalisering av Tore Alfstad


      Planeten hørte opprinnelig til Sirius systemet der den kretset om Sirius A som planet nr 4 regnet fra stjernen. Etter et besøk av destroyer kometen beskrevet blant annet i Semjases kontaktnotater, ble planeten tvunget inn i den bane den har nå. I denne banen omkretser den vekselvis vår sol og Sirius A. Nibiru har omtrent 10 ganger større masse enn Jorden. Den har en mindre tetthet enn Jorden så planetens volum virker enda større. Det var en avansert Siriansk sivilisasjon på planeten på det tidspunkt destroyer kometen tok tak i den. Innbyggerne greide derfor igjennom avansert energiplan 2 teknologi å skape et beskyttende kraftfelt rundt planeten, noe som hindret landeforandringer på grunn av tidevannskreftene. Dette kraftfeltet hindret også at planeten tapte varme idet den forlot det sirianske solsystem. De opprinnelige innbyggerne var ur sirianere og de lignet ikke så mye på oss. Det var 2 raser på planeten i dette tidsrommet. Det var den amfibielignende rasen og en rase som ligner noe på oss. Etter ca 2 kretsløp i den nye banen ble innbyggerne så lei mørketiden at de forlot planeten og bosatte seg på de andre planetene i Sirius systemet. Det ble bare noen få tilbake. Planeten ble da stående nesten tom. Dette tiltrakk maktbegjærlige raser som så på planeten som en mulig base for militær ekspansjon i galaksen. Dette var blant annet en reptilrase. Denne hadde kontakt med Orion imperiet. Da Orion imperiet ble slått av den galaktiske føderasjon ble kolonien på Nibiru isolert. Orion imperiet hadde ikke den kunnskapen som skulle til for å vedlikeholde den avanserte sirianske teknologien som opprettholdt kraftefeltet som beskyttet planeten, slik at når disse installasjonene forfalt ble planeten kaldere. De oppfant da en metode som gikk ut på å legge et gullholdig lag høyt oppe i planetens atmosfære med bestemte egenskaper. Dette laget slipper varme inn men ikke ut, når planeten er vekke fra solen. Når planeten er i solsystemet, aktiviseres et ekstralag uten på dette som reflekterer all varme, slik at planeten ikke blir overopphetet når den er i solsystemet. Laget slipper dog inn kalt lys. Gullet til dette laget fikk de blant annet fra Jorden. Etter dette slo det seg også ned en rase som opprinnelig kom fra Pleiadene. Dette var individer som ikke aksepterte de nye positive tankene i det Pleiadiske samfunn, men som ville holde på det gamle tankesettet hvor kontroll og makt var vesentlig (såkalte renegater). Dette er de såkalte annuakiene. Noen av de negative individene fra Atlantis ble også evakuert hit og ble dermed en del av annuakisamfunnet. Noen få fra reptilrasen parret seg med noen som var igjen fra den sirianske amfibierasen. Dette medførte at det ble skapt en helt ny rase. Denne rasen er ikke negativ. Det er heller ikke den originale sirianske amfibierasen. Reptilrasen har også forandret seg i tiden løp slik at også innenfor denne rasen finnes det idag positive individer. Sammensetningen i denne rasen mellom negative og positive individer er omtrent som hos jordens menneskehet idag. På Nibiru befinner det seg 4 intelligente raser hvorav 3 er humanoide. Den fjerde rasen er en delfinrase som lever i havet. Denne er meget positiv. Denne består av en delfinart som er på størrelse med en jordisk spekkhogger. Denne har imidlertid fine tegninger i flere farger på ryggen og den er hvit under. Den har også en ekstra ryggfinne. Den mest negative rasen på Nibiru idag er annuaki rasen som ligner på oss. Nibirianerne er vegetarianere og spiser følgelig ikke kjøtt. Dette gjelder alle 4 raser. Reptilrasen levde av kjøtt en stund, men de dyrene den levde av døde ut. Forholdet mellom hav og land på Nibiru er omtrent 50% Saltinnholdet i vannet er omlag 20 % mindre enn i jordens hav. Det er et rikt mangfold av fiskearter på planeten. Delfinrasen lever imidlertid av en frittflytende planetfrukt som ikke finnes i Jordens hav. Tyngdekraften på planeten er omtrent 2G. Dette høres litt merkelig ut da planeten har en masse som er 10 ganger større enn Jorden. Dette har sammenheng med at massefordelingen i planeten er annerledes enn den er på jorden. Planeten har en svart tung kjerne. 90 % av de tyngste elementene befinner seg her. Deretter blir elementene lettere og lettere. Dette er en av årsakene til at det er vanskelig å finne blant annet Gull på planeten. Dette befinner seg nær planetens kjerne. Overflaten ligger så langt fra det tyngste området at tyngdekraften her bare er 2G. Fysisk sett er planeten litt mindre enn Saturn. Landområdene er dekket av store skoger. Før var det et rikt fugleliv her, men fuglene døde ut da planeten endret bane og fikk mørketid. Det samme gjorde 90 % av pattedyrene. Naturen har tilpasset seg slik at trær og blomster går i "dvale" i mørketiden. Disse blomstrer ut når planeten enten er i Sirius systemet eller i vårt solsystem. Gjennomsnittstemperaturen på Nibiru er omtrent 15 grader celsius. Det blåser og regner kun når planeten er i inne i et av de 2 solsystemer. Ellers er det nesten helt vindstille. Skyer forekommer også bare da. De finnes bare 4 til 5 store byer på planeten. Under havets overflate finnes det i tillegg 3 byer som er anlagt av den nye rasen. Av annuaki rasen bor det omtrent 850 millioner individer på planeten. Av reptilrasen bor det ca 20 millioner individer. Den sirianske amfibierasen har vokst til ca 50 millioner individer. Av delfinrasen er det ca 2 millioner. Den mest framgangsrike rasen er den nye rasen som er en blanding av amfibierasen og reptilrasen. Denne teller nå ca 100 millioner individer. Denne lever primært i havet. Av annuaki rasen har nå ca 20 % forlatt det gamle tankemønster som går ut på kontroll. Annuaki rasen har et strengt raseskillesyn og blander seg ikke med de andre 3 rasene. De har lover som sier at dette er strengt forbudt. Annuaki rasen hadde nok ønsket å fjerne de andre rasene fra planeten, men den har ikke avanserte nok våpen til å klare dette. Den teknologisk mest avanserte rasen på planeten er den originale sirianske amfibierasen. Denne har tilgang til samme teknologi som den galaktiske føderasjon og da spesielt Sirius teknologi. Rasen har fremdeles kontakt med moderplaneten i Sirius systemet og utveksler teknologiske erfaringer med denne. På grunn av dette tør ikke annuaki rasen angripe denne. Denne rasen passer også på at annuakiene ikke kan sende flåter av gårde fra Nibiru for å angripe andre planeter i galaksen. Den originale sirianske amfibierasen deler delvis sin teknologi med den nye rasen, som er en blanding av dem selv og reptilrasen. Derfor er også denne rasen teknologisk mer avansert enn annuaki rasen. På visse områder er reptilrasen mere avansert enn annuaki rasen på andre områder mindre. Annuaki rasen har tilgang til romskip med energiplan 2 framdrift. De kan derfor teoretisk ferdes interstellart. De har da også noen mindre fartøyer som kan gjøre dette. De har også bygget noen større krigsskip med interstellar framdrift. De andre rasene som omtalt tidligere kan imidlertid nøytralisere disse skipene med energiplan 3 teknologi, slik at de mister framdriftskraften i en viss høyde. Dette irriterer annuakiene voldsomt. På grunn av disse forholdene finnes det ikke krig på planeten som lever i en terrorbalanse, hvor annuakiene står mot de andre 3 rasene. Når det gjelder den rent reptile rasen har denne utviklet et dvalesystem. Flesteparten går derfor i dvale når planeten er i mørketiden. Da forlater de kroppene på det fysiske plan og går opp på naturplanet over som er eterisk. Her lever de helt bevisst i eteriske kropper. Dette naturplanet befinner seg på energiplan 2 og er derfor 4 dimensjonalt. På dette planet er det ikke mørketid, og naturen er rik med mange livsformer. Her finnes blant annet de flaggermuslignende vesener som er ca 3 meter høye og røde. Beskrevet av Kjell Rune. Det bildet som Solvei Gundesby har av Nibiru med flere kunstnerisk utformede bygninger finnes også her. Også noen individer fra den originale Sirianske rasen samt den nye rasen går i dvale i mørketiden, hvor de lever i eteriske kropper på dette planet. Annuakiene kan ikke gjøre dette fordi deres sivilisasjon er av en slik art at den hemmer den åndelige utvikling som er nødvendig for å klare dette. Livslengden for en annuaki er ca 800 år. For et originalt siriansk amfibievesen ca 2000 år. For den nye rasen ca 1000 år. For et reptilvesen, ca 200 år. For delfinrasen ca 3000 år. De som ligger i dvale i mørketiden har betydelig lengre levetid, da de nesten ikke eldes noe i det hele tatt mens de ligger i dvale. Her vil livslengden kunne bli over 100000 år. De som ligger i dvale går tilbake til sine fysiske kropper når Nibiru kommer inn i et solsystem. Her tar de med seg full hukommelse fra det de gjorde mens de var på naturplanet over. Det er en forandring blant annuakiene nå fordi ungdommen begynner å forkaste de gamles verdensbilde. Det finnes derfor grupper og individer blant annuakiene som tar kontakt med de andre rasene på planeten. Dette er forbundet med dødsstraff i følge de gamles lovsystem. Det bor derfor små grupper av unge annuakier blant noen av de andre rasene, som er utstøtt fra annuaki samfunnet. Fartøyer som ikke er beregnet til militær bruk kan forlate Nibiru uten problemer. Jorden har derfor mottatt besøk fra Nibiru også når planeten er ute av solsystemet. Noen av disse besøkende er annuaki fartøyer. Disse prøver å opprettholde det gamle tankesystemet på Jorden. Annuakiene er så lik oss fysisk at de ikke skiller seg ut i jordiske omgivelser. Kursene som organisasjonen Antrovis arrangerte i Polen var ledet av annuakier som var utplassert ved hjelp av romskip fra Nibiru. En del av kunnskapen de underviste om var urgammel galaktisk kunnskap om universets oppbygging hentet fra den originale sivilisasjonen på Vega og i Pleiadene. Organisasjonen ble imidlertid oppløst i 1994 ved hjelp av innflytelse fra den galaktiske føderasjon. De det gjaldt måtte derfor reise tilbake til Nibiru med uforrettet sak. Det har også hendt tidligere at annuakier har landet på Jorden for å danne religiøse eller politiske grupper som kunne fremme deres interesse. De er meget slu når det gjelder manipulering og det hele er ofte gitt en ramme av positive energier for å lure folk. Bare en går dypere ned i materien kan en avsløre slike grupper. Annuakienes mål når det gjelder Jorden er at planeten skal være en slavestat som ser på annuakiene som guder å gjør alt disse sier. Dette vil ikke la seg gjøre lengre når Nibiru kommer inn i solsystemet neste gang, fordi bevisstheten til jordmenneskene er blitt så mye høyere siden Nibiru var her sist at et slikt herskeopplegg vil bli gjennomskuet med en gang. Annuakiene har også planer om å lage en større koloni på Jorden for de som vil unnslippe mørketiden. De vil imidlertid kunne få problemer med de jordiske energiene ved lengre tids opphold. Det er korrekt at vesener fra Nibiru har vært på Jorden for å stimulere til gullgraving hos enkelte raser. Det er imidlertid ikke korrekt at Jordmenneske er skapt av annuakiene. Det er propaganda som har til hensikt å gjøre jordmenneskene underdanige i forhold til Annuakiene. Nibirianerne har vært på jorden tidligere for å få tak i gull til sitt atmosfære opplegg. Alle raser på Nibiru er enige om at dette er viktig for dem. Teknologien som drev det opprinnelige kraftfeltet er så gammel at den har delvis gått i glemmeboken, derfor satser Nibirianerne på gull metoden. Offisielt er Nibiru i karantene i forhold til den galaktiske føderasjon. Bare kolonien med originale sirianske amfibievesener er en del av føderasjonen fremdeles. Denne rasen har ikke lov til å dele teknologi med annuaki rasen og reptil rasen. Derfor kan rasen ikke revitalisere det gamle kraftfeltet, selv om den har kunnskap hvordan dette gjøres, fordi da vil annuakiene få kunnskap de kan misbruke til militære formål. Når Nibiru igjen kommer inn i vårt solsystem, er det meget mulig at Nibirianerne får lov av den galaktiske sivilisasjon til å ta det gullet som befinner seg i Jordiske banker da en slik handling vil være med på å forandre det økonomiske systemet på jorden i en gunstigere retning sett med galaktiske myndigheters øyne. Dessuten vil gullet gjøre mere nytte som varmeisolering for Nibirianerne enn at det ligger nedlåst i hvelv på Jorden. Nibiru huser den største koloni av Pleiadiske renegater. Det finnes også noen få planeter i Pleiadene som tenker etter det gamle systemet, men på disse planeter til sammen bor det færre renegater enn det gjør på Nibiru. På Nibiru bor det flere renegater enn det er befolkning på Erra. Nibiru er et ikke tema for Pleiaderne, og derfor hører en også meget sjeldent om Nibiru i Pleiadiske kanaliseringer. Pleiaderne unngår å tenke på planeten fordi de er redde for at denne tenkningen vil gi kraft til annuakiene. Husene til Nibirianerne har mange former og ingen er helt firkantet slik som de er på Jorden. Husene kan bygges ved hjelp av materialisering og transmutasjon slik det gjøres på Sirius. Det finnes derfor flere svart kunstnerisk utformede hus. På Nibiru bruker de ITM og energiplan 2 teknologi. Planeten er på grunn av dette ikke forurenset. Levestandarden på Nibiru er derfor vesentlig høyere enn den er på Jorden. Nibrianerne bruker elektromagnetiske svevefartøyer. Disse drives av supraledende spoler som holder fartøyet svevende i forhold til planetens magnetfelt. Disse fartøyene brukes hovedsakelig av annuakiene. De er like vanlige for annuakiene som biler er for menneskene på Jorden. Niberianske svevefartøyer kan også brukes i Jordens magnetfelt. Rasen med originale Sirianske Amfibievesener, har en annen type fartøyer. Disse driver av ekte antigravitasjon og er romgående. Flere av disse fartøyene har i tillegg interstellare fremdriftsmidler som gjør det mulig å besøke andre solsystem. Den nye rasen har også romgående fartøyer med interstellare muligheter. Den rene reptilrasen har romgående fartøyer, men disse kan ikke gå interstellart. På energiplan 2 , når de ligger i dvale har de tilgang til fartøyer som kan gå interstellart. Disse er imidlertid usynlige sett fra Jordens fysiske plan. De har heller ikke mulighet til å endre frekvens slik at de blir synlige her. Når Nibiru kommer inn i Jordens solsystem, beveger den seg saktere enn en komet. Nibiru er derfor inne i systemet i mellom 7 og 8 måneder. Den går aldri nærmere solen enn Venus sin bane. Når planeten passerer Mars banen blir det stor aktivitet på den. Nibrianerne gjør da klare store magnetiske svevefartøyer som kan gå i verdensrommet. Tusenvis av annuakier mønstrer på. Ombord på disse store fartøyene tas det også med små sveveartøyer. Fartøyenes magnetiske frastøtningsfelt er så kraftig at de løftes opp over atmosfæren på Nibiru. Her akselereres fartøyene så kraftig at de forlater Nibirus tyngdefelt. Fartøyene bruker så solens magnetfelt til styring og framdrift, inntil de når Jordens Atmosfære. På Jorden lander de på store sletter eller på vannet. Annuakiene ser på denne utflukten som en ferie. De lander også derfor helst i subtropiske eller tropiske strøk. De bruker å nyte naturmangfoldet på Jorden som er noe helt annen enn det er på Nibiru. Så mange som 1 million Annuakier kan på denne måten ta seg til Jorden slik de har gjort i uminnelige tider. Mens de er her, laster de også det de kan få tak i av gull ombord i skipene. Også representanter fra de andre rasene på Nibiru er med på denne utflukten, men disse bruker egne fartøyer, og lander andre steder enn annuakiene. Annuakiene og de andre Nibirianerne vet eksakt hvordan situasjonen på Jorden er idag. Dette fordi de har sendt ekspedisjoner til Jorden med jevne mellomrom. Nibiru er også så nær jorden nå at Nibirianerne kan følge med på vanlige jordiske TV sendinger. Det er antatt at Annuakiene vil generere et kraftfelt ved hjelp av energiplan 2 teknikk som slår ut alle elektriske systemer på Jorden under landingsfasen. På den måten unngår de å bli skutt ned av jordisk militære. Annuakiene har strålevåpen som er jordiske våpen langt overlegne. Det er derfor klokt av jordisk militære ikke å angripe. Annuakiene forlater tross alt Jorden igjen etter ca 4 måneder. Føderasjonen tillater ikke at annuakiene tar livet av jordboerne, men det fredelige utflukt besøket tillates. Hvis Jordiske myndigheter ikke skyter først vil altså dette besøket kunne gå fredelig for seg. Skyter Jordiske myndigheter har Nibirianerne rett til å forsvare seg. Nibirianernes rett til å besøke Jorden når planeten er inne i solsystemet er nedfelt i gamle galaktiske avtaler. Da jorden nå heves i frekvens vil dette også påvirke de annuakier som måtte besøke oss. Hvis disse heves i sin bevissthet slik at de slipper det gamle tankemønster kan dette dra resten av annuakiene over til den nye tankegang, og den siste store Pleiadiske renegatkolonien, blir da avviklet.

      Mottatt 3/11-1998.


    17. A question to
      Tore Alfstad
    18. I have one more question to you Tore. I have compared your channeling about Nibiru and Barbara Hand Clows book "The Pleiadian Agenda", and cannot really find any contradictions. However, I cannot see any clear connection between these and your private apprehensions about Nibiru as half planet, half space station. According to Hand Clow is the Circulation between Earth and Sirius 3600 years, and the way I understood it Nibiru should not be in our surroundings for a long time. Do you have any comments on that? Who in that case runs the space station?

                             Tor, August 2001


    1. Answer from Tore
    2. The view that Nibiru is a kind of space station is something that I read. Nibiru to be considered, I would believe it originally is talk about a planet like it is described in the channelling. The most advanced race on the planet (not the Annuakies) has however a energy level 2 technology that is so advanced that they can put up a power field that surrounds the whole planet. This power field can be used to create attraction and repulsion between the planet and other objects and waves in space. The force will work equally on every atom on the planet, and will therefore not influence things locally on this. In this way is it possible to steer the planet like a gigantic spaceship. Whether this have been done or not do I have no information about. If the position of the planet differs from the calculated, it may also denote that the track have been changed from extern celestial bodies (for instance the destroyer comet mentioned earlier) or other heavy celestial bodies. It may also be that the whole planet is teleported to another position by an advanced cosmic race, as a part of a bigger galactic plan. It may also be that the calculation, which says something about the position of the planet, now is wrong. Time will show whether the planet is close to the solar system now or not. It may also be that the object as was registered by a satellite not is Nibiru, but a space station of a considerable size (a so called artificial planet).



    3. The Annuaki
    4. Looking on Earth nearly as their property, the Annuakies have to depend on demanipulation of their manipulation of all aliens as potential enemies, if wanting to visit Earth officially. Taking Nibiru to the solar system now could be a positive act to make them confront their own negative acts, in addition to let them participate in the rice of frequencies and spiritual intelligence. That could be their collective conscious and unconscious wish.

      Tore channels that Nibiru are so close to Earth today that they can follow our TV transmittings. They have also sent delegates while they have been longer away from Earth, and know exactly what is going on.

      Since the Annuakies from Nibiru have long traditions to manipulate on Earth, and probably also are infiltrating to create the alien enemy picture, they would meet themselves in the door against the antidemocrats if that soon should happen.


    5. Guesses of the intensions of the galactic federations
    6. Letting the Annuakies meet themselves in the door, by visiting a planet on a official level (under obsevation), a planet they are front manipulators of, could be a good strategy.

      Letting the Annuakies be the first who visits Earth could also be an act for an easy introduction to alien races for Earth, since the Annuakies are so look-alike Earthlings.

      To push on a visit will also make it clear were Earth stands, if the Earth-people wants to be a warrior planet or not, and therefore observe if we are mature enough to rice even higher in political participation for galactic cooperation and actions.

      Annuakies visiting Earth officially will then probably not happen before UFO’s visiting Earth have come to an complete official level on Earth, a recognised paradigm for all humans of Earth.


    7. Wishes of Earth
    8. If positive forces of Earth are able to make the visit of the annuakies complete official, and manages a communication on that, the earthly manipulation forces would automatically be lowered.

      Key individuals could with advantage be contacted to secure the right and accurate information on this visit on forehand.

      Earth could ask for the lesser manipulative individuals from Nibiru to visit Earth, or/and another alien race of high spirituality to visit us at the same time, for us to be able to compare light from manipulation.

      But to separate the low from the high is also what we shall be able to do anyway, and the test from the galactic federations could include only the Annuakies the first time, and not including a higher spriritual race.

      But the problem by that is that races of lower spirituality could utilize the new open and open-minded Earth, and make official visits from their own actions and interests.

      That could be seen on as a part of the test.

      First of all spirituality and judgment have to rice from its own force.

      Personally I would ask for a higher spiritual race to visit us officially at the same time, or several high spiritual races, to let people easier see from the outer what they can compare and judge about in their inner.

      Concerning the reptilians from Nibiru, they would perhaps want to visit us on an official level too. We could ask for the higher beloved ones of them too.


    9. Taking our gold
    10. Tore Alfsted channels the Nibiruans are going to take the gold from our banks, which the Nibiruans have more need for in their atmosphere than the Earthlings in our bank velvets. This do the Annuakies have permission to from the galactic federation, which also would bring economics of Earth into a positive direction.

      This pronouncement would be a real test for many Earthlings.

      Why not just agree on letting a higher race, for instance the amphibians of Nibiru, teleport the gold from the banks, a while after the Nibiruans after four months or so have left Earth?

      Could this easy act be regarded as stealing if a majority of the earthlings wanted to help over 1 billion individuals on another planet, who have the great need for it for the existence of their planet?

      If a majority of Earth wants this, and wants an evolution path back from those who stole it from us and now are sitting on the gold. Can this be regarded as stealing?

      These are difficult questions of an easy answer what to do.

      The federations will allow it, but will let the ones that have the greatest need for it do the "stealing", for preservation of their planet and their own evolution.

      Earth could make this process easier by allowing them to take it.

      We could for instance start by acknowledge that we do not any longer have the same need for it to stabilise our economics.

      Tor Opdahl, 25/08-2001


    11. Addition February 23th 2003
    12. If there is going to be a third world war, or perhaps also without the war, I think the Americans have advansed enough technology to try to fool us and steel the gold.


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      Chapter 18

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      Status of physics


    13. Quantum teleportation
      is proved
    14. "Quantum teleportation" was in 1997 experimentally demonstrated by Anton Zeilinger and his co-workers at the university of Innsbruck. Charles Bennett at IBM proposed in 1993 the experimental principles for quantum teleportation.


      But in spite of this; 1997 will not be remembered as the year for the proof of a phenomenon which quite a long time has been promoted by science fiction writers, philosophers, UFOlogists and wise people. The points of view around the notion teleportation will still vary some. Besides, quantum teleportation is not real teleportation, but is strictly talk about "immediate copying of properties at a distance".

      The theory for teleportation in paraphysics is different from quantum teleportation. However, here comes first a short description of the theory for quantum teleportation:


    15. Quantum teleportation
      - immediate copying of properties at a distance
    16. Quantum teleportation allows physicists to take a photon and transform its properties (like the polarisation) immidiate to an other photon, even if the photons is on each side of the galaxy. This happes according to quantum theory, which quantum telportation is based on.

      Notice that the arrangement transports the particle properties to the far away position and not the particle itself. And as captain Kirk in the TV-series, where his body is being destroyed in the teleporter and reconstructed at its position of decision, the theory of quantum teleportation maintains that the condition of the original photon must be changed to create an exact reconstruction at the other end.

      In the Innsbruck-experiment the scientist created a pair of photons which is quantum mechanically "connected". The polarisation to the two photons A and B is in a fuzzy, undetermined state, even if they have a precise connection, no matter perceived distance between them. If the one Photon later is measured to have, let us say, a horizontal polarisation, then the other must immediately "collapse" to a complementary state of vertical polarisation.


    17. Immediate action at a distance
    18. This immediate dependence was experimentally proved in 1974 by Berkeley physicist, Stuart Freedman and John Clauser, and in France in 1982 by Alain Aspect and his co-workers. But preliminary has the walls of the laboratories set the frames for the experimental proofs of immediate action at a distance. If it isn't immediate action at a distance, then it is superluminal speed, so fast that it isn't noticeable for the measuring instruments. If it is immediate, then laws for exceeding time and space shouldn't make any difference between short and big distances.

      The philosophy around the phenomenon; immediate action at a distance, is known under the word EPR, a quality with nature that Einstein, Podolsky and Rosen didn’t believe in.


    19. Quantum teleportation
    20. Corresponding to EPR, Photon A and B in the quantum teleportation experiment is split to go in opposite directions. Photon A - the one of the mutual dependent photons - arrives an optical arrangement. This happes on the exact same time as a messanger photon M arrives the same arrangement. Photon A and M enters then an arrangement where they cannot be distinguished from each other, which therefore destroys our knowledge about M’s polarisation. But since messanger particle M must have an complementary polarisation to particle A, then the other mutual dependent particle, particle B, which now exists far away, immediately get the same polarisation as particle M. This has the scientists managed to confirm. M’s state of polarisation has then been "teleported" to photon B

      The scientists will gradually try quantum teleportation on whole atoms, but they have no belief that this is possible with bigger physical objects.


    21. Real teleportation
    22. Strictly speaking, the impressions "tunnel effect" and "quantum leap" is phenomenons within quantum mechanics which more correctly can be characterised as "real teleportation". Especially if one uses opinions and definitions from litterature about teleportation outside the established science. As known, according to Niels Bohr’s theory, the quantum leaps are electrons that jumps from one lane to another inside the atom, without being between these lanes. If we take into account that quantum leaps some say will be possible for bigger physical objects, then will real teleportation later probably be regarded as something between quantum leap and tunnel effect, but more laid weight on quantum leap as what actually is teleportation. The consideration about destruction that exists for quantum teleportation will therefore not exists for real teleportation.


    23. Real teleportation
      - macroscopic
      quantum leap
    24. However, some loss of time can arise if scientists manages to copy the quantum level for bigger physical objects; To reorganise the teleporting object to new surroundings would give some between stages of energies (in energy levels different from the exit state and the ending state), and these can in a certain way be regarded as a speed-travel between the exit state and the ending state. In this way (with demand of a logical further-going from quantum mechanical virtual invisible energy levels) the between states becomes a world / worlds which is different from the exit state and the ending state. They becomes worlds as one seemingly travels inside.

      Although, a far coming technology should not need such between stages in physical or unphysical energies to make teleportation happen. Real teleportation has to be defined as instantaneous transfer from A to B, what we perceives as distant points.

      Scientists haven't yet proved quantum leaps experimentally, and can therefore neither controll them experimentally. The only that exists is strong indications. Besides, immediate action at a distance (EPR) isn't a quantum leap, and cannot be regarded as a proof for the quantum leaps. But when it comes to the tunnel effect the scientists have done big steps forward. Superluminal speeds is proved, but there is still going on discussions if this has consequences for our traditional physics.


    25. The tunnel effect represents superluminal speed
    26. The tunnel effect represents superluminal speed, but that does neither EPR nor quantum teleportation. EPR and quantum teleportation represents immidiate action at a distance. But since both the EPR and the quantum teleportation experiments starts with the production and dispatch of mutual dependent photons, then the experiments will not superseed the speed of light with attempt for intelligent communication with a place far away. A proceeding of EPR represents possibility for immidiate intelligent communication, or telepathy, over seemingly enormous distances only if everything has a mutual immidiate connection to everything. Nothing within quantum mechanics contradicts such an immediate connection.

      In 1955 did the american physicist Eugene Wigner and his student L. Eisenbud analyse the phenomenon quantum tunneling, and concluded that under certain conditions will particles pass a barrier faster than the speed of light.

      In 1997 told a germain team of scientists, with Günter Nimtz in front, that they not just had sent micro waves faster than the speed of light, but also had sent a intelligent signal faster than the speed of light. The intelligent signal was Mozarts 40th symphony. The signal was sent 4.7 times faster than light.


    27. New theories are formed to preserve the old
    28. The conclusion of Wigner and Eisenbud in 1955 has later become object for a continuous debate, because of the difficulties it raises for our traditional physics. How can superluminal speeds be achieved without violating the laws of physics? - is most physicists approach to the problem. The new formulations in physics, where superluminal speeds are involved, is therfore formed from the thought to preserve the existing theories.

      Theories that are older than the recently discovered superluminal speed, - claims that there can exist particles with superluminal speed (tachyons) which never can pass the speed of light declining, on the same way that the speed of light never can be passed upwards. On this way is Einsien's theory of relativity not violated. But this theory about tachyons can be claimd out of date, now when tunnel effect and passing of the speed of light in fact have showed up to be realities.


    29. A way to save the existing theories
    30. A way to look on the tunnel effect, without violating the laws of physics, is that the tunnel particle "borrows" energy to exceed the barrier. This will mean that other particles must achieve negative kinetic energy. The imagination about negative kinetic energy does not exist within classical physical reality understanding. Classical reality understanding says that things lying at rest does not have kinetic energy. Niels Bohr was the first one to claim that the classical macroscopic laws does not concern the atomic level. By introducing negative kinetic energy concerning the tunnel effect, the theoreticians have taken a step further on Bohr's view, and some physicists are of the opinion Einstein's theory of relativity therefore not is violated.


    31. Temporary defence or true science?
    32. Raymond Chiao, leader of an american team that tunnelled photons 1.7 times faster than the speed of light in 1993, is himself of the opinion that his discovery does not violate Einstein's theory of relativity. While individual particles can move faster than light, he maintains the opinion that it is not possible to send a message faster than light.

      Many physicists dissagrees with Chiao’s conclusion.

      To send a signal faster than light is exactly what Günter Nimtz today claims to have done.


    33. Steps in direction to exceed quantum mechanics and theory of relativity?
    34. If Günter Nimtz' assertion to have sent Mozart's 40th symphony 4.7 times faster than light shows up to be correct, then it can become even more difficult to defend the existing theories. Therefore is it today few physicists which accepts Nimtz' experiment and his assertion to have sent intelligent signals faster than light. If Nimtz' assertion shows up to be correct, it is thinkable that he would have received greater acknowledge in the scientist environment if he managed to create a formulation that does not violate theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. But in case; this formulation does not have to be correct in the longer term.


    35. What will replace physics of today?

It is a known case that quantum mechanics and theory of relativity not is united theories. They are incompatible. There is done countless attempts to unite these two. The acknowledgment that these two theories not is united has resulted to many different effort factors, where different theoreticians have different points of departure for their views and own effort. Such positions / factors of effort can for instance be:

  1. Quantum mechanics and theory of relativity is compatible. The only require is the correcte formulation within these two.
  2. One of the theories is more correct than the other. Therefore must the formulation of one of them be done within the frame of the other.
  3. Quantum mechanics and theory of relativity is not compatible, something that we must accept and have to live with.
  4. Both theories is accepted as correct within ones own borders. There do not exist a higher theory that will replace those two.
  5. Both theories is accepted as correct within ones own borders. But there exist a higher theory that will unite and fuction as a top for these two.
  6. New theories will come and partly replace these two, but not fully. They will have different relative function areas.
  7. Quantum mechanics and theory of relativity are not able to be united. Therefor both must be limited and temporarily. There exist a higher theory that will replace them both.
  8. Consciousness and theories can never be more than relative. Science and devellopment of new theories, in new relative angles and areas, will never stop. Quantum mechanics and theory of relativity will be replaced in the future, but as Newtons theory they may still be useful within their's limited relative area.


    1. Stephen Hawking’s effort factor
    2. The known physicist Stephen Hawking is presumes that quantum mechanics is more correct than the theory of relativity, and that the new theories must be formulated within that ones frames. In the book "Hawking for beginners" is therefore Einstein's head drawn like a shrunken potato, while the founders og quantum mechanics is drawn with big heads and high brows.


    3. The effort factor of Paraphysics
    4. Paraphysics concludes that both quantum mechanics and theory of relativity is limited, and that i higher theory will replace them both. Pharaphysics claims itself to be such a philosophical foundation. The philosphical foundation of paraphysics allows real teleportation and intelligent signals faster than light.

      Paraphysics does of course not look on itself as the end stadium of philosophy and scientifical theories and possibilities. Between (what pharaphysics somethimes call) the immaterial singularity and falsifications of the physical theories and foundation - everything is possible. Between the immaterial singularity and falsification of physics there is room for countless new theories, and development is eternal. The formulations of paraphysics in this book is made to make room for new theories, and for a more easy takeover of science, a takeover from science and theories based on the old forundations and ground assumptions.


    5. There exists no proofs that the world is of smallest particles
    6. There exist no proofs that there exists atomic particles, something microscopical and impenetrable as everything is of. What the physicists discovers in the laboratories er "happenings", and they have just old prejudices for their support that these are massive atomic particles, smallest particles, like quarks or superstrings. While many physicists today do believe they can create a "Theory of Everything" via a theory of smallest particles, then many of them at the same time forgets, in their own research and communication with the public, that the entire science uses a logical supposition that does not have to be correct. In their research they seem to have forgotten that, and take it as a fact then they claims there exist a smallest particle. But it have to be underlined, that when the researchers is looking for smallest particles that everything is of, then these are not found, and it all is just a matter of a theory or a practical way of looking at things.


    7. Physics is more than atomic particle theory
    8. Of course, it is not correct to claim that physicists of today is a unison group that fully and complete is of the opinion that the world is of atomic particles. Quantum theory claims that matter both can be waves and particles, all dependent on our point of view. And for example most physicists claims that, with support from the theory of relativity, that particles can annihilate each other and become entirely energy, and entirely energy exists independent of being atomic particles. By investigating quantum mechanics closer, represented be Niels Bohr's own views, the one sees clearly that this with particles and waves just are analogies, not that they have real tree dimentional existence, like we observes it or imagines it to be. Niels Bohr maintained himeself (for instance page 36 in "Philosophical writings volume I") that his own atomic model just is an analogy.


    9. "All is one"
      - do also physicists mean
    10. Other main directions within physics contradicts such atomism. Instead they are laying weight on the "all is one" - way of thinking, but quantifying of energy plays a great part on a lower philosophical level. The "all is one" - way of thinking do some of the main religions have their roots in. One of the argumentations to claim that all is one for example that there does not exist any logical basis for that neither gravitation nor the atomic forces shall be able to work through empty space. Also Albert Einstein was engaged with that there could not exist any empty space, in the same way that his predecessor Isaac Newton ment that it way absurd that gravitation could work through empty space without mediation of any kind.

      Many physisists / historians / popular writers have not figured out this "all is one" -way of thinking of Einstein. These physicists are among other things focusing on his photo electrical effect from 1905. Einstein's photo electrical effect captured the idea to create a practical explaination, with basis from Planck's discovery, and let lie an even deeper a priori.

      The all is one way of thinking was reflected among other places in Einstein's general field theory, where he proposed the particle nature

      Alt er ett-tankegangen gjenspeilte seg bl.a. i Einsteins generelle feltteori, der han foreslo at materiens partikkelnatur kan bli forklart som konsentrasjoner og knuter i et fundamentalt, kontinuerlig felt. Derav kommer det at han etterhvert lurte på om materie var noe som var underordnet den altomfattende energien, ikke at energi og materie er to sider av samme sak, slik den allmenne oppfatningen er blant fysikerne i dag. Faktisk kan man spore denne holdningen allerede fra hans bok fra 1916, som beskriver den generelle relativitetsteorien fra 1915. Feltteorien (utviklet i årene etter relativitetsteorien) kan være en naturlig utvikling fra synet om et krummet univers (1915). Det kan dessuten lede til det absurde å tenke seg at tomrom skal kunne krumme seg, for hvordan skulle intethet kunne krumme seg?


    11. The superstring theory
    12. The superstring theory is mentioned here because it represents a serious try to overcome the difficulties from theroy of relativity and quantum mechanics. Many mathemathical bricks has fallen in to place with this theory. There exists many versions of the superstring theory, but common for all of them is the lack of gravitation for that all the natural forces shall be united in one simple uniform theory.

      But the superstring theory is also mentioned here because it is on collision course with paraphysics. Two quite different uniform philosophical systems will be using the same proofs as income for itself, until one of them at last must fall. From the same experiments and "proofs" we can end up with quite different world pictures. While multi dimensionality, invisible and not measurable energies according to the superstring theory is of particular and material kind, then these energies are of non-particular and immaterial kind according to paraphysics. In fact, nothing, including our physical reality, is of impenetrable particular kind according to paraphysics, even if we with relative practical use can see it that way, even with some of the non-perceivable energies.

      Because of this battle of the future world picture, the superstring theory is also debated in the chapter "debate on the 20th century". The argumentation makes clear what proofs that not can be used as income for the superstring theory.


    13. The superstring theory: All natural forces is caused by the superstrings
    14. The superstring theory is a partcle theory. In its outer form it looks like cut telephone wires, but within it is many dimentions / time-spaces crumpled together. The superstring theory is of the opinion that all natural forces, and all particle and wave phenomenons on atomic level can be ascribed to the superstrings. Throug the way the vibrates, combines or "mates" themselves, they creates all known and unknown particles and phenomenons in nature. In this way they also are all natural forces.


    15. The superstring theory excludes the wave-view
    16. Quantum mechanics has a dualisme between wavws and particles. To provoke the superstring theorists to a non paradoxal argumentation, it can be claimed that they excludes the wave view. A wave can be ascribed to be a special vibration to the superstring, that will say a material particle that moves forward and back again. The messenger energy or all between lying energy is therfore also particles. The superstring theory is a pure philosophical atomism.

      When it comes to the point, the atom particle theory, with its surrounding nothingness, is the directing ground logic in physics today; that will say has the most steering over the physisist logical lanes of thoughts.


    17. The superstring theory exludes the traditional view on pure energy.
    18. Traditionally the world has been split i two on the ground energy level; namely particles and energy. We uses the language and the understanding differently, but "pure energy" is in physics generally not regarded as particles, like waves not are particles.

      If some of these superstring theorists resort to the idea pure energy as something different than particles, formulations that easily can raise in this post-einstein time, - then are their own argumantations about smallest particles as the fundamental suddenly paradoxal.

      Matter and energy is two sides of the same thing, it is sayd in connection to

      Einstein’s formula. To be logical consequent, the superstring theorists have to say that this same thing is matter; the superstrings. Then this is a cancellation of the dualism between matter and energy, in advantage for matter. That is opposite than what Einstein himself regarded in his general field theory.

      His field theory came after his theory of relativity, but also in his theory of relativity he thought of the energy as continious with the thoughts of the curving space, because emptyness cannot curve.


    19. Atomism needs a surrounding empty space
    20. In fact, if pure energy not is of superstrings, then everything is not of superstrings as first presumed, and that would be incompatible with the superstring theory. The superstring theory is incompatible with einsteinian pure energy, because the world cannot be of smallest particles if the world is a continious field without empty space. Particles needs empty space to surround them, and if there are not empty space to surround them, then they are one to everything around. If they are one to everything around the world cannot be of smallest partcles, and atomism needs empty space to have a chance to be correct.


    21. The violation of the law of energy constancy
    22. The surrounding energy does not show up as energy physically. Here the superstring theory contains the possibility to violate the law of energy constancy in another incompatible way than the quantum theory does. While quantum theory claims energy in form of particle and ati-particle can raise from nothingness, the superstring theory leeds to that energy can raise from a sleeping to a waken state. The combined superstring theory uses both these views.

      But in the sliping state the superstring are not really energy. They becomes energy in the awaken state, when they combines and then acts in special ways. While the quantum theory claims the virtual sea of particles plumping from nothingness and to nothingness is of far more energy than real matter itself (but does not appear so because of the lack of potensiality), the superstring theory must lead to the conclusion that the virtual sea of superstring are of lesser energy than real matter. But there may be a lot more sleeping superstrings than awake superstrings.

      There exist a third alternative, and that is the immaterialistic alternative. This alternative does not really violate the law of energy constancy, even if it does in a strict physical perspective. Energy can be transfomed to a physical state from a non physical state, and opposite. If we manages to dematerialise to hidden real worlds, the immaterialistic alternative will show up as the correct alternative, because then hidden energies are neither sleeping energies nor a "dead virtual sea", particles plumping up from nothingness.


    23. The bastion of mathematics
    24. The demand of the superstring theory is the ableness to unite by mathematics. Here is to be mentioned, that mathematics for that cause has to theorise with a smallest distance in nature. There exists two important factors for that: One of them is that the infinities in the calculations by this are avoided. The other is caused by the discovery done by Max Planc in 1900, that energy not is dispatched in a continuous flow, but in defined portions, or "quantums".

      With the extended role mathematics has achieved today, together with the practical success of quantum theory, scientists have fallen into the thought that also time and distance must be quantified.

      It is a philosophical conclusion / axiom that nature has a smallest distance, but anyhow, this can be interpreted as an important arena for the battle between mathematics and philosophy, philosophy that goes even deeper. A result can become that philosophy is superior to mathematics, even if mathemathics often can be superior to limited philosophy.


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      Chapter 14

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    26. Chapter foreword
    27. This chapter is mostly written in 1999, starting april 1999. It is of present interest, February 9th 2003, when the Americans wants war against Iraq no matter what.

      What is written still lies there as a potensial. And I am still regarding USA as a far greater threat for world security than Saddam Hussain. But disarming him in a balanced way would of course be in the best interest of Earth.

      If not lack of writing time, because of survival money making and belongings, this text would have gotten to you earlier. But that would perhaps have been too early for the world, and not especially noticed.

      I am mentioning the word Illuminatu a lot in this chapter. I have learnd the word from others, and even don’t know the correct spelling of it. I am usually not mentioning things without really knowing what it is. But because of the situation on Earth, it now goes through. I have rediscovered my own writings, and hope you will find it interesting.

      Since not knowing what Illuminati really is, I want the reader to symbolically understand it as the darkest secret order and power of Earth today. The path that Earth have come to shows that such dark secrets orders and their dark power really exists.

      Today they have managed to get leaders to speak their power.

      Oil is not the deepest cause. Getting the shief role on gradually transforming economics to paraphysical technology, still maintaining power on Earth, is a deeper cause. It is also a hidden imperialistc battle on what direction Earth shall take, more described for instance in the chapers "Channeling from Semjase", "Zionist-Annuaki Imperialism" and "The Gate of Antichrist".


    28. Scientifical authorities are stupidised.
    29. Undoubtedly democracy and science are suffering from secrecy by inner circles of politics, ruled by power-sickness and limited economical thinking, black forces of our time. There exists huge interests to keep peoples mind inside our economic reality, balancing the thought structures we collectively live within.

      The limited inside religion is maintained with keeping balance of the limited, which is the paradoxal result from the argumentation and acts of the secret power-keepers, negative political control forces. Even scientist are left out from what enormously could have strengthened the tools for their intuition and thinking. Even our foremost scientists are stupidised by the secrecy.

      Most scientists will not even believe they are politically fooled, and do therefore not believe they are spiritually and scientifically fooled. Great scientifical authorities of our time are stupidised.

      Future science lies in the hands of those not dependent of recognition of the stupidised.


    30. Not to be diverted from the real
    31. UFO's as aliens in flying saucers is impossible by traditional physics. With Paraphysics UFO's as aliens in flying saucers is possible. But flying saucers is not the real issue in this book; introducing views of the inner human, democracy and paraphysics, even if one clearly can read the possibilities out from it, from criticism, philosophy and atomic considerations. I do not want my readers to be caught by focusing on Area 51, The Roswell Mystery and so on. By such over-focusing the power-keepers will owe your actions, or you will catch yourself into feelings where you easier can be controlled or directed. In the long term you will become weakened, and loose strength to delve deeper.

      It is functioning as so very often in politics: An explanation is given, and the journalists runs in flocks to catch the ball, while the real issue is not where the ball is. The big masses are diverted from attention and you are spending years falsifying and searching truths among the explanations given. They caught you to gore your head to the wall, while mass-media and the capital behind them had lost their interests, also fearing to make fools out of themselves. And in many cases ownership or loyalty of media stretches all the way to the secret-keepers.

      As the church, governments, schools and scientific paradigm; mass media has the power to tighten itself into the limited of the collective consciousness.


    32. Strategy: Keep Attention where it belongs
    33. I am not saying that fighting against gouvernment secrecy and against hidden political forces beyond democracy is wrong. In most cases this can be very correct. But if formulating this book into a UFO and alien question, it would be more caught by those who decides for the journalists where the ball is. Denial and giving a direction. The book would probably sell a lot, but it would not challenge our scientific paradigm.

      A strong personal and philosophical tool must be created to keep attension to real issues. This also means to challenge the heart of physics. When they are kicking ball for the jounalists and the masses, we could instead focus where they are very vulnerable: The hearth of physics is in a very bad shape, false construction of ideas thought to be proven, which is incorrect, because our proofs are built upon limited philosophy which itself not is proven.

      If a UFO crashes in the desert is not important. Of course it will be interesting if there comes out some leaks to the media, wanting to tell about it in a serious manner. But in the longer term this will prevent us from keeping attension to the real, because false explanations and secrecy will very quickly be spread around such an event. They are fooling us, and we must find a smarter way to fool them back. Let us not focus too much on UFO's, but also get their attension into challenging physics. And when they constantly are putting on some more news of politics and science, wanting our attension to that, we must either look another way or must be well enough equipped to reveal or expose the deepest departure for that though structure.


    34. Challenging physics
    35. To challenge physics is not only to challenge physics. But to challenge physics is where the attension of parts if this book is kept. Introducing paraphysics do also need this battle with physics for not to operate in its own sphere. It is to be expected that the secret-keepers publically will overlook this battle, or lay many carpets around the new ideas, but in the secret they are very interested and well informed. Much depends on independent parts of democracy and media, and media must also soon have to catch up with Internet, where information flows and the control forces are weak (but sadly enough were the manipulation forces are very strong). By challenging physics the secret-keepers will soon have to change their strategy.

      Interphering the philosophical heart of physics, making new views towards paraphysics, is also to interphere with ancient philosophy and religion. Only in this way can the new paradigm be created. Battelling the secret-keepers is really not an issue at all.

      But to know something about them and how they operate can be wise, so that we easier can avoid their diversions. Let us then first discuss some political parts of this in this chapter, and then come back to attension where it belongs; to thruths beyond diversions.


    36. Politics of Illuminati

There are many levels of secrecy in politics. But let us go all the way to the top and give them a name. "Illiminatu" is already a existing name that is put on this level. "The New World Order" is another. I do not know their deepest name. There are probably many of them. I have learned the name Illuminati, but to overfocus on them could be a self diversion.

Let us stick to Illuminati for the further discussions, for the easy categorising of top chief antidemocrats.

Some of the Illuminaties will argue that a central secret force is needed for security and to "illuminate you". But to form your thoughts for their own political purposes is what they really want.

Important parts of their politics is to

  1. take care of their own economical interests.
  2. keep UFOs and aliens a as secret.
  3. not let technology grow to fast, but take advantage of all small steps of devellopment, for the sake of own interests, world economics and its balance.
  4. not let military advantages come into wrong hands.
  5. make military trades, for the sake of economics.
  6. keep the military system as a necessary heart of economics, and evolve the enemy-picture according to that.
  7. argue that to keep the secrecy of all the hot stuff they have is necessary to keep the balance of the religious individual and peace between the religions.

Is it important to know that most members of the round table of Illuminati themselves believes they are of the good forces. Without challanging them they will tell you this with strong voices, the kind of voice many fall for.


    1. Who are the
    2. We cannot yet point exactly to who the illiminatus are. But the american writer Dolores Cannon remarks they are families, now spread as a net around the world, as The Illuminati Unity, and with very strong hidden political power. She claims they can be tracked among international financiers and bankiers, and more specific; "... and other raw material related families, like families within diamond-mining, leather, tin and things like that. Mainly, the colony barons, connected to the European imperies, started their family fortunes by exploit the raw materials from the third worlds nations."

      Various sources claims there exists a net of organistations which is superficial connected to each other through financial markets and interests in the world market generally. They are as usual centres for the monetary system in their respective contries, and is of the elite in their own country.


    3. Secret societies
    4. They are secret societies with enormous political power. From different positions in the society they can come together and achieve enormous political power. Across official political or organisational communication and decision lines, they are huge unofficial political forces. When also big money is involved, and it comes to world politics of own interests, it becomes a world controlling superpower.

      Not everybody in a secret society have to be very rich. But many of the societies are very hierarchical, with levels of consecrations, which maintaines loyality and unofficial power across official democratic communication.

      As a rule, money is always involved for the political powerful secert society as a whole.

      As a rule, they seek power, in different ways, which then may include people from more ordinary positions in society.


    5. Illuminati and the official political level?
    6. Giving death threaths to individuals and their family members who wants to tell about UFO-observations is not official norwegian military politics. But same how; this is what happend as late as in 1999 with an retired norwegian officer who wanted to tell about his observations to the norwegian UFO organisation "NETI". Such threaths and denial politics does not exists on the gouvernment level in Norway. But there might still exist some secret society treads to some key person in norwgian politics, first of all to the Norwegian Labour Party and the party Høyre.

      Every nation has a secret police and secret intelligence services. They may be a very important playground for Illuminaties, but are not the central leadership of secret societies and therefore the Illuminati. It is probably correct to identify the Illuminati as a group outside politics. But since the lojaity-treads has a strong impact on politics itself; it might just as well be incorrect to identify Illiminati as just a wealthy group outside politics.

      First of all this is a USA thing. Norway, and many other countries, are just followers, without that the politicians know so much about it. They are fooled as everybody else.


    7. Illuminatu’s help
      from the past
    8. Illuminati would not have existed today without help from our old and resent past. Sources claim these historical causes are much older than the inquisition. Inquisition itself would not be able to falsify our ancient previous history so much that it in fact is. But for the sake of their existing power-structure, the inquisition was able to tighten it even more, and fight down those potensial sources who could release it all.

      The Vatican State is still continuing this criminal secrecy, even if dead sea scroll and other testaments are found. A lot of explosive literature exists inside the Vatican State, and was saved during the inquisition. Those ancient writings are contradictory to official religion. But still, Vatican secrecy has a criminal impact on religious people and on our social and political time-spirit.


    9. Saving The Treasure
    10. Of course it is very criminal and treasonous by the Vatican State to continue this secrecy against the world's democracies. But it can be very unwise to put hard against hard. Our purpose now is to save this treasure, and not let it be ruined by someone who wants to save their necks, and not let it be stolen by people who may propagandic use it to demoralise religious hearts, perhaps in a new big military conflict.

      The Pope have claimed willing to release the ancient writings. Perhaps the alien-looking sculls too? But the people around seems lesser willing. Illuminaties may play on their side. More is hidden than some Norwegian catholic authority people like to believe.

      As a deal we could blame the popians acts by their history and their inheritance, and not the blame the popians themselves. We could make the deal that they will not be judged in court, and let them get through with the argumentations that they have worked for the release.

      If this does not work, there exists enough statements to have them judged in court all around the world. But religious people all around the world does not see it that way. In any case the purpose is not to take Jesus away from them, and that can neither be done.

      Meanwhile we have to make sure the writings do not become hidden in new secret places. The writings are important, not only to recover the religious views, but also to recover our historical views in a scientific manner.


    11. The New World Order
    12. Illuminati have a history all the way back to the roman empire and even further back. The roman empire fell, and a big imperialistic machinery began a big takeover and falsifying program. The roman-catholic church became the new world leader and the new world manipulator. Those of you who think the teachings of Jesus came whole through must re-evaluate your naivety. Watch how lies easily leads to a world manipulating system today. We even have generations of lies build upon lies, and wanting power becomes many peoples dearest heart, used to create "truths" for the controlling apparatus and lies for the people.

      The catholic church is still continuing the criminal secrecy. But the church is beginning to loose power. The Illuminati is just a new level of the same world manipulating system, which resulted to the inquisition. The church is no longer the central manipulating organisation, which with wealth is the world ruler with lojality-paths far into politics.

      When the church startet to loose power the world manipulators did not start to disappear. They started to transform. We got the New World Order. But still we find a lot of treads between the Illuminaties and the church. Still religion is looked on as a great manipulator, and helps maintain the kind of stability the Illuminaties wants.


    13. Illuminatu’s Central Leadership?

There are good reasons to conclude that the leadership of Illuminati is centred around bases of secret technological research. As military thinkers they will not let such opportunities go away from them. There are also good reasons to conclude that they have come far with paraphysical technologies.

There are no reason to make denials and death threats to people if UFO’s and other paraphysical technologies were seen impossible and not of great political importance.

This is of course going to be denied, and we therefore have two options:

  1. They are lying.
  2. They are very stupid. As a military thinker and garddog of the US-defence I would probably say: "Lazy unobservable idiots, you are a danger for your own country!!!"

Since this denial is not a white lie, they are very stupid anyway, a danger for the worlds democracies.

About the Illuminati leadership we can ask: Exists an international strong loyalty system, or exists many hierarchical loyalty systems that together becomes a black unity, without a top leader? - The answer may just as well be the last. There are many players. They may not know the word "Illuminati", but together they are captured by nearly the same kind of thinking, which they plays or stays loyal within. They have captured themselves in bad parts of the time-spirit. From this they may be identified as Illuminaties, or at least the most evil parts of those individuals.

From this we may say that there does not exists a strong hierarchical conscious built system of Illuminati. What exists is the old fights between the evil and good, or the limited or not so limited. Illuminaties are those who stays loyal within a limited though structure, and may also be it even if they do not recognize themselves within such a hierarcical system, as willing helpers.


    1. Self manipulators
    2. There do also exist cover-up "science", primitive science to divert actions and focus. But most of these sciences exists because of that within the limited time-spirit we are able to manipulate ourselves. We can not just blame these top manipulators. The responsibility is ours. We must blame ourselves that we are so easy to control.

      About the illiminatu leadership we can ask: Exists an international strong loyality system, or exists many hierarchical loyalty systems that together becomes a black unity, without a top leader? - The answer may just as well be the last. There are many players. They may not know the word "illiminatu", but together they are captured by nearly the same kind of thinking, which they plays or stays loyal within. They have catured themselves in bad parts of the time-spirit. From this they may be identified as illiminatus, or at least the worst parts of them.

      From this we may say that there does not exists a strong hierarchical conscious bulit system of illiminatu. What exists is the old fights between the evil and good, or the limited or not so limited. Illiminatus are they who stays loyal within a limited though structure, and may also be it even if they do not recognize themselves within such a hierarcical system, as willing helpers.


    3. Hollywood Fear
    4. The secret keepers will in any case stand back as the fools for the future. But using the political trick; releasing small portions, they will more and more have to release portions of truths, to keep the masses satisfied.

      Releasing small portions is already part of their politics, but much of it goes to people that none of the uncritical sceptics believes anyway. Fooled scientists do not believe them anyhow, while believing themselves very smart.

      But what more is making illiminatu to hold back information is their own economical thinking and their own kind of security thinking. Hollywood is partly playing their game, with films of bad aliens, films based on heros and fear. By creating an enemy picture against aliens, they can keep their power-structures based on fear, hierarchy, military and weapons as economical stability factors. They will maintain their power-structures based on their own kind of interests and their own kind of fear. From this they are creating their own kind of security thinking, which keeps the masses' fear for the unknown and maintains lojality to the system.

      When the famous physicist Stephen Hawking stated after having seen the film "Independence Day", where an alien race tried to occupy earth; that "This can happen on Earth", - the lines and political manipulation programs are more easily drawn by the Illuminaties.

      Fear is the key to controll the masses.


    5. Galactic UN
    6. Let us say there exists something like "galctic wars". Then we cannot turn for the other cheek, because it is just as evil not to defend a planet. But let us for heaven sake not prepare for that all aliens are bad.

      There do certainly exist aliens with a higher technology than ours, and are consciously equal or lower develloped than us. But reaching such tecnology also means there exists rases with technology millions of years ahead of ours, and are consciously far more develloped. There are good reasons to conclude that they do not need any supporters of Bohr, Einstein or Hawking to tell them that they cannot travel faster than light or dematerialise beyond the "quantum mechanical virtual particle level". Fore sure, they would have devellopped intergalactic political cooperating organisations long time before the Earthly human started to evolve. And fore sure, they are observing the planets of the galaxies, wanting to help them from the child evolving stadium, but also preventing those beings able to create atomic wars and blow up planets to reach to positions dangerous for other planets.

      Galactic UN type of organisations surely exists. The challange now is to not lower us to the Illuminati kind of thinking and power strategy, but to rise consciousness, which includes the heart, more free of manipulation than of those people in secret orders, and up to levels as worthy members of galactic UN type of organisations.


    7. Respecting the free will is a galactic law
    8. Respecting the Earths sovereignty are preventing aliens from landing in Washington. Such a landing would cause an direct influence of the Earthly collective consciousness and evolution, and therefore our free will and necessary evolution paths.

      To raise a democratic will for galactic communications is finally our own responsibillity, but it is everyone's responsibility to help individuals asking for help, and to plan higher consciousness for a lower planet.

      Official contact will happen when a great majority of the conscious collective consciousness wants it. Respecting the free will is a galactic law. Social and political contact with aliens must be based on both theirs and ours wishes and free will.


    9. Keeping the
      enemy picture
    10. Let us imagine that the secret gouvernment of USA for many decades have had secret contact with aliens from another planets, let us call two of them for Zeta Reticulus and Nibiru, in addition to a lot of unknown names. From the old kind of thinking we must suppose that the secret gouvernment tried to get technology and military advantages from the contact. If they got that we must assume that the aliens from Zeta Reticulus is not a rase pure of heart, as Eartlings are neither, and we have drawn towards us a rase that isn't better that ourself. We must also assume that the Zeta Reticulians want something back from the contact, and if they aren't pure of heart they will influence and infiltrate in a bad manner. This could cause a president - let us call him Ronald Reagen - to say in several occasions that we perhaps needs a common enemy from outer space. Let us also assume that his formulation was because that this would fit in, because he was very interested in creating peace between two big countries on Earth, and to transform a needed enemy picture to another kind of needed enemy-picture. Let us assume then that the secret government has a love and hate relation to that alien races, because of the needed technology, but wants more to keep an enemy picture for the public, to keep us lojal to the power-structures and the ecomomical system based on weapon/wars, which maintaines the known balance of today.


    11. Security-thinking
    12. As long as they owe the security thinking they will also owe our thoughts. As long as democracy does not oppose to great parts of their security thinking, democracy will be programmed below their controlling treshold.

      Democracy needs to know that evolusion of mind also needs/is evolution of heart. Because of that, intergalactic politics has come far beyond Earthly politics. There is a great need that people in all parts of society takes this battle, for future buildings of heart and mind.

      Secret-keeping delays us from going further on that evolution.


    13. Security Paradox
    14. (This text was written in year late april or early may 1999.)

      When batteling the secret keepers they will get more and more exposed for their own paradoxes.

      A very bad example is that some of the same people who are speaking security are for the moment working for a full scale war in The Middle East, to give new speed to world economics, but first of all speed to their own economical interests and to keep their own power positions. They works as evil triggermen, and does not lay anything in the way to provoke, and thereafter form the opinion on their side.

      We know that historians says that economics grows more rapidly after a war than without a war. This is still part of Earthly thinking, more than we like to know. At the same time have the secret-keepers for many decades kept our technology from reaching a paraphysical level.

      It can be more dangerous to keep us at a monky stadium with atomic bombs and nuclear energy-supply than getting to paraphysical technology and belonging evolution of the collective consciousness.


    15. Illiminatu and the
      precidency level
    16. The president of the USA and the the prime minister of Great Britain (Clinton and Blair) seems to be guys that just are important bricks for the secrecy game of Illiminatu. The nations of Nato plays the secrecy game, directed from poltical wolfs of corridors, own meeting places, and secret budgets in the USA.

      This is a level of politics that exists beyond the level of presidency in the USA, because that level is a democratic factor too risky to involve fully, for keeping the steadiness of Illuminati secrecy- and power-structure politics.

      Presidents and Prime ministers must watch themselves not to become fully part of the Illuminaties politics and regarded as evil men in the future. They may in some degree play the secret-keepers game, agreeing and dissagreing in public on war issues and other issues, for the journalists to run after, while they behind publisity keeps steady dangerous loyal to the secret-keepers though- systems and belonging opinions.


    17. First dillemma
      of Illuminati
    18. First of all, the evolution of Eartly collective consciousness is growing so rapidly, and independent good forces are acting so well, that the playground for secret politics beyond democracy is getting smaller. Acts and political truths, that seemingly were democratic, are today much lesser following lojality paths, lojality paths that may infiltrate all the way from daily life, through local news, teachings, religions and politics, through interior news and politics, through leadership of international economical interests and through international political pacts.

      The individual act is now more and more acting from their deepest heart, and therefore from the deepest heart of nature.

      This results to good forces and acts in such a scale that it no longer can be held back and controlled.


    19. The Illuminaties play towards new realities?

To get a certain feeling of Illuminaties thought and acts towards the years ahead, it is just a matter of cause and effect; How can an old kind of thinking best be transformed to new realities?

The new realities is:

  1. Paraphysical technology cannot be bought up and held under Illuminatu controll for eternity. Paraphysical technology will soon get public.
  2. The ballon will blow in big parts of economics once paraphysical technology is released, and that will have great affect on the rest.
  3. Their economical thinking needs enemies, and on Earth we are getting lack of them, if not provoking potensial terrorist contries to become terrorists.

First of all we must assume they wants to keep controll during this change and they wants to take care of their own economical interests. Then natural thinking or acts of the illiminatus would be:

  1. Transform their economical interests to parts of the economic life that will not be so much affected by the economical blow.
  2. Infiltrating and/or diverting others into fictive and seamingly good investments, arguing that their participation and care will create a new balance of democracy, making them strong for investments in paraphysical technology. Illiminatu will then blow the ball in exact the correct moment, of course before such things happens. Meanwhile paraphysical interested individuals with technical ideas have transformed much of their interests into traditional care for traditional economy and technology.
  3. Find the correct moment themselves to reveal information publically and transform economics to paraphysical technology. Their wish-situation is to do this during a full-scale war, lasting a long while, because they could then take advantage of the old technology and its economy, while transforming economy and taking advantage of the new technology. In this way they would also get the best situation to defend publically their historical politics and acts, and get the best situation to transform for the public the enemy-picture into the universe. (Also written in 1999).


    1. Black transformation into "new" economics

(Written June 28th 1999. Originally removed, and now taken back. There are reasons to belive that they just wants Saddam as an introduction, and are after all using Saddam to start to fulfil their black wishes)

To keep the old economy or to transform to economics with paraphysical technology, the illiminatu kind of political wish can be quite contradictionary:

  1. to make war against Saddam.
  2. to not make war against Saddam, to keep the enemy-picture a bit longer.
  3. to wish Saddam a bit stronger, make provocations, for the sake of a full scale war.

Non of these alternatives seems realistic, to fulfil the black wishes of some illiminatus. The best for them would be to wait for the Nostradamus kind of prediction. But in this case it seems to be 200 million yellow men from the east which saves the day, and perhaps not only from a very bad central force in the middle east but also from the illiminatus and their lojal men.

If the illiminatus manages to transform the economics into paraphysical technology in their way, it (the economics) would not be so new, because the overrunning of democracy would still go on in a certain degree.

If the white forces doesn't manage to come up with alternatives, the illiminatus can easier plant their thoughts, which is difficult to find arguments against, even if one strongly feels the incorrectness.

If we finds out that to stop Saddam is a necessary white act, for instance through UN, perhaps this is what rises anger and terrorism, and opens for a Nostradamus predicted Asian Hitler with organising talent for the countries around. If we gives Saddam too much room, perhaps he will get very dangerous very fast. We really do not know. In any case illiminatu will not win, but the people of earth will have to learn to find the leadership within their own deepest hearth.

(Why didn’t I send out this earlier? – But I do now find reasons to belive that Ariel Sharon is the most probable candidate to become the most dangerous manipulative and evil one. Ref. chapter "The Gate of Antichrist".


    1. Attension to paraphysics is attension to politics
    2. Our political future can go in many directions, even if it seems to be a karmic evolution on the level of collective consciousness too, which is evolution of the time-spirit, making new balances of energy, which is new balances of consciousness. Consciousness is as relative as energy, and evolution of consciousness is rather an expansion of consciousness, more than following a path. Making new relative views keeps many older relative views within itself, which is expancion. Jumping rapidly from one strong focused relative view to another is to follow a path of relative views, and can delay expansion if the individual didn't get any experiences from it that more easily could be seen from the expanded state of consciousness.

      Politics is constantly changing, and consciousness of the individual does not have to expand so much by following what is going on. As a master of your expansion it would be wise to be aware not to follow limited paths.

      To pay attension to paraphysics can be a steady tool for expansion, beyond political changes, public lies and public denial. Then paying attension to paraphysics is to get more feeling/overview over politics.


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      Chapter 33

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    3. Earth-Alien
    4. According to Barbara Hand Clow, the people of the area of Israel were among the survivors after the Atlantis war and tragedy, and were of those historical and genetical connectioned to the Annuakies from the planet Nibiru.

      Earths habitants are mixing, from the diverse origins. But there are good reasons to speculate if there still is connections between certain races on Earth and some Alien races, from historical connections with Alien races.

      To me, that is considered as a fact. But I do not know in what extent.

      If believing diverse books and a lot of stuff on the Internet, the connection between Nibiru (the twelvth planet) and Earth are much more resent in time than the descripsions of Zecharia Sitchin. As to read from Tore Alfstads channeling in the previous chapter, and from a lot of other sources, the contacts are ongoing, but hidden.

      They are hidden until official contact again are considered as galactic politics for planet Earth, or Earth politics concerning the Universe. That is now pretty much the same. We are in this choose situation. It is up to us. If we choose away all, some negative infiltrators will still continue.


    5. With licence to
      confront Zionists
    6. Concerning my own inner contacts, I do not know if they are from an Alien origin. The inner contacts are able to read all my thoughts, and corrects my errors now and then (not all). I am now allowed to confront some dark sides of some Zionist, but do not know if I am stepping entirely correct, because the political me, the emotional me and the logical me have to do the real work. And if I was not able to correct from my own feelings and logics, they would better do the work themselves.

      The corrections and advices are not given as real answers, but as possibillities, gates where consciousness can flow more free and "correct". Some of the no-corrections are pretty clear though, on what is wrong.

      If things work well, or I am in a process with some writings, writings that I have to come back to, to feel more on, they will neither correct me nor give me advices on what to develop on. The bridges feels themselves. If I am in a hurry, self correcting feelings are lesser, but correcting help increases. The views are considered to be mine, thought, with errors and good passages.


    7. Annuaki-Zionist similarities
    8. Positive aliens operating on Earth, for its spriritual ricing, are of the many. The negative ones are of the very few. Imperialism from one of the few negative alien races operating on Earth, would better work if very determined through the 10, 100 and 1000 years. For the Annuakies, as a race living very longer than Earthlings, this is also easier.

      The imperialistic goal is easier to reach if having ones own representatives. It is easier to get to the imperialistic goal on another planet for a negative alien race if having representatives in high positions in nearly every nation. The goal is easier to reach if creating a religion where the representatives are easier to control.

      I observe there is an equality between the Annuaki strong racial segregation (described by Tore Alfstad in the previous chapter), and the preservation and historical maintenance on who are to be defined as Judes.

      Looking on Earth nearly as their property, and historically determined on getting Earth as their property, the Annuakies are very historically focused, and able to print their goals through the generations.


    9. Zionist racism
    10. Paradoxally enough, some of the worst Zionists (not Jews), have the same thoughs for themself - getting world leadership - as Hitler did. For the other, United Nations have on diverse occations determined that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination ( Standard reply on


    11. The Zionist
    12. I have read parts of part of the Illiminatu Protocoll. I saw it very imperialistic, and very determined through history. It is claimed to be a protocol of the Zionists, the socalled elder of Zion. Some claims that this claim is spread by antisemittists. An Swedish internet site, perhaps a bit antisemittic, claims the Zionists themselves claims the Illuminati Protocol is a falsification of the tsar Russian secret police Ohkranan.

      I do not now the true answer. But I feel the Zionistic and Annuaki focus on history, and their willpower on what to (imperialistic) achieve in the future, are pretty look-alikes. I do not know if that feeling is correct, or comes from wrong predjudices. Imperialistic feelings and thougt systems turns look-alikes anyway, also those of the worst kind. But I find it wise to write that prejudice, to provoke a fear between eventual unhealthy connections.

      The Swedish Internet site, which I hardly have read, describes Zionism as opposite antisemittism. Neither will I call it anti-Semitism to dig deeper into this material, to provoke Zionist groups, or Zionist individuals, for a defence, create an anger against me, and perhaps by that in the long term participating in creating self-criticism and redused racism. Also among the Zionists.


    13. No real loyalty
    14. There may still be some connections between the Annuakies and their people on Earth; by feelings, thought systems, a few real contacts, reincarnation, and more. Manipulation may exist manually and by technology, imitated brain-waves of negative kind. Equal draws to equal, of feelings and thoughts, and when peoples are in their low state, they are easier to manipulate.

      The Judes might not be the only connection, if there is a connection here. Neither do I believe there is a great loyalty to the Zionists nor the Judes from the Annuaki imperialists. Neither do I believe Zionist imperialists have a great loyalty feeling for the Judes, unless needing them for their agenda and for exstended manipulation, unknown to almost all of them.


    15. The chosen
      people of God
    16. Let us do the provocation non violently and in the no hate way. There is no reason for the masses to start mass projections. Most groups on Earth are, or have been, in some ways, imperialistic. Most religions believes they are the chosen ones, and have God as their protection, against other people, against other peoples false beliefs and their false God.

      I tell you, we are all chosen ones, and we chooses ourselves. We all fails, and we all have failed. Please do not anger yourself uneccessary or start projections, or participate to create a third world war.

      You are the chosen one. Be smart. Confront curgical and non violently. Confront also yourself, but do not fill yourself with complexes and hate. Be happy.


    17. How powerful?
    18. Neither the Annuakies nor the Zionists are powerful enough to get the future exactly as they wants. There may be some exaggerations among some conspiracy theorists here, believing the history, as it comes, is fully planned by these negative aliens and some very powerful Zionist families. True enough; they could be powerful enough to manipulate wherever the real historical power is, in every nation. But they cannot be blamed for all the negativity and all the positivity in history. We are all to be blamed, and praised.


    19. Warning Israel
      and USA
    20. I remember reading that Albert Einstein was considered as a Zionist, wanting a new nation for the Judes, which was historical correct. Most Zionists, like Albert Einstein, are to be considered as the bellowed ones.

      But I will put out a warning. In the present situation in The Middle East it could become historical correct for the UN to invade Israel. That could become historical correct very soon, if not withdrawing and changing leadership. That invasion would be historical correct, even if Zionist terrorists are capable of forming the USA, even blackmailing the USA, with whatever method they want, uknown to world media.

      The entire world have resently seen that there somehow can be put a sign of equality between Israel and USA. I feel that the rest of the world must not loose that enlightenment, because I feel it concerns world security. The rest of the world must not loose that enlightenment, even if Israel and USA takes different official positions in the new Israel created war. If that enlightenment are lost, the UN might not become able to find the right answers, find the right strength and do the necessary actions.

      This is a situation where the UN cannot afford to fail. The Arabs must see the UN-way, and the UN as the future world gouvernment. If the USA takes its negativity into the UN, USA has to be overruled.


    21. The Zionists and Einsteins general field theory?
    22. I have read the speculations that Einstein withdrawed his general field theory because of that humanity was not mature for it.

      One might also speculate if those who have taken use of Einsteins and Teslas ideas the last 50-60 years (more than 80 years according to Semjase) for secret technology and weapons, were influencers in their close relations, perhaps more in the relations of the Jude and Zionist, Albert Einstein. We know that secret orders are clever in acting the good guys, sometimes being good guys, but sometimes also mastermanipulators. The lower ones in the hierarcies are often particpators in the manipulation, generally without knowing it. Most top ones does not have to know it either, but have very loyal been formed and inherited the type of mind.

      Einstein was a pacifist, and might have been manipulated by people who wanted control over the theory and not wanted it to be widely spread out.

      Such influencers could have been Zionist – Annuaki kind of manipulators.

      I have a strong opinion that Einstein was political wrong about his decition of withdrawing his general field theory, even if it had some lacks. It came in a very important time, capable of taking another path than the Hitler Era, the Hiroshima bomb Era and cold war Era.


    23. What people
      have not realised
    24. People have not yet realised that weapons of such kind as created from the unknown Tesla, the unknown Einstein and the unknown whomever are potentially far more dangerous than atomic weapons. For instance creating Earth-quakes is easy, and I think it has been done in some extent on Earth. But exactly what is used to blackmail maintaining the USA Israel support is difficult to say.

      Frequency weapons can be developed all the way to surgical create imbalance in the core of planets, and simply blow it up.

      If people would agree that atomic weapons would be more dangerous witout the general public knowing about them, then they would agree that the general public are the best defence aginst the mad leaders of the world. Then poeple would also agree on that introducing paraphysical technology already in the 1920s would not differ from the present world situation, and the public in that time would use it for the best of economics, and would stand up against the potencial dangers.

      If the people did not know about the technological paraphysical possibilities, they would not stand up against the dangerous evil developments and world politics around it.

      That is the present situation. And the present situation is that we officially sooner or later have to transform to paraphysical technology anyway, because of the environmental crises, the kind of crises that we did not have to devellop. The present situation is than we have to go through the kind of society evolution that we could have done a lot earlier.


    25. The third world war
    26. The present situation is that we can chose away the new Hitler, either from Israel or from an other Middle East country.

      But instead we could choose to cancel the environmental crises until a long lasting thirld world war is over. I guess most people would not choose the last alternative.

      We could choose the third world war. That seams to be exactly what the worst men on both sides wants.

      If there shows up an Antikrist in an Arab country, building himself up because of the Israeli-USA provocations, the West would probably have to choose the Israel-USA-side, because of when things gets out of hand, and one sees the kind of cruelty, one will no longer judge so much between the Palestine-Israel situation. The Israel cruelty will be seen between the fingers. The West had to choose between two evils, and would choose side of the lesser evil one. The West would judge between the degree of democracy, the general degree of peoples rights, both children, women and men, and would choose away the strict hierarchical religion of Arab men.

      All Arabs would be looked upon as choosing side for the terrorists and jihad.

      Most Arabs in the west would be put behind bars, for safety precautions.

      The imperialistic USA would become the new Hero, like the imperialistic England did. The world was pleased to fight down Nazism. The world would be pleased to fight down the jihad-islamitic new Hitler and his regime.


    27. Galactic imperialism
    28. If Earth turns negative from negative forces, it might seem better for other alien races that we kill each other than developing to a warrior planet on tounament in the universe. If the third world war is what we chooses, then we would better clean out the most dangerous terrorists. But it is impossible to kill ideas in that way. It is also impossible to clean out ideas that do not really have to do with the war at all.

      That seams to be exactly the idea among some Annuaki imperialists and equal thinkers on Earth. The war are ment to increase the grip on Earth. The war are ment to increase the grip and continued control when introducing paraphysical technology, with belonging economics. The war are ment for using Earth as a base of galactic imperalism and warfare.

      Diverse interests may lead to that scenario.

      Some of the interest behind the American tournament against terrorist are of such kind of interests.


    29. Create and stick
      to a UN treathy
    30. It could become a long fight. But a conclusion is that the Arabs have everything to loose if they, by own violent actions against Israel, try to help the Palestines, and have everything to loose if deciding to follow a new dangerous Arab leader. The Arabs will have everything to loose, like the rest of the world.

      The only way is the UN way. The only leader is UN, the forum that every Nation is participating in.

      These are the times when the United Nations cannot afford to fail.

      I will recommend a UN treathy for invading Israel if they expand their war to surrounding nations, or if they do not withdraw from Palestine within days. And the Arabs should stick to that treathy.


    31. The American role
    32. The world bank and USA politics are claimed to be Zionist controlled. It might be in the very best interests of world security to not brush aside such a claim.

      Since the USA-Isreal link has come so up to focus during the last weeks, it seams also of the best interest of the Zionist to hide that link.

      Shall we trust the new USA pointing finger against Israel?

      - I do not think so, not yet. It might be of the very best interest of world security to not let the USA views now become too strong on the Earth stage. It is the Zionist voice that still is talking when fronting the view that Arafat has not fulfilled his role against the violence from his own people. Fronting that view in the present situation is partly agreeing with the Israeli actions.


    33. The only way
    34. The only correct view in the present situation is that the Israelis gradually have stolen land from the Palestines, not following earlier negotiated agreements.

      Israel is the starter of the whole thing, even the last wave of violence. That is what the UN have to stick to, even if some suicide killers do not seem to want peace. That is the only way to stop the violence. And if the Israelis shall win back some sympathy, they cannot do revenge actions.

      That is the only way.



      Tor Opdahl,

      4-7.april 2002


      A possible future scenario


      Av Tore Alfstad

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      Det er ting som antyder at jordkloden som bevisst vesen direkte vil begynne å motarbeide visse elementer i jordmenneskenes sivilisasjon som truer jordens balanse og renhet. I følge visse kilder har Jorden bedt om hjelp fra kosmos for å få dette til. Et av disse elementene er den negative konsekvens, bruk av økonomiske verktøy og økonomisk tenkning har på Jorden som planet. Ved direkte motstand fra klodens bevissthet mot de økonomiske systemer som råder idag kan en tenke seg at følgende vil skje.

      1a: Det oppstår en tilsynelatende kollektiv motstand blant flere mennesker mot strukturer som er bærende for dagens system. Dette gir seg idag allerede uttrykk som opptøyer mot møter som verdenseliten holder (G7, G8 verdensbanken VHO osv). Disse protestene vil i så fall øke eksponentielt inspirert direkte fra planetens bevissthet. Det kan komme til rene krigshandlinger med skyting og bombing i forbindelse med slike møter. Mange flere mennesker vil også protestere ikkevoldelig i forbindelse med dette. Når det gjelder den videre eskalering vil vi kunne oppleve episoder der børser og banker, Mac Donalds osv blir mål for terrorhandlinger. Det vil antakelig ikke gå så lang tid før den første børsen blir sprengt i luften. En maksimal konsekvens kan bli en tredje verdenskrig. Denne vil ikke være mellom nasjoner men mellom de som vil bevare dagens system og de som vil radikalt forandre det. En slik krig kan bli en blodig affære med "store slag".

      1b: Områder og strukturer som er viktig for å oppretthode dagens system kan bli utsatt for naturkatastrofer og uvær. Dette fordi planeten som vesen direkte prøve å slå ut disse strukturer. Som regel slår dette ut som ekstremt vær med tornadoer, voldsomme orkaner, oversvømmelser ol.

      Det kan også oppstå voldsomme elektriske stormer med ekstrem lyn og tordenaktivitet som vil kunne slå ut computere som er viktig for det økonomiske system. Det er å bemerke at USA har merket virkningene av flere slike katastrofer i det siste, og dette landet har en ledende rolle for å opprettholde dagens system. Det har også forekommet slike katastrofer i sentraleuropa. Disse kan delvis tas som advarsler. Setter kloden alle kluter til, vil en kunne oppleve naturkatastrofer som legger flere sentrale økonomiske sentrre i grus. Oljeinstallasjonene i Nordsjøen er utsatt i en slik sammenheng.

      2a: Planeten har bedt om hjelp fra kosmos for å løse problemet. kosmos kan respondere gjennom den kosmiske computer (den naturlige intelligens som opprettholder den fysiske struktur i vår galakse). Dette kan føre til at det kan bli voldsomme magnetiske stormer på solen blant annet, som sender ut elektromagnetiske sjokkbølger som slår ut elektromagnetiske infrastrukturer som er viktig for det økonomiske systemet. Det kan bli asteroidenedslag mot de verdensøkonomiske verdenssentre. Det kan også forekomme ting som supernovautbrudd og gammaglimt som kan lage kosmiske sjokkbølger som slår ut den infrastruktur som det økonomiske systemet er avhengig av. Dette er imidlertid dramatiske hendelser som også vil påvirke andre sivilisasjoner i galaksen. Et gammaglimt er en kosmisk hendelse hvor et område på størrelse med Oslo plutselig sender ut like mye energi som alle stjernene i en galakse til sammen. Dette varer bare noen millisekunder. Disse astronomiske fenomen ble lenge hemmeligstemplet av CIA da de opprinnelig trodde det var kjernefysiske eksplosjoner i andre galaktiske sivilisasjoner. Når astronomene konkluderte med at det var et naturfenomen ble måleresultatene angående dette frigitt. Et gammaglimt i nærheten av vårt solsystem vil generere en så kraftig EMP bølge at det vil kunne føre til globalt strømbrudd, og ødeleggelse av det meste av dagens elektronikk. I verste fall vil en respons føre til at humpnap som naturplan blir avviklet og at menneskeheten overføres til et høyere naturplan med andre naturlover. Det vil føre til at den fysiske verden vi idag kjenner vil bli til et ørkenlandskap uten atmosfære (slik som landskapet på månen). I det høyere naturplanet vil forholdene da være slik at en økonomisk struktur slik som i dagens humpnap ikke vil kunne fungere. Dette er (Atle) Leins ascension scenario som han tror vil komme i 2012 og som han kaller oppstigning til den 5 dimensjon. Dette er det mest dramatiske scenariet.

      3a: Andre galaktiske sivilisasjoner griper direkte inn. Dette vil kunne føre til at det økonomiske systemet bryter sammen, fordi folk da vil få informasjoner om hvordan andre galaktiske raser organiserer sine samfunn blant annet uten penger, eiertrang og maktbegjær. Flere mennesker vil da prøve å danne samfunn i takt med en galaktisk modell. Dette kan føre til krig mellom de samfunn med gammel struktur og de nye. For å hindre slike kriger, kan føderasjonen komme til å evakuere vekk individer som støtter den gamle strukturen til planeter med en lavere frekvens. I verste fall vil hele planeten bli evakuert, og en ny menneskerase som ikke er av det lyranske slektstre vil få i oppdrag å bygge en ny galaktisk sivilisasjon på Jorden, etter at en renselsesperiode har virket. Denne kan da utgjøre i verste fall en periode på flere tusen år. I denne perioden vil jorden bli satt i karantene og noen stor menneskelig sivilisasjon vil ikke bli tillatt så lenge renselsen pågår.

      En 101 åring på Kuba uttalte i et TV program at det vil oppstå en situasjon i fremtiden hvor USA kommer i krig med resten av verden. Denne krigen vil landet tape, og det fører til at USA blir mindre viktig i verdenspolitikken, og får mindre innflytelse på denne enn dagens Kuba har idag. Dette kan henspeile på en situasjon hvor USA prøver å opprettholde dagens system med alle midler mot resten av verden som muligens vil ta en annen kurs. Det er mulig at det planetariske forbund blir involvert i konflikten fordi USA ønsker å krige i verdensrommet. Det kan da bli en krig på "galaktisk nivå" som USA taper med glans (Semjase advarte om dette, hvis krigstendensene sprer seg ut i verdensrommet). Det hele kan ende med en invasjon i Independence Day stil hvor hele USA blir besatt (hærtatt) av vesener fra andre planeter. De vil så bli satt under galaktisk administrasjon. Bush har tatt første steget i en slik utvikling ved at han skal prøveskyte sitt stjernekrigsvåpen hver annen måned.

      Tore Alfstad

      August 2001

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      Economic war against the USA

    35. A question to the
      previous chapter,
      Tore Alfstad:
    36. Back to front page

      I will consider the propability for that the USA comes to war against the rest of the world for probably, but at the same time that this can be avoided. Further will the fight to free information provoke the answer that a lot of the secrecy has been done to avoid mass fear, and will provoke the answer that aliens are dangerous enemies. This enemy picture, and exaggerated thought about mass fear, is manipulated into the public at purpose.

      The USA is a loyality loving country. But in the fight between the lower loyality and the higher loyality, we can come into the situation that a whole people misjudges the situation this time.

      The new economy will result in equalization over the entire planet, while the security thinking of the USA is based on itself as the world economic leader.

      Parallel with the introduction of the enemy picture one have to disclose the reality behind the phenomenons, the existence of beings from outer space, and have to disclose that secrecy really has been going on, not just on this, but also on belonging technologic and economic development. Massive aggression all over the world will brake out when the masses gets to know what they have been kept away from.

      A disclosure now and then, as a deliberate manipulation from the manipulation forces, may be replaced from the same manipulation forces with a enormous massivity in the prpaganda, paradoxally parallel with those who have worked to release information have achieved great progress. Despite of manipulative release, the release although have to be pushed forward. Anyway, there will come a time where the masses see the fact, and a time where the though of that everything can be hidden and silenced no more shows up to be useful.

      Just in the times where the masses are about to see the facts, the secret-keeprs increases manipulation. To play the hero role and to get full control over paraphysical technology and the economic formulation (where most of it is based on old thought systems and on power / control-thought), the secret keepers wants a huge war, of greatest interest in the Middle East and general terrorism. It may happen that big parts of the world falls into the same thoughts; the thoughts of the deliberate placed manipulation on how to fight down terrorism, maybe mostly that way in the beginning. But we may also come into the situation that the world sees what the USA not are seeing

      If the massive manipulation about mass fear and enemy picture (terrorists and beings from outer space) are met by an opposite massivity, and a diverging in advantage for the forces of light, and a belonging better identification of the negativity of secrecy, then I am of the opinion that USA in war against the rest of the world may loose its validity. This may also depend on how the people of the USA draws the whole thing into positive consequences.

      Have you made yourself any thoughts on how negative massivity can be met by positive massivity? Du you know any plans for this. Do you think we must base ourself on the participation of people most, solely?

      Tor Opdahl


    37. Economic War
    38. Just now it seems that a war where the Muslim countries stands against the rest of the world is more probable than a scenario where the USA stands against the rest of the world. This last scenario becomes probably an economic war and not a military if it should show up.

      The space people have temporarily stopped some of the galactic integration program with Earth, because they wants to await to see if there will become a thirld world war between the Islamic world and the rest of the world. If this war does not show up, the integration program will be reopened at once. If there is going to be a war, the integretion prosess will be restarted as soon this war is over.

      Tore Alfstad.

      5. oktober 2001


    39. The War against
      USA – scenario
    40. I presume space-alien forces now have restarted their integration program, in some scale. The situation in the middle east is still tense, which needs healing action, and probably 100% of that action is to be done by the Eartlings themselves. But I would regard it wise that integration continues on other levels, that increases the choice situation for healing actions.

      The USA will be the world Boss if serious conflicts exists everywhere else in the world, if we judge from the experience of their historical capability of taking charge. I am not convinced that negative forces of the USA not will play on that in negative ways, to still continue to be the world Boss, create treats, more than the actual situation, perhaps consciously, perhaps unconsciously. I believe treat constructing actions is being done by such forces, not only by bad judgment on the Earth stage.

      When we manages to lower the conflicts around the world, then the attension will be drawn towards increased equal rights and possibilities, and against economic thinking and forces that hold those down. USA will naturally be the center of that attension, if they do not manage a strategy to defocus that. If that strategy turns negative, positive forces working for the UN would wisely have to use an against strategy.

      The rest of the world will hardly have the guts to go to war against the USA, if the situation becomes obvious for such an action, and if the nations nearly agrees to make an action. The war would more likely have to become economic, even if that means decades of time loss, some extra millions deaths around the world, and some ekstra millions hardly managing, but suffering from the economic realities.

      Tor Opdahl

      30. desember 2001


    41. The Alternative
    42. The alternative is USA continuing as the economic superpower, which is needed in their kind of security thinking, and again will suppress more people around the world than having to make a war against the USA, via the UN.

      I guess the USA now is seeing their stressed economic situation. I guess that is the main reason why Bush (the people behind) wants to stress a fight against their created treats. I guess that is why they totally agrees with Israel, and acts as a world provoker in other ways as well.

      I guess the bankruptcy of the big energy company in the USA is a sign that they are up to something. There are money-flow behind the created debts. Decades of paraphysical science are going to be introduced, which the Americans wants to be in charge of.

      That the Norwegian bank wants to stop to track the big money-flow to foreign contries, just one months after 11.september 2001, may be a sign of the same, and a sign that the Americans needs their loyal minds all around the world.

      Tor Opdahl

      01. february 2002


    43. Surgical
    44. The world realises already that the economic realities causes directly the path and the end of billions of lives, and that these miseries not 100% can be blamed on the lives themselves for not managing. But since we all are to be blamed somehow; huge relolutionary actions, blaming all on others, will do no good. Huge projections of the masses may create a strong negative path on Earth.

      But if that "revolution" do not come in some way, that may even be more dangerous.

      But the actions have to be obvious for the world. If making actions in the blind, hell is loose. The most negative forces will then easier hide, and may even become even more negative. The non violent actions may be wise and lucky, but the violent actions may even be used by the beyond stage darkmen to manipulate the world into their wished negative paths.

      A key seems to be the USA secrecy, the USA-UN relations and the USA-Israel relations. If the UN do not manage to be strong against the USA on some surgical issues, the path of Earth could become very negative.

      It seems that the good people, media and politicians of the USA do not manage to blow away the secrecy and manipulation themselves. Since the UN is not in the position to know all of what USA is hiding, the UN seams to have to act in the blind anyway. But it is not blind to demand disclosure and release, for the sake of Earth and its habitants. It is not blind to demand insight. Then we will see what forces in the USA that is in charge, and we will be able to act from that. If be the demands are able to provoke the negative forces and more manipulation from them, then we also will see who are in charge of the rest of the world, because of their capability to form the world. Then we will be able to act from that.


    45. A Nostradamus
    46. As I have argued, I do believe that the Nostradamus predictions no longer are valid. The one linear time track from past to future are philosophically unvalid. The Platonic ideas are valid, in an all is one perspective. The unlimited many combinations are living inside each other, beyond time and space, as parallel worlds.

      Looking into the future is possible. But that does not have to be our future, the kind of future we chooses to go into.

      Nostradamus is unvalid. But in the same way as countless many Tor Opdahls in parallel worlds will create nearly the same book by creating argumentation bridges from feelings, the thought structure of evil may bring some events back in track. Not the same future, but events from causes and effects.

      I feel love for the Israelites, Judes and Zionists as well. But some Zionists may be of those who are in charge, forming the world. If so, that have to be confronted. It is not antisemittism to confront where it has to be confronted. If UN fails in the Middle East, and against the USA, violence and hell is loose.

      From the present reintrodused state of the Middle East and Earth, the future could become a 200 million men Chinese army walking towards the Middle East. That could become the force with enough heavyness that will stop the events, the third world war, if that war not is stopped before it begins.

      Tor Opdahl

      01.April 2002


    47. Self created evil
      from potensials
    48. Nostradamus’ antikrist from the Middle East is unvalid, but a track that can be reintroduced.

      USA is still not wise enough to understand that their limited mind may partisipate and cause the creation of the limited opposite.

      Strangely enough, that is exactly what some forces seems to want, in the USA and the West, as well as extreme groups in the East. But most of these thoughts are just potensials, that may increase on both sides if provoking wrong and too much.

      Most of the enemyship between capitalism and communism was unnessesary created from potensials.

      The power keepers on both sides earned on it. Soviet and China achieved to control their people under the state. The west achieved lojality under the state, below the present economical system and their income. Anti communication rendered suspicion, which rendered more limited views and enemies.

      The USA, that thinks they wan the fight between the systems, rather than that there is an integration and an new created extension and rising going on, wants now to create a transformed machartism.


    49. The Isreal-Zionist- USA relation
    50. What is that thing between Isreal and USA? Conspiracy theorists on the Internet claims Zionist are able to give threats and scare so much, in ways that is unimaginable for us, and in ways so they in fact rule the world. (For instance on, at the end of the site, found 15.mars 2002)

      It does not matter here in this book to come to the bottom of it, because no one would believe it anyway, even if it where true. It does not matter who are the top conspirators, because knowing that, and telling it with strength, will probably not convince the masses, and will therefore not lead to any changes.

      Tor Opdahl

      02.April 2002


    51. Licence to smell on
    52. But I give you the licence to smell on the conspiracy theories that claims others than Osama Bin Laden and the Al Quidas was involved in the 9/11 attacks. You could for instance start with the -site, which I find pretty down to ground and investigating. Following one of the links on the site, the thought that the Bin Laden video was a falsification, could in fact be true.

      It might be of the very best interests of world security to not rule that possibility out.

      This is not a pro Osama Bin Laden position. Let us agree that fighting down the jihad terrorist, and those who hided them, was correct, even if one do not have to agree with the USA war-making method, and even if it migth be uncorrect by the UN to let the USA, in the USA way, with the USA leadership, fight down other terrorist-hiding contries.

      I do not think you will find the strength to do anything about it, if you concludes the Zionists have anything to do with it. Not putting yourself in a bad light to other people, who are feeling very offended by what could be the truth, the very best you might achieve is to refer objectively to the conspiracy theorists, with the factors, in a no condescending way.

      The conclusion could be that both groups did it; the Al Quidas and the Zionists. If that is the case, the Zionists of that sort are capable of building up the enemies for own agendas, following them very well, participate in their way in the real actions, but be very effective on blaiming the other part. All without the Al Quidas knowing anything about it.

      Is that possible?

    53. UFO-news
      nr. 4 2001 (Neti)
    54. There is a lot views in an article written by Paul Aune in the Nowegian magazine "UFO-nytt nr. 4 2001", from an organisation called "Neti". His theories might step deep into the material, and if true, there might also be stuff here that, if followed up, that may force George W. Bush and Dick Chaney to resign. But Pål Aune may also render som views that are planted by diverter people in the conspiracy theory buisness, to discredit conspiracy theorist.

      The article may have stuff that may concern world sequrity. In stead the half sceptical about the UFO cause (non-knowers) and the leader, that is a freemason (and have participated in Illiminatu meetings) became the strongest playground and force. And Pål Aune, the one of two starters of the organisation, was discredited, misunderstood as writing antisemittic. Hopefully it will not go with Neti as it did with UFO-Norge: From the starters; knowing individuals as the power in the organisation, to the sceptical individuals as the last decade(s) have ruled the organisation, now perhaps a bit more open again. Those sceptics were even fooled by the diverter and alien enemy picture planter; Derrel Sims.

      I desided to withdraw from Neti, because I have nothing to do in an organisation that allows freemasons, a group that pretty much can run their agendas by controlling information; by receiving information about others, but not give so much information about themselves, unless acting good and interesting, to get some entry.

      The Sirians on Earth might disagree with me, descending from such kind of thought systems themselves, controlling information in what is thought to be higher spiritual hierarchies, working for, and defending, the good causes. But my strong opinion is that Earth has to criminalize every rule and people behind them that do not give full insight into organisations and orders. That is necessary to evolve the democracies on Earth from their present situations.


    55. My strategy
    56. I concluded from that Neti case, that no matter how deep, true and exact conspiracy theories are, on things that may concern world security, they will achieve very little. The views are also little accessible for those who want to spread them around, and seams difficult to use as tools for digging deeper, also because of not knowing the degree of correctness of them.

      I, who do not know the complete true answer about the 9/11 tragedy (which I neither believe the concluders do), might therefore achieve more for my readers by making presumptive "evidence" of what people are capable of doing than finding facts. From that position people can do necessary precautions and correct actions, without really knowing the exact answer. I am not arguing for to throw out general suspicion. I am arguing for to take necessary precations, and act because of if so is the case…, because the times needs it.

      We live in a time where we have to confront evil, but in a time where we do not know exactly who the ruling evils are. We have to act in the blind, without stepping wrong.

      The UN contries could each one send out thoughts to good alien races to ask for some facts from their intelligence services observing Earth. But the question is if that should atchieve more than our own conspiracy theorists.

      Instead, or in addition to unexpected intelligence service help, we have to be very observable, watch evil from the few factors, that shows its head here and there, now and then. It might be necessary to think like a conspiracy theorist, but without descending all your thoughts into general negativity. You have to feel on the thoughts.


    57. The
      Colin Powell
    58. How Colin Powell expressed himself in the Easter Holiday, just one day before USA in the UN changed opinion about Israel, might be a sign that it is the negative forces that now are ruling USA, with few possibilities to change it, just for the false acting on the world stage.

      Colin Powell could be the kind of guy that is capable to turn the opinion against himself, to give the signal to the UN that they have to take over. Perhaps not. He now speaks exactly as the American Bull. Of course there is a demand that Arafat have to rice his voice aginst terrorism, from both sides, but that is not the main focus that should be given now.

      That is the signal for that the UN have to take over very soon. The UN must not allow the negative forces of USA to use Colin Powell as their key for changing the views of the rest of the western countries

      We know that an admitting from Arafat might get the Isreal forces to withdraw, even if he have nothing to do with the resent events. But for future lasting world peace, Zionist imperialism can only be stopped if confronting them (not by violence), to bring some humbleness into them. If that does not work, an UN invation of Israel might be necessary.


    59. The UN signal
      and precaution

To get the true and good signal from the USA, from every corner of its false democracy, The UN have to give the signal that the USA-Israel bridge is unprofitable. That is also the necessary help to be given to the good forces of the USA, taking over for the bad ones.

Three causes to go to economic war against the USA, in form of boycotts and more:

  1. Making the signal that an eventual Zionist blackmailing of the USA is unprofitable.
  2. Give the signal that they will loose the the economic power in the world by maintaining the Zionist-USA-grip.
  3. USA is the center for UFO secrecy and conspiracy, have been in many decades, which have lowered economic development and spiritual growth on Earth. In my opinion, that have leaded to far more cruelty than all terrorist actions imaginable in the mind of the Americans.

The last point may be the key for the UN to act against the USA. And in that way it does not matter if we at the present stage do not know wether it is the Zionists who have the hardest conspiracy grip on the USA or not.


    1. Do not loose focus
    2. But it might be in the very best interest of World and USA security to not loose focus on the Zionist-USA relation, and possible Zionist ruling conspiracy and Zionists blackmailing USA.

      The Steven Greer Disclosure project (Cseti) was about to change the path of Earth, in a positive direction, just before the 9/11 disaster defocused that.

      Positive aliens was planning to interphere, taking the places of some media people with their very hight technological level, if not enough focus on the Steven Greer project. That I think, is still valid.

      It might be of the very best interest of world security to rule out the possibility the that Imperialistic Zionists are capable of making an even worse disaster than than the 9/11 disaster.

      If the USA is not willing to take that risk, the United Nations have to, because of facing even worse risks if not doing it.

      Tor Opdahl

      7.april 2002





      Letter to the Americans

      (and to the rest of Earth)


    3. I am against USA
    4. Back to front page

      If security are put into secrecy, then it is the same forces that prevents the world from more social equality that still are in charge, even if they front some good people and good acts on the world stage. Those equal thinking individuals, who for 80 years have prevented us from paraphysical technologies and belonging spiritual and eqonomic evolution-paths, are still in charge.

      We are talking about many billion lives here; miserablness, prevented from good health, shortening of lives and consciousness. We are talking about many billion lives, not just many millions, not just many thousands.

      We have got the choice whether to be for or against USA. If secrecy is the choice of USA, and their path for the world seams to continue, then I am against USA.

      I am not for your enemies and against you. I am against terror and the terrorists. And at the present state I find it wise to be against the USA. That is all. I am not advicing for violence and terror.

      But I am warning you. If fighting against the coming new world economic realities, I will see it wise to advice the world to go to physical war against the USA, if the UN nations agrees on it.

      For the years to come we are talking about more billions of lives.


    5. Do not work
      against the UN
    6. You Americans have been thought to hate communism and sosialism very much. I am warning you; Do not exaggerate that. The world are now uniting more and more, nations and people from different positions. All systems have something good and something bad. Do not work against the good will to integrate the best from all systems.

      Yes, the UN will become a world government, with sosialistic sharing prinsiples. But that government will also value the free individual initiative, and will not fall in those negative paths of those of expressed communism. As we know, the free individual initiative fulfils the socialistic ideas.

      I am warning you; Do not work against the UN.


    7. The monkey stadium
    8. Like preventing the child from seeing violence and danger, Your secret-keepers use this argumentation preventing the world from seeing the unknown. They will convince many people by such argumentations.

      There is too much testosterone between the ears of the Ricky Lake Show nation, to be able to see beyond the false convictions.

      But preventing the world from seing the unknown, the world are also prevented from seing the things that can heal the unknown, and is also preventing the world from avoiding what could have been avoided when seing the unknown.

      We are also prevented from seing some danger. But the result now is that human monkeys in fact are sitting with nuclear and frequency weapons. And among those monkeys are Americans.

      I am saying that because they will try to convince you that hiding truth is of the good. But the real truth is that this causes Earth habitants to stay longer in the monkey stadium.


    9. Manipulation of the American Hearth
    10. In fact, the American hearth is too patriotic, and is too little surrounding Earth and its habitants globally. Your patriotism makes you easy to maipulate. I have reason to doubt the good judgement of a whole American people on these matters, like I also doubt the judgement of extreme Islamites and other kind of religious people and extremists.

      The acts of Secrecy/Security-people will look like white forces, and they will even achieve something good.

      Along this the American hearth is formed. Americans have a great need of playing the Heroism game. Be pleased when necessary, but please do not make me puke of you again.

      There are great manipulators behind that game, people behind people.

      I am not saying that combining Secrecy and Security always are wrong. I am saying that the combination of many factors on this issue makes this whole thing very wrong.


    11. The American people allows the conspiracies
    12. Forget everything that is written and said about conspiracies. They have little meaning. Removing all the people doing conspiracies, people of the same thought system and masculine hierarchical lojalty patterns will still exist, and continoue in the same path.

      But all conspiracies needs a people to play on, not only to manipulate. The higher form of society, the smarter becomes the manipulative forces, until the society has become so high that there is only blindness left, where the acts still are a bit unwise. Today we have a highly advanced form of manipulation, which operates straight into the American soul. Then, playing the good Samaritan, along with necessary power positions and statements, nations are formed.

      I tell you, manipulation of the American people, and the American people agreeing on it, concerns more than the tens of million people killed in the Second World War. You are not the people of Hitler, but that the manipulation nowadays concerns more people and is fare more dangerous is my strong opinion. Manipulation is now on a even higher level.


    13. The world Leader
    14. Hitler wanted to be the world leader. American security wants to be the world leader. There are many dangerous players behind that, for instance those who wants a full scale war against terrorists. In the worst cases some of these are in fact playing with the terrorists, building them up. These people are of the inner circles.

      Do not be surprised by that. Be not surprised if you find yourself in thought system agreeing with those dangerous people, that are fooling you. Many of you are thougth to agree on acts, even if they are terrible, to continue world security in your way of thinking. Beyond that are also economic interests, forming security thinking to fit the economic interests.

      But even beyond that are a group of people, beyond stage, who wants world leadership. That is mixed with economic interests. But these people have so evil political hearths, that they are capable of doing very dangerous and evil things on the world stage, that even may go against their own shorthsighted economic interests. But their acts will strengthen their position in the long run.

      The Americans have their Al-Quidas too, dressed in suites. As I said, they have fooled many billion lives, which also have put the Earth environment to the edge of what it can support.

      Be not surprised if you are agreeing with those people, because the American Ego is big and have difficulties to look beyond.


    15. The truth is
      simply too strong
    16. My experience is that people very often chooses to be supressed in stead of wanting to bear the truth. The truth is simply too strong. It would be easier for å bunch of sceptics to follow attacs against views like mine, and to follow attacks against people like me with some sorts of accusations, than to see what actually is happening. A lot of people are more willing to damagae the truth than to see the truth and improve their future.

      Since I am not a public figure, it is more difficult to attack the views by attacking the person. The views stands fore themselves. But you, as the reader, decides of course what strenght they are to be given.

      When it comes to my own inner information about planting of nuclear weapons in the east, as for instance written in "Yes and No to the Islamites", we have got to information after the terror action 11.sept.2001 that terrorists have tried to get (parts for) nuclear weapons, and Bin Laden claims he have it, which would be very dangerous. But my original inner information about that more western forces has contributed to plant them, to create a enemy picture and to play in their ways, has not come forth, because these players are very clever to hide.

      What are their views? – They want to create some danger to avoid an even grater, in their views, along with their mixed economic and world security views. Provocations are part of that. The Israel position may be part of that. The accidental(?) freed information about pointing nuclear weapons against seven contries may be part of that.


    17. Is the USA suitable to be the world security leader?
    18. We may ask if the Americans are suitable to be the world security leader, because they are capable of creating more danger than healed actions.

      The rocket shield programme may be part of the whole manipulative story, to become the world hero when all the bad guys of Earth are beaten, to justfy secrecy and gradually introdused partly paraphysical weapons, to still become the world economic leader in the new paraphysical paradigm.

      If that becomes the path, and if the Americans by this becomes the new world leader of paraphysical technologies, the real heroism for Earth would be to create an economic war against the USA.

      The American people are clever, we know that, which should be revarded. But all depends on the paths of your country and how you are dealing with your bad guys.

      If you are no dealing with them, the nexts enemies of the Americans are Aliens from outer space. The USA needs enemies and the kind of economy and manipulation that involves.

      Some of your presidents have spoken of the alien danger from outer space, did you know that? – See chapter "Strategy in time of transition". – Prepare to avoid the manipulations also on that matter.


    19. Economic engines
    20. Paradoxally, the Americans, who hate communism so much, do themselves need their economic engines, which military and weaponry industry in fact are, even if some of them more are private businesses than business of state. But by this the Americans should not automatically take a clear standpoint against ideas of more positive world economic engines, lasting or temporarily, under the roof of the UN. Genetic research and ministry could become one of them. Internet access free of cables for the entire world could become one of them (if the Americans not wants that kind of control themselves). Spend money on something we regards as necessary, of good moral, of a good cause, or whatever, create activity, make money flow, and activity and money around it are created.


    21. The same story with the same kind of money flow
    22. We have seen lately how fast the economic paradigms of the economic elite can change. The players beyond knows that very well.

      In Norway that has turned to a very rich nation, stealing from its own people by taxes and not fulfilling its tasks, because of speculation and overheating arguments. But beyond this half true paradigm lies propably the planning of a big money flow to something. I will expect many cases like the bankruptcy of your big energy company, and will expect many equal stories of different paths. But at the end these are of the same story, because it is the same kind of world politics involved, and the same kind of money-flow, even if going to different areas.

      Then they will of course play the Hero Role, claiming to be correct at last after all. And they will achieve this if they are not disclosed.

      But there will also come an economic paradigm overruling the economic present in more healthy ways. It will come in better ways than limited men now and then cancelling the overheating paradigm.


    23. Open economics

The economic development will probably go in a direction for a common world logistic system. It would be very great advantages with a common world product number / serial number system. We have the world wide web, and we will probably get the world wide logistics, with product number (with serial number included) and hypertext reffering to the same address on the net. The produktnumber/hypertext would with great advantages include:

  1. The organisation number of the firm produsing it.
  2. The the contry code of the firm.
  3. A system of tracking the date of production, mayby included in the serial number.
  4. A clicking on a special place on the hypertext will get us to the web adresss of the company.
  5. A clicking on a special place on the hypertext would get us to the web address that shows all the parts of the product, addressed as hypertexts too.
  6. A direct link between the economical system / calculations / status between the seller and buyer.
  7. A possibility for the customer to automatically see the degree of earnings for the company on that product. And a possibility for the customer to see the earnings/status of the company.

The last would transform the power to avoid overheating of economics, from the leaders of the sentral banks and to the public.

The advantages would be:

  1. Time savings
  2. Money savings
  3. A lot easier to catch scoundrels, and make it almost impossible to be be an economic scoundrel.


    1. For or against
      open economics

The world will before the introduction of open economics, and during the development of it, be split into two forces.

  1. Those who wants this to go to the benefit for the world public, by making everything open.
  2. Those who fear to much openness, fearing the loose of power and control, and wants to create actions to distract the paths towards the open economics.

I would expect the strongest economic forces of the USA to be a force of the last point, together with such kind of forces in other contries. Act the good guys, but distract.

Slow down the development on one side. Be a builder of the system, and create holes in it on the other side, for own benefit and for peoples distrust of the whole thing.

    1. Extreme Distrust

Secrecy seems to be based on two main issues; Balance around present economics, and Distrust of peoples capability to accept controversial issues. These are both extreme distrusts; Distrust of economics and distrust of people, which are pretty dependent of each other.

There will come a time when they will make public why the secrecy for so many decades. A probable situation is this:

  1. New official distance to the past and its judgement will be taken from new official personalities.
  2. People from the old school explains their actions, and the media will throw themselves over it, partly agreeing.
  3. The real manipulators from the old school will still be in some charge, drawing some lines of the whole ting. Not all, but some.

On what side will the Americans fall on? You may take the publication as a treat against your own pride and ego, and defend the decades of secrecy, concerning billions of people.

That would be a big mistake.

I advice the Americans to be humble for the world. It may be wise to not look on yourself as leader of the world. The world are changing and nothing ever lasts. If you hang on in the past, you may get the same ideas as those who are manipulating the world by beliving that American superiority are an absolute necessity for world security.


    1. The impression of
      the American Bull

I am not so sure we got the best outcome from the Afganistan actions. I do not know how to detestosteronise the American bull. The American Bull can be dangerous. Bombing the terrorist camps first and then try some more diplomacy could have worked. Perhaps not. We might have got nearly the best path realizable. But with the lack of what not was tried it was not the very best path.

What impression of the American Bull is left?

The impression is that the American Bulls biggest fear is to show weakness for other nations. The way of the American Bull is to show strength, as the only language rotten nations will understand. That is also what the strategists wanted to tell the world.

The impression is that there was different American Bull forces in pointing out what kind of action that was wanted in Afganistan.

  1. Those who wanted a lasting war and not wanted an early diplomatic solution, because they did not want an easy catch of Bin Laden and him as a living martyr and symbol. Therefor they did not want a diplomatic solution, but war. They were simply scared.
  2. Those who wanted a long lasting war and not to catch Bin Laden, because he was a needed enemy and a symbol to get public agreement to continue the turnament against terrorism. Some of these are antidemocrats wanting to play the hero role, to form the world after their purposes. These as simply black strategists, and scared as well.
  3. Those who wanted some control, over heroism and economic thinking, and not that UN should get to big power to fast.
  4. Those who of pure fear of terrorism did not want the diplomatic solution and Bin Laden as living symbol and martyr behind bars. Those people became followers of the opinions of people of the above points.

All these groups had the American Pride inside them, easy formable to the American Bull.


    1. The ever returning
      impression of the American Bull
    2. We always have the situation that the Americans choose sides, and whatever sides that suits them best for the moment.

      We had the situation that the Americans fought against the other side some years ago, and now against the Taliban. We have the situation that USA is friend with Saudi Arabia, and still Taliban was under strong influence by Saudi Arabian people and ideas before the attack, and among that the suppression of the women. Many of the attackers in New York where Saudi Arabian.

      Every country have their extremists, including the USA.


    3. Natural start
    4. But of course, we had to start the confrontations somewhere, not necessarily with war, but we had to start on some issue, and some kind of actions. It is naturally to start on what fall closest at the moment. It was natural to start with an equalizing of the terrorists and those who gives them home and feeds them.


    5. The World
    6. But it is also natural to always have integration in mind. Afanistan may be an example on what to do and what not to do on future events and world integration prosesses.

      We had a country where all sides and their leaders had shown they where capable to suppress the people. It is not for sure that removing Taliban was the wisest. More diplomacy to get power to the more moderate forces of Taliban, more diplomacy to get a big UN forces into the country, to hold bad guys and bad ideas in their ears, was never tried.

      If it had worked, the integration prosess between gropus of people might have worked better. The intelligence service cooperation and prosess might have continued smoother and better. We could have trapped Osama Bin Laden more easily. The Americans could still show muscles by bombing other and probably more peripheral areas than main cities, with the best existing kind of surgical precision.

      With the UN present and demand, the worst forces of Taliban may have been removed by election.


    7. Naïve?
    8. The American Bull will of course say this diplomatic solution is naïve. The American Bull might say that it would have become street fights in the cities, which would have been worse than surgical bombing in the cities and gradually tap their spirit and strength.

      They might have right. But a (partly) diplomatic solution, which might have worked a lot better, was not tried.


    9. The UN takeover
      as the world leader
    10. We might get better solutions when the Americans are held back from bombing and not are willing to take risks on the ground. It might be better solutions to use the Americans when the UN international court are operational, and diplomacy and diplomatic treats shows up not to work.

      The need of an UN international court is obvious, as a first step towards an UN gouvernment and parlament. We will usually, and especially in the long run, get better solutions without the American Bull as the world leader.

      It might be better solutions if the American Bull says, offended: Deal with the problems yourself (meaning send in troops yourself).

      The New York attack was an attack against the world. The world got more united after being attacked. When the UN takes over the initiativ from the USA, the UN will take more over as the enemy of the bad guys’ from the USA. That is good.

      The American Bull tries to utilize all important world joining forces to its own world leader position. The expression "Either are you for us or you are aginst us" – is an example of that all expelled wisdom exists within a frame, an this time also within a timeframe.

      I am not for the continued American Bull.

      The UN will not utilize joining forces in that way, get that kind of advantage for negative strategies, but will of course welcome all positive joining forces.

      Dark forces projects its own negativity, and in this way the American Bull fears the UN.


    11. Mature war-making
    12. I saw an American Bull that was legalizing war secrecy and propaganda. I saw a USA that was distrusting its own people and the people of the world when disarguing to the action and the war methods.

      The human being is an integration tool. My experince is that my personal solution cells, of thought and feelings, became disfunctional when the war and its disknowledge, secrecy and propaganda started.

      Then I finally chosed the anti city bombing side, because I saw the path and disagreed about the strategy, or lack of combining war-strategy and diplomacy.

      The American Bull thought it had lost the propaganda war when people started to disagree. They thought disagreement came from the Taliban spoksman in Pakistan, the new Arab commercial news channel and from people watching people getting killed by the bombing.

      That is a real disbelief of peoples’ capability to judge for themselves various sourses, and a disbelief of peoples capability to bear seing people killed during wars, as a consequence of war-making.

      I can bear killings when war for peace-keeping is necessary. But I believe the American Bull now is preparing to improve its propaganda war.

      The way of the UN must be to have openness, also on war issues. Dissagreement on war issues is very healthy.

      Another part of it is that media have to show maturity around these events, sending the worst cases at late night etc.


    13. Leading the
      to the world
    14. Improving the propaganda war, and a whole (world leading) nation agreeing on it, is a very dangerous situation.

      As I have explained, the (American) antidemocrats have their purposes about these things. They are always trying to find methods to legalize their acts. The bridges are often the masses themselves, where they are given a part of it to agree on, but where there also lies deeper dark strategy into it.

      Forming the world society to win propaganda wars in the time of fast groving information access is a very dark path anyway. Even worse is that this gives greater access for the back stage negative forces to control your nation, and even form their forces into – either into the UN system or put you as a nation even more against the UN.

      As Semjase explains in chapter 27, there is a certain chance that Earth will develop to a warrior planet, and that is not welcome in the universe. I will regard USA to be the possible springboard for that.

      You are leading the back stage scoundrels to the world, letting them form the world with their though systems.

      I must repeat that a higher society means higher forms of manipulation. The chance that your nation becomes worse than the nation of Hitler is big.

      As far as me concern, you may already be. There would be another path for the world if your back stage people did not have that power, and Hitler, war and Osama Bin Laden did not even have to be a reality.

      That was a tough one, was it not?


    15. Layers of
    16. If you do not want to be worse than the nation of Hitler, now as you now it, there are many layers of manipulation to get rid of. Also the ones you are formed to, now as a part of the American Soul, coming from earlier manipulation and blindness.

      I will also tip you on one thing, and that is your media and your sudden impression after that. The massivity of todays media may often inappropriate fasten the impressions and opinions, and gives lesser room for the soul to rearrange. Even if you are aware of this, you may partly be caught by it. Other people have been caught more by it than you, and therefor you are surrounded by it and have to spend energy to get out from this labyrint, which now is a part of you. I would say that the manipulation in lower developed democracies is often not worse than countries thought to be higher democracies. Manipulation in the higher democracies may also be more dangerous, because it is more difficult to detect.

      I have seen how and how fast diverse forces in your country acts when states of consciousness in your country or on Earth are in certain phases. Collective momentary states of feelings and rest of the consciousness may be used very negatively.


    17. Advices
    18. I will advice you to let your hearths sourround Earth and all of its inhabitants, even those you have to fight down, by war methods and non war methods.

      Take side for everybody. That is the rule. No matter what positions and confrontations that has to be made. Use the different levels of your soul and the relativities of truths.

      I will advice you to lay newspapers, TV and radio aside for periods, and let your own inner truth flow into your body from your deeper soul. Remember that you often can be a lot wiser by not reading the newspapers, and all kind of information, than by reading them.


    19. The Crockodile
      Dundee II method
    20. Do I mean those things about making war against USA? – I see few other possibilities if you are leading the crooks to the world, making Earth lower devolloped and dangerous in connection with other planets, and also leading the crooks to the world in a way which concerns millions and billions of human lives.

      But there is a chance that we can ceparate the crocks and those of better will. Crockodile Dundee would have to let the crocks take his friend if he continued to lead the crooks to him, or would have take him himself. But they both knew his back yard. Crockodile Dundee in his way and his friend knew it in his way. Together they trapped the crooks.

      What is the back yard to come in future events, where all the confrontations are?
      – That is what you and I know in various ways, a bit differently, and also different things.


    21. My back yard
    22. There will certainly be confrontations when paraphysics becomes public debated. Paraphysics is a very important part of my personal back yard.

      I will use the chance to advertise for my paraphysics, in case you get too bored among all the text in this book. Paraphysics is especially treated from chapter 42, all logically built up. It is better than quantum physics. It is better than theory of relativity, it is better than Stephen Hawkings world, and beats them all argumentally. If I not was of that opinion I would not have written this book.

      When paraphysics comes to the very public stage, that would be a sign that very important confrontations are to be made. That is when we finally will see if Earth really will go in the right or wrong direction. So all confrontation on forehand are also of the good.


    23. Your back yard?
    24. If the need of confronting USA not was of the best, it may be of the better. The worst would be if the crooks of the USA fools the rest of the USA and the rest of Earth into their thought systems.

      All people of good will are needed against that. The direct confronters are needed, on various themas and in various ways. The carriers are needed, those who are going to take the bodies of the old thought systems away, and do the daily life small confrontations. The systembuilders of the new thought systems are needed. And the maintainers of them are needed. You and I are simply needed, with all kind of necessities of daily life.

      You are welcome to join the positive forces of the new times, in whatever way that suites you.


    25. A key of
    26. There will be a lot of manipulation among their new need of playing the good guys, more than ever before. If we are not able to detect that manipulation, certain paths may be bad, and the longer will our learning prosess here on Earth become.

      Security is always a very important part of their argumentation keys. If the Americans not are wiling to think differently on that, constantly improving more and more from the innermost soul, manipulation will flow freely through you; into you.


    27. Get rid of your fears
    28. Find ways to get rid of your fears, because manipulative arguments on security plays on fear.

      To get rid of your fear is not the same as to get rid of your naivity.


    29. Crook strategy
    30. What will the crooks do when paraphysics comes to the public stage? – They will of course say that Earth now finally is mature for paraphysical tecknology, which Earth not have been earlier.

      If the crooks meets opposition they will of course tell about the advances they have had in wars, developping higher devellopped war/defence tecnologies than the opponents, which have been necessary to keep freedom and the society as you know it.

      They will fool a lot of you on that one.

      Do for instance not be surprised if they have used mixings of convensional and frequency weapons, for instance in Afganistan.

      What will you do then when they will tell you that your mother, father, grandmother and grandfather was not mature enough for paraphysical technologies?

      You know they cannot fool you by claiming the real cause was the security conditions in the rest of the world, and not in the USA. You know they have already acted the good hearted guys by claiming to save you from mass hysteria if an alien ship lands on Earth (tried on radio).

      That hysteria was a lie. If someone got scared by that, it may have been the sceptics, which would loose a lot of their stuckness. But they would claim it a lie anyway.

      In their secrecy game the crooks always uses the self picture that they know and we do not know many of the factors, and says this somethimes also publically.

      This self picture is wrong.

      It was always a money and power issue, and loosing that was the kind of fear and security for the crooks, projected to the world.

      When they will tell you about the Alien danger, then ask them why they not have told the world, for the world to be more creative and productive, to join forces and to face the treat? –The answer is that they will give you their views of treats in the correct moments. They distrusts you and wants to manipulate you.

      My impression is that they have hired people to create views and stories for the public. Some of these are great infiltrators.


    31. Create Trust for the World Integration Prosess
    32. The world was shown that we must not be naïve to the negative forces of Earth. But there is a parallel truth, and that is that anti naivety must not stop the individual improvments and the world integration prosess.

      We need to trust, to let light come forth. Where trust are replaced by distrust, where distrust simply was not needed for the security causes, the good plants of Earth will simply not grow.


    33. The big net
      of security
    34. Preper to loose your superiority as the world greatest military superpower. Preper for that the UN takes over for that. Prepare for that UN forces are placed around Earth on destabilized areas. Prepare for that the big unity of the UN secures the nations against attackers. Prepare for that this means a lot lesser waste of money on military and weapons in each country. Preper for that the new world eqonomics, where the poor gets richer, therefore not means a poorer USA. Lesser wasted acts mean better acts and greater freedom.


    35. Or…
    36. do you want to listen to those who wants to continue the old eqonomics, just taking on another suit when technology are transformed to paraphysical technology? Do you want to listen to those who want to continue to use military and weapon production to make your countrys money flow, to create positive circular effects, to make your economic grow in that way? Do you want to close your eyes when money from secret orders all around the world, to secure lojality, - flows into this? Do you want to listen to those who wants enemies around every corner, and on a massive scale from other planets?

      - Then I will advice the world to fight you down, via the United Nations.

      You want to take part to build up Afganistan again, do you not? – I guess so. But do you want to take part in strategy on war making that has the intension to divert the world from getting ideas for a world of more justice? Some strategists thinks that a little act of good hearted help on afterhand, just a little spread around here and there, is to lower the masses from getting to big ideas on world justice.

      Do you think that it is better to act the good guys in buiding up one nation, than letting the world justice ideamakers tear the USA negative world leading position down, by letting the UN gradually take over.

      - Then I will have no problems by advicing the world to fight you down, via the United Nations.

      Do you agree on the opinion that American eqonomic superiority is a necessity for world security? – If yes to that, you might be part of the resistance against world eqonomic development, and we would have to fight your ideas down, via the UN. Not necessarily with an economic war, but could be with a power political takeover, where the USA are played back to the sideline.


    37. Infiltration of the UN
    38. The UN is not as negative infiltrated as the Americans believe. I think that is mainly a projection on what some of you would like to do.

      I warn you, do not fight against the UN. Do not try to infiltrate the UN in negative ways.


    39. Change of perspective
    40. Now you are in business. Bush wants to go on tour against terrorists in the whole world.

      I agree on that, but not in your ways. As I have stated in the chapter "Yes and No to the Islamites", Light and Darkness will more and more in public converge for confrontations, and Light has to divert the paths in positive ways. As I see it, a big part of that job is to divert the Americans.

      We cannot fight against polluted water by pure war making. That is pollution against pollution.

      We could change the perspective more from terrorists to lack of democracy, and in this way take more advantage of positive forces around the world.

      The world has now come to a position where it can legalise to demand democracy and elections in contries where it is not. That means bigger power to the UN, because this concerns all nations, and all nations have factors where democracy not works.

      Bigger power to the UN demands an UN court.


    41. The UN demands
    42. It would be natural to start the demands for democracy and elections via the UN where the cases are worst. Two of those contries to make demands of is Saddam Hussains Irac and Bush juniors USA.

      Be aware of that if both Light and Darkness comes to a conlusion to remove Bush, then Darkness may see this as a benefit, to defocus and hide. USA is a contry that has to be given a lot of digging and demands.

      We could come up to a situation where for instance Irac re-elects Saddam Hussain, or refuses a free election. In any case it could become necessary with the UN demand of a strong present UN army, to stabilise the area and make more demands for democracy.

      Either USA is for democracy in the UN way, or USA is against.


    43. USA as a diverter
    44. Dear Americans, you have occupied TV-Norway with newsprograms where Kofi Annan is described as a man that make deals with terrorists. That is taken totally out of its contects.

      Dear Americans, I expect you to try to divert the UN democracy demand for your own purposes.

      I warn you, do not do that.

      I warn you not to build a paraphysical war-machine to rebuild your economics.

      Positive paraphysical technologies belongs to the benefit of the world. You held it back from us. Perhaps we shall take it back.


    45. Putting the USA
      in quarantine
    46. It could be very dangerous to start a world demand for democracy by the UN, because this could become the very gate for the dark forces of the USA to get it as they want. They need the agreement of the world public, and will strike as soon as they get some of it.

      Even if the white forces of the USA do protest very loudly, it could become an absolute necessity to put the USA in quarantine during this process, away from the whole process, UN decisions and actions.

      This would demand more from the other UN nations, but would be a great opportunity for the UN takeover as the world leader. The UN have to do experiences itself, with some mistakes. But all over the attitudes and acts will be more positive than those of the USA.

      The UN takeover have to be done with or without the agreement of the USA. It is possible that extraordinary methods have to be used to kick the USA out of positions where they can make the UN slow down or stumble.

      This is a rough thing to say. And of course I hope you to see me wrong on this matter. I do not want you to see I have got right because of the wrong acts of the USA, in the UN or on the world stage. I do not want to see that I have got right because of the lack of confrontations by the Americans inside the USA.


    47. How to purify
    48. The purification of America is not an easy task. Some people say, darkness can only be crushed out by light, and does not want to focus so much on darkness, because it is heavy energies, dragging you down.

      It is a lot of truth in that. But a fact is that negative forces wants ligthworkers to be occupied by focusing on light, so that they can operate behind their backs. To turn your back to darkness can be to let it in. Voluntary blindness is to say yes to darkness. To confront darkness is not to choose away to focus on light.

      You simply have to confront darkness. Learn how they think, work. Learn how they manipulate you. Learn the truths that rises behind manipulation. Confronting darkness may be an important part to reach enlightenment. For the individual it will sooner or later be necessary with smaller or bigger confrontations to reach enlightenment. For the society it is an absolute necessity to confront darkness to reach enlightenment. You simply have to confront darkness.

      How? – You may now and then find truths, and do something about it. You may now and then stumle. There are false speculations going around, there are exaggerated focus going around, and the forces of darkness plants false ideas. Forces of darkness, which they do not think they are themselves, are clever enough to plant false ideas on those who are close to the truth, and turn the sceptics or ordinary people against them.

      The sceptics / part sceptics may in these confrontations be very dangerous, because the are so easy to play on.

      You simply have to find the ways to confront darkness yourself.

      Maybe you should start with giving more focus to Stephen Greer’s disclosure project, and say we know Aliens are here, we know we have been manipulated by Human dark forces of Earth.


    49. Confronting sceptics
    50. You simply have to surround the sceptics. Do not give them the hand to theorise wether or not. If it is going to be a laugh, be conscious on what direction it shall go. If the word stupid are used by a sceptic against you, make sure to let him know who really is stupid. Your knowledge have to be given strength, and for others to dare to take that strength, with you.


    51. The Jude, election and the Sionist story
    52. Do not overdo the conspiracy theories. They are theories, some people are overdoing the ideas.

      In my half close relations here in Norway, we resently had a case where Sionists came into hard critisime in an article. Of course some people thought it to be rasistic.

      But I do also see how the Americans takes dangerous position for Israel, how much the Judes means in the American election, and therefore Judes are Americans to be confronted too. We have to find the balance between not to create anti-Semitism and to confront where it has to be confronted. If some Sionists are among back-player money and secret keepers, then we have a history where they in sum may have participated in far more deaths and cruality than in the second world war. It may be the scary truth. Do not attack me for it. It may be half true, and it may not be true.

      We do not know who the worst back-players really are.

      If Judes in America are keys for the back-players, then they have to be confronted too, as rest of the Americans.


    53. Some confrontations of Muslims
    54. In Norway the Newspaper have in the resent times confronted with stories of some Muslims. The stories are circumcision, killings of honer, forced marriages, Imans not speaking norwegian and more.

      Muslims made processions, partly to take distance to the events, to show they took distance, and to show for others that prejudices against all of them is wrong.

      Confrontation leaded to a provocation, which leaded to processions. And those processions was a segregation of the good from the bad, which is very healty to see, to see how strong it is, against the lower ideas and against those who stands for the lower ideas.

      This participates to the takeover of power in the cultures and in the society, from the bad and to the good.


    55. I am still loving you
    56. I am still loving the American people. Of course I do. I am just a provoker, but with a serious undertone.

      There will come a time when we all come together to increase the spiritual world. What is to be spiritual? – Most of it does not have to be more than to be more balanced in our daily lives, in what we do in our daily lives and how we behave and relate in our daily lives. Life is spirit and spirit is life. Have Fun.

      Americans are of course already part of increasing the spiritual world. My critisism agaist you are relative truths. Take them very serious, as well as you do not.


    57. I am a provoker
    58. I am a provoker, with the intension to confront parts of consciousness against another part. I am a provoker and a player, who sometimes looks for chess moves as keys to change a path. Argumentation and who I argue for and against is my only weapon. In that writing political part of my, I am not always in the highest spiritual states.

      I am not always correct (of course). The degree of correctness depents on how much the hearth is with me, and the texts also depends on to be laid away, taken back and checked on, mixing a bit here and there.

      Believe me, I have used time on this chapter, checked it many times, and find it wise for me to send it out now in this present state of the world. Relativities are checked against relativites. A lot of them is left out, because it is impossible to include them all.

      I do not really want to confront groups of people against other groups, like a nation or a group bigger than – or outside – the nation. But if a people/group increases positive self confrontations (not violently) by a provocation, then the job is done.

      Hopefully there will not be too much of unnecessary provocations, made by unwise spiritual states.

      Digging in darkness is to lower the spirit. But confronting darkness is sometimes necessary to increase spirit.

      All the respect to those who mostly chooses to focus on the positive, light, which I also am dependent on, to be able to dig in the dark and confront darkness from a perspective of light.


    59. David Icke
    60. Confronting darkness depends on rests. If not, even originally positive forces may become too negative now and then, and partly works against the positive forces. We may get an effect that not was the intension.

      I am not one of those who have read David Icke, but checked a bit about him on when Tore Alfstad told me that he have got a channelling where the Sirians have put out a warning against David Icke. The warning can be found on (Tore Alfstads site, channelled to him).

      The Sirian warning:

      This is a message channeled from the Sirius Alliance about the teaching of David Icke.

      We have experienced that people who are affected by this teaching often develops a negative attitude to almost everything, and specially spacepeople in general. The teaching of David Icke gives the reader an impression that all the spacepeople actitivities on Earth either are created by secret military organizations or are done by what he calls the Lizard People.

      This is not true !

      90 present of the spacepeople activity on Earth is done to help the human kind develop a more advanced and spiritual related civilization. The goal for this activity is that the Earth shall merge with the galactic confederation as one of its members. We see that the teaching of David Icke oppose to this goal and are therefore not in the interest of the galactic confederation. We advice the readers to have this in mind when he comes in contact with this teaching.


    61. When exaggerated truths becomes lies
    62. The David Icke web site may be an example on that exaggerated truths becomes lies, when he points too much in one direction, and where too much of a certain feeling belongs too it.

      Although, I do not look away from that a lot of views and factors from David Icke may be interesting and valuable, and may be useful if put into new contexts.

      My original sceptisim to David Icke, when his site popped up now and then when scanning the UFO and conspiracy sites, was the big picture he had put of himself on the introducing site. I could feel some negativity around it, which may have come from my sceptisism about him, that people of high spirit do not put pictures of themselves in that way. A bit lower state of spirit in the person might have done, but not the conclusive one. I could not get an introduction united feeling about him, and moved fast to other pages, determined to catch him later, when time allowed it.

      He is probably not an antidemocrat. He seems to be an example on how good intensions becomes the opposite, and with accident plants the scary picture of aliens in general, in the best interests of antidemocrats with a long strategy for continued power and economics. When he also puts the impression in people that all the spacepeople activities either are created be secret military organizations or…, (as the Sirians formulate it), then he fits exactly into the best interests of the worst antidemocrats.

      But I do not look away from that a lot of the information from David Icke, confronting the very hearth of the conspirators, may be correct and useful, if used properly.

      Beware of making a negative attitude to almost everything. And to the Americans: Do not exaggerate a negative attitude to the UN. I would rather choose the positive ground attitude, for a planet merging to a member with the galactic confederation.


    63. The conspiators are not the new Satan
    64. David Icke describes himself as a man who was choosen for his currage, not his high spirit.

      When realizing that every person fluctuates between higher and lower states of consciousness/Emotions, and the emotional states of Earth fluctuates between higher and lower states of collective consciousness, then the states of spirit should be given a deeper investigation.

      History shows that the human kind have developed many methods to not confront the limited parts of itself, but instead blame it on others. The innermost conspirators are not the new Satan, something and someone to blame all our limited states of spirit on, to decrease investigation on the spirit and to decrease confrontations on the lower parts of our own spirit.

      Hitler came to power because of the limited spirit of his time, and all where to blame. Hitler was a great teacher, because he learned us what limited spirit was, and learned us how not to behave. All were to blame, because of needing such an limited teacher. All were to blame, because of needing a teacher to learn the opposite of what the he taught. But Hitler was also just a player in already existing states of consciousness. All were to blame.

      But we have learned from history. We can forgive, but not forget.


    65. Choosing ones
      own world
    66. Hitler was there to fulfill a spirit of his time. Conspirators may be here to fulfil a spirit of our time, if we allow them. In that way the conspirators are parts of ourselves. If not being keys to the conspirators, they will not be part of our selves in the same way, and will vanish.

      We live in different worlds even if we live in the same world. Each individual have the power to choose the path of its own world.

      The above is a relative statement not to ruin for solidarity and socialistic sharing principles. To be surrounded by justice is the world I am choosing.

      Noone have ever seen a light bulb. What is seen is digitalized events. That concerns everything, even the human being itself. The human being is digitalized successions of events not living in the A to B pure one material world as its thinks to be.

      God is the total unmovable picture. The humans are Gods choosing paths in already existing states of consciousness. The futures are countless. Each individual have the power to choose its own, and each state of the individual of the choosed path have the power to choose its own path and world. Time travels exists, as travels in states of consciousness.

      As a reply to Stephen Hawking: Killing your father in the past, before you was born, is to kill another man, because it is counless many of them. Travel in time means to change the relative context of that momentary state of consciousness, and a travel back to exact the same past as the one that was left is impossible.

      Spirit itself can never be killed. You are borned before you was born, in countless ways. You live all your lives right now.

      You are teaching others quantum physics and about the particles independent of time and space. But the timeless does not move. All the movements are illusionary within the unlimited unmovable.

      The before big bang state was not limited, but unlimited, everywhere and everything that was possible to be everywhere and everything. That unlimited state could never change. The beyond time and space is an everywhere point, unlimited. Distance is mirrored illusions. Life and spirit is eternal, absolutness connected to relativness, relativeness causing eternal illusionary movments. All is one. All is life.

      The futures lays in our hands, each one of us.


    67. What you give power
    68. It is often not a question of who has the power, but who and what you give power. But what we give power often depends on who we wants to be main carriers for such power.

      Such power states on Earth is often not the situation. Then our responsibility is to figure out what we can give more power, personally, and also what kind of positivity that may transform the power and negativity.

      Our own individual spiritual state is our own responsibility to take care of, even if society fails to participate. Even among the darkest of the darkest, spirit can be taken care of, even if society and a vast number of people are lowered by the darkness.

      It is possible to transform potensial darkness by light. As I said, if not being keys to the conspirators, or darkness in general, they will not be part of our selves in the same way, and will vanish.


    69. 7.april 2002
    70. I have to stop the chapter here, because I have to e-mail chapter 32, 34 and 35 to the world, today.

      What is my conclusion for you Americans about these three chapters?

      - The easy conclusion is: If you are contionuing leading the crooks to the world, the UN have to do what they have to do. In the worst case it might even lead to a physical war against you. Be humble on the behalf of Earth and not on behalf on your crooks. Be loyal on the behalf of Earth and not on the behalf of your false hierarchies.

      A last comment to the Sirians and the Sirian warning: I do not like the shortness of the warning.

      As I have understood, from diverse sources, you have some contacts with the Nibiruans, of course not as their evil partners.

      We make a symbiose in the universe. We do not want war neither against the USA nor the Nibiruans. On the behalf on Earth, I ask for a special key to avoid that.

      The Mexicans waited for their Zorro. He never came.

      We will deal with our own problems, and not wait for a Hero.

      But on the behalf of Earth, I ask for official contact. If you will not share some of your intelligence servces, you are to be blamed. Evil forces might have gotten advantages, with you too much just whatching the events.

      You know that the events can come out of hand on Earth, and then you have to make action against the evil ones anyway.

      Tor Opdahl




    71. Tidens integritet?
    72. Back to front page

      Gode mennesker var antisemittister, og andre verdenskrig lærte oss at vi ikke skulle være det.

      Gode mennesker er frimurere og medlemmer av andre hemmelige ordener, og framtiden vil vise at frimureri og andre hemmelige ordener er uklokt for vår samfunnsoppbygging.

      Frimurerne er gode mennesker de også. Men kollketive holdninger eksisterer, gjerne mer tilhørende losjens kollektive bevissthet og trekkraft enn tilhørende in-dividene, som tiden vil lære oss ikke er av det sunne.

      Eksempler på den kollektive bevissthets mer eller mindre bevisste trekkraft finner vi hos det aller meste.

      Skjulte organisasjoner som frimurerne kan ha vært gode å ha under den mørke middelalder og inkvisisjonen, for å bevare hellige skrifter mot kirkens herjinger og forvridninger. Men så kan man spørre: Hva godt kom det ut av dette for massene? Hvorfor har nyoppblomstringen av åndelig bevissthet og såkalte åndelig litteratur i disse tider kommet fra helt andre kilder? Kan det være seg at frimurene allerede den gang var tilknyttet en økonomisk maktelite og mennesker i posisjoner, slik at de på sett og vis var formgivere av inkvisisjonen de også?


    73. Ubevisste
    74. Er frimurerne i dag medspillere til det hemmelighold som foregår, om utenomjordiske intelligente veseners faktiske besøk på jorden og de åndelige og teknologiske muligheter det representerer?

      Selv om de aller fleste ikke behøver å være direkte medvirkende, så kan de være medvirkende ut ifra deres bevissthets grunnstrukturer. De kan ha konspirative og manipulative egenskaper uten å selv vite det. Hos frimurerne finnes som regel den generelle holdning, at massene ennå ikke er modne nok til å få vite. Modenheten er åndshierarkiet og stigningen i det. Dette er en del av den åndelige elitiserings mistro til massene.

      Det aller meste av ordenens medlemmer er ikke bevisst i de manipulasjonsme-todene den benytter. Men smiger, de som lar seg smigre, og de som ser nytten av kontakten med mennesker i posisjoner, er nok til at Ordenene kan fungere som so-vende celler, for etableringen og opprettholdelsen av virkelige konspirasjoner.

      Frimurerne er celler av etablerte holdninger, hvor de kollektive holdningenes negative årsak og virkning kan forutsees, i retning av de konspirasjonelle baner. Gode mennesker, med tilsynelatende gode holdninger, men resultatet blir manipulasjon av massene. Fortsatt manipulasjon av massene.


    75. Åndelig selvløgn
    76. Det heter seg at frimurerne også graver i dybden av det å kjenne seg selv. Og når man kjenner seg selv så kjenner man universet og gudene.

      Hva så med menneskene i rundt oss? Hva med alle gudene på to bein, i menneskekropp, deg og meg?

      Kjenner man seg selv så kjenner man Gud, og det kan man jo være enig i. Men i hvilken dybde gjør man dette? Er det mørke sider ved en selv frimurere ikke vedkjenner seg, nettopp ved å atskille seg selv fra utvekslinger, kritikk og innsikt fra omgivelse? Kjenner frimurerne seg selv på delvis mørke premisser, uten å kunne atskille lys og mørke? Opptar frimurerne inspirasjoner og holdninger fra omgivelsene, som til dels trekkes i manipulative retninger ved overdrevent å tilpasses organisasjonens eget systemtankegods? Er frimureriet på sett og vis en ikke-religion, men som på sett og vis likevel blir et systemtanke-gods, en religionsform, ved sin lukkethet, gradsoppbygging, elitisering og hierarkisering?

      Menneskene og universet er en del av hverandre. Frimureriet og andre hemme-ligholdene losjer er en elitedannende religion, som til dels tar en mørk karakter. Og ved å holde sin mørkere og lysere karakterer skjult, hemmelig; så sprer man mørkets makt. Åpnes ikke de hemmelige ordener opp i disse tider, så fullfører de sin rolle som mørkets forutsetning for den ultimate reisning av ondskap.

      Mørket har infiltert seg i deres egne organisasjoner, gjerne uten deres vitende, under påskudd av å forsvare lyset mot mørket. Frimureriet og andre Ordener blir et middel for mørkets manipulerende spredningskraft.

      Det hele blir til kløktig åndedlige selv-løgner når sammenrotingen av påstått inn-sikt, penger, makt, posisjoner og hemmelighold resulterer i en slik formbarhet og lav integritet, at man danner en elite, selvinnbilt eller ei, på en slik måte at det blir en spillegrunn og en fortsatt undertrykkelse av massene, rundt den ganske klode.


    77. Holdningskvern
    78. Så observerer man disse kreftene, gjerne i den gammeldagse konservative drakt, hvordan de tar parti. Jo for oppbyggelsen av vårt eget samfunn er jo et stort gode.

      Så observerer man disse kreftene hvordan de overdrevent tar parti. Man verner om oppbygende krefter, tilhørende makten, skjult eller synlig. Så hierarkiserer man verningen. Og hiearkiseringen bygges opp på pengemakt og posisjoner. Så verner man om egeninteresser, ikke alltid like sunne, og som noen med stor skjult makt kan spille på.

      Toppen av egeninteressentene behøver ikke være medlem i den holsningskvernen som kan være konspirasjonslik. Men toppen av egeninteressentene kan se nytten av en holdningskvern, som kan påvirkes. Man finner sjelden en konspirator, selv om summen kan bli konspirerende.

      Så formes egeninteressene nedover i hierarkiet. Så verner man om hierarkiets pa-radigmer ved å gjøre den til en statusinstitusjon. Så lar man bare de stige i sys-temet som passer i venneklubb og idesystem.

      Ikke det at man skal være en makt og rikmannsfacist, men holdninger kollekti-viseres, til dels uavhengig av individene, og til dels sterkt avhengig av individene. Så befinner man seg i kollektive tankestrukturer hvor individet til dels kan ha en sterk integritet, men hvor sammenblaningene på viktige områder resulterer i manglende avstandstagende og integritet.

      Så observerer man hverandre i lavere og høyere hierarkideler, og ser hverandre som gode, og godskriver så systemet. Så finner man i de høyere hierarkideler på smarte godhetstilskrivelsesfaktorer, for samvittighetsomkapsling av egne lukkede øyne, de sosialt urettferdige. Så metter man systemet nedover med godhetstils-krivelsesfaktorer.

      Så vil man fortsette å forsvare sin innbilte godhet og innbilte integritet ved å holde systemet lukket. Så mister man sin integritet nettopp ved å holde systemet lukket, grunnet mangelen på demokratisk kritikk og debatt. Så mister man sin integritet nettopp ved å tilpasse seg systemets statussystem.

      Denne integriteten vil individet ofte mistes enten systemet er lukket eller ei, grunnet hierarkiets statussystem.

      Så befinner man seg i kollektive bevisstheter som støtter økonomimaktens kort-siktige egeninteressenter, og den skjulte makts egeninteresser, og den åpne makts egeninteresser, som ikke alltid behøver å være så gode som man skulle tro. Men systemtenkningen og dens selvinnbilte godhet vernes om like fullt.


    79. Den sirianske struktur
    80. Dersom ikke denne strukturen avsløres, så kan dette være selve den faktor som tillater den tredje verdenskrig å skje, nettopp fordi den har en slik tilsiktet og utilsiktet makt, og en utilsiktet makt som nettopp kan være tilsiktet av mørkere krefter. I denne hierarkiske tankestrukturen finner man sannsynligheten for at mørket kan avlede lyset, vel så mye som at lyset kan avlede mørket, og i særlig grad her på jorden.

      I universet finner man to politiske hovedsystemer; De som er mer hierarkiske i bevissthetsstruktur og de som er mer sentriflatiske / sentrikuleiske i bevissthetsstruktur. (Forklart i kapitlene "Den femte statsmakt" og "Kritikk av de to politiske hovedsystemene i universet". På jorden har man forsøkt lavere varianter av både den hierarkiske struktur og den sentriflatiske struktur, og lavere sammenblandinger av begge disse to sider.

      Flere jordiske boklige kilder hevder at den sirianske kultur er av en høyere hierarkisk struktur, dvs. hierarki basert på høyere åndelig innsikt og utvikling som politisk system, basert på individenes faste posisjoner i samfunnet, åndshierarkiet. At sirianerne organiserer seg slik er sannsynligvis riktig. Jeg kan ikke føre noen bevisbyrde for det, og leseren som ikke ønsker å vurdere muligheten for det bes isteden for å innstille seg på den tanke at det er sannsynlig at noen i universet organiserer seg og sine tankestrukturer på det viset. Leseren bes om å innstille sin tanke på at det er sannsynlig at bevisstheter vil gruppere seg slik og slik, gitt at slike og slike science fiction scenarier er tilstede, det at det eksisterer liv på andre planet og i andre dimensjoner, det at universets tilsynelatende avstander kan overkommes og det at sjeler kan ta bolig i forskjellige kropper..

      Om sirianere reisende til jorden: "Logisk filosofisk bevisbyrde" for at det er relativt enkelt å reise hurtig reise igjennom universets tilsynelatende avstander, over en ren einsteinsk forstand, er eksempelvis ført i kapittelet "Introduction to Paraphysics" (bokens tittel).

      Jesus hevdes i diverse litteratur å være et Siriansk prosjekt, for å heve jordens åndelige nivå, hvilket sannsynligvis også er riktig, sett ifra min side.


    81. Mørket som
      avleder lyset
    82. Frimurere er Jesus-dyrkere. Frimureriet hevdes å ha sin opprinnelse fra midtøsten. Nå kan imidlertid ikke frimureriet hevdes å være et utspring fra Jesus selv, men er mer sannsynlig et utspring fra det sammenblandete lys og mørke som også eksisterte den tid, og lenge før den tid. Sirianske og tilsvarende raser i jordisk inkarnasjon kan nok ha vært meddannere av slike organisasjoner, grunnet deres hierarkiske tankestrukturer, og motivasjonen om å verne lyset mot mørket.

      Men mørket avledet slike organisasjoner allerede fra de tidligste tider, til sin fordel, grunnet individenes mange tilbøyeligheter. Mørket ville ikke kunne avlede lyset…., eller mer riktig: Mørket ville ikke kunne avlede det som ikke er av tilstrekkelig lys uten selv å opptre som tilsynelatende lys.


    83. Siriansk Samlingside
    84. Jesus synes å være et prosjekt for å avledet mørket, og sirianerne hevdes å være dyktige avledere av mørket. Jesus selv kan være et åndshierarkiserende prosjekt mot jorden, i og med at selve åndshierarkiets ide synes å være at man samler seg om oppadgående byggverk, altså en samlingside.

      Lavere utviklede raser, slik som den jordiske, vil føle en hang til å ikke ta ansvar for seg selv, og derfor søke seg trygghet under gudebilder og hierarkiske tankebyggverk. Høyere åndshierarkiske raser, som gis anledning til å bidra til utviklingen av en lavere planet, vil dermed ta dette med i sine kalkulasjoner, i hvordan de forsøker å bidra til å utvikle denne planeten.

      Jesus, som et forbilde, uavhengig av religionenes forskjellige forståelser, - kan være et totusen årig siriansk prosjekt for å avlede jordens mørke hierarkiserende tendenser. Dette til fordel for en hierarkiserende samling omkring seg selv, selv om man man vanskelig kan se for seg Jesus som en del av et hierarki. Men sirianerne hadde sannsynligvis åndshierarkisering omkring Jesus med i sine kalkulasjoner, som en samlingside, en positiv avledning av mørkere hierarkiserende krefter.

      Men jeg har også forstått det slik, fra diverse kanalisert litteratur, at mye av den negative utviklingen omkring prosjektet, som blant annet ledet til religionifiseringen, ikke var med i kalkulasjonene. Man visste ting ville formørkes, i den stadige kampen mellom lys og mørke, men ikke alt kunne forutsees hvordan. Men man hadde også med Jesus-prosjektet forsøkt å skape en struktur for en gradvis forøkning av lysets kraft.


    85. Lyset som ikke skinte
    86. Mørket og lyset baserer seg på en likeartet åndshierarkiserende bevissthetsstruktur, hvor potensielt mørkere krefter kan avlede individer som innbiller seg å være på vei opp.

      Jeg stoler ikke på de jordisk inkarnerte sirianeres dømmekraft, status 30.januar 2003. Ei heller på de hemmelige ordener.

      Status 30.januar 2003 fortoner ordenene seg heller som lyset som ikke skinte, lyset som kapslet seg selv inn og ikke lenger var lys, ikke var lys for andre, lysets fanebærer, men var avledet av mørkere krefter, og var avledere for mørkere krefter. De var i stor grad mørkets bakspillere i våre tilsynelatende demokratier. Men de fleste av dem innbilte seg noe annet.


    87. Sirianerne og Atlantis
    88. Jeg har sett hvordan Jesus som samlingsfigur, en gudefigur, kan avlede potensielt mørkere hierarkitenkere, til i større grad av lys. Men jeg har også sett hvordan mørkere krefter har brukt samme figuren til å avlede potensielt lysere krefter.

      Men dermed var ikke disse potensielt lysere kreftene av tilstrekkelig lys.

      Men det er også et spørsmål om disse potensielt lysere kreftene er gitt nok valggrunnlag til vurdere mellom lys og mørke.

      For meg kan det virke som at sirianerne har hengt seg for mye opp i Atlantis-tragedien, og at det jorden skal lære i den nye tid er å ikke misbruke teknologi.

      Jeg påpekte i kapittelet "Parafysisk teknologi på jorden?" (før kapittelet "Kanalisering fra Semjase") at lyset og mørket kjører samme løpet med kravet om ikke-innsikt. Dette har nå resultert i at de negative kreftene har farlige våpen, eksempelvis frekvensvåpnene (USA), uten at demokratiet har fått anledning til å få innsikt i det, debattere det og ta avstand fra det.

      Pleiaderen Semasje, av den mer sentrikuleiske tradisjonen, repliserte i kapittel "Channelling from Semjase".


    89. Dannere av Kristus -Antikrists forutsetning
    90. Jeg vil heretter dirigere mine anklager mot Sirianerne, som ser ut til å være galaksens styrende på Jorden i Jesus-æraen. Sannhetsrelativiteten slår til for fullt, og dannerne av Kristus på Jorden kan bli Antikrists forutsetning, ikke som onskapens forsvarere, men som strukturens forsvarere, mørkets forutsetning i denne tid.

      Den kristne religiøse tenker, som kjenner kjenner til de bibelske og nostradamiske scenarier, ønsker Antikrist velkommen, fordi det vil rense jorden og jorden vil endelig forenes om Jesus.

      Scenariene er antatt å skje selv med Jesus Kristus som en del av den Jordiske kultur og tankegods. Kanskje de kristne i stedet burde tenke at Jesus Kristus ikke er tilstrekkelig for å unngå en tredje verdenskrig? Kanskje de burde vurdere om deres Kristus-tenkning gjør at de godkjenner ondskapens og Antikrists komme? Kanskje de burde avsløre at de håper at det skal skje for at de skal få rett?

      Ønsker de kristne den ultimate ondskapens komme, spådommenes oppfyllelse, fordi de da får beviser for sin Gud? Ville spådommenes oppfyllelse være beviser for dem kristne Gud og de krisnes kontekster?

      Kanskje setter jeg ting litt for mye på spissen for de kristne nå. Men kanskje ligger det likevel en kollektiv struktur og en overdrivelse av troens sum, som er ugundstig for å unngå ondskapen. Finner troens mennesker og de hemmelige ordener hverandre for mye? Er troen og troens utilstrekkelighet ondskapens forutsetning?

      Har heller ikke sirianerne, både inkarnerte og ikke inkarnerte, sett sin egen strukturs utilstrekkelig, nok til å unngå Antikrist og den tredje verdenskrig? Tror sirianerne at det er de som får rett dersom det oppstår en tredje verdenskrig, mens det i virkeligheten er den endelige manifestasjonen av det motsatte, naturgitt for kollektiv erfaring og læring, et bilde på åndshierarkiets utilstrekkelighet?


    91. Sentrikuleiske
      løsninger på den
      jordiske situasjon
    92. Jeg vil ha store problemer med å forstå det dersom sirianerne i dag overdriver jesus-prosjektets relativitet, og overdriver åndshierarkitanken fremfor det sentrikuleiske; det at alle er tilknyttet den samme guddommelige kjerne, og har svarene i sitt indre, fra og med sine forskjellige ståsteder. Å jobbe ut ifra den kjærlighetstanken tror jeg vil ha bedre effekt enn at man skal tvinge, overbevise eller kravsette opp til en hierarkiserende samling, og særlig på jorden, for på jorden i dag råder stor umodenhet hos våre hierarkitenkere. Jorden har dessuten så mange forskjellige religioner, at en sentrering, fordypning og horisontutvikling omkring individets egen kjerne og ståsted, vil gi en hurtigere og bedre oppadstigning for jorden enn løsninger basert på åndshierarkisering, basert på at mange må hoppe over til en annen type religion / erkjennelsesvei.

      Når så utvikling skjer innenifra, så vil individet selv restrukturere sine sannhetsoppfatninger. Kanskje vil individet velge mange tilsvarende ytre rammer som det har fra tidligere. Men forhøyelsen av indre innsikt gjør likevel at individet ser ting med nye øyne, i nye kontekster, og aksepterer i større grad tingenes begrensede relativitet enn det gjorde tidligere.

      Selv om åndshierarkisering også baserer seg på de indre faktorer, så vil ånshierarkiet nødvendigvis måtte tilegnes løsningsfaktorer som i større grad baserer seg på ytre systemtenkning og sjefsstrukturer. Dette ville i dag resultere i mye ufred.

      Det vil resultere i mindre ufred dersom menneskene får utvikle seg ifra sine ståsteder i dag. Man kan gjerne konfrontere det som er begrenset, men prinsippet er klart.

      Fra parafysiske filosofiske synsvinkler kan man beskrive panteisme, monoteisme, ateisme og andre varianter som likeverdige sannheter. Som politiske veier til Gud / Substansens kosmiske grunnstukturer, så er de også likeverdige, så lenge den spesifikke veiens relativitet ikke overdrives for mye. Alle veier trenger elementer av de andre.

      Guds lov er å være den Ene (indre hierarki), og Guds lov er å være Alt (indre ikke-hierarki).


    93. Jesusdrøm. Backslash, inngripen eller begge?
    94. Jeg vil ha store problemer med å forstå det dersom Sirianerne overdriver Jesus-prosjektets relativitet. Men om individene selv velger å samles om Jesus, som en forgrunnsfigur, så er jo dette en helt annen sak, og jeg ville forstå det dersom sirianerne kravsatte at man ikke skulle messe med dette.

      Jeg hadde en Jesusdrøm, trolig i slutten av 1997, hvor Jesus meget plutselig, kraftfullt og meget strengt trådte inn i min morgenoppvåkningsbevissthet, og forkynte at alt det du gjør mot andre gjør du også mot meg. Det var så kraftfullt at jeg tok det for gitt at det var Jesus selv.

      Jeg hadde på den tiden hengt meg mye opp i de negative virkningene av religionifiseringen, og dannet meget sinte tanker omkring det, kanskje som en videreutvikling av kapittelet "Arvesynden". Jesusdrømmens inngripen ledet til føle- og grublevirksomhet, og ca. ett år senere til de jesuspro kapitlene "Jesus, Kristuslyset og Kollektiv bevissthet" og "Nattverdsakten".

      Men drømmer og bevissthet kan være kraftfulle, og kan gi individet backslach på forsjellige måter. Jeg har også hatt virkelighetstro satandrømmer og drømmer om andre negative individer, som trådte inn i min bevissthet, da den var av en mer kristen struktur. Som 19 åring kalte jeg meg kristen i 14 dager, med basis fra barnelærdom, før jeg konkuderte at dersom det er slik de menneskene er som skal få evig liv, så vil jeg være foruten. Men noe av den kristne tankestrukturen, med tilhørende frykter, hang igjen i noen år til. Jeg fant ut at marerittene kunne stanses med å fokusere varme og kjærlighet via hjertet. Kjærlighetsenergier er rett og slett for sterke for lavere/onde energier/vesener.

      Backslashene virker forsterkende og befestende på egen trossystem, selv om det hos meg altså ledet til en mer positiv Jesusfokusering enn det jeg kanskje egentlig hadde lyst til. Men samtidig kan en positivitetstanke, viljen for de varme hjertet, ha vunnet drømmens og bevissthetens konkludering. Dermed ledet positivitetstanken også til at jeg ikke ble motarbeidende på uhensiktsmessige måter, med en generell uhensiksmessige negativitet.


    95. Grunnfilosofi
    96. Men samtidig erkjenner jeg også at bevisstheten er en mottaker og sender av frekvenser, og at bevisstheten er multifrekvensiell sammenlignet med et radioapparat. Jeg erkjenner at loven om energiens konstans er et falsum, sett ifra et rent fysisk perspektiv (ref. parafysisk seksjon i denne boken). Jeg erkjenner at det finnes ingen død, fordi alt er ett, alt er liv og bevissthet, og bevissthetens hovedfokus fortsetter bare til et nytt nivå. En logisk følge av kvantefysikkens egne beskrivelser av uavhengighet av tid og rom, leder til at alt er ett, slik også den einsteinke krumming av rommet tilsier at dette ikke er tomhet, og slik også Newton laget sine matematiske lover uten å la dette overstyre en grunnleggende tro på at gravitasjonskreftene ikke kan virke på avstand uten mellomkomst av noe slag. Alt er ett også sett i skapelsesperspektiv, big bang, fordi universet kan ikke utvide seg til å bli mer intethet enn opprinnelsen. Nye Big Bang teorier tror på bing bang inn i et allerede eksisterende rom. Men Big Bang teorien tror på avstandene, som egentlig er i strid med kvanteteorien, hvor ting kan virke på hverandre umiddelbart uavhenig av avstandene. Da må man enten velge troen på avstandene eller troen på ikke-avstandene. Ikke-avstandene er ikke her eller der i forhold til rommet, men er overalt uten å være avstand. En ubegrenset tilstand uten å være uendelig stor eller uendelig liten er en uskapt og uforanderlig tilstand, og den eneste tilstand som kan være den tidløshet som kvantefysikk og relativitetsteori teoretiserer om. Den er uten hull. Den er ett.

      Logisk følge av dette er at alle verdener er speilede illusjoner, er et bilde på ens eget indre. Partikkelfysikken har funnet speilenergiene, og konkludert dem, men har ennå ikke konkludert at det er like mengder av dem og at de er en del av vår bevissthet. Fysikerne har ennå ikke konkludert at avstandene er speilede illusjoner, og skeptikerne har heller ikke våget å inkludere en slik forestilling i sine kritiske sanser. Derfor kan skeptikernes kritiske sanser være utilstrekkelig, og en spillegrunn for jordens konspiratører.

      Uendelig energi og ingen energi er ett og det samme. En tilstand som er overalt på samme tid, uten tid og avstand, kan ses på som null energi, fordi den er uten sammenligning og relativitet. Derfor, her og overalt, tillates uendelig energi, også i oss selv, bak øyets sansning, virkeligjørende for de utspeilede avstandsillusjoner.


    97. Teleportasjon
      og telepati
    98. I og med at alt er ett, så er den fysiske bevissthen forbudet i bevissthetsenergier som strekker seg forbi den fysiske lovmessighet. Vi kan derfor i drømmer reise til andre verdener, men fokusert via den forsløring som den mennesklige bevissthet er, selv om drømmene kan være meget klare.

      Tidens fysiske bevissthet synes å være styrende for hva slags omnipresens som tillates, fordi å passere en viss grense ville lede til til kroppens død. Kun ved å heve kroppens energinivå opp i høyere energinivåer vil omnipresens kunne foregå uten å la seg begrense av den fysiske bevissthet.

      Nå lever vi bevisstheten via de fysiske lover. Drømmene, drømmenes reisemål, og det meste av hvordan vi fokuserer i vår fysiske bevissthet, synes nettopp å være et speil av vår egen bevissthet. De fysiske avstandene, som kan overkommes med teleportasjon, er særlig utsprunget fra de grunnstrukturer som danner vårt univers. Nærliggende for å overkomme avstander med teleportasjon, ville for eksempelvis for jorden i dag være å ta tak i matematikkens og planetenergienes sammenhenger i vår utspeilede solsystem, veksle på felt/antifelt, bølge/antibølge, allerede kodet i fartøy/kropp, hvor så bestemmelsesstedets energisammensetning kodes inn.

      Men hva er telepati oppi dette? - Man danner seg selv å være den mottaker og sender som man selv velger, ut ifra hvordan man fokuserer.

      Kunne min Jesus-drøm i tillegg ha scannet en tankestruktur, liggende i sjelstukturen, en hittil ukjent og negativ side ved Jesus-energien, men uten at denne mørke siden nødvendigvis behøver å være i det høye fokuset som Jesus selv lever i og fokuserer i?

      Er også drømmeverdenene på sett og vis virkelige verdener?


    99. Adopterer fra de
      høyere innvidde

Jeg vil ha svært vanskelig for å forstå det dersom det var Jesus personlig, ut ifra egen høyere bedømmelse, som valgte å trå inn i en uvitende på denne overgripende måten. Men samtidig synes Sirianerne overdrevent å foretrekke en loyaliserende tankestruktur, basert på deres egen kortfattethet og tilbakeholdelse av generell og utdypende informasjon. Jeg har observert hvordan lavere innvidde av den sirianske hierarkiske tankestruktur adopterer fra de høyere innvidde, og bedriver den samme kravfullhet, strenge kravfullhet, ofte i begrensende retninger, gjerne kalt feilaktige retninger, og utvikler en generell intoleranse mot andre, omkring sin egen selvinnbilte opphøydhet og viktighetsgrad. Disse individene kan bli manipulerende, som regel uten selv å vite om det.

For meg kan det virke som om Sirianerne foretrekker en loyalitet omkring åndshierarkiets posisjoner, selvidentitikasjonene i hierarkiets posisjoner, gjerne som en måte å bli verdsatt og sett opp til. Særlig vil individene i de lavere delene av åndshierarkiet ofte tiltrekkes mer av selve posisjonen enn av egen utvikling. Dette vil jeg tro i første rekke skjer i lavere hiearkier enn de sirianske. Men også det sirianske hiearkiets faste posisjonssystem, kravfullhet og individenes egenkravfullhet, kan lede til en kjærlighetstørke, en tørke på det å føle seg verdsatt, og derfor en nogenlunde falsk streben.

Selve Jesushistorien er fin, men kortfattet, og sannsynligvis et bilde på den sirianske tenkemåte; Åndshierarkiets. Men Jesushistorien synes å være et bilde på den aller høyeste innvielse av den sirianske strukturen.

I lavere deler deler av åndshierarkiet, men i andre og lavere hierarkier enn det sirianske, vil man observere åndshierarkiet, kanskje oppfatte det som strengt, og dertil danne et gudebilde med Gud som streng og dømmende.

Tor Opdahl, 7. mars 2003